Occupy Wall Street protest boasts visits from Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon. Up next: Zombies!


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Two weeks ago, a group labeled Occupy Wall Street began taking to the streets of Manhattan to protest… something. Or, rather, everything: White collar crime, global warming, gas prices, general economic malaise, and, of course, shirts.

But, of course, a vague protest isn’t a protest until Hollywood jumps on board — and indeed they have. Big names like Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, and Roseanne Barr have all showed up at the demonstrations — which, over the weekend, led to 700 arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge — to voice their support for the cause, which is spreading to other parts of the country, like Los Angeles and Boston. (And folks like Alec Baldwin are tweeting about the protests as well.) But that’s not all: The protest today will boast a visit from other buzz-y beings: Zombies! Occupy Wall Street asked its protesters today to dress as corporate zombies so Wall Street can “see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions.”

It’s interesting: Pop culture has always been intertwined with protests. Just ask Jane Fonda or Yoko Ono (who, for what it’s worth, is also championing Occupy Wall Street). But at what point does the Hollywood and pop culture link weaken the cause? Of course, it certainly never hurts to have folks with a big social media presence or influence back your protest. But when Lupe Fiasco uses the demonstration as an opportunity to discuss 9/11 conspiracy theories? Or when the organization itself tells its protesters to dress “MJ Thriller-style!”? Expect to see fewer headlines about the cause, and more about the costumes. Exhibit A: The headline above.

But then again, a headline is a headline, right? PopWatchers, are you supporting the Occupy Wall Street cause? And, when celebrities get involved, are you more inclined to jump on board too? Test that last point out by checking out some stars’ support of the protests in the videos below.

Susan Sarandon:

Russell Simmons:

Michael Moore:

Lupe Fiasco:

Roseanne Barr:

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  • Bella


    • Diggity

      Pretty much.

      • Sam

        These people are ridiculous. I don’t know if anyone else saw the interview with one of the organizers on MSNBC this morning but he was an IDIOT. Honestly one of the stupidest people I’ve ever heard.

      • Commies Suck

        So will Sarandon … for a buck. Michael Moore takes it in the @ss for free.

      • ronnie

        Double lame.

  • Al

    Isn’t Russell Simmons exactly the type of corporate oligarch that they are protesting against?

    • @Al

      I love you.

    • Jerry

      That’s what makes their protest so stupid.

      • x

        they are all dressed in their totally KEWL abocrombie hipster duds protesting capitalism-what a joke! i feel pretty sure that if someone suddenly gave them a million dollars they would ditch their patchouli loving friends and go live the high life. losers. get a job and live in the real world.

  • LOL

    GOP fears The People.

    • The Other Anne

      If you are referring to fear of “The People” in the above clips, I agree; I would totally fear the communicable diseases that might hop off those folks.

    • Commies Suck

      They only fear those losers rampant STDs. Wish I had a fire cannon.

  • Barack Palin

    What a surprise! All these radical left-wing lunatic “celebrities” showing their idiocy and ignorance by supporting a bunch of worthless shiftless communists who want nothing to di with earning a living but instead want to leech off of people who have worked and who are succesful!
    This is a disgrace and these stupid celebrities ought to be ashamed of themselves. Then again, its easy to want to give away other peoples money. If these idiots want to give their money away to support these bums then they can feel free, but its just a disgrace that they are getting so much attention. Let them move to Cuba or Venezuela if they yearn to be in a socialist paradise.

  • Barack Palin

    Then again, I guess we have B. Hussein to thank for promoting class warfare and condemning those who ARE succesful. I guess he needs to rile up his base of lazy shiftless people who don’t want to work and just want government handouts for their whole lives!

    • Get a Clue

      Go f yourself you hatemonger

  • Curious Khan

    If Michael Moore agrees with these guys so much why doesn’t he open his bank account and start spreading the wealth right there!

  • Get a Clue

    While I appreciate Kate Wards opinion, I would love to ask her to get informed. A “vague protest”? Read up please. The celebrity stuff is them hopping on the bandwagon. There is real merit in the idea they are trying to put forth. This article and the writer’s snark are ridiculous.

  • Worthless Slugs

    I love it. Susan Sarandon….capitalist making cash doing the voice over in the Disney CORPORATION’S commercials. Alec Baldwin shilling for Capitol One BANK and let’s not forget Michael Moore…speaker for Unions who famously REFUSED to use Unions while filming one of his schlocky films. Lives in a MANSION on one of the lakes in Michigan and holder of major CORPORATE STOCKS. And Roseanne…lives in Hawaii and quite appropriately, has a NUT farm…presumably to make MONEY selling nuts. Yes, these idiots are as confused as the protesters who crawled out of their parent’s basement for the week.

  • Lisa Marie

    It’s funny how none of them blame their good buddy Barack. It’s never ever his fault. First Bush, now Wall Street. When is he going to put on his big boy pants and take responsibility?

  • viviennewestwood

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  • ralphlaurenpolo

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