Hank Williams Jr. compares Obama to Hitler on 'Fox & Friends' -- VIDEO

When Hank Williams Jr. stopped by Fox & Friends this morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade noted that Williams is best known for his country music and his and many years as the voice of Monday Night Football. But there are so many more layers to the Hank Williams Jr. Onion: “He knows a little about politics, too!” Little being the operative word! Williams was in rare form, describing this summer’s “Golf Summit” — the mid-June match in which President Obama and Speaker Boehner apparently walloped Vice President Biden and Ohio’s Governor Kasich — as “One of the biggest political mistakes ever,” which proves that Williams seriously needs to bone up on his Alien and Sedition Acts. When the co-hosts asked Williams to explain, he offered this fascinating political insight: “Come on! Come on! It would be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu!” Watch the video below:

The F&F co-hosts became visibly uncomfortable — even more uncomfortable than a few seconds earlier, when Williams made an awkward pass at Gretchen Carlson. Kilmeade said that he didn’t entirely understand the comparison. Williams: “I’m glad you don’t, brother, ’cause a lot of people do. They’re the enemy! Obama! And Biden! Are you kiddin’ me, the Three Stooges!” So there you have it: Obama is both the modern incarnation of Hitler and also Moe, and Joe Biden is double-timing it as Larry and Curly. And they say there’s no thoughtful political discourse in this country!

The best part of the interview came when Williams loudly expostulated, “We’re more polarized than we’ve ever been. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. We’re polarized!” Yes, and we certainly are lucky to have people like Hank Williams Jr. who are doing their best to fix that polarization by going on Fox & Friends and comparing the sitting President of the United States to a genocidal madman. Actually, hmmm, now that I think about it, didn’t Hitler rise to power by using his celebrity (Mein Kampf was a horrible bestseller, remember) to get lots of speaking engagements where he made sweeping and ridiculously vague political statements about “The Enemy”? So actually, when you think about it for two really stupid seconds, Hank Williams Jr. is exactly like Adolf Hitler.

Therefore, Obama is Hitler, Williams is Hitler, Congress is Hitler, Wall Street is Hitler, you’re Hitler, I’m Hitler, and we live in a horrible nation of Hitlers. Now can we focus on more important things like fixing our motherf—ing economy?

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  • Bobby’s Robot

    Because we as a nation look to Hank Williams Jr. for his insight on how to cure a troubled world.

    • Jolie

      Brian Kilmeade is a douchebag tool.

    • Annia

      Now here’s a guy who wouldn’t be able to make a living, singing (if you call that singing), without riding his dead father’s coat tail & and he is now has the talent of “talking out of his a**! Ahhhhh-mazing!

      • David

        The guy is an amazing talent and a country music icon. Fortunately for him, you do not have to be a saint to entertain. Just look at Micheal Jackson.

    • lisa

      Um someone on Fox said Michelle was Barack’s “baby mama” and no one on the network seem to see anything wrong with that. Nothing on that channel surprises me!

    • abadstroller

      That boy was never quite right after he fell on his face coming off that mountain….

  • Jared

    It’s an improvement for Fox News in that it wasn’t one of their anchors saying something stupid.

    • radiwarsx

      Yeah, at least the anchor could count, when Bocephus called Obama and Biden the Three Stooges, he pointed out that was only two people. I guess he could have said Abbott and Costello.
      He didn’t make a lot of sense, they asked him his opinion of the 2012 republican candidates, none of them have played golf with Obama, except maybe Huntsman. I wish they would have asked him to explain exactly why Obama is like Hitler. Then again, he would probably start ranting about some conspiracy theories he read online somewhere, so probably best they didn’t ask him.

  • SallyinChicago

    Typical of a redneck.

    • Jpratm

      Its not redneck its pure ignorant.

      • Mike

        Yes, it is very redneck. The term “redneck” does not mean just any person from the south. I am from Louisiana — and I HATE rednecks. I grew up around them. They are awful. Most southerners are educated, eloquent, & hard-working people. Rednecks get drunk every night, spew racist garbage, and take pride in the fact that they reject education (“Ain’t got no need for any of dat dere schoolin'”). They are usually too hung over to show up for work on time, and then they blame the Latinos & the Asians when they get fired. They do not bathe or wash their hair on a regular basis, but the stench doesn’t stop them from hopping like rabbits. Rednecks are an American embarrassment. They make all southerners look bad. Jr. just proved that beyond a reasonable doubt.

      • amy

        Mike- You described my ex perfectly!!!

  • Tranzchick

    The fact that this guy isn’t alone in his thinking scares the crap out of me.

    • kaydevo

      Amen to that.

  • MWeyer

    As John Stewart once pointed out: “When you bring Hitler into your argument, you demean yourself, you demean your argument and more importantly, you demean Hitler.”

    • Jpratm

      Yup yup. Can michael bay fire him?

      • Makeith

        Actually the call came from Spielberg

  • Jpratm

    Now one would agree that a comparison of anyone to hitler would include , the killing of almost an entire race, raging political control, ideal human being ( no blacks, no immigrants, no gays) so mr. Williams is not even close in comparison his ignorance is well suited. Its no so much political as it is historically wrong.

  • kaydevo

    Hank Jr. is an ignorant boor. He can clear a room of thinking people in seconds with his first loud, stupid pronouncement. So what else is new? Glad to know Fox is consistent, whether it’s their “guests” or their talking heads.

  • ns

    I’m glad Hollywood celebs never call republicans Hitler. Oh wait, they do it all the time.

    • x

      yeah, thanks! it’s only ‘wrong, disrespectful, and rascist’ when it’s aimed at the CHOSEN ONE. i didn’t hear any of you yelling at the folks burning bush in effigy or painting the hitler ‘stache on him to stop. quit your whining…bunch of babies.

      • An Average Sized Mustache

        Oh man the burning bush. That takes me back.

      • Tre

        Bush killed nearly half a million Iraqis simply for being Iraqi in his “Shock & Awe” campaign. He deserves to be compared to Hitler.

    • Rake

      @NS: You’re probably one of the people who got all p.o.ed at the Dixie Chicks. They were supposed to “shut up and sing,” right?

    • radiwarsx

      Hollywood celebs compare Bush to Hitler all the time? Examples please. And since you said all the time, I mean a lot of examples, not some random’C’ lister that might have done it. Since it happens all the time, you should be able to post a list several pages long.

  • Jay

    All the proof you would ever need that the #1 requirement for a country musician is the lack of a brain

    • amy

      That’s not true Jay! All country singers are not the same!

      • DE

        You would never hear ignorant trash like this from people like Rosanne Cash, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Rodney Crowell, Emmylou Harris, Tim McGraw, or Faith Hill. You would, however, hear it from Clint Black and John Rich.

    • Annia

      Carrie Underwood is a grad with honor. My favorite, Skip Ewing, sings/writes inspiringly. Can’t generalize them only because of one or two idiots in the country music business making idiotic remarks. Most can actually sing, except for this redneck idiot.

    • chris

      “Lack of brain,” eh? What an idiotic comment on par with Jr.’s asinine statements in the interview at hand. Some of the finest, most poetic lyrics in all of popular music have come from what you’d deem “brainless” country music. Jr. (I refer to him as that, for I don’t think he’s fit to wear the name “Hank Williams”) will never be his father, no matter how many times he sings his daddy’s songs or drinks whiskey “’cause my daddy did.” Hank Williams was an incredible poet who understood the human condition better than most who have lived twice as long as he ultimately did. Furthermore, if you think country music artists are without grey matter, check out the work and life of Kris Kristofferson, among others.

  • amy

    Hank Williams Jr. is a redneck drunk! Who takes him seriously?

    • dean

      Lets all boycott Monday Night Football & see how long it takes before they get rid of him!

      • amy

        Hey Dean- it worked!

  • charlotte

    Wow. What a loser. He also looks real cool wearing those sunglasses.

    • Esox

      You are aware that he wears the glasses due to light sensitivity after his little issue with fire, don’t you?

      How insensitive can you be? Ridiculing a man’s handicap????

      • Esox

        Damn. Confused Williams with someone else. FYI is correct.

      • HeyMoxie

        I rather take issue with his OTHER little handicap, having to do with stupidity sensitivity, which the sunglasses do nothing whatsoever to help.

    • mark

      Fox News and those who come on it or watch it,are nothing but poison.

  • Coyote

    THIS is why I hate country music.

    • Demond

      Agreed.Country music is redneck garbage and so is Hank Williams Jr.No talent hack.

      • garbage

        saying something like that about country music proves how ignorant that YOU are

      • HeyMoxie


        … wait, what?

  • An Average Sized Mustache

    Why is he dressed like the Unabomber?

    • Annia

      Because he knew he can’t sing. Without his dad’s name, he’s a nobody. Therefore, those dark glasses.

      • FYI

        Williams had a mountain climbing accident , he fell 500 feet and crashed face first into a boulder. His face was split open down the middle. It took plastic surgeons two years to rebuild his face, leaving him with extensive scarring. Hence the sunglasses and beard. Not making excuses for his ignorance, just stating the facts.

      • Javadude54

        His comments also strongly imply he had extensive brain injury.

      • FYI

        Agree, Javadude.

      • HeyMoxie

        Lessons Learned:

        1. If you’re going to talk politics, be sure to get your brain injury out of the way first.

        2. If you’re not agile enough to avoid a brainsplitting mountainclimbing incident, then we’re supposed to trust your instincts on the topic of life or death political decision-making … WHY again, exactly?

    • none of ur business

      I don’t think the unabomber looks like a redneck there skippy.

  • talkin’

    Well written, Darren.

  • Kate

    Ignorance incarnate right there.

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