Melissa McCarthy on 'Saturday Night Live' recap: A most fearless host if there ever was one


During her opening monologue, first-time Saturday Night Live host Melissa McCarthy gushed–in the same sweetly genuine way she did when she nabbed her first Emmy a few weeks go–that she was excited to be hosting the legendary late night institution and it was something she’d dreamed of her whole life. McCarthy made sure she didn’t let a moment of it pass her by: The Bridesmaids breakout star committed to every bit with total fearlessness, but more than anything else you could tell she was having fun, and her enthusiasm was felt by anyone who tuned in for last night’s SNL.

So let’s recap McCarthy’s magic night: The episode kicked off with the always dementedly delightful version of “The Lawrence Welk Show.” (Kristen Wiig’s Junice and her tiny hands, especially when they start chasing bubbles, never fails to make me laugh.) Things were about par on Welk’s show, including some cheesy banter and a sassy sister group from the Finger Lakes (“Which one? The longest, dirtiest one”), that is, until Wiig’s Junice shows up and creeps everybody out. Only this time, she had company. McCarthy made her grand SNL entrance as her equally bizarre sister, a hilarious, albeit terrifying, hybrid of a woman who talks like Mater from Cars and has the arms of Thor. The Bridesmaids co-stars have their first reunion of the night as two freaks who kick crows and grope scarecrows. All was right with the world. While the skit was as solid as ever, it was hard to hear McCarthy’s punchlines through her fake buck teeth. Then again, when it comes to that sketch, the look is really the punchline. Watch:

When McCarthy re-emerged mere moments later, she looked nothing like that. In a chic sparkly ensemble, McCarthy looked downright amazing and hit the stage with an energy that almost immediately had me thinking, “Alec who?” In her opening monologue the actress joked that her children, who were still scarred from “that sink scene in Bridesmaids” (Andy Samberg wasn’t quite over it yet either), needed to go bed cause “Mama’s about to get inappropriate.” She wasn’t kidding. But, more on that in a bit. Before all the “inappropriate” shenanigans began McCarthy did a kicky little dance number (well, not really) with Wiig. Actually, it was backup dancers, as well as Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam, who did most of the dancing, but it sure was a delight to watch McCarthy and Wiig have fun with each other. By the end of the segment, it was clear that a giggling Wiig was tickled to be yukking it up with her Bridesmaids pal again. (Let’s just get this sequel in motion already, shall we?)

The first McCarthy-free moment of the night came with a patented SNL fake commercial. This time for a Strawberry Shortcake-like doll named Lil’ Poundcake. In fact, Lil’ Poundcake is just like Strawberry Shortcake in so many ways: She smells like a sweet dessert, she has accessories…and she administers HPV vaccines! (Wait, yours didn’t do that?) The skit didn’t quite hit the mark as well as SNL ads usually do (last week’s ad for “Red Flag” was far superior) but it wasn’t as painful or scary as getting a surprise injection from a freaky doll.

Lil’ Poundcake probably just needed one key ingredient: McCarthy. That was none more evident than the skit that followed, a no-holds-barred, if not a little too lengthy, sketch in which she made us all realize what she meant when she said “things are about to get real inappropriate.” In the bit McCarthy played Arlene, an office drone who doesn’t just hit on her co-worker (played, somehow with a straight face, by Jason Sudeikis), she sexually harasses him as if there’s no rules against it. Sure, Arlene was a bit like a version of her brazen Bridesmaids character Megan, in that she also has zero qualms about coming on to the man seated next to her (ahem, Air Marshall Jon), but by the time McCarthy was licking and riding a horse balloon, I was laughing way too hard to see this as a bad thing. I can’t imagine too many actresses that would be willing to go that far on live television (even Arlene confessed she was embarrassed at one point) but McCarthy clearly left any inhibitions at the door. See for yourself:

After wiping the tears from my eyes, I about wanted to gouge them out after watching the supremely disappointing Digital Short. The premise was flawed from the get-go (bored police officers suddenly break out into a Stomp…how relevant?!) and it made less and less sense as it went on. When the Blue Man Group appears out of nowhere (as Stefon might ask, “WHY?!”), the Stomp cops, lead by Samberg and Sudeikis, literally blow them away after mistaking them for aliens. (Was this skit supposed to take place in 1994 when maybe someone wouldn’t have known what Stomp or the Blue Man Group were?) Sorry, but after Arrested Development, everything done about the Blue Man Group will pale in comparison. This blue.

I’m certain some of you will disagree with me on that and have some very choice words for me, which could land you as a guest on the new talk show “The Comments Section”! In the skit, mean-spirited and overly-opinionated commenters from the web are confronted about their snarky remarks and general terrible attitude. (Wait, people on the Internet speak ill of others in comments sections? I’ll believe it when I see it!) Even though Moynihan, Killam, and McCarthy’s characters (hers, username Da Truf, argued, “[My political opinions are] correct or else I wouldn’t have said them”) only represent the hundreds of thousands of folks who spread nastiness on the Internet, it was still slightly satisfying to watch them punched in the gut. Now, let’s all be friends!

Speaking of criticism on the Internet, Jay Pharoah, who was absent from last week’s season premiere, made his triumphant return as Chris Rock. In the sketch, Pharoah did a spot-on imitation of the stand-up and transplanted him into Broadway shows like Romeo and Juliet, Oliver!, and Annie. Only problem is, as the skit mentioned early on, Rock has already been on Broadway, in the hit play The MotherF***er with the Hat, where he proved he was capable of going beyond what audiences expect of him. I’m sort of hoping Pharoah will do the same. While his impersonations are undoubtedly amazing (I think his Denzel Washington trumps his Chris Rock, however), the guy could veer dangerously close to Frank Caliendo territory. Both are talented, but they always leave you wondering, “Is that all you’ve got?” (In other news, I’ll be appearing on the next installment of “The Comments Section”! I’m pretty psyched…I guess. FIRST!) Decide for yourself after you watch the video below:

Comedy took a back seat for a bit as Lady Antebellum, who like McCarthy, were making their debut SNL appearance, did their first performance of the night. While I reluctantly admit that beyond “Need You Now” and the fact that they cleaned up at the Grammys, I don’t know much about this pop country trio, I was definitely tapping my toes throughout their tune “Own the Night.” If Radiohead wasn’t exactly your cup of tea last week, Lady Antebellum and their very upbeat tune, which is on their new album of the same name (it currently sits at #2 on the Billboard 200 charts), probably did the trick. That’s not to say Radiohead fans can’t be Lady Antebellum fans, but the vibe was very much different. (The trio sounded even better when they hit the stage a second time to play their hit easy listening radio-friendly ballad “Just A Kiss.”)

Weekend Update, which is always rather hit-or-miss, touched on a lot of the same things we here at PopWatch have as of late! There were Andy Rooney observations (Seth Meyers suggested that everyone’s favorite curmudgeon was actually retiring from 60 Minutes to become the old man from Up), jabs at Nancy Grace’s Dancing with the Stars boob mishap (“She had to expose it because she believes it’s not telling her something about the Natalee Holloway case”), and an appearance from Kenan Thompson as the highest-paid man in show business, Tyler Perry (which really could have just been a one-liner, rather than a whole flat bit about how Perry is wealthy because his movies “cost $400 to make and every black person in America goes to see them.”) Best Update line of the night went to the zinger at the new Amazon tablet (“It’s expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing”) and the bit about Gaddafi’s friends (even though in SNL world, Fred Armisen technically is Gaddafi) who whisper behind their annoying friend’s back, were the installment’s high points.

Boy, McCarthy’s absence during the Rock sketch, Lady Antebellum, and Weekend Update was felt, wasn’t it? As if she needed to remind us of how far she was already knocking it out of the park (though not quite as far as Robinson Cano’s Grand Slam earlier in the evening. Go Yanks!) McCarthy brought it home for the evening’s best, if not craziest, skit. McCarthy, playing hilariously dowdy again (bad perm, Spock sweatshirt), as Linda, one of three Hidden Valley Ranch taste testers. In fact, McCarthy’s Linda likes the dressing so much, she has her own chant (“HVR!” “HVR!”) and will stop at nothing, from trying to sabotage fellow tester Sue (Abby Elliott) to stealing possible catch phrases to win $50 (“It’s got a real kick!”) Linda–and McCarthy–proved they would stop at nothing to get the glory after pouring an entire bottle of Ranch dressing on herself. The audience ate it all up, too. Watch it again:

McCarthy could have stopped there (and maybe the SNL writers should have, too) as she hammed it up as a fictitious Vaudeville actress named Lulu Diamonds, as chronicled by TCM’s The Essentials. The skit wasn’t bad, and once again McCarthy went the extra mile (and down a few flights of steps), but it felt too long and the host was doing all the hard work (same goes for the skit that followed, in which a bad-in-bed Samberg hit on her at a bar.) The only person who came a close second to McCarthy all night was Taran Killam, who was in nearly every sketch and is proving to be an invaluable asset more and more.

While the last skit sort of ended things on a sort of low note, when McCarthy came back out with Lady Antebellum and the entire SNL cast for her send-off, all that could be felt was her infectious joy. Sure, it would have been nice for her to have had more screen time with Wiig (the two have such great comedic chemistry together), but McCarthy, who earned a standing ovation from the audience, was the breath of fresh air that she’s been all year. All in all, a brilliant and daring debut for an SNL newbie.

But, I’m curious, what did you think of Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live, PopWatchers? Do you think she went over-the-top or was simply taking comedic risks that many others wouldn’t dare to? What was your favorite skit of the night. Was it the Ranch dressing taste testing, too? Do you think musical guest Lady Antebellum had an equally strong first showing? Share in the comments section below! (Just try to not get on “Comments Section”!)

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  • Dr. Linus

    She was fantastic and fearless. The writing wasn’t the greatest but she elevated the show tremendously. I never saw her reading cue cards. She should host again.

    • Snsetblaze

      I have to agree – she was very good – way above the level of the writing. Other than the Hidden Valley testing sketch, I didn’t find the writing itself funny but found her funny. And it was appreciated that she did not read the cue cards. Bill Hader obviously was. So was Alec Baldwin last week (although I laughed a lot at him). I will admit, I did turn it off after the Lulu sketch.

      • Snsetblaze

        I did find the Gaddafi’s friends annoying. I wanted to see Stefon.

      • bill

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      • crabcakes

        it was so boring last night man

      • Monty

        Was anyone else surprised that LOL wasn’t featured in “The Comments Section” sketch?

      • @Rebecca Christiansen

        yes! i was telling my boyfriend about LOL and how LOL would be perfect for that sketch!

      • Ally

        I did really like the HVR skit…”I taste..strawberries,..and kiwis…it’s loaded with bacon! You’re ruining it for us! She has got to go!”

    • E

      Good call on the cue cards — she didn’t seem to look once. She was fantastic and should definitely be back again and again.

      • Mike Medeiros

        I never saw her look once either which IMO allowed her to even more completely dive into each character and run away with the scene.

      • Rayssa

        Once I ilntialiy commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any manner you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

    • lisa g.

      She was fearless n competent but the show sucked!

    • meleliot

      She is a goddess!

    • deedee

      wow….what show did YOU watch? she was ok…relax..just ok

      • matty

        Apparently not the one you watched because you have a differing opinion from everyone else.

      • Matt

        Matty, huh? Don’t bring us down, pal. I don’t care which way the wind blows for you, attaching a y or an ie to everything just to make it cutesy is tacky.

      • David

        OK? She was freakin’ hilarious! I don’t think I’ve ever laughted at an SNL skit as much as I laughed at Arlene. Then when she was Linda with the HVR it was another home run. She is a riot! Best host since the old days where the host actually fit right in.

    • Meg

      Stomp cops were Andy Samberg and Bill Hader–Jason and Kenan were the criminals that fled.

    • In Shape

      thought it was gross, I don’t like seeing Fat People on TV. she should loose about 100 lbs before she is allowed on TV again…so unhealthy not a good role model for the kids

      • Steve

        Dude, regardless of your “fat-phobia”, you should investigate what a poor example ILLITERACY and POOR GRAMMAR and HORRIBLE SPELLING are. Truly, get over yourself. I know you’re perfect and all…

      • teacher

        Yes, well I don’t like reading comments from Dumb People who cannot spell. “Lose” not “loose”.

      • Steve

        Another thought, have you ever considered how heavy some of the better DICTIONARIES are? Please, please, PLEASE try lifting some of those. It’ll help you maintain that “majestic” shape, and probably even tone up the CONE ON YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • In Shape

        I would rather misspell a word, then be a big fat slob like her, you are probably fat too!

      • Steve

        Yes, sure, I’m fat. Maybe because….hm….I’M ENGORGED WITH KNOWLEDGE OF COMMA AND PUNCTUATE USE?!?!?!?!?!?!? Get over yourself. I suspect you’re actually fat, too. Try pumping up your BRAIN a tad, eh, moron???

      • Steve

        Oh, moron, it’s also “THAN”. Geeze. you’re probably one of those that is puzzled by “there”, “their”, and “they’re”. Please, open a book. It’ll do ya PROUD!

      • Carlie

        Your obvious ignorance of proper sentence structure and speliing is a far worse example for children.

      • In Shape

        Get over yourself Steve, this is the comment section on the internet, not a major publication!…people write these things down fast, you are proably really old though and do not understand that!….put the Twinkie down grandpa and join the Gym!

      • shootingthebull

        Hey moron, the word you’re looking for is “lose.” You aren’t a good role model for the kids either since you cannot express a coherent thought without a dozen grammatical and spelling errors.

      • Steve

        Ok, moron, so NOW your prejudice is against the fat, the old, ….hm, I get it! Everyone except for your own self, His Majesty the Moron! Question-did you rush when you composed that last tidbit? It was still equivalent to the abilities of a freakin’ THIRD-GRADER

      • Steve

        Look, I’m done with this. “Inilliterate Shape”, just reading your junk is costing me IQ points by the second. Seriously, it wouldn’t cost you a bit of whatever bodily perfection you CLAIM to have if you’d just PICK UP A BOOK, LEARN TO READ, ETC. There’s a vast world out there, just FILLED with commas, periods, etc. Maybe a Twinkie would be filled with those things. Hm…now THERE’S a thought- why don’t you go SUCK something that LOOKS like a Twinkie?!?!? Oh, that reminds me; how was your weekend (of “service”)?

      • In Shape

        and btw Steve it would not be “HIS” majesty, it would “Hers”.

      • hotandbothered

        I’ll bet you are a fan of Chris Farley, John Candy and John Belushi – ALL FAT MEN. It’s just fat women you can’t stand. Right? Right. At least be honest, dummy.

      • kinda in shape

        someone was inspired by the “comments section” skit…

      • In Shape

        man or woman, FAT is FAT. gross either way!

      • Nina

        If one were to substitute “Jew”, “Black”, “Retarded” for “Fat” in any of these hate-filled sentences, they’d be shot (and oh-so politically incorrect). “Fat” people are the last, safe thing to bash is in this culture (other than Catholics).

      • not really in shape, but not worried about it

        In Shape is most likely an out of shape couch potato and bitter about it. Most people who aren’t bitter about their looks have better things to do than sit on a comments section and put someone down for their weight. All I can really say to “In Shape” is, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

      • paula

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      • In Shape

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      • Kettle

        At least she can lose weight, if she wanted to lose weight. I don’t think there is much you can do to become less idiotic.

      • JB

        Jesus, what an idiot you are. I’m a personal trainer. I’ve never been fat and I work hard to stay in shape too but the difference is that I HELP people instead of put them down. You must be a pretty miserable person that really hates yourself because most people that put other people down are. You have to put down someone else to make yourself feel good. So sad.

      • In Shape

        no It just makes me sad to see unhealthy people, someone mentioned John Candy earlier, well he is dead because he was fat, same thing will happen to Melissa unless she loses a TON of weight, just seeing her fat face in the picture for this article makes me sick to my well toned stomach!

      • Fatty


      • Also In Shape

        I agree with you, I think they should round up all fat people, and sent off to fat camp and whipped into shape!

      • Fatty

        Yea @Also In Shape. Nothing wrong at all with sending innocent people to a work camp because they don’t fit in with your ideals or look like you think they should. Highly intelligent position you have. Maybe you should eat something to give yourself some brain power.

      • Feminemesis

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      • Also In Shape

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      • WILDHERO

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      • Too Bad In Shape

        Overweight, but talented and respected by her peers, which is far more than you have right now….

      • In Shape

        @WILDHERO you come now, someone that is terribly obese is the the definition of self indulgent , I am trying to help by pointing out that they are unhealthy, being fat is something that can be controlled, so I have no sympathy for people that are just lazy and unmotivated!…being fat is Suicide, pure and simple, and looking at Melissa just promotes that and makes me sick!

      • In Shape

        @Too Bad In Shape, and you know this how?,,how do you know she is respected, she could a raging B*tch for all you know!…and I have more friends then I can count, so who is judging now? you friggin fat hypocrite!

      • @ in shape

        Horrible attempt at trolling…

      • In Shape

        saying my opinion is not trolling!

      • Fatty

        @Also in Shape – Fat or not fat you are one big meany. Btw, earlier I was comparing you to Hitler. You were probably at the gym and missed history class so you didn’t get the reference. It’s ok cuz your skinny. I’d rather be fat and happy than thin and an awful person any day.

      • denise

        i used to be be 450 lbs why u b hatin

      • crabcakes

        fat heads fat bodies thin comebacks

      • JoJo

        Check yourself! She has an Emmy, hit tv show and is obviously making money fat or not. What do you have….oh yeah, not much. Look around there are a variety of people in the world…..unfortunately, some are just uneducated and narrow-minded….like you!

      • In Shape

        Trust me, I would rather be thin, healthy, Good Looking, and in Shape, without an Emmy, … then Fat, ugly, and unhealthy with one!

      • Maggie

        Posters like “In Shape” and “Also In Shape” are hysterically funny. They try to be insulting to others, but only make themselves look bad because of their poor spelling and grammar.

      • Maggie

        @In Shape wrote: “this is the comment section on the internet, not a major publication”
        This is the comment section for a story on “Entertainment Weekly’s” website. “Entertainment Weekly” is a major publication. Posting a comment here is no different than writing a letter to the magazine and having it printed in the “Letters” section in the magazine.

      • In Shape

        Maggie you fat old hag, Welcome to the internet, this is how people my age do it, we use short hand, have you never heard of a text, or are you too busy feeding your old fat face!…..btw Maggie is a very ugly old name!

      • Poppy

        In Shape is stooping to grade school name calling. Which makes sense because she has about as much empathy as an 8-year-old boy. Why don’t we stop commenting on her posts as she is becoming more and more unhinged. Additionally, it’s filling up my e-mail and I’m tired of reading her ignorant posts. It’s obvious she has no life because she keeps responding to every comment. Lets kick this mentally challenged, bigoted, self-rightous A-hole to the curb.

      • Tracy

        In Shape,

        What you think is unimportant because outside of the teeny, tiny circle that is your world no one knows you or cares about you and they never will. Unlike Melissa McCarthy who has millions of adoring fans, you could work out, get an education which would enable you to understand the difference between lose and loose, and maybe even grow a personality, and it would still all be for nothing. You do not matter at all to most people. So I’m sure no one is going to LOSE sleep over what you may be thinking about anything.

      • what’s the deal?

        hey fat people have feelings too, McCarthy is very talented, people like you make Americans look bad, the only thing you said that I agree with is that I hate the name Maggie too!

      • Squishmar

        Yes, get it right, Steve. “In Shape” is a self-absorbed, stuck-up *b!tch*, not a self-absorbed, douch-y pr!ck.

      • In Shape

        @Squishmar…I imagine you are probably fat and nerdy living with your parents, you would probably faint if I even looked in your pathetic direction, dream on!

      • ozzy

        god she really is very very FAT!

      • ok

        People have a right to their own lives and their own bodies just like you do. It’s out of your control, Sunshine.

      • AnotherWayToSeeIt

        This conversation interests me, because no one has brought up a very crucial point. Fatness does not necessarily come from overeating. High stress levels, medications, diseases, or no access to healthy food can all add greatly to a person’s weight. Someone in this thread said “lose weight, become a real person.” I find this galling. I was required to go on high levels of lithium for my mental health, and in a few months I gained fifty pounds. Despite healthy eating, vitamins, and exercise, I have not lost a single pound for 5 years, and at best I have kept my weight from increasing by much. So I have had to deal with a consequence from something out of my hands. This makes me less of a person? Instead of moping and taking my pain out on others, I continue to work hard, help others, and see life best I can. I urge you, when you see someone who is overweight, to not make snap judgments. It is of course everyone’s own choice how they see other people, and this is mine.

      • Craig

        god bless you AnotherWayToSeeIt, I commend you for your honesty!

      • Craig

        I hope Melissa does not read this hate filled post, because she seems like a very nice person, I happen to be in shape, and find curvy large women very attractive, and being as funny as she is even more of a bonus, I would date someone like Melissa in a heartbeat!

      • philliefrank

        And the first nominee for “Absolute complete & total HATE troll of the night!” Just going in…on the net. #troll #hate #keyboardassassin #meanandwack #possiblyfat

      • Fit For Life

        Face it!, the woman is a Tub of Lard!..just sayin!

      • Maggie

        @In Shape, you are not using texting shorthand. You are simply using bad spelling and grammar.
        BTW, I doubt that you’re any younger than me, or thinner than me. You absolutely aren’t smarter than me. I also doubt that your real name is as nice as Maggie. My parents named me after a great woman, and I’m proud to have her name.

      • Fit For Life

        All the Maggie’s I know are old ugly women, sure you follow the pattern! one under the age of 40 would have that name!

      • Squishmar

        Not fat… not living with my parents, In Shape. And I am also a woman, not a man. I am happily married for 11 years and am “in shape” in many ways… spiritually, intellectually and physically. Unlike you. You may want to work on something other than your physical form–it doesn’t last and is the *least* important.

      • Squishmar

        Oh, and “Fit For Life,” off the top of my head I can think of several women named Maggie under 40 that are beautiful and talented: Maggie Q (Nikita), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Maggie Lawson (Psych), and Maggie Grace (Lost).

      • Kelly

        You’re DISGUSTING. A complete waste of life. Go drown in your HATE.

      • Kelly

        ….BTW, just FYI, I DON’T LIKE stupid, INTOLERANT, HATEFUL BLOW-HARDS, ANYWHERE. Didn’t your Mama teach you the saying, “if you don’t have anything NICE to say, then you should just shut the HELL UP”? Honestly. Keep your personal problems to YOURSELF instead of b*tching about EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. Get a damn LIFE.

      • 4thenightowls

        Melissa McCarthy was energetic and up for everything, but the writing was, as usual, horrible.

        As to the fat comments, in addition to being hate filled, In Shape is apparently ignorant about the fact that there are many things that can cause people to be overweight. Thyroid conditions and some medications just to name two. You might want to educated yourself on more than just spelling and grammar. And Melissa McCarthy may be overweight, but she’s talented and very good at what she does.

      • Fat…like M&M

        I think I like her more BECAUSE she’s heavy. She’s a breath of fresh air and a solid difference from the Hollywood norm. She’s no more unhealthy than the size 0-2 actresses all over TV and movies right now. Actually, most experts would agree that she’s most likely healthier than they are.

        I gained 60lbs with my daughter…went from a size 6 to a 16…and the big 1 in front and the stretch marks only remind me what an amazing thing my body did. Everybody has reasons for not being “in shape”…we may be fat but we can lose weight, you can’t change ugly! (Esp when it’s on the inside)

      • VinceP

        Her size has absolutely NOTHING to do with her ability to be funny, nor does it have anything to do with her ability to be beautiful inside and out. I’m sure her husband (Air Marshall Jon), her two children, and her legions of fans would be more than happy to agree with me.

        Personally, her weight/shape never even entered my mind once I saw her eyes and heard her speak. She has intelligent and witty eyes (something I find incredibly sexy) and an amazing sense of humor and confidence (two more things I find incredibly sexy).

        Shame on those who do not or cannot accept people for what they bring to the world instead of what they look like. Intolerance is intolerance, no matter what it is you’re intolerant of.

      • In Shape

        Ok I see you’re points and I addmit I am a d.u.m.b.a.s.s.

      • David

        She looked like she had lost some weight since last year.

      • t

        So what I am hearing here is that In Shape and Also In Shape have spent their lives striving for the perfect bodies and finding that they have achieved their goal they realize that is all they have, a perfect body. So they are jealous that a fat girl is rich, famous and successful and they are just thin. I’m not a psychologist, but usually the ones that show this kind of outrage are the ones that are jealous but don’t want to sound jealous.

      • koko

        Agree 100% with you brah

      • Archana

        The world would be a beettr place if more parents subscribe to the Don Fey way of parenting, no?I read Bossypants back in April. Hilarious.It’s a good primer-for-life book to give as a graduation gift. Bossypants reminds people, especially up and coming young women, that it’s okay to be unapologetically smart, skilled and capable like Tina Fey rather than, say, Kim K.

    • Lynne

      Lorne Michaels doesn’t like it when the cast memorizes the script, hence the cue card reading. I think one reason is because they tend to change lines last minute.

      • Nancy Grace

        A Jew, Black or “Retard” was probably born that way. Fat is a lifestyle choice.

      • Loni

        SNL has really gone downhill lately. Who is writing for these guys now? Terrible

      • Squishmar

        Yes, Lynne… they rehearse about 30 sketches and the final line-up isn’t known until after dress rehearsal…just a couple of hours before going LIVE. Cue cards are needed and I guarantee you, Melissa WAS using them…just doing it very well.

      • Jane

        The show was a flop last night. Who watches this stuff?

      • Lois

        @Jane, you watch this stuff. How else would you be able to judge the quality of the show?

    • Color Me Impressed

      I thought McCarthy was awful! She wasnt funny at all…they need to retire that Lawrence Welk sketch, it was NEVER funny to begin with, and that whole opening-monolouge/dance-number was just painfully BORING!

      • john

        I agree and I think SNL isn’t as funny as half of the people posting on here say it was.

    • Nita Norris

      Amen to that. I watched every minute of the show which is rare…no need to fast-forward through boring bits. Bring McCarthy back!

    • Cygnus

      Actually, I thought it was a pretty bland episode. Not a lot of big laughs. I kinda thought I was seeing the same performance from mccarthy in each skit… a crazed fat woman. Kinda like the larger version of everything Wiig plays. It wasnt the worst episode ever, but it wasnt near as good as last week’s outing with Baldwin.

      • Bud

        I agree. I didn’t particularly think the episode was very good and I concur with the same performance in each skit. How many times can you yell and be pushy in one hour? Wiig is also terribly overrated and all her characters are the same. What happened to the talented cast members? The writing is really bad too.

      • Kim

        I agree but that’s the SNL way of doing things. Overkill for loud, obnoxious characters. I would think Wiig is tired of some of her characters but she’s sharp enough to know what will bring her airtime.

    • Um

      I loved Melissa McCarthy hosting SNL. She should have an opportunity to host again, no doubt about it!

    • jayemeff

      Reading cue cards is something I never saw the cast doing years ago. Now they make no effort to even make it subtle. Drives me nuts! So glad Melissa didn’t do that!

    • trishka

      I totally agree on the cue cards. How refreshing not to see her do that, like the other hosts AND the cast! She’s such a pro!

      • trishka

        And by the way, the fat hatred commentary in no way takes away from her extraordinary talent and passion for comedy.

    • MysterWright

      She was amazing. I’m excited to see that there are enthusiastic celebrities in the world today. Her charisma was infectious. It was like watching Joe Piscopo and Eddie Murphy-era SNL. Melissa was actually having fun. And that to me is what SN*L* is *supposed* to be about. Like a *teleplay* more than a scripted show. That’s what made ’86-’93 era so fun also. It pushed the envelope of what people were anticipating. You never knew, and the actors made you think they didn’t even know, what might come next. Then when people didn’t say something as bad and told each other to calm down your mind started reeling of what they could be saying instead. That’s what being hyper is about. Generating hype. The only people whom don’t like that, as I’ve said before, burned themselves out on it when they were young and now wanna ruin it for others. That’s when alleged bad influences tell kids that they shouldn’t let anyone think they corner the market on something. What’s the worst parents can do, put people on Ritalin or Prozac? Is that before or after teenagers become millionaires online? o.O Do you see the direction I’m going here? I’m asking you why aren’t we cultivating more talent like Melissa McCarthy and ditching the shallow cyberbullies beat up by the italian army dude? That’s all I got to say about that.

  • laura

    She was awesome! So impressed with her!!!

    • dj

      I totally agree with you she is fantastic and I love watching her on Regisa and Kelly the other morning

      • Travis Fillmore VI

        Who the heck is “Regisa”??????????

      • Loni

        It wasn’t even that funny.

  • Z

    If only they could edit things to make the show one hour they could really have a pretty terrific show every week. All the sketches could be cut down, a couple eliminated along with the monologue and have the musical guest do one song.

    • anibanani

      Have you counted the commercials? It’s insane… THAT would shorten it for sure!!

      • Z

        Well the commercials are to allow time for all the set and costume changes. But honestly that could be alleviated to a degree by the proper placement of the SNL commercial parodies, the musical performance, Weekend Update and not having the same cast members in all the sketches.

    • Tim

      Like MadTV which was so much better than SNL.

      • Travis Fillmore VI


      • Loni

        The Onion commercial free on the Interet is more funny than all of this year on SNL

    • Cygnus

      The music acts should be cut. They feel shoe-horned, and don’t really make sense in the context of the comedy show. Back in SNL season 1, there wasnt always a musical act. It was more like a guest singing performance from one of the SNL gang’s friends, like Paul Simon or George Harrison. Get back to that format, and cut the show down to 1 hour.

  • TL

    Give her another Emmy already (this time for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series). She deserves it!


    I think it’s pretty much guranteed that she’s gonna join Baldwin, Walken, Timberlake, and Jon Hamm as a permanent re-occuring SNL host after last night.

    • lisa g.

      Oh my I hope not! She’s a lil over the top for me.

      • lisa g.

        She was acting like Jack tripper! Tone it down girl!

      • Paul

        Gotta agree. Basically it seems her only character is a gross version of herself played as loudly as possible (loudness doesn’t equal being committed). From the cold open on, every character she played was meant to be unreasonably obnoxious and grating, which I guess isn’t a surprise because her character in Bridesmaids was the exact same thing.

        I’ve tried to like her, but overall her career hasn’t impressed me. I was hoping SNL might change my opinion, but it felt like more of the same to me.

      • lisa

        Agreed! I really want to like her but……

      • Cygnus

        Paul, in other words, she took after her mentor, Kristen Wiig, and just plays the same characters over and over. Loud, obnoxious, over the top, and not funny.

    • Ron Paul

      Timberlake? Are you kidding me?! He’s not funny at all. He is no comedic talent. He’s god-awful. I don’t get it. Am I the only one with a brain?

      • Jennifer

        I’m with you on Timberlake, Ron Paul. If you ever figure out what the hell the fascination with him is please let me know, cause I certainly don’t see it.

      • Mike

        The worst thing about Timberlake and SNL is that it’s the Exact. Same. Show. every time. “Bring it on down to ________-ville!,” The Barry Gibb talk show, a digital short that tries to recapture the success of “D–k in a Box,” etc. It was funny the first few times but now it just makes his appearances painfully predictable. It’s better when he pops up as a surprise guest on someone else’s episode.

      • I’m just sayin’

        If you’re on an EW board, you probably don’t have a brain, and you really meant January Jones.

      • Kelly

        Timberlake is amazing! Don’t be a hater. SNL gets the BEST ratings when he hosts.

      • Loni

        You have to say this about timberlake. He is funnier than his music is entertaining.

    • vja

      She is son not in their league … Why? Answer: range

    • jen

      Anne Hathaway is the only actress that can join the men’s SNL hosting club. She is absolutely wonderful hosting SNL, plus Anne does the best impressions ( Judy Garland, Katie Holmes, Mary Poppins, & Kate Middleton ).

  • cshock

    She went above & beyond the Guest Hosting call of duty. When she was on, the show was as good as I’ve seen it in a long time; when she wasn’t, it was the same ol’ been-there-seen-that SNL. She might feel she was lucky to finally be hosting SNL, but truth be told, THEY were lucky to have her. She is AMAZING.

    • ziggy

      totally agree. very well said

  • mike

    She was awesome. First time in a long time I laughed at all the guest host’s sketches. I was beginning to think the show was slowing down but Melissa lifted it into the stratisphere.

    • Travis Fillmore VI


  • Noodley

    She was fantastic! I was crying of laughter when the salad dressing exploded all over her and she kept going. Lesser hosts would have broken.

    • BS

      McCarthy is simply amazing in all she does. Mike & Molly (I watched the taping of the pilot) is a great show because of what she brings to it. Bridesmaids is hysterical. I’m still trying to decide if the salad dressing “explosion” was on purpose or if it was accidental. Either way, she handled it well.

      • jmark

        The explosion was on purpose. She performs this sketch a lot at The Groundlings in L.A.

      • Leigh

        She was also great as Sookie on Gilmore Girls. Loved her on that show. So happy for her success.

      • SMC

        Yep, she is great in whatever she is in.

  • ziggy

    I just watched the Arlene & salad dressing clips….AMAZING! She is so funny and did not break character at all! Love her.

  • Mare

    Melissa McCarthy is, for sure, a great comic talent of our time. Got hooked on Mike and Molly last year. Perfect timing and delivery always. Just her facial expressions crack me up. Love her!!!

  • Linda

    She was absolutely fantastic!! Best guest host ever. I didn’t like the Mae West scene or the bad in bed bar scene. They just didn’t do her justice.

    • Paulette

      Loved the Mae West scene. She did too much; she could have hurt herself.

      • Loni

        They would have had to end the show early.

  • AnneMarie

    The best SNL hosts are the ones who aren’t afraid to have fun at their own expense. She was awesome!!

    • Kayoko

      Marshfield Beach goers suohld be lining up to have you photograph their kiddos. These are incredible. My favorite – the headshot at the end with the candy necklace. Gap, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren – you could insert this into any of their ads. You rock!

  • Holly

    Loved Melissa McCarthy! I thought the Mae West-esque skit was funny. Hopefully Saturday Night Live will continue with talented actors as hosts, not just the flavor of the month.

  • dj

    I was so happy for Melissa

    she is one talented lady

  • gforce

    I have to disagree completely! Melissa McCarthy was NOT funny last night!! I feel like she was trying way too hard in all of her sketches, and it came across as more desperate to me than funny. The officer worker and the salad dressing tester were practically the same character to me. The actors playing the role of the straight man/woman in her skits got more laughs from me than she did.

    The only skit to make me laugh out loud was the Chris Rock one. Jay Pharaoh’s impressions are one of my favorite things about SNL right now.

    • dj

      I cannot believe you didn’t think she was funny she is amazing and I cried for her when she won the emmy she was so genuine and honest and totally shocked she won, she is one great lady in my eyes

    • Bringbackrocky

      Thanks, Debbie Downer.

    • Kay

      I totally agree with gForce. The office worker and ranch dressing sketches were cringe-worthy. The real star of the show was Taran Killam. He killed in the Lawrence Welk sketch. He’s hilarious and can sing and dance too. In the Chris Rock sketch, he had only one line but that’s all he needed: “Blacktacular!” I love that SNL is finally showcasing him.

      • Tim

        I thought Taran was great too.

      • melly

        @Kay – I think that was the point – cringeworthy funny. She does not disappoint.

    • lisa g.

      Im with gforce! I feel a lil bad for saying it bc she was obviously committed n gave it her fact she may have given it too much!

    • Sam

      I kind of agree. It wasn’t McCarthys fault; it was the poor writing. She’s a great performer and did a great job with the material, but the skits were mostly her playing way over the top, clueless and gross characters with the supporting characters acting uncomfortably (that seems to be the only role Abby Elliott ever gets to play.) I liked the internet skit partly because it was toned down and I liked opening skit.

      • Lerrin

        SO agree with Sam- poor writing being wrestled for all its worth by a game and tenacious host with a fairly limited repetoire. The HRV sketch was a prime example- they really gave her NOTHING and she had to continually ‘explore and heighten’ (improv strategy) to make it work. It did- to a point- but the smearing of the salad dressing at the end was just too much -total devolvement at that point that was disappointing.
        Did really enjoy her intro- completely got the joke that they were really NEVER going to dance right off, but it was good fun.

    • vja

      I agree w/ gforce … How much more could they exploit her weight (problem)? Her characters in the office sketch and salad dressing sketch were essentially the same. … Which wasn’t so far from her Bridesmaids role. Reminded me, tragically, of Chris Farley.

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