Kim Kardashian -- recently named 2011's Most Annoying Celebrity -- is definitely a doll, right?

I was just watching a clip of tonight’s episode of The CW’s H8r — in which Kim Kardashian confronts a rather salty woman who openly hates her (pictured) — and kept imagining what would happen if someone suddenly reached over and attempted to flick Kim’s doll eyes shut. I’ve been fantasizing about this for months. Would she continue to smile placidly and caress her synthetic doll hair? Would the doll lashes snap off? Would she cross over to an even darker element and become the Kim Kardashian Old Navy Robot? Would she die? Because dolls are supposed to die when you do that.

I just might tune in tonight (8 p.m. ET) in hopes that H8r host Mario Lopez eventually just reaches over and gives it a shot. (Could be better than another X Factor auditions episode, I presume.)

Is this why Kim was voted Most Annoying Celebrity of 2011? Because dolls are annoying? I try not to keep up.

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  • ^

    Why, EW, why?

    • Pickle8182

      How funny is it Scott was on last week (from the commercials I saw -telling the guy how much more important he is than the guy), and now Kim is this week. They could just go back and forth with people hating these two!

    • Dee

      Because the lovely Annie Barrett can – and should – post anything that emerges from her brilliantly satiric view of celebrity

      • Brett

        When THAT Annie Barrett starts working for EW, let me know.

    • lisa g.

      I don’t like when she wears so much make up like n this pic! She looks sooooo much better wo it! This show hater is scripted!

    • jj


    • bill

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    • Tammi

      I’m so over this armo has been wantabee porn star bimbo.

  • Fithri

    Out of the 3 sisters, I find Khoe the most likeable.

    • G in PA

      I agree. I think she knows how stupid her whole family and their fame is. She plays along just enough to please Mommy but I think of all of them she would be happy to just walk away from it all.

      • ^

        Actually, it’s the old adage “laughing all the way to the bank” that has a lot to do with her attitude.

    • Madox

      I feel the same way. Khloe seems like she’s in on the joke, and she’s funny as hell.

      • Tammi

        Kim is boring now. Like most people the rest of us have moved on to something just a big more interesting to watch.

    • ms p

      i totally agree with u, i am sick and tired of seeing kim k on anything and kort also she makes herself look stupid with scott

    • Colin

      Maybe so. But Kim will always be the most bangable… followed by Kourtney… followed by their mom… and THEN (assuming the younger ones are still under-age) comes Khloe.

      • Tammi

        Her butt is the only thing she has going for her train wreck self.

  • UGH

    I really wish someone would come up with the reality show of all reality shows that sends the Kardashians and any other worthless “celebrity” on a one-way trip to the moon!

  • Ben

    Any “reality celebrity” or celebrity coming from a famous name that does a sex tape for celebrity status (Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton) should be loathed and ignored rather than followed around like they did anything important other than have bad sex on camera.

    • ^

      I really wish EW would go out of their way to not promote any of these idiots.
      They seem to thrive on it instead.

  • Karate Pants

    1. Kim Kardashian 29%
    2. Charlie Sheen 27%
    3. Snooki 21%
    4. Lindsay Lohan 16%
    5. Donald Trump 5%
    6. Brad Womack 1%
    I think we should all just celebrate that Spencer and Heidi Pratt were finally deemed irrelevant enough that no one considered them for a poll like this.
    I mean, after #5, everyone shrugged and mentioned some boring guy from the Bachelor.
    It gives me hope.

    • UGH

      The Pratts will probably be back on the list whenever some fool gives them another reality show.

      • Karate Pants

        I honestly don’t think the interest would be there for that sort of thing. I think they’re just done, finally.

      • Mellissa

        Seriously, they couldn’t even keep themselves on half a season of the Hills.

      • jj

        Heidi was just on some waste of a reality show on VH1 called Famous Food. I was flipping by one day and saw it for about two minutes before i felt the urge to commit Hari Kari. I’m pretty sure noone watched it. I doubt we will have to see Heidi for awhile. At least one can hope. The Kardashian klan will never die unfortunately bc the E! channel is so up their butts that they will never stop pushing them on the viewing public and telling us all how much we care about them. Of course, lots of us don’t, but they only listen to the morons who actually DO like them, want to be like them, talk about how pretty they are. in other words: stupid girls.

  • EJ

    Kim Kardashian Humphries is a beautiful woman with an amazing mother and fantastic taste in clothes and bling. Come on girls, anyone of you out there would KILL for her body, big booty and all.

    • ^

      Are you on drugs or just totally stupid?

      • Boof

        I’m pretty sure both…..

      • jj

        i was gonna say just stupid but then i read the statement again and, yeah, EJ’s gotta be on something, too. oh. and i’m a girl, and i prefer my body to Kim’s any and every day. Maybe it’s just because it hasn’t been peed on.

      • jennrae

        lol at jj.

    • ron

      it;s kim!

    • @EJ

      I’m pretty sure to have her body, we just have to eat more. No killing required.

    • johnny

      The Kardashians will fall by the wayside just like Heidi and Spencer, and Paris Hilton and the list goes on…

    • Ellen

      Seriously, EJ; speak for yourself and nobody else. Just because some people care about these faux celebrities doesn’t mean the rest of us give a damn about them. Wouldn’t it be better for people to live their own lives, rather than watching this fake stuff?

    • bern

      This HAS to be someone Kris Kardashian paid to write this. To call Kris a “fantastic mother” is hysterical – She is just the opposite. A mother who would push her daughters to do semi-nude shoots – and she obviously encourages all the girls to be as cheap and outrageous as possible all for her own bottom line – her checkbook.

    • Tammi

      I would rather be an ugly old pig than be some fat booty sounding idiot talking about bling… Getttttooooo

    • Kimber

      Some of us are happy with who we are due to self-esteem, accomplishments & great parenting from our parents. She is an ugly person inside.The outside is not all that matters. The way she speaks to Khloe is disgusting. She knows how to really dig in deep. Her x-hubby said she speaks to her mom in a very inappropriate way & to other family. He said it isn’t something he would do. We have seen a small bit of it. Is it so hard to believe that a person can be happy with what they have & not want to be Kim K.? I have many HOT looking family members who are beautiful inside & out. Khloe is the pretty one because she is not ugly inside with what she says & she is real. The media decides who is popular so to give Kim K. all the credit is a joke. They did it with Paris & now look who they picked. Both ugly inside.

  • No thanks Bill

    Yeah, but who wants to do porn on the computer? You watching your best friend’s mom, BIll? Ewwww. Go away and take your loser spam with you

  • Nicole Lindsay

    Kim Kardashian’s not annoying! She’s an Armenian icon and she has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

    • Meg

      She’s also famous because of a sex tape. How is that being a great example?

      • Amanda

        I mean I know that’s who I want the role model for my daughter to be. Get famous and rich by soliciting your body and then embarrassing yourself in public.
        Hopefully my daughter won’t go do something crazy like get a degree, find a career and marry for love. Wouldn’t want her following my path.

      • KK

        To be honest. I don’t think that was her intent. When she made that tape…wasn’t she married to the guy? I mean, far as I could tell, she had no clue it would go public. What she did within the privacy of her marriage should not be judged. If anything…the person who sold the tape is the one who should be judged (and if that person is KIM then by all means she deserves the judgement). :)

      • johnny

        So true.. A sex tape has made her millions.. What do they call someone that profits from sex?

      • Amanda

        @KK, she wasn’t married to Ray J, that was just her boyfriend. She was already divorced from the other guy.
        And I believe she gets royalties from it.

      • ok

        If that wasn’t her intent, she would have fought the release of it in court. She learned how to be famous from her former friend, Paris Hilton. As for her backside, I didn’t know Armenians were known for having big booties. I do admire her for not bowing to the pressure to be a skeleton.

      • KK

        @Amanda – I’m glad you clarified that for me. :) If she is in fact getting royalties from it…then I am equally appalled and a little grossed out by her stupidity.

      • Tammi

        Armo Getto with da big booty

    • Catca

      Oh it’s worse than just being famous for a sex tape. She’s also famous for being unbelievably narcissistic, vain, shallow and materialistic – and getting paid big bucks to be that way throughout the great recession! The truth of that means that what’s more annoying than the Kardashian’s is their fans!

      • KK

        Again, I have to disagree a little bit. I’m not a Kardashian fan but I have to be thankful to those ladies because they (along with well known actresses like Kate Winslet, Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks and a few others) have made it acceptable and in fact popular to have curves in the United States. To the point you made, she may be famous for for all those quantities, but that is not what has made her successful. She is successful because she has a good business sense (she knows how to use what she has to convert it to a profit). And sadly or happily, that is what Capitalism is all about, and that is what America is all about.

      • IMHO

        Kim and the others mentioned may have “made it acceptable and … popular to have curves,” but only if you’re in a sextape, shaking your butt in stage, or being a sex kitten. Kim Kardashian is just a product of capitalism like you said. If being thin was in she’d lean in that direction to make her money. Plus her curves ARE what made her successful. How many people would watch that show if she didn’t have them. Let alone use her to promote their products, appear on red carpets, pose for photos? With that said, to thank her (and others for that matter) is a bit of stretch considering, like you said, being “curvy” is what is popular.

      • @IMHO

        Kate Winslet is an Academy Award winner, Jennifer Lawrence is an Academy Award nominee, while Christina Hendrick is one of the stars of a series that has been nominated and has won multiple Emmy’s. All are famous for being very good actresses. None of them has made a sextape, they don’t shake their butts on stage, and they don’t always play sex kittens. I’m not actually sure you even know who they are if you just put them in the same league as Kim Kardashian simply because they have curves.

      • IMHO

        To the above person, I am well aware of who they are. Despite that, one must realize that Christina Hendricks and other females with her body are only getting roles due to the popularity of the curvy figure. Furthermore, CH recently had to lose weight for a movie role; what does that say? Sex sells period and that is the role all of them have played at one time or another. Oh and by the way Halle Berry is an Academy Award winner. Can you guess why she won her’s? I’ll give you a hint: It wasn’t for her acting. In this business sex sells period, and it has always been that way no matter how many awards or talent you have.

      • Tammi

        Her interracial amateur porn movies are the only thing anyone will remember this getto trash for eventually. Sad!

    • nonamo

      I can’t believe EW would allow this article to be published. Hate Kim K or not, even if she might be annoying, this Annie Barrett sounds psycho – ”what would happen if you attempted to flick Kim’s doll eyes shut. I’ve been fantasizing about this for a couple months” and the pondering on whether she die is just too disturbing and sick to quote. I think Annie Barrett forgot to take her meds the morning she wrote this.

      • Blonde South

        It does seem rather random, since only about 7 people have actually ever watched the show H8R. So Kim Kardashian being on it doesn’t exactly warrant an article about her. But the article is still kind of funny, Annie Barrett was just kidding. I mean there is a rumor going around that Kim Kardashian is actually made out of wax.

      • Care

        “This Annie Barrett” is the wittiest writer in the blogosphere. She’s awesome. Read other examples of “our Annie’s” work, and you, too, will be a huge fan.

      • Torpel

        I’m taking up the fight for Annie Barrett! She’s the best writer EW has had since the great Josh Wolk moved to Vulture. Annie keep on writing about whatever oddities you want! We’ll keep reading! Maybe there should be an episode of H8R devoted to people who needless hate on Annie Barrett.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      >> “..boasts an ample cleavage,…”
      After surgery!

    • Melissa in CA

      I don’t hate her for her body, I hate her for her mind.

      • jj

        exactly. what she chooses to do with her body? her business, but she inflicts her personality (or lack thereof) on us, and for that no forgiveness can be given. if she’d just shut up and never make me have to overhear an idiotic statement she made while i’m flipping through my tv, well, i’d have nothing more against her. just GO AWAY ALREADY.

    • jj

      notice that this is the same thing that that kartarzyna chick said? methinks a kardashian trolls…

    • meme

      excuse me but I’m Armenian and KK is not an Armenian icon. she’s a useless POS and the popularity of all these ‘reality’ stars just proves that YOU CAN CATCH STUPID.

  • GHB

    I find the most annoying “celebrity” around to be Mario Lopez. When did he get to be … I dunno… somebody? I think he’s a total d-bag.

    • UCH

      Dancing With The ‘Tards was his savior.

    • Dave

      Thank you! This guy hasn’t been relevant since Saved by the Bell, and even that’s a stretch.

    • Blonde South

      Does he still host America’s Best Dance Crew? I used to watch that and he is so much of a douchebag that it actually goes past being annoying and actually becomes funny. Because you think douchebags like that only exsist as caricatures in TV shows and movies. But here’s Mario Lopez. And he’s a real person.

  • Ryan Rivercrest

    Kim Kardashian is a very talented entrepreneur, television personality, model and actress. Good for her to achieve so much success in her life. She deserves it.

    • Amanda

      ^HAHAHAHAH is entrepreneur the new term for wh*re?

      • KK

        Amanda, as a woman, no matter your perception of another female, you really should not be using words like that. Not because of some PC idea but because it is hurtful and because it is this kind of hostility between women that makes it ok for men to then turn around and call women those same names.

      • ^

        KK? Are you aware that she got famous for a sex tape?

      • KK

        At ^ – yes, I am aware…please read my comment above in response to Nicole and Meg.

      • Amanda

        No it’s women like her that make ones who get their money honestly look bad.
        You should look inside yourself and wonder why you’re ok with that- morally.
        And she let him PEE on her. What does that make her? I think you know.

      • jj

        seriously, i don’t bash other women for kicks. but i will criticise a celebrity that is getting praise for being an immoral idiotic hussy. she’s the one that will have to live with the choices she’s made, but you (and others) are lauding her for them. i don’t want to live in a society where being a non talented bimbo is accepted and applauded.

      • KK

        Guys, I want to make it clear that I am not pro Kardashian. I agree that for the most part, the behavior of celebrities (including the Kardashians), and the glorification of it by the media and a vast majority of gullible audience members, is really ruining our culture (EVERY COUNTRY AND CULTURE), manners, pursuit of intellectual improvement and what not. My point here is simply that to call these people names…does not help…not them and not us. It only spreads bitterness, resentment and in fact makes them more famous. The best stand to take against this kind of stuff is to stop watching that channel all together. And make sure you get as many friends you can to do the same. Again, I repeat…calling her names will not do anything. Just live your life in peace….and stop watching E! all together. I don’t watch that channel or MTV or any of those other stupid channel at all. Ignore them. That’s the best response. If they stop getting the ratings…they will go away.

      • KK

        Amanda – you need to go back to your local community college and take a couple of psychology and human sexuality courses. To be honest, I don’t care what she did in bed with that guy. It’s her business. There are in fact a lot of married couples who are into all kinds of weird fetishes and they handle them in an healthy manner within their own marriages. I may not go for the whole peeing thing – and you might not either – however, that act does not make her a prostitute. Yes, her receiving money for all of this would.

    • Marcy Runkle

      You lost me at “talented.”

      • KK

        That I can agree with. I do not think she has any real talent when it comes to the creative arts. However, she does seem to have a talent for PR, marketing and business in general.

      • ^

        No, her PR/management have a talent for preying on naive imbeciles.

      • KK

        At ^ – I seriously doubt all decisions are made by her handlers. And, her handlers do not handle the DASH stores owned by the three sisters. Their business is flourishing because they have a genuine knowledge of how to run a business.

      • IMHO

        KK, they don’t have a genuine knowledge of how to run a business. They do have press and any press is good press. As a matter of fact their business weren’t doing well until the show. The way you’re defending this cheap excuse for entertainment makes me wonder if you are her, one of her sisters, or a “handler” of hers.

      • Queequeg

        Seriously, she can barely string together a coherent sentence. I don’t think PR or business or anything else comes into play here. The above post is absolutely correct: like Anna Nicole Smith, intelligent people prey on these women and make themselves rich exploiting them. There’s nothing to celebrate here. Did I mention her voice hurts my spine?

      • jj

        @KK, yes, one could say she has a “talent” for PR/marketing. but really keeping yourself in the headlines doesn’t require much in the way of smarts. i would like to see her REALLY run a business. I mean, write up a business plan/proposal in the accurate format, acquire funding from a bank like regular people do, do the accounting for a business and make sure the books are correct, etc… i’m pretty sure she’d have no idea what to do without all the people around her. this girl has no higher education and has gotten everywhere based on her infamous sex tapes, exotic look, and proclivity for spending money on lavish things. anyone can have sex on camera, there are plenty of exotic looking females in america, not to mention the world, and if i were rich, i could go to fabulous parties with famous people and buy expensive clothing to get my picture in all the gossip mags. she is not special. like her if you want, but admire her for some sort of smarts or talent? give me a break!

      • KK

        All right, where did I once mention that I admire Kim Kardashian? Because I assure you that I don’t. :) My point was simply that all of the comments here assume quite a bit that they really shouldn’t. @ IMHO – I am not in any way related to the Kardashians. I do not watch their show. I do not in fact watch any show on E! @JJ – you have a valid point. I do agree that if they were to start something from scratch, the way the rest of us with degrees and desires to start our own businesses have to do, without the benefit of family money and fame (however it was obtained), they might not be successful. And yes, I honestly doubt their intellectual prowess, however, that still does not give us the right to demean these people. That’s what I disagree with. They do not deserve to be idolized but they also do not deserve to be demeaned.

    • E! News

      She’s our Kate Middleton! She’s a goddess of American television! Her ass invented the internet!

    • Tammi


  • Brit

    Wow, she looks particularly waxy in the photo above.

    • ^

      Too bad there’s not an open-flame nearby….

  • Carrie

    I’ll admit it…I like her butt, but that’s about it. I think more people could tolerate her if she wasn’t on EVERYTHING. Seriously, has she not heard of “wearing out her welcome”?

    • ^

      You could have a town-hall meeting in that crevice.

  • Ed

    I will subscribe to you magazine 2000 times so that you won’t have to pander to this crap.

  • Ick

    KK, you need to remove your lips from the K’s collective behinds before you post comments. You are really delusional if you think they have ANYTHING to do with any perceived success in their businesses. They’ve got people working around the clock trying to keep them relevant and collecting money. They don’t have a talent for PR – the PR people (Jonathan Cheban) get paid big bucks to delude gullible people like you. Whatever they are paying him isn’t enough though. This guy has his head so far up their rear-ends he’ll never see daylight again.

    • jj

      he sold his soul, i hope the money is worth it. well, i guess he is already in his own hell as he has to deal with the dingbats all the time.

    • KK

      Hi Ick, – your comment and tone are exactly what I’m talking about. What makes you think I have my lips to their collective derrieres? And I assure you I am not delusional. You have, in fact, clarified my point and substantiated my argument. You don’t know me. Not even my name. And instead of being politely disagreeing, you’ve decided to insult me. Where is the need for that? If you had just left out the first two parts of your argument, I would have had much more respect for you. And yes, you’re probably going to come back saying you don’t care about me or my respect for you. True, you probably don’t. And that is the problem. All of us have stopped caring about each others’ feelings and respect and that needs to change. But then, that’s just my humble opinion.

  • Daisy

    This is funny–I remember seeing a pic of her in her wedding dress and wondering for a second if it was a wax figure instead of a real person. Her face is sort of creepily perfect.

    • mostboringseasonever

      She used to be very pretty. Unfortunately, she’s had too much surgery done and now she just looks like a wax doll. Very scary…

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