Kardashians to co-host fourth hour of 'Today' all next week. Who else needs a drink?


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Prepare yourselves: Next week on the fourth hour of Today, Khloe Kardashian will co-host with Hoda Kotb on Funday, Bruce Jenner on Boozeday, Kris Jenner on Winesday, Kourtney Kardashian on Thirstday, and Kim Kardashian on Dryday. But who will join me when I marathon the shows on KillMyselfday?

You gotta hand it to the Kardashians. If they’re not appearing in the news, they’ll literally make themselves appear on the news. First person to convince me there’s still hope for this world wins permission to destroy my television on Oct. 10.

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  • rhonda

    When Andy Warhol said in the future everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes, he didn’t make a prediction. He laid a curse on all of us.

    • lisa g.

      4th hour?! Geez let’s address THAT! No show needs to be on that long!

      • lisa g. makes ignorant comments

        and again…………lisa g. makes comments about things she knows nothing about!!! Did you even go to high school?

      • lisa g.

        Ur apparently paying too much attention to me! Who r u …some mensa member with a specialty in the today show…gtfoh…lmaoooo

      • lisa g. makes ignorant comments

        Have you watched The Chew this week?

      • lisa g.

        F off! I don’t answer to u!

      • lisa g. makes ignorant comments

        apparently you do! lol Are you enjoying The Chew?

      • lisa g.

        On topic—- the Kardashians are annoying but how can we be mad at them when obviously there’s a segment of our population whove made them famous and even worse, rich! Kim has the personality of a dead person. I don’t get it!

      • lisa g. makes ignorant comments

        i bet there’s lots of things you don’t get, lisa. lol

      • @ Lisa

        I don’t get people like you. Do you comment on the stories or just harass other bloggers? Just saying.

      • lisa g.

        Is that directed to me or my stalker? If me, I do comment on the articles! In fact I was just noticing how much fat has been photoshopped off of khloes face n that pic! Oh n as far as my stalker…ignore him! Probably this tool Justin whose mad bc i schooled him…hehe

      • lisa g. makes ignorant comments makes ignorant comments

        What a nut-kabob!

      • Riot Act 666

        The K Girls are great!

      • Hollywood Plant

        These 3 beauties should be on every talk show!

      • bill

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      • lisa g.

        Only khloe has a personality! Kim n kourtney act like they are sedated!

      • lisa g.

        I suck lots of big black p_nis

    • Esox

      Thank God Andy’s retiring. When did he make that stupid comment? Was it on 60 Minutes or elsewhere?

      • Um

        You’re confusing Andy Warhol with Andy Rooney. You may want to expand your knowledge of twentieth century culture.

      • Daily News

        WARHOL not Rooney , moron.

      • Esox

        Sorry about that. Warhol seemed pretty relevant in his Mayberry days, but I never got the whole love for Matlock.

      • Osterberg

        @Esox Go back under your bridge.

      • Esox

        I’ll go back to the Lonely Island instead. Hang out with Warhol and his buddies and create a new internet smash.

      • Jane

        I’m sorry but the Matlock comment was pretty good.

      • lisa g.


    • Freddi

      The reason this is happening is because E! and NBC are now both owned by the same company – Comast…and they are promoting the idiotic wedding of Kim K (soon to be followed by the divorce)

  • Jillian

    OMG! I usually enjoy the 4th hour, won’t be watching next week! Bruce Jenner! lol If he gets his face too close to the lights it might melt! lol

    • lisa g.

      LOL…he looks ridiculous!

      • Marzia

        Amen sister!!!

  • Maggie

    At what point did Bruce J need a facelift? He was gorgeous when he won the O. Games – didn’t see much of him for a few years but then saw this plastic face I still don’t recognize?

  • sally b

    Sad. Love the 4th hour but will turn off my set when these overexposed nitwits come on. She’s a porn star for heavens sake!!!

  • Matt

    **ck no, guess i’m not watching the fourth hour

  • Jim

    A good reason to buy a gun and shoot your television…..

    • Daily News

      Over react much?

      • Catherine

        Oh goodie. Yet another tweener who thinks that hanging the word, “much” topped with a question mark is an original and crushing retort. Tired. Very Tired. As tired as the fools who think they’re clever with hanging the word “gate” onto every scandal.

      • Marzia

        Tiredgate much Catherine????

  • Um

    And the Today Show continues its slide into irrelevance.

    • Osterberg

      They’ve been looking at irrelevant in the rear view mirror for a long while.

      • Travis Fillmore VI


  • Jillian

    Actually, the 4th hr. is usually entertaining! You have to be over 30 to enjoy Hoda and Kathie Lee’s sense of humor.

    • craftylime

      I’m under 30 and love the drunken-crazyfest that is Hoda and Kathie Lee. They would certainly liven up family reunions!

  • gigi

    I can probably tolerate Khloe because she doesn’t give a crap about what people think. The rest of the week I’ll take a pass.

  • @SeanMARKle

    This just means a great episode of the soup

  • LAJ

    Today just lost me! I can’t take a week of that damn no talent family.

  • nope

    If it was just Khloe, I wouldn’t mind but the rest of them are annoying. They’re overexposing themselves and soon they’ll go the way of Paris Hilton and be off the hot lists.

    • I’m just sayin’

      I wanna rub one out on Kim’s ass!

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

  • Matt

    THIS LITERALLY MADE ME WANT TO THROW UP- ENOUGH OF THESE PEOPLE. We get it – they have a wedding special to promote on E! but enuf with the overexposure. Kris Jenner on The Talk, Kim & Kris on Ellen next week, Rob on DWTS, now this? Do people really love these people? I really don’t get it. Even the E show only gets a few million – thats about 1% of the population. Who are all these people following them on Twitter- WHat is this family? They have a fake contrived ‘reality’s how; Kris Jenner momager is the producer. THey are famous cuz Kim stood next to Paris Hilton and then starred in a sex tape video and her father helped OJ get off. Its all disgusting. now they make millions lending their name to any company that will pay them..and gullible teenage girls then believe it. Ive had enough!

  • Freddi

    Shows how far NBC has fallen. The Today Show is actually produced by NBCNews. It wasn’t bad enough they ahd Kathie Lee – now this – and its not even sweeps month

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