Matthew Morrison to Jonah Hill: 'Nobody messes with someone from musical theater!'

Matthew Morrison has a message for Jonah Hill, who belittled and challenged Glee‘s Mr. Schue last week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and it goes a little something like this: “I know Sue Sylvester, Sue Sylvester is a friend of mine. Jonah Hill, you’re no Sue Sylvester.”

Last night, Morrison sent Fallon a video response, answering Hill’s challenge with, “Nobody messes with someone from musical theater!” Watch below.

Morrison and Hill. On Fallon. To settle it like men!

Clearly, this feud has been inflated for fun’s sake, but I earnestly got the impression that Hill didn’t appreciate Morrison’s too-cool-for-school attitude the first time around. This video could actually provoke him even more. Obviously, I don’t expect this to turn into an after-school rumble — a duet is more likely — but be careful, Mr. Schue. Hill might actually be pissed. And hungry.

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  • Molly

    Matthew should not try to take everything in jest. I saw the video of Jonah’s accusation, and he definitely seemed mad. I don’t think he’s kidding. I hope Jonah kicks Matt’s butt.

    • DD

      And I on the other hand hope that Jonah gets gets a “sense of humor” if not, I hope Matthew teaches him not to mess with musical theatre geeks!

      • jong

        I hope they go on Fallon ASAP. This will be fun. I don’t have a “TEAM” or anything. I like Glee and have nothing against Jonah Hill.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

    • Sue

      Jonah Hill was totally kidding around. The meeting will be hilarious. They are probably working on it as we speak.

    • Liz

      Jonah was kidding around…or his statement was over blown by the media. But he said that he didn’t even care about the “feud” on a morning radio show.

      • t

        I’d say he was half kidding. He had a sense of humour about it, but I think he genuinely was a bit put off by Morrison.

    • allen

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    • Cygnus

      It’s like the Letterman-Oprah “feud”, very one-sided, and the other just makes light of it.

  • Megan

    Speaking as an actor, I can safely say *everyone* messes with someone from musical theater…

    • Anna

      I know, right? I’m the butt of every joke my friends make since I study musical theatre at Uni. One of them loves to tell people, “I’m studying to become a lawyer, Anna’s studying to become Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’.” In relation to this article though I think we can expect Jonah Hill to retaliate.

  • steph

    Jonah Hill was AMAZING on Jimmy Fallon. That was so funny!

    • kate middleton

      I agree – I thought it was hilarious! I think Jonah was definitely mad at him too, and I don’t blame him. Morrison just gives off that douche vibe.

      • kristen

        How’s The Duke of Cambridge?

      • Jean

        MM is really talented but also gives off this cocky vibe. The more I watch Glee the more its there. He’s like the guys whose always had it good, torments people, and just doesn’t have much depth to him.

  • Leah

    Hill seemed like kind of a cry baby pansy on Fallon so I’ll give this to Morrison.

    • Matt

      This idea that because they’re a celebrity they shouldn’t have feelings/vent their feelings is tired and lame. Quit acting like you lived throught the dustbowl era. People who treat others poorly should be called out.

      • Chris

        Or maybe it came across as someone being overly sensitive, and misinterpreting who the target of the joke was, and not even hearing a punchline correctly. Slights happen every day to people, and most just get over it, and move on.

  • chris

    This is what Jonah said about Matthew, and you should believe he meant what he said, “I’m just kidding, you seem like a great guy.” On Monday, he went on to say he was trying to be funny on the show. You really think this is what Jonah cares about, and not about how good the reviews have been for his performance in his new movie?

    • Tate

      Not really a Glee watcher but I did see Jonah Hill on Fallon. If you call a guy out on national TV and they are worth their salt they are going to respond…even if “the call out” was in jest. As far as celebrity pissing matches go I find this one deeply amusing.

  • Nemo

    Why did that video just remind me of Justin Timberlake?

    • Anon

    • Esky

      Yeah, he has Justin Timberlake qualities in that video. I can see where you get that.

  • Maria

    All this free press these two actors are getting out of this fued is like a publicist’s wet dream.

  • RCB

    Love Jonah Hill. Still don’t like Mr. Schue.

  • Lauren

    That’s great Morrison responded! Even if it is all a joke, I’m excited to see who will win :) Personally I hope it is Morrison, I think I prefer him to Hill…

  • jamie

    Jonah Hill is an overweight skank.

    • Jenny

      This is going to send Jonah back to the purging. Poor guy will be fat again in no time…
      I am Team Matt because he is way cuter.

      • Marie

        Maybe Matt can give you some English lessons while he’s at it, because he’ll tell you purging doesn’t make someone fat, binging does.

  • bruno

    i love how matthew morrison thinks he’s so game. you’re mr shue, dude.

    • meg

      Agreed. He’s one bald patch away from Mr. Belding.

      • ProducerPaul

        Obviously neither of you have ever actually seen any of his work on Broadway. He’s so much more than Mr. Shue. (and for the record, I imagine their “feud” is all in good fun)

    • bruno

      his work on broadway doesn’t make him or mr shue any less of a douche. i can’t look at him without crackers.

      • chris

        C’mon two comments about the guy. Admit it, you’re a fan, who apparently, and weirdly, gets the urge to eat while gazing at him.

      • Sienna

        Bruno, you are deeply oddly obsessed with Matthew Morrison. You are ALWAYS making comments about him on here. You need to relax man and take your pills.

  • econruth

    Very cute.. and good publicity for all three of their careers – Fallon, Hill, and Morrison.

  • renny3

    Oh come on, I’m sure in his rise to fame Jonah Hill has gotten much worse treatment from people…and has probably made some of the same exact jokes at others expense as well. He needs to get over it. If it truly hurt him, he should have gone through his agent or something like that to get an apology, not bitching about it on Jimmy Fallon.

  • Akita

    I hope they go on Fallon ASAP. This will be fun. I don’t have a “TEAM” or anything. I like Glee and have nothing against Jonah Hill.

  • dora

    haha he’s so cute, and I believe the so-called “feud” is just all for fun. anyway, Team Morrison all the way.

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