New 'Office' boss: Did Dunder Mifflin make the right choice?


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Angela’s cat is out of the bag. Spoiler Alert! On last night’s season premiere of The Office, we learned that the new boss would be played by none other than… everyone’s favorite Ivy Leaguer, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms).

Once I got over my initial shock, I was actually pretty psyched about this choice, even if The Office tricked us in last season’s finale by inviting a large number of guest stars (Jim Carrey! Ray Romano! Ricky Gervais!) to interview for the spot, only to promote from within. After all, Andy is a crowd favorite — and, with his educational background, he likely qualified for the position — and it’ll certainly be interesting to watch him navigate the office from a higher perch. What does this mean for his romance with Erin (Ellie Kemper)? He gave her a shout out last night — “Erin is a really great friend” — but rule-follower Erin would definitely disapprove of a romance with her supervisor… wouldn’t she? (However, how would she feel about planking with a supervisor? That’s what she said?)

I’m also looking forward to the Dwight/Andy dynamic changes. It wasn’t that long ago that the two were archenemies, thanks to their relationship(s) with Angela (Angela Kinsey). Now that Andy has named Dwight (Rainn Wilson) Enforcer of the Office, we can expect to see plenty of power plays. Just try to make me believe that Dwight is going to accept Andy as a superior. I don’t care how much yoga he does daily, I don’t believe it.  (Also: What does this mean for Jim’s (John Krasinski) future pranks? We’ve already learned that Andy doesn’t respond well to them, but I can’t take an Office without lovable jokester Jim. As we saw in season 5, responsible Jim is not quite as fun.)

But the best part about Andy is that while he’s very similar to Michael Scott — have you met two more oblivious guys? — he’s far more earnest than the former boss. Just see: Andy’s defense of his staff against Robert California’s (James Spader) list last night. Perhaps he’ll bring more to The Office than pointless meetings and inappropriate behavior. We know, at least, that he’ll bring a cappella!

What do you guys think? Are you excited for Boss Bernard or do you think the show missed an opportunity?

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  • juli

    I think he’s a great choice; but, I’m being cautious.

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      • joe

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      • babetido

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      • CupCake

        Hehe Joe!

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      • lisa g.

        They should have just cancelled this show and ended it on a high note.

      • hru

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    • Michael Scott

      I WANT A RECAP!!! Colorado sucks.

  • Nee Nee

    I don’t think they could have picked a person closer to Michael Scott than Andy. I think it could be a great decision if it’s written well.

    • D

      My thought was they were making him too much like Michael Scott last night.

      • Greg

        this show hasn’t been truly funny in years

    • Sam Amofah

      People! if you’re looking for a michael scott replica, you’re mostly likely on this site commenting about what a grave decision the producers made by picking Andy Bernard..Michael Scott was a big loss but i think we should be a bit more open minded and more optimistic about what the Nard Dog has to bring to the table.. a lot of us really need to just get over the fact that Michael Scott is gone and just welcome Change!!

      • Sam Amofah

        and oh.. i think Robert California is eloquently intriguing.. lol

  • caleb

    I think Andy makes the most sense. He is a loveable character and has an ivy league degree. Plus his character needed a breath of fresh air and I’m really glad to see Ed Helms get a more filling role. As to the ew employee that reviewed last nights episode… you are an IDIOT! Last night was a great episode and was a throw back to a ploy driven episode more than a character episode… and if you are a true fan of the office you would know that Michael Scott had run his course and this series needed a new approach!!!

    • Gremlin

      Since Ed Helms started later in season 3, is his contract locked in for longer than Krasinksi and Wilson? That might be why he was picked, not for story reasons. Why bother making the other two manager if they are just going to leave the show after this year.

      • Meg

        how do you know John and Rainn are leaving after this season?

      • Greg

        we can only hope so

    • @caleb

      i am a true fan of the office, and in all honesty, i didnt think it was that funny. i only laughed once.

      • Eric

        You’re not a true fan.

      • Ted

        I couldn’t agree more! In fact, I’ll raise you – the show was a complete mess, and I note a decided lack of enthusiasm here for boss Andy.

      • NoRez

        I thought it was very underwhelming also. And I have been weary of Andy for quite a while. This season could have been an interesting journey at California starting out as manager and gradually getting to be CEO (positions which should have their own separate and different types of chemistry with the regulars and yet did not seem to last night whatsoever.)
        Also – PLANKING? Why not also have Kevin proclaim ‘Duh, WINNING!’ when they returned from lunch?

      • NoRez

        (Please excuse the horriffic grammar and “at” instead of “of.” I really need to re-read before I post ;-)

      • DV

        Yeah, while some may of liked it, the newest episode imo was a letdown. We’ve already seen Pam get pregnant once and had some laughs and jokes, but she’s already aggrivating me getting sad all the time and moaning about her life, the acting just wasn’t the best either. I’ve seen every episode of the Office, loved the first 5 seasons, 6 had some good ones, 7 was mostly eh but Michael made it worth watching, (not to obsess over his absence but it’s true that he did make it more enjoyable) and the last 3 episodes of the season, plus his final episode were a step in the right direction. I liked how it wans’t mainly for Andy as it would just be weird, but it would’ve been nice to hear more from Angela, especially since she’s pregnant and Robert’s gay, was pretty confused and for a second I thought they were building on something with secrets kept from her which was great. And as much as some may of liked it, Stanley was completely unfunny and it seems they’re trying to make him the annoying, one-liner wannabe comedian, not the sassy dude who just wants to get payed more, and more free soft pretzel days in the year.

      • lonevoice

        ^^ Yeah, what DV said.

      • jj

        if they wanted to pick someone who would be completely wrong for the job (a la michael- but seriously how many inept people would this company have in management before they went under.?), why not just hire kelly? andy has no management skills whatsoever and couldn’t even make any sales. heck, most of these people would’ve been fired by now in the real world. i get that tv is heightened reality, but sometimes it just goes too far.

    • Alex

      I agree. Andy was a great choice.

    • Sam Amofah

      eloquently put!

  • jared

    I was excited to see who they picked, but NBC spoiled the surprise with their promos during Parks and Rec.

    • CJ

      LOL so I wasn’t the only one who noticed that? That was pretty stupid on their part.

    • Big James

      Why don’t you dvr it like everyone else and skip the commercials/promos. I did this and was thoroughly surprised.

      • Leigh

        Not everyone can afford DVR, but thanks for being such a stuck-up snob about it!

      • Greg

        I just download it on the internet

  • Axed84

    As somebody who’s unfortunately not that big of an Ed Helms fan, I’ve been cringing at the amount of screentime given to Andy over the past couple of seasons. The only thing that’s stopping me from immediately dropping The Office from my weekly lineup is my continued love for Jim and Pam, however at this point I’m not even sure if even they can convince me to continue to stick with the show.

    • amadna

      you hate andy and love jim and pam together? you’re MAD

      • Axed84

        So I’ve been told! :)

      • Caroline

        I used to be apathetic about Andy (I mean, he’s supposed to be annoying), but I have always watched The Office for PB&J. OMG when Jim wrote that note he “accidentally” dropped for Pam at the end of last nights episode… SO GOSH DARN SWEET.

      • jj

        nope. andy is a d o u c h e.

      • GinaBallerina

        Well-put and EXACTLY what I was thinking, Amadna (Amanda maybe?). What kind of Office fan doesn’t like Andy and actually LIKES Jim and Pam as a couple?!

    • JB

      I love Andy. He has a heart, he sings, and he’s HILARIOUS.

  • Justin

    I love the choice, and loved the premiere.

  • Mr. Holloway

    It makes a lot of real-life sense since Ed Helms is probably the biggest star in the cast right now.

    However, I don’t love it from a fictional standpoint. Yes, Andy is probably sweeter than Michael, but I don’t think his oblivous persona is far enough away from Michael Scott. Also, at least Michael was shown to be a great salesman (as opposed to Andy, who has been established as the worst salesman), so unless Robert glanced at the Cornell diploma and hired Andy based on that (which is actually pretty possible), it’s not really a great move.

    Would’ve liked to have seen Daryl get a shot.

    • tracy bluth

      I agree about the salesman thing and I also hoped it would be Daryl. But I’ve thought it was Andy since they announced that Josh Groban and Stephen Collins were cast as his brother and dad.

      • Mr. Holloway


        I hadn’t heard that. I kind of miss the days when the biggest name guest star who appeared on the show was Jerome Bettis (or Amy Adams before she blew up), but now Scranton seems to attract famous people like a magnet. (Although, I like Groban and he’ll probably be funny.)

    • Emily

      “Would’ve liked to have seen Daryl get a shot.”

      That’s what she said.

    • Sara

      Why do the stories of Michael and Andy have to match up perfectly? So what, one’s a good salesman and one’s not. This is why so many times during the series it was mentioned that Michael was a BETTER salesman and a horrible boss; he was just promoted.
      Andy might have all the qualities of a good boss for these people. He listens to everyone, he likes everyone, and he seems to have more sense than Michael did on basic principles of what’s normal/acceptable in a workplace.
      Lastly I’m glad they didn’t let Darryl have it; he didn’t bring a resume and just assumed he was getting the job because he’s black.

    • Dave

      I agree about Andy being an odd choice since he’s the worst salesman in the office. That doesn’t make sense to me for him to be promoted to manager.
      However, I actually have to say that I’m glad it wasn’t Darryl. I know a lot of people like the character and many were hoping to see him get the job (including yourself), but personally, I don’t really need to see any more of him than I already do. In fact, I think his role has already been expanded more than it ever needed to be. I liked him better when he just worked in the warehouse.

      • jj

        i like craig robinson and want to see him more, but he needs to get his own show. the more they show him on the office, the less cool and above it all the character of Daryl becomes. one rooted for him bc he was underemployed and seemed smarter than a lot of the office people. that vibe has kind of died.

    • Not Moby

      This is why I didn’t like the choice. I think The Office powers-that-be were just desperate not to lose Ed Helms after the two Hangover movies. I would have liked to see an outsider come in. No wait, I would have liked to see the series end with the departure of Michael. The proposal to Holly was a perfect series finale. Also, the whole winners and losers thing with Robert California was too similar to the storyline with Deangelo Vickers favoring all the men over the women.

  • Chris

    The problem is I felt like Ed Helms was playing Michael Scott and not Andy Bernard in the episode.

    • ronny

      I had the same feeling. don’t get me wrong I thought he was a great choice but I felt like they were too much alike

  • Alexi

    If they weren’t limiting their imagination to white people, they would have promoted Kelly Kapoor – she did the executive training program, and would have been delightfully funny…

    • Monty

      1) i think they may have been avoiding favoritism by having a frequent writer be named to the top job
      2) she would have been funny for a day and then more over the top than michael was. She functions best when there aren’t any restrictions on what she can do, and as a boss I think she wouldn’t have been suited to be the crazy girl she is.

      • Mr. Holloway

        1.) That didn’t stop them from making Ryan/B.J. Novak Michael’s boss.

        2.) I totally agree. Kelly as a boss would’ve been like Creed as boss: very amusing, but not a long-term solution.

    • Mr. Holloway

      You mean, “The Business B!tch”?

      • Dave


    • EK

      I don’t think it’s fair to accuse them of racism. Kelly is a hilarious character, but for a show that has some grounding in reality, promoting her to manager would have made zero sense. She handles customer service, and has no sales experience. Even though this is a comedy, and they strain belief on a regular basis, that would have been just totally nonsensical.

  • marC

    It makes sense. Between the British and American series, the bosses have all had last names that are also first names: Brent, Scott, Bernard.

  • Random Hangers

    Erin dated Gabe when he was her supervisor. Didn’t she say something like she never would’ve said yes to a date, except that as her supervisor, he told her to?

    • EK

      That’s right! She said that in the first episode where they were dating. I think she said she had to say yes because he’s her boss, not that he told her to say yes — but of course he did turn completely creepy at the end of last season.

  • hilda mootz

    Good! I like the character and think Ed Helms is a lovely actor.

  • petek

    that one scene at the end where he confronted california about the list reminded me of how michael would act its a great choice

  • duh

    ” but rule-follower Erin would definitely disapprove of a romance with her supervisor… wouldn’t she?”

    Uh….no. She dated Gabe last season, remember that? Duh.

    • duh?

      Uh… yeah. Someone else said the same thing BEFORE you, only they didn’t feel the need to be such a snot about it.

  • Bradley Cooper

    This show has been awful for a few seasons now, and without Steve Carrell there is nothing to watch here. Last nights plot was actually about some people in the office being “losers” while the others were “winners.” It was a pointless, meandering narrative peppered with limp-wristed, lay up jokes from the cast. (omg pams pregnant so shes emotional, omg dwight’s cRaZy, omg everyone hates gabe, omg stanley said butt) Garbage. Dear Office Writers: TRYYYYY.

    • Bradley Cooper

      Also, Spader just wandered around looking smug, and the way they wrote off Kathy Bates’ character was probably the least artless piece of exposition I’ve ever seen on TV.

      • CJ

        Yeah, I was thoroughly unimpressed.

      • LOL

        America loves crap. That’s why they watch CBS.

      • Tim Possible

        I hated how they explained the departure of Kathy Bate’s character, it made no sense, saying the boring almost passive character Spader played was able to talk the fiesty dynamic character Bates played out of her job made no sense, they keep saying how dynamic and charasmatic Spader is supposed to be on the show, but so far he hs been al creepy eyes and pursed is like he is in a different show from everyone else, are you sure he is not the strangler they were talking about!

      • Sara

        ..”least artless”, Bradley Cooper? Do you mean least artful??

      • jj

        oh my gosh, PLEASE let james spader end up being the strangler!!!! pretty pretty please! with a beet on top

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