Jonah Hill calls out Matthew Morrison: 'I'd like to see him sing his way out of this one!'

Well, it’s official: Nobody likes Mr. Schuester.

Especially not Jonah Hill, who all but declared war on Matthew Morrison, the actor who plays Glee‘s oft-maligned teacher/occasional rapper, during his visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. The newly-svelte Moneyball star recalled a recent incident in which he attended a “douchey Hollywood party” where he tried to eavesdrop on a conversation between “Gossip Girl guy” Chace Crawford and Morrison, who had previously ridiculed him at a Fox television event (here’s that part of the story), only to hear that the Glee actor made a joke in which “Jonah Hill” was the uproarious punchline. It is on, PopWatchers.

Not only did Hill call Morrison out on national television with some flowery Sitter-like language (“Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring your s— next time I see you”), but he also earned some major street cred from the Roots (Questlove gave him a standing-O!). Check out the full clip below in which Hill draws the battle lines of this latest celebrity feud (“I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one!”).

Whose side are you on, PopWatchers, Jonah Hill or Matthew Morrison? Would you like to see a dance/sing-off between the two or a legit throw-down? Who would win?

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  • Jo

    It is always so nice to see adults act like adults…..oh wait….

    • Jason

      I’m so surprised to see how many people don’t get a joke.

      • this was great


      • LOL

        Don’t be surprised Jason. Most people are idiots.

      • Y

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    • Cygnus

      Of course, Hill can talk crap about it on national tv, but didnt do anything about it at the time it occurred. Nice balls, Hill. You’re a parody of the characters you play in your movies. All mouth and no balls.

    • LOL

      Jonah Hill and Whitney Cummings were hilarious last night on Fallon. Best show in quite a while.

  • Rob

    I think it should be CHACE Crawford. EW, your slipping!

    • nk8950

      They’re constantly slipping…I always find typos. Get a proofreader. I can tell when something’s been proofread well because I am a proofreader.

      • Um…

        The statement “get a proofreader” is not a compelte sentence. You should get a new job. Lucky for you, there is a high demand for “losers posting catty remarks on messageboards.” The job does not pay well, however.

      • anon anon

        Actually, it’s an imperative statement. Completely kosher.

      • @UM


    • @Rob

      Oh Rob… YOU ARE slipping too.

      • Rob

        Your comment made no #$#%$!#$ sense. If ANYONE should get the spelling right of celebrities that they post stories about, it should be EW. I hold EW up to high esteem and it pains me when I see such blatant mistakes. Your comment backs up my dumb & dumber theory.

      • pastafarian

        Rob, @Rob was calling attention to your use of “your”, when you should’ve written “you’re”. Sheesh, why is spelling an actual issue, and why am I piling on? I need a shower.

    • Juliet Burke

      EW’s dumb.

    • me

      “you’re” slipping, or was that irony?

  • Coyote

    Jonah Hill may have lost some weight, but the word “svelte” is so inappropriate to describe him.

    • Stacie

      Better description would be EARS.

  • I’m just sayin’

    GLEE – Made by catty people, breeds even more catty people.

    • Matt


      • Ana

        Thats an unfair statement to make. Like who exactly? Everyone talks about everyone, including you and me. Its human nature. Some get caught, some don’t. Stupid PR attempt by two loser celebrities, if thats what you want to call them.

      • B

        the vowels in that adjective are all wrong… think about it.

    • MJ

      Used to love that glee cast. USED to.

  • meg

    I’m on the side of anyone who’s opposing Matthew Morrison.

    • kate middleton

      THIS. He is insufferable. Not sure if it’s actually him, or just his character and the writing. Either way, I’m not a fan.

      • Eric

        DEFINITIVELY, because you personally know him right? Get off the internet and slowly but down the tabloids.

      • B

        Real quote by Matthew Morrison: “I’m not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it. I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don’t think that’s true.” How much more douchey can you get, Eric?

    • lostie48

      I totally agree!!

    • bob

      yeah, i mean i thought jonah was just joking around, but for reals, i’m all about hating on matthew morrison. that guy needs to get that grin smacked off his face. my hatred for him reminds me of seth rogen’s character in knocked up’s irrational hatred of matthew fox. there’s just something smarmy about morrison.

  • Lucy

    Call me a cynic, but both Moneyball and Glee S3 coming out in the same week that Jonah refers to incidents that happened 4-5 months ago screams public relations set-up. Funny set-up though!

    • Heather

      how could you even know when the party was? The CW thing, sure. but The party? And I don’t think Jonah would even know when Glee was starting. If they were the same day, maybe. but the same week? That doesn’t mean anything in numbers.

      • Lucy

        Because the Fox Upfronts were in May and Jonah says in the video that a couple weeks later was when the party happened.

  • Elizabeth

    I said this yesterday on the “Why Glee didn’t rate so high” blog post, but after his Douche-tastic performance opening for the NKOTBSB this summer, I can’t STAND Morrison.

    Team Hill Beeyotches!

    • elena

      wait, wait–tell me more about this. and how did he get on the NKOTBSB tour?!

      • Elizabeth

        He opened for them and when they played in Cleveland, he introduced this one song, I’m paraphrasing in order to keep my lunch from coming back up, as “the struggle with the duality that I face. Am I Mr. Schuester or am I Matthew? Where do I fit in this world. And I wrote it while I was in London, and…” but the cherry on top was his final song, which he dedicated to Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson and Patrick Swayze – cause they were all great friends, ya know. I can’t begin to relate how douchey the whole thing was, but he needs a good ol’ b-slap of reality.

      • kate middleton

        Whoa, I hadn’t heard about that Elizabeth. Sounds out of control douchey.

    • Martha

      You are actually admitting to seeing NKOTBSB?

      • Elizabeth


      • Rob


        To call out Morrison for his behavior but then admitting you attended a NKOTBSB show screams about your own entertainment choices. Not all of us have the charm that you seem to be quite arrogant about. It just must be such an honor to be you.

    • jason

      matthew is “ok”, but i’m SURE glad i got jordin sparks as the opener for NKOTBSB in my town. dodged a bullet there.

  • darclyte

    Team JoJo

  • Davey

    Jonah Hill is one of the most unappealing actors working in film today. Anyone could have played his part in Moneyball and done it better.

    • Caitie F

      He has no talent at all. Can he just go away?

    • grammar police

      To call him an “actor” is an insult to actual actors.

    • Brett

      Anybody? How about the young lady with Down’s Syndrome from “Glee’?

    • besimon

      Besides the fact that Jonah’s voice gives me seizures and that I usually side with the underdog, not this time. Sorry Jonah, you should have confronted him when you had the chance instead of whining about it now..

    • Jordan

      , I am all for freedom of sceeph. I am also for open debate, but only when the right answers are unclear. There is a limit to the usefulness of diversity of opinion. If you expand diversity of opinion to include clearly incorrect conclusions for example balancing Copernicus with the geocentric model of the universe then it is no longer useful. Even completely wrong opinions are protected sceeph, as they should be, but “protected” is not the same thing as “useful”. Neither the LA Times nor any newspaper should feel obliged to diversify good ideas with bad ideas.Which brings me to Jonah Goldberg. Let’s take his recent column title: “Eat Yuletide, You Atheistic Bastard!” Evidently the LA Times wants to balance manners with simple adolescent rudeness. (Which, as that kind of rudeness goes, is usually excused as “humor.”) Well, the LA Times is free to do that, and I’m not going to protest it as Barbara Streisand did. On the other hand, I don’t see why it is useful.Also, a tangential point about the math: I am completely familiar with non-Euclidean geometry and it has nothing to do with diversity of opinion. You could call it diversity of topic. There is no more opposition between Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry than between Phillips-head and flathead screwdrivers.

  • Logistics


  • E-ma

    Calm down everybody. Watch the full clip & you see Jonah was just weaving a funny story. He’s great at line delivery. You can even see him trying to hold back his smile when he’s throwing down the challenge. Just enjoy the good acting for what it was intended… a good laugh.

  • Captain

    Usually I’m on the side of all things Glee but I’ve never liked Matthew Morrison. He always comes across like such a douche. I remember him talking about how awesome his life was in high school and he seemed so full of himself. I shouldn’t be surprised…he’s an actor after all.

    • bamabunny

      Eh, most people I know who like Glee still HATE Matthew Morrison.

  • Stewie

    Granted we don’t know what really happened, but this just adds to a long line of douchey “stories” about Mathew Morrison. You gotta wonder how much truth is in there. Have you ever seen or read interviews with this guy? So condescending and full of himself.

  • Samantha

    I’m so glad I decided to watch Jimmy last night because I was laughing so hard! #teamjonah

  • Parker

    I heard this last night on Late Night and nearly fell off the couch laughing. The entire story, beginning with Jonah’s visit to the FOX Upfronts, was unbelievably hilarious and took over the rest of the show (including the next segment with Whitney Cummings). Just another example of how Jimmy Fallon’s show has become the funniest destination in late night TV.

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