We're starting the campaign: Let Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy host next year's Emmys!


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Seriously PopWatchers, let’s all work together to make this happen. Write to your local congressman if you have to. It needs to be stated all across the land: Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy simply must host next year’s Emmys together.

With all due respect to host Jane Lynch, Poehler and McCarthy were the two funny ladies who truly dominated the stage during the Emmys telecast, walking away as the night’s big winners. (Especially McCarthy, since, you know, she actually won the Emmy.) There was that inspired moment in which all the women, led by Poehler, from in the Best Actress in a Comedy Series race took the stage as their names were called as nominees. (Arguably the funniest moment of the night.) And by the time Parks and Recreation and Mike & Molly stars presented an Emmy together, it was clear their undeniable comedic chemistry would make them seriously stellar hosts. Poehler knows how to make comedy a team effort (just see her years with Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live), and McCarthy has — thanks to her work on Mike & Molly and, of course, her breakout performance in Bridesmaids — transformed into America’s Comedy Sweetheart. Who wouldn’t want to see on-stage banter and scripted sketches with these two? (Especially after seeing McCarthy’s pre-Emmy video with Joel McHale.)

So what do you say, PopWatchers, Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy as the hosts of the 2012 Emmys? Let’s get this movement started, shall we?

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  • Templar

    I love Melissa, but I’d rather see her on a commercial for Weight Watchers, Nutri-system or Jenny Craig. Not because I think thin is beauty, but because her weight is a threat to her health and I’d like her to be around for years to come.

    • elena

      (is what the immature twelve year old in me would say. the adult in me would say that she’s a gorgeous, hilarious lady and we have no reason to discuss her weight, whether it’s to “help her” health or not)

      • Kyle Brovlofski

        DITTO Elena!! If you are not a friend or family, I call BS on Templar’s alleged ‘concern’ for Melissa’s health!! Those ‘health concerns’ levied at the obese by random strangers is just because we are disrupting their view or messing with their ‘perfect little world’. Well, if I’m in your way, Templar and all other judgementals, feel free to look around me!

    • Clarissa

      Lower weight does not equal healthier person.

      • armaniac1

        most of the time it does

      • Kat

        It really doesn’t necessarily, not when you consider all the skinny smokers, substance abusers, anorexics, bulimics, etc. There is absolutely no reason a random skinny person is likely to be in any better health than a random fat person. It’s just that fatness is a visually obvious health problem and the others often aren’t. Sure, Melissa McCarthy’s weight probably means she’s at a greater risk for various health problems, but really…it’s so not relevant to this discussion, and it’s so NONE of our business. It’s a matter for her and her doctor to discuss, just as Julie Bowen’s skinniness is between her and her doctor and also NONE of our business. Jesus, can’t we lay off women’s bodies for a while and focus on their talents?

    • shaw

      No, Templar is right. There’s nothing wrong with not being model-sized, but let’s not celebrate morbid obesity either. Melissa is extremely overweight, and although she is no less of a person for it, morbid obesity is not a good thing.

      And Templar didn’t necessarily make the statement out of a concern for Melissa’s health. He/She is making it so that Melissa would be around for years so the rest of us can bask in her talent. It’s quite “selfish,” but not insincere.

      • Jane

        Glad everyone’s a doctor…. Melissa McCarthy may or may NOT be one of MANY unhealthy people in Hollywood (drugs and anorexia is really bad for you, FYI). However, just being big doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unhealthy – if you exercise and eat vegetables (who knows her habits) http://www.torontosun.com/2011/08/15/being-obese-not-necessarily-bad-study Also, eff everyone for making this about her weight. She’s freaking hilarious!

      • Caringtype1

        BOO U!!!! so she’s a little overweight, WHO CARES!????? she’s hilarious and thats ALL that matters. why don’t u worry about you’re own health, and leave everyone else alone!!!

  • Lauren

    I vote for Joel McHale!
    But yeah Amy and Melissa would be awesome too. Throw in Ellen and Jimmy Fallon and they should all just rotate.

    • ST

      I vote for Joel too, I think he would do a great job but Poehler and McCarthy would be great. I’ve loved Melissa ever since Gilmore Girls so honestly, she’s been a comedic force for years, it’s just taken Hollywood a while to realize it.

  • sarah


  • TOM

    If MMc started losing weight, she’d resemble the unrecognizablable Jennifer Hudson. If that were to happen, a year from now her jokes would fall flat because you’d be shocked at her skeletonal frame.

    • armaniac1

      i dont think jennifer hudson was ever that large and I think JH looks great now. not too skinny, she’s still got some junk in the trunk. she looks healthy

  • elena

    I’m still wishing that it had been Amy Poehler’s name that was called instead of Melissa McCarthy’s (because as hilarious as she was in bridesmaids, mike & molly just isn’t that funny), but they have great chemistry together. And more Amy Poehler = ALWAYS a good thing.

    • Viv

      I haven’t ever watched Mike and Molly except when it first started. I didn’t like it but I love Melissa McCarthy, she’s always been really excellent. I was also really rooting for Amy Poehler. I was genuinely shocked that McCarthy won but was really happy for her. I think she got a boost of votes from people who saw Bridesmaids and knew she could do better than what the writer of M&M are giving her.

    • vaneDotRc

      Totally aagree she was robed I think next year for sure :D

  • Chelsea

    Yeah, yeah I know people just love to hate on him but I want to see Jimmy Fallon back. I’ve loved every show he’s ever hosted (Emmys, VMAs, MTV Movie Awards). Guy is a good host.

    • vaneDotRc

      He is really funny totally agree

  • Elizabeth

    Which network has the hosting rights next year? that is what will determine it.

    I won’t get my hopes up… I won’t get my hopes up… I won’t get my hopes up

    • Nick

      ABC gets it next. Might as well let Ty Burrell host since it is the Modern Family awards.

      • Tina

        well that’s one way to guarantee failure. Loved Ty in Out of Practice, but just cannot take more than a couple minutes of him on MF.

  • Amy

    I think that duo is worth a shot as emmy hosts.

  • kate middleton

    They would be fantastic….but the thing is that the network the Emmys are on usually picks one of their stars to host. Since Amy is on NBC and Melissa is on CBS, doubtful this would happen.

    • vaneDotRc

      Oh that’s true and ABC doesn’t have anyone funny the cast of modern family are only good together bt not one alone

  • Dave

    I say Amy Poehler and Joel McHale.

    • vaneDotRc

      I stay that’s an awsum idea!

  • Alan Carver

    ABC gets to choose who is the next guest host(s). It seems to me that the singular version of hosts worked before and while Lynch was good she wasn’t great. I could careless about Poehler or McCarthy as hosts, one small mini segment does not constitute them being hosts. I am not a fan of either so for me … ABC please nix this bad idea … two plus hours of them as hosts would certainly make sure I will not tune in … thank you ABC!

    • armaniac1

      I couldn’t stand 2 hours of these 2 gals either.

  • pj

    No, thanks. I hate poehler.

    • Nee Nee

      Who hates Poehler? Really? What is there to hate?

      • armaniac1

        hate is a strong word .. but i think 2 hours of her would be annoying.

      • armaniac1

        her dress, i hate her dress

      • pj

        aww that sweet and likeable poehler. what is there to hate, you ask? well, everything about this… woman is annoying. I literally want to smash my tv screen when she is on it.

  • Jose

    Funny story, I left the room before this category came up so I had no idea they were doing the pagent theme, so when i walked in and saw Martha Plimpton walk to the stage I shouted “Oh my Gog! Yes!!!!!!” Then when I realized what was going on i was dissapointed.

  • armaniac1

    I thought Jane Lynch did a great job!

  • livinginavanbytheriver


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