Elisabeth Hasselbeck's new show 'Angels Among Us': What did you think?


Let’s get the main problem surrounding CMT’s new show Angels Among Us, which premiered last night, out of the way: It airs on Country Music Television, yet makes absolutely NO reference to the classic Alabama song “Angels Among Us.” What’s up with that?!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck hosts the re-enactment series, which highlights those who believe their lives were saved because of divine intervention by angels. The View co-host only appeared in the premiere episode for a total of about two minutes, but she struck a very odd tone during her brief segments. (For the record, I really do like Hasselbeck. In a sea of daytime hosts that are all too willing to smile and nod with any statement that sounds nice, she’s willing to confront people face-to-face.)

Hasselbeck, with her overly affected presentation style and serious stare, seemed like she was playing dress-up as a news anchor — especially in front of the evening news-ish green screen. I would have thought she’d try to strike a tone somewhere between the sly “Believe it” omniscience of Ripley‘s host Dean Cain and the hopeful candor (recent comments notwithstanding) of The 700 Club‘s Pat Robertson. She instead came off as an uptight mixture of Anderson Cooper and Ann Curry. Perhaps she was trying to maintain a solemn attitude — after all, the premiere episode focused on stories surrounding 9/11. One followed a man who was guided by an angel to run down three flights of fiery stairs to escape the World Trade Center while another depicted a woman who was buried beneath the rubble at Ground Zero for 27 hours before being rescued. The final clip showcased a Pentagon worker who crawled out of the inferno to survival.

Unfortunately, the re-enactment sequences only managed to cheapen the series and the stories. With cheesy dialogue and shoddy effects — and an obnoxiously maudlin chime noise used to signify every angel that appears — the re-enactments hardly managed to move, despite the triumphant nature of these people’s survival.

The show also skirts an ambiguous line of religiosity. Though it’s inherently about angels, and people talk about praying to God, each of last night’s three vignettes avoided making any kind of statement about religion, and instead concluded with more universal themes of marriage, family, and the joy of a pleasant suburban existence where you can go golfing during your free time. Those things are all well and good, but it seems odd to use the word “angels” as a drawing point when the show hardly addresses religion itself.

What did you think of the premiere episode of Angels Among Us? How about Hasselbeck as host?

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  • Jim

    She was never educated to be a journalist; received her break being on Survivor. I like her point of view on many things but she is definitely overrated.

    • somet

      She is not overrated. She is a breath of fresh air, who has the point of view that the media is against. If only more people like her could be heard on national TV this country would make a turn around from the hell we are being dragged down into.

      • @somet

        She’s overrated.

      • Mac

        Hell would be a world full of uneducated, bigoted, and self-righteous Elisabeth Hasselbecks.

      • MikeyM

        She comes off as someone who doesn’t know what she is talking about but says it anyway. Kinda like Palin and Bachman.
        Breath of Fresh air or Hot air?

      • ann

        OK Mac, and other critics of hers. Please don’t tell me that you like JOy “the Mouth Behar” or Whoopi “everyones a racist” Goldberg. Please don’t tell me that you think these idiots add something of relevance when they speak. You go Liz, thank god that show has a reasonable view from someone who isn’t so far left they think they’re right!!

      • Kat

        Well said, Ann! Totally agree! I quit watching becuz I just could not stand Joy or Whoopi anymore! Even their voices are annoying!

      • Janet Ramsoj

        yuk …a breath of BAD AIR…

      • AJ

        Mac is just a brain washed lefty. Have fun as you are herded off the cliff Baaah Baaah

      • Roger White

        You Are Right, Elizabeth Hasselbeck,is a blessing to hear,She has a Brain & uses it!! The Far left do all of their Talk shows the same way 3 or 4 lefties,to 1on the Right. They don’t want to hear everyone’s opinion, just their’s . You , myself & others should just pay taxes, to do their bidding, I’m Fed up with that NONSENSE as Well!! Our Free Country ,will not be here for future Generations, if we do not stand up now!!

      • pastafarian

        Just because one member of The View is awful doesn’t mean the others are good by comparison. Let’s all agree that they are all terrible in their own special way.

      • landfill

        ^ this

    • Phtllis

      Elizabeth always scraps with Demacrats!!!

  • Joyce

    High-pitched yappy little voice — she’s why I don’t watch The View.

    • danielle

      I am with you 100 % Joyce. I can’t stand her!

      • Annie

        The worst ever!!! Can not stand her

      • George

        ^ This!

    • nat

      she does not know what the hell she is talking about. I bet something looks up the “important” sh*t she thinks she needs to talk about and pretend like she knows what the hell it means. I bet if you were to ask a serious political question, scratch that, I mean any question about anything that happens on planet earth, she would give a dumb answer like Miss South Carolina from the Miss Teen USA pageant.

  • Kate

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck talks too much, talks too fast, and appears to have an overly high sense of her own intelligence and attractiveness.

    • truth or date

      Go eat your Alpo now.

      • Janet Ramsoj

        eliz….she a real dog….and not very bright

  • BG

    While I didn’t watch the show and therefore I can’t do any legitimate critique, I do have an issue with people claiming God saved them in 9/11 or any other tragedy. I always wonder about the families of the people who did die. What do they think about God saving one person, but not their loved one? Are they offended? Does it make them grieve more that their loved one wasn’t chosen?

    What do other people think about this?

    • CowboyAttittudeDude

      We are all promised eternal life as long as we accept Jesus as our savior. Therefore, just because one person lives while another person dies does not mean they weren’t saved. While we may be saddened and full of grief because of our love for that person have faith that their eternal spirit will live on in the presence of God. We are merely spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience.

      • Barbara

        Do you also believe in the toothfairy?

      • Eileen Chilson

        Wow, Barbara, you’re so bitter. I don’t get it.

    • Joronjo

      I agree, they are left to wonder why he had time to save some people and ignored the others …. and didn’t see them as worthy of saving.

    • Laurie

      We all die period. Some sooner than others. I know people who have had NDE’s that have completely changed after the experience. If there is evil, there is also good. I want to hear all opinions and experiences so I can judge the truth for myself.


    i watch the view but never can understand her but i will watch Angels

    I watch the view but cannot understand her so I use my selected hearing but I will watch ANGELS AMONG US i MAY use selected hearing again but there is good meaning to this show with her voice or without it

    • barbie3838

      I agree that Elisabeth is hard to understand on the View. I feel she has to talk so fast to get her thoughts out before Big Mouth Joy interrrupts her. Elisabeth is very smart, but needs some speaking lessons. I applaud her for being the only voice of reason on The View.

      • nuala browne

        She has to be the most stupid person on tv how they keep her on the view is beyond me. that’s why she is hard to understand stupid talks in riddles.

  • MikeyM

    A show about people who think they were saved by Angels?
    Sounds as crazy as Hasselbacks mouth.

    • sami

      Ok first off all I dnt know who the heck hasselback is but why would u say tht this show is crazy!?! This show is 1 of the little shows tht glorifies God! Obv u aren’t a christian but I will stick up in what I beileve in! And just because caused the 9/11 attack, doesn’t mean tht He cares more about some then he cares about others! He saves people n then he doesn’t! Doesn’t mean he dnt love nobody more than any1. He dnt love no one any less aor any more than some1 else! In the end aren’t we all gonna die? Some people die earlier than others…. Think about b4 u go around opening ur mouth where u know christians mite be learking

  • nita


    • ann

      OK, She’s not a journalist. Let me guess, you’re a liberal??

      • L.T.

        @Ann is your family name COULTER by any chance?

    • nuala browne

      good for you

  • Helen Williams

    Love this lady. She is not afraid to stand up for truth while most commenators, even on The View give in to what they think people want them to hear…especially Joy. She is the biggest suck up I have ever heard while Elisabeth is truly herself…Love her…

    • cajazzy

      Why is it the truth she is screeeching about? It is her and Faux News truth, she has not an orginal thought in her head. Howler monkey.
      She has the most un Christian attitude about the world.

  • tori

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Ann Curry and Sherri Sheppard all need to find a new career.

  • nita

    I agree with you soooooo much! The View drives me crazy with Sherri and Elisabeth! THEY SUCK!!!!

  • nita

    You must be watching a different View! I can’t stand Miss I think I know it all Elisabeth! But to each his own! She has know respect for anyone.

  • dan

    as far as a person, i like elizabeth. i have no problems with her. i stumbled on the show last night (i’m a channel flipper.) i would say the show was “okay.” not great, but not bad. they will need to work on finding a niche for themselves.

  • JD

    I despise this woman more than anyone else on television. I don’t watch The View because of this and her new show isn’t any different. I don’t care what she thinks and wish she’d keep her opinions to herself.

    • nita


      • mags

        horrible piece of humanity oh so dumb

    • JCThisis4u

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%…

  • cj

    Didn’t see it and not really a fan of hers

  • Kay

    The problem in chosing EH as host, too many people identify her with conservative beliefs therefore many liberals and democrats may not enjoy watching anything she endorses. Putting that aside, her hosting skills seem just ok but her personality is dry and a bit boring. Not sure she can carry a show like that.

    • Janet Ramsoj

      thanks Kay, just because she can scream and cry on the view does not make her star worthy….no substance at all..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • lucy

      nuts no intellect stupid YAP YAP YAP YAP Has no brain power

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