'America's Got Talent': The season 6 winner is...

Your grandparents‘ favorite TV show (until Monday, that is) now has a winner!

After an eclectic two-hour finale featuring performances from America’s Got Talent‘s final four acts and plenty of already-huge stars, jazz crooner Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. beat out PopLyfe, Team iLuminate, and the Silhouettes to take the season 6 crown Wednesday night.

Watch all of the guest spots on last night’s finale from Stevie Wonder, Patti Labelle, OneRepublic, and last summer’s AGT opera sensation Jackie Evancho here:

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. talks about his journey

Stevie Wonder and POPLYFE, “Higher Ground”

Patti Labelle and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., “You’re All I Need”

Def Leppard medley!

Jackie Evancho

LeAnn Rimes and the Silhouettes


It was like a tribute concert! A tribute to SUMMER. And high production costs.

Do you think the right person won?

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  • Win

    After last season’s well publicized characters. This season was a snooze fest, no contestant caught the general public’s attention, no viral videos, no media coverage. Compare that to last season’s – Prince Poppycock, Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity and Michael Grimm.

    • Kim

      I so, disagree with you, Win. Team Illuminate blew Fighting Gravity away. No comparison. Also, Silhouette was far better than any of last year’s acts. But, here we get another singer as the winner. Ugh.

      • Caitie F

        Ugh is right. Not just another singer, another mediocre singer. I think Silhouttes got screwed by the technical difficulties. Anyone who recorded the show had them cut off. I bet that was the difference of 1st and 2nd

      • Ann

        I agree…ugh! Another mediocre singing who probably wouldn’t make the cut on real singing competitions. I loved the variety aspect of ths show, which makes it more unique than other reality shows…but I’m tired of having average singers with sob stories win each year. There were two really good variety acts in the finals this year, I can’t believe neither of them won!

      • Melissa

        I agree with you Kim, I cannot believe another singer won! With outstanding acts like Silhouettes and Team iLuminate, it really is so annoying. It’s going to be boring watching next season because we know a singer is going to win.

      • Grumpster

        Yeah…but try taking all those families and moving to Vegas to get a show up and running. They’re lucky it didn’t happen. What a logistical nightmare…and then come the arguments about who gets what of the money.

      • Ann

        @Grumpster, the winning act isn’t going to headline a permanent show in Vegas. The deal is to headline A show in Vegas..

      • David

        @Ann exactly, no way is Landau going to have a permanent show in Vegas. People go to Vegas to show unique shows, not listen to singers unless they are insanely famous like Cher or Wayne Newton. I can guarantee iluminate will have a show with another casino or something by the end of the year. Their act is far more entertaining than a mediocre singer. Silhouettes didn’t have a chance, there is too many young kids involved and no way would they’re parents move to Vegas unless each kid in the show is banking hundreds of thousands a year.

      • Kc

        @Kim, I hate to tell you, but team illuminate was the most over hyped act all season. The costumes rarely worked, the classical dance styles didn’t go with them at all, and you could barely see them on TV, I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to see them in person. Fighting gravity was far and above Team Illuminate. And I do agree with the Ugh, another singer. We have enough singing competitions, AGT should stay as a variety competition only!

      • @Kc

        Fighting Gravity was good, but not close to Team Illuminate. FG was severely limited in what they could do because they were fastened to the wall. Everytime I saw them it was basically the same thing with the men spreading their arms and legs out and balls suspended in mid-air. Team Illuminate could come up with thousands of interesting things to do.

      • Michael

        I agree with you. This year had a lot of great talent as contendors, rather than it being about one main contendor. All of the finalists were actually good.

      • Parker

        I would love to know how many of the people b*tching about “another singer” winning actually bothered to VOTE for Team iLuminate? I loved them too and voted for them from their first appearance. It’s not AGT’s fault that too many others were too lazy to do the same.

      • terri

        I disagree. He is more than a lounge act. His range is extraordinary and proved that singing My Way, one of the cheesiest songs ever written. That last note he hit was incredible. Landau also showed he can sing other genres with Patti Labelle. He showed her up! BTW…He does Sinatra and the Rat Pack with style – just like Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble. They sing covers of the Rat Pack and have done pretty well for themselves. Landau will do just as well. Too bad all of you cannot be happy for this man, who deserves this success like Howie Mandel said. Silhouette were even happy for him, which was touching. Wish all you could feel the same.

      • beejeebus

        Fighting Gravity is a silly act, same thing can be done with black light, white suit and suspension wire/harness. Team Illuminate is waaay more unique and entertaining. If you couldn’t see them on TV, you need a new TV

      • Now Thats Funny

        too bad Lady Gaga wasnt in it ..she could be the real winner! :)

    • John

      I am so glad I skipped this season and just watched the Finale. ONCE AGAIN another stupid singer has won. What is the freaking point of having variety acts if a singer is going to win EVERY YEAR?! 6 seasons and 5 singers have won. Terry was a ventriloquist who could also sing so I separate him from the group because he is awesome and the most successful winner. They need to BAN singer and just allow groups and acts. All of the singers have BOMBED. I don’t understand the voters. REALLY!!!

      • Jethro

        So agree with you John. This show is becoming The Voice and Idol wrapped into one. It continues to award the singer the win. The votes don’t matter anymore. It is very strange that 5 or 6 winners have been singers. If you don’t sing, what’s the point of being on the show!

      • RK

        I hope he enjoys the $1 million dollars, paid over FORTY years. Worst prize on television.

      • allie

        the only successful contestant has been Terry (the nonsinger) think they’d learn something from that…

      • richard40

        Interestingly there was only one AGT singer to have real professional success, Jackie Evancho, with a platinum album, but ironically she did NOT win.

        I agree that it would be better if more variety acts could win. It would help if the judges judged the singers a little more critically, since we have lots of good singers, but few really great variety acts.

        I will say though, that while I preferred iLluminate, I dont agree that Landau is a no talent. I definitely enjoyed his performances, and if he had a show in vegas, or my hometown, I would probably go.

        Another factor in singers winning is the variety acts tend to show their best too early, and then have to top themselves, while the singers can always change songs, and tend to gradually improve and show their best in the final.

    • Jethro

      I disagree, it was not a snooze fest, last year was. What we viewers are doing is voting the easy way, as most of us are not technically sound to appreciate all that goes into iLuminate and Silhouettes, how technically sound and difficult it is to choreograph what they do. Poplyfe should have never been in the top 4, Landon was robbed! He is truly one of the Vegas acts I would have gone to see. Listening to Landau would have been definitely more a karoake show, cause if you closed your eyes and listened, you’d definitely say he was impersonating Sinatra or Martin, pretty much what the female comic did with her voice[s].

      I continue to say our votes mean nothing, until one of these shows posts the results which they can do in this day and age, our votes are not counted! Producers on these competition shows have their favorites and will continue to put out whoever they want!

      • PN

        I think that the viewers who voted seems more comfortable with a singer winning it than the two visually driven acts in Team ILuminate and Silhouettes. And I think that some of the best dance acts like Miami All Stars kind of wore thin in their later performances and finished 7th or 8th place. I wanted Miami All Stars to make the finals but that very last one was their only weak performance after some superior ones.

    • 123

      I agree. Who really gave a sheet? I caught a few acts here and there. Saw creepy jackie last night. Talented but who cares.

      • Pat

        @123 … You ask, “Who cares?” Obviously, YOU do. lmao

    • PN

      I thought the season really dragged, going on and on. Those 4 acts that performed on Tuesday were really the best out of the group this year. They should have finished it up in August when there were 10 left and then announced the winner. I think Landon succeeded while the others kind of slipped a bit. Good performances of the other three, but the nervousness and shakiness was showing.

    • besserwisser

      I like Landau and I think he should get his own show in a smaller showroom in Vegas, cause he really does sound like Frank Sinatra. HOWEVER… I don’t think he should have won… I have serious beef with singers competing on AGT! Most of them sound like AI rejects and they only ‘shine’ because they perform other people’s hits. It’s far more difficult to perform your own magic act or dance routine or whatever else… It’s not fair to those acts! NO MORE SINGERS ON AGT!!

      • Rod

        Don’t forget that AI has an age limit. Singers like Landau would not have qualified to even compete.

  • DF

    Nope, don’t agree. I thought Team iLuminate deserved to win.

    I wonder if the Silhouettes have a legitimate beef with the results. To folks like me who time-shifted, the technical snafus meant I only saw half of their performance on Tuesday. Isn’t there a serious fairness issue?

    • Wicked&Truthe

      ILUMINATE got robbed!!! Did you see the judges faces?….Dont get me wrong….loved Landau….great guy won love the fact somebody so non-todays music won!….Pop-lyfe was tragic just didn’t have the juice…..wasn’t really a big fan of Silhouettes…..but ILuminate…..man totally a vegas act!!

    • Mandy

      We saw all of the Silouettes performance. And there is no fairness issue nor legitimate beef. It’s not like America saw them for the first time on Tuesday; everyone knows how good they are. They just didn’t get enough votes, that’s all. Also, TOO many kids in the group and it IS a Vegas show they were trying to compete for. Vegas isn’t for kids.

      • allie

        The interesting thing about Silouette is even with the kids, the act had legs b/c of the anonymity of the performers. As they grow, graduate, change interest, etc the kids could be replaced – kind of like the Harlem or Vienna Boys Choirs. I thought this act had a lot of potential – far more than the guy who won. Does Vegas really need yet another lounge singer?

      • 123

        Maybe not but could you watch an hour or more of any of them. I couldn’t.

      • Julie

        That’s the thing with Silhouettes. First of all, they’re not the first to do the shadow thing. It’s just a concept, not a real talent you can attribute to any one individual. They are all replaceable,

    • BJG

      I agree that iLuminate and the Silhouettes were great but a big part of their act was the “gimic” and for me it was hard to tell where the gimic ended and the dancing started. That is especially the case fo iLuminate. Was I voting for the dancers or the electricians?

      • allie

        who cares? It was all part of the same act.

      • Ann

        @allie, exactly. It was all the same act. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into choreographing the dances, creating ideas for the sillhouettes, programming the lights to flow with the music and dancing….it’s all the same act and it all requires talent and vision. iLuminate and Sillhouttes were robbed for another mediocre singing talent who wouldn’t win against real singers.

      • PerspiIcacity

        It isn’t just being an electrician, Miral invented the technology. She used her computer science and choreography and dance background. I like that her talent combines science and art. (Though I am biased since she is a friend of mine.)

      • BJG

        Allie, I only care because when faced with three great acts who gave flawless final peformances you have to choose something, anything, to base your vote on and emotional connection to the only act who, literally, showed his face, is as good a reason as any other.

    • remidog

      I like Landau, but seriously, why do any other acts bother to audition. The winner will always be a male singer, except for Terry Fator, and he just added puppets to his male singing act.

  • Stratocaster

    The right act won.iLuminate were boring-the same routine:poplyfe had a major malfunction;Silouets were good,but like iLuminate,sort of a variation of the same routine.Landau was consistently great every week and hit it outta da park with”My Way”.I would gladly go to a concert of his and I will as soon as he goes on tour-if and when there will be a tour.Jackie Evancho was unbelieveable.I hope to hear her in concert too.Prince Poopycock seems to be doing well.He could team up with Steven Retchless.Way to go Landau!!!You deserved to win!!!!!

  • Sophie Ann

    Team Illuminate would be perfect for Vegas. I’m sure the Talent Coordinators at every Vegas casino took notice of that group. Silouettes was great but – got to remember something: there are little kids in that group and it is a VEGAS SHOW they were going to headline. Again, the Talent Coordinators most likely took notes. Poplyfe sucked. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE, would pay money to see them in Vegas. They should stick to junior high dances for the next 10 years. Landau is a PERFECT FIT for Vegas. He is dedicated and extremely talented. I am very glad he won.

    • Just sayin

      He will not succeed.

      • terri

        Oh yes he will. There is a BIG interest in those who croon songs from the Rat Pack. That’s evidenced as I’ve said by the success of Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. I love his voice and Landau’s personal story. His performances were amazing, especially his duet with Patti Labelle singing an Ashford and Simpson song. He can sing anything and hits every note. Too bad you can’t be happy for his win.

    • burris

      what a load of BS. Landau is nothing but a lounge singer at best.

      • allie

        totally agree

      • terri

        Read my comment above. Allie I totally disagree.

    • sj

      Landau has been my pick from the beginning – Talented and unique, a nice guy, and a touching personal story. That being said, I would have been ok with Silouette winning as well, they were unique, but I also questioned the logistics of having that whole group, with mostly young kids, performing (and moving?) to Vegas, and having to split the money 20+ ways.

      • sj

        P.S. – I have to agree that it does seem like the solo guy singers usually seem to win!

      • Valerie

        I knew he would win from the beginning as well.

    • Rod

      All of the final acts will undoubtedly have a career in showbusiness, so don’t go feeling bad for them. In fact, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place may have an advantage as they are not bound to the AGT contract as is the actual winner.
      The fact that a male singer has won most of the time on AGTonly is evidence of the following:
      1. America loves the underdog – Americans love to get behind someone that has a ‘rags to riches’ story. It makes us feel good.
      2. It is easier to identify with a single person instead of a group, therefore more people vote for them. Groups are seen as more impersonal, even though I think AGT does all it can do to bring that personal connection to people’s attention.
      3. Male singers get more votes because more women vote than men. I know this is not the PC thing to say, but it is true nonetheless.

  • Nic

    Team Illuminate deserved the win. I think people voted for Eugene as much for his personality as for his singing. You can find equally good Sinatra impersonators in Vegas.

    Both Team Illuminate and Silhouettes were unique. But I think that Silhouettes did start to get repetitive.

    I don’t know why, but America does get the voting wrong on the Finale. Last Year, Michael Grim was the least exciting of the 4, but his story of wanting to help his Granny buy a house won.

    If I were to spend money on a performance, it would be Team Illuminate.

    • JD

      Nic, I beg to differ. I found Michael Grimm’s performances to be very exciting. Since AGT, I’ve seen him in concert. He was the opening act for Stevie Nicks, and though the fans were 100% there for her, they went wild over Michael’s performance. And this year they went crazy over Landau. I voted for him, and I’m so glad he won!!

  • Marie

    I am glad Landau won. But Team I-Luminate should have been in at least 2nd place. I think Howie did them a disserve when after their performance he pretty much said that they may not win because it would be easier for the public to vote for one person as oppose to a group, etc.

    I think that Team I-Luminate will be very successful even without the win.

    • dharma swan

      I agree – I think Howie should have kept his mouth shut and Team ILuminate should have been in the top 2 at the very least. I thought the Silhouettes were cute but it got fairly repetitive and predictable. I like Landau, happy for him, however I do think Team ILuminate really deserved the win too.

    • dharma swan

      I totally agree about Howie – I think he should have kept his mouth shut. I thought the Silhouettes were cute however not a Vegas act and it got fairly repetitive and predictable. Happy for Landau but I think Team ILuminate deserved the win too.

    • Kim

      Howie was spot on with what he said. He was trying to rally the votors for Illuminate. People get caught up in the back story of the down and out singer. This is the third year in a row, votors have done this. While, I surely liked Landeau, he didn’t compare with Illuminate or Silhouettes regarding how complex and purely entertaining their acts are. America is a sucker for a singer. Team Illuminate will be stars.

    • richard40

      I think Howie was actually trying to help Illuminate rather than hurt them, but it didn’t aactually turn out that way. The better way to help Illimunate would have been to say that people should vote based on talent, rather than on who has the best personal story. Or use the criteria that Piers stated once, if you had to pay to see the act, which one would you pay the most to see.

  • Reena

    I was a little shocked that Silhouettes got 2nd place and team Iluminate got 3rd. Thought Landau deserved the win and would have been happy if Iluminate won too. Either way I hope to see both live soon :-)

  • scout

    The show needs to take the Las Vegas show out of the pot. NO ONE who has been to Vegas is going to call lots of times to make children go there. It’s not fair to any of the groups/performers who have kids. Can’t even remember the guy who beat Jackie Evancho. She’s the phenom, but people didn’t want to send her to Vegas.

    • Just sayin

      Agree. By the way, who wants to see any of these people in Vegas. Just give them a prize. Hey, is fatty Boyd raking them in?

      • terri

        How is that comment constructive? Beyond that, how does that relate to your comment on Vegas? Just askin…..

    • Valerie

      Vegas is NOT for children anyway. This is an unfortunate fact of life.

  • allie8

    I’m glad I only caught a few episodes this season. Landau is not a current singer. Same with Grim last year. I’m 42 and these guys are dated and boring even for me – who is voting on this show??? Perfectly pleasant voices but DULL.

    • Belair

      lol…your version of current?? I am 43 and am glad Landau is bringing back great music to share with this era, we need that becasue the current autopop is dull and boring and you don’t even need a real voice to sing.

      • allie

        He isn’t “bringing back” anything. The covers he sang are all from great artists who don’t need, lol, Landau to help them out. It’s fine that we disagree – the truth will come out wjhen we never hear from this guy again except on AGT.

    • @allie

      Agree. Most of the singers on this show are blah. I guess that is what “America” likes.

      • Terri

        All this talk about Landau being a cover karaoke artist is lame. His performance with Patti Labelle showed he can sing anything. As for him singing Rat Pack songs, Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. have done very well singing those songs. Have sold out shows and millions listen to their top 10 recordings. Harry has been a hit on Broadway, as well. I think Landau will do just fine and better than any other singer who has won AGT.

      • Ryan

        We do, thank you!

    • terri

      Tell that to Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. I keep bringing up their names, because they are doing very well singing standards and Sinatra. Landau will do just fine and I, for one, will buy his music. I love this genre, especially when it is sung by someone as talented as Landau. He has been my choice from the beginning. He has stage presence, has humor, is humble and kind. That’s the sign of a real entertainer.

      • debi

        Landau has just been asked to Vegas for third time. And he is always performing at wonderful venues…People miss the real…music he sings. And he has a wonderful voice. Also, you will never meet anyone more humble.

  • Nick

    Shame. 3rd year in a row they handed a solo guy one million dollars….. I understand that singing is talent but Sillouttes and team iluminate take extra talent. We have the voice AI and X Factor for singing. I will not watch and waste my time next year.

    • Ann

      I can’t remember a singing act not winning AGT, except for Terry Fator, who uses a lot of singing in his act anyways. The singing talent on AGT has always been good but not great. Not worthy of ever winning any singing competition. Had Landau been on The Voice or the X Factor (he’s too old for American Idol), he would not have won. In fact, I don’t even think he would make it to the final rounds…I’m not saying Landau was awful, he certainly deserved to be in the finals….but he certainly should not have won.

    • Red

      THey are looking for a Vegas show. Vegas is NOT for kids so Silhouettes is out.

      And hte headlining act would half to go for an hour and a half. Would you be willing to sit there and watch iLuminate for that long?

  • bas

    Yes the right person won. Landau is fabulous. The other acts are decent enough but their performances look the same from one to the next. All the best for Landau – he deserves it.

    • Emeline

      Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbrnebgastiag.

  • Argyl

    I think it’s fine that Landau won. The others will do just fine, as Jackie has. She has probably had a better year this year for the opportunities she was able to take on, rather than being stuck in Vegas. It’s clever and decent of the show to hook all of the finalists up with stars who can aim them in the right direction.

    • Ann

      The person who wins doesn’t get stuck in Vegas. They headline one show, that’s all the deal is. People, especially voters, need to understand that.

      • drema

        It’s my understanding that the winner gets to headline in Vegas for ONE YEAR, not just one show. and Landau isn’t just channeling Sinatra. That isn’t all he can do. You should hear him doing “Purple Rain” and the blues….

      • richard40

        Ann, you are right. In reality, the winner headlines in the show, but everybody in the top 4, and several top 10 acts also perform in the vegas show, which also tourse throughout the country. that is the way they did it both last year and this year. So any concerns about not wanting to send kids to vegas is bogus, since if they made the top 4 they are going anyway, unless they dont want to.

    • richard40

      Actually jackie did tour with Michael Grimm in the vegas AGT show, along with all the other top 4 acts. She didn’t perform in every show, like Grimm did, but she was in most of them. This concern about sending kids to vegas is bogus, since if you make the top 4 you are in the AGT tour anyway.

  • scout

    the best talent won ……well done landau

  • jogirl021365

    I’m glad Landau won; however, he did not win a permanent Las Vegas show – he won the headling act to a traveling show of AGT acts that starts in Las Vegas. He is not stuck in Las Vegas and where he goes after the traveling show is done is up to him.

  • mvjntx

    This is my last season for watching this show. One…they had Patti Labelle on which after her actions in the Houston Airport I have no respect for her. Two… they did an injustice to Iluminate by picking the band they picked and it did not showcase their talent. Three…Once again a reality show picks a winner that I do not believe really received the votes of America but was the poor individual barely making a living and then rises to fame. I have been to Vegas many times and my mother was in the industry–I do not believe he is a headliner at the popular casinos, maybe in the old strip. At least Rachel won on BIG BROTHER. YEEEHAAA

    • Denise

      I think Team Ilumiate should have one! Period! They were fantastic, anyway you look at it. Most original, and it took a lot of work to put those acts together! I could definately see them headlining in Vegas on a regular basis…..whereas a singer-people will get tired of . I hope Team Illuminate does end up doing shows–I will definitely go see them……and yes, I did call in and vote for them!

      • Yaneth

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