Chris Harrison blogs the 'Bachelor Pad' season finale


Before we jump into the finale of Bachelor Pad I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to honor the anniversary our country recognized this weekend. I hope every one of you took an extra moment to hug and say I love you to those closest to you as we marked the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It is my hope that we will always remember and let this moment in our history always let us keep perspective on what’s truly important in our lives.

Once again, like our premiere, the finale took up all three hours of prime time on ABC. The first hour took the final four couples to Las Vegas. One thing we really made an effort to do this season is step up the challenges, especially towards the end of the show when they become so important. In my opinion this challenge was more than worthy of being our final competition. The contestants were extremely excited when I told them we were off to Vegas for our final challenge, but they had no idea what was in store for them.

I have to give major props to the folks at the MGM and in particular the cast and crew of Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka for helping us pull off this massive final challenge. After I sent the contestants inside the theater, I hustled backstage so I could rise up through the fog to introduce the competition. I’ve done some pretty cool host intros, but I have to say rising up through the fog on a Vegas stage is right up there with the best of them. The contestants’ excitement quickly turned to nerves as I explained they would be performing while suspended about one hundred feet above the ground on a seventy-five foot wall. All the contestants had about a day and a half to work with professionals from the Ka show; while this seems helpful, the professional performers take months to prepare for a show! The contestants all embraced it and really went for it during the challenge, but Michael was really in his element. Once everybody saw the move and hold he and Holly pulled at the end of their performance I think we all realized it was over.

It was really tough to see Ella go. She and Kirk have been living on borrowed time anyway, but knowing what that money meant to her made it an emotional exit. Because of the way the final rose ceremony goes, Michael and Holly now got to decide who would be joining them in the final four. Even though Michael, Graham and Michelle had a strong alliance, I was a bit surprised they chose to keep them and get rid Vienna and Kasey. Michael even admitted himself that he and Holly definitely had a better chance of winning against Kasey and Vienna. In the long run, it obviously didn’t matter. After that final rose ceremony, we shut down production until last week when we shot the finale in front of a live studio audience. This was a fun show to host. I know these people so well it makes it easier on all of us to be open and honest. Vienna did a 180 and acted like she’s been best friends with Jake all along and that everything is behind them, and then Jake got up to give Kasey a hug — I thought I was going to pass out. In all seriousness, it was good to see Kasey open up and admit he didn’t like what he saw in himself while watching the show. Once the three of them finally made peace, I wanted to end the show and head to the Middle East to see what I could do over there.

But we then moved on to the love triangle that is Michael, Holly and Blake — or at least it was a love triangle. Blake and Holly have been dating since the show wrapped production months ago. Apparently things have gotten very serious very quickly because not only are they moving to South Carolina together, they are engaged to be married. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this engagement. I know it’s hard on Michael, and once again it was tough to see him hurt by all this, but I know he and Holly have talked and all parties involved understood it was very much over between them. I do want to wish Holly and Blake the very best in their future together.

After all that, Holly and Michael and Graham and Michelle then had to compete for the ultimate Bachelor Pad prize of $250,000. After all the controversy, I really thought Graham and Michelle would easily win the cast vote and be our final couple, but you never know what’s going to happen at Bachelor Pad. Michael and Holly ended up winning the vote in a landslide. I think people really respected Michael and how he played the game. Once Holly voted to share the money, you knew they would split the cash. Michael may be hurt, but one thing that man is not is vengeful. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind he was going to do what he considered the right thing and share the cash. So in an ending that could only come from one of our shows, a former engaged couple walked away from each other but stayed together long enough to walk away with $125,000 each. Congrats to Michael and Holly, the champs of Bachelor Pad 2!

That’s it for Bachelor Pad — now it’s time to look forward to The Bachelor. In one of the best-kept secrets since the announcement of the new judges on American Idol, we made it official and introduced Ben as our new Bachelor. We have not started production, but the cast is set and we’re ready to go. I got to know Ben very well last season and really like the guy. He’s going to make a fantastic Bachelor and any one of the women on the show will be lucky to win his heart. The show will premiere Monday, January 2nd so set your DVRs now. I can already promise you it will be a season unlike any we have ever had before. Thank you once again for showing up in incredible numbers each and every Monday night this summer to support Bachelor Pad.  I will miss you as much as I know you will miss your Monday night appointments until January. In the meantime, follow me on twitter @chrisbharrison as I will keep you up to date on what’s going on with our production, and I’ll even give you some inside tweets on where we are in the world. Finally I want to thank all of you who offered your congratulations this week on news of my new hosting duties — none of which will interfere with my “rose” duties. I’m honored be signed on to host the next two years of the Miss America pageant on ABC. I am also unbelievably excited to share with you my new game show You Deserve It. This is a show that I’m very proud of and I think you will love it as well when it airs this winter on ABC. For now, please take a moment and say your goodbyes… until 2012.

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  • MissKent

    Holly and Blake couldn’t find the time to text a brother?

    • miss k


      • anonymous

        Chris, if your head gets any bigger, it is gonna’ explode.
        I think i’ll pass on your new show, because I don’t deserve the aggravation.

    • Poppy

      Exactly – probably TPTB told them NOT to tell him. I really felt sorry for Michael. That was just plain cruel. Glad he won the money. What a really great guy. Hope he finds someone who will wipe Holly off his mind. Again, that was just WRONG!

    • LSM

      Actually, TPTB PREVENTED Holly from speaking to Michael before the show was aired. Per an article on, she tried to call him but they had taken away his phone. Then she tried to talk to him before they went on stage but she was not allowed near him! This is just further proof that these clowns manipulate things for their own ratings regardless of who they hurt.

      • Ryan

        Ironic, how the bachelor/bachelorette family had such “love” for Michelle, but had ZERO love for Michael. Nice that you had time to record the proposal, but no time to tell Michael until he is on stage…or maybe I was watching Jerry Springer! How much did it cost ABC to entice Holly and Blake from letting Michael know ahead of time?!?!!? ABC Douchebags!

      • Heidi


        I want Michael to find love but he deserves it to be offscreen so no one can manipulate things and mess it up.

    • Anonymous

      The couldn’t find time to text in between accepting a free ring from ABC, having their “romantic” proposal filmed for television, agreeing to withhold the news from Michael so as to have drama in front of the cameras and generally act like a**es to extend their 15 minutes one minute more.

      Holly the happy wife of a dentist in S. Carolina??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohh, tha’ts rich!

    • Me

      Chris, I may just be done watching any shows from this franchise because of how they treated Michael. One of the nicest, most normal and well adjusted people to ever be on this show and he’s treated like dirt. He deserved to know about this and not have his humiliation broadcast across the country. I hope he finds a nice girl and is never bothered by Team Bachelor again!

      • Melissa

        I totally agree. The very least they could have done was let Holly tell him before coming on stage. That’s just cruel.

      • Renee

        I agree with Poppy, Ryan, Me, Heidi, Kelly, Pam and all the other sensible, caring people who are upset with ABC/Bachelor Pad, and/or whoever is responsible for not telling Michael about Holly and Blake’s engagement before the show. That was so mean spirited and so wrong!! I’ve never heard an audience so silent. You gave new meaning to awkward. On another note, the “share/keep” ending this time…boring! We all knew Holly and Michael would share. It’s no fun with couples who have such history, you need the show to be people who just meet on the show who don’t really know each other or what they will do in such a circumstance. That’s much more exciting.
        Good luck sleeping at night!

      • maggie

        agreed. very cruel.

    • Jaclyn

      The producers are in it for the drama. There was no way they would let Michael find out beforehand. They wanted his reaction on camera. :(

  • FrankLee


    • Tyler


      Such a smug jerk.

    • BRae

      No….Gia is nice and beautiful but vapid

    • tizzylish

      Gia is sweet and beautiful, but I suspect she is also very fickle! Otherwise, she would already be married and poppin’ out kidlets.

      • Brian

        So over Gia. She is just plain dumb. She brings nothing to the table except her beauty and if you remember what her mom looked like on Jake’s season, you will realize that her looks will fade.

  • Charlie

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    • Kathi M Snider

      this has nothing to do with this show let alone any reality, don’t you have anything better to do?

      • Shannon

        @Kathi — Aww… that’s cute that you just wrote that.

  • Kelly Milius

    I am extremely upset that ABC would allow Bachelor Pad (and Holly and Blake) to ambush Michael on live t.v. I will not watch Bachelorette, Bachelor or Bachelor Pad EVER AGAIN. I thought it was in extremely poor taste to have that one bachelor break up Melissa on live t.v. and at that point I thought that was a cheap ploy to get an increase in ratings. I thought then that I should stop watching the show, but I gave the show and ABC the benefit of the doubt. I can’t do it a second time. I don’t understand why the Bachelor Pad/ABC finds it necessary to take such a entertaining show and turn it into a cheap piece of crap. If I want to watch that kind of crap, I would watch re-runs of Springer. You guys are disgusting and should be ashamed. ABC….I will stop watching your network if you continue to host these crapy shows!!!!

    • Jennie

      I agree. I thought it was terrible the way they let Holly and Blake announce on the tv in front of everyone that they are engaged. Pretty low class if you ask me.

      • Pam

        It is official, the Bachelor franchise will do anything to anybody on tv for ratings! ABC/Bachelor franchise, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Nobody enjoyed watching poor Michael hear the news of Holly’s engagement on live TV. That was cruel, mean, heartless thing to do esp. after he had to watch Holly all over Blake the whole season. I was so sick of seeing Holly whine about how she was so upset and didn’t know what to do, yet every chance she got, she was wrapped around Blake. I think Michael should consider himself lucky to be rid of her. Michael is a good guy and didn’t deserve that treatment. He is a better person than all of you at the franchise and Holly and Blake. The way you treated poor Jackie was terrible also. For a show that is supposed to be about LOVE, you guys need to try showing a little yourselves and have more respect for people and their feelings.

    • sunny

      I agree. That was a very cheap thing to do – to tell Michael on TV. He handled it very well….but who didn’t feel bad for him? Perhaps they should do that to the people who put on the show —- so they can understand that their is such a thing as humanity and people acually have real hearts adn emotions and it was really cheap to play with Michael’s heart and emotions like that.

    • jen

      Having everyone in the room know before Michael just added salt to wound. Completely unnecessary. Reality Tv is filled with OMG moments, but this is the first time I’ve stopped the DVR not because of what a contestant did, but because of what the show did.

    • Anne3

      Also very unclassy how they were trying to force Ames on national TV to say why he broke up with Jackie.

      • Shonna

        especially since it would have forced ames to come out of the closet.

    • tvadict Mom

      I agree also. Very Uncool. Especially given how decent a guy Michael is.

    • Elsa

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how anyone can blame the show for Holly not announcing her engagement to Michael before hand.

      Even if the Bachelor production team told her not to do so (and that is pure speculation), helloooo, she was engaged to the guy and should’ve done the right thing. It was HER issue and HER obligation as former-fiancée and friend to inform Michael. It just shows how bad a person she is.

      • Geena

        Holly did try to contact Michael. Read article. BP has stooped to trash…

      • dara


    • judy

      I totally agree. I texted my friend last light and told her I’m done with the show after they treated Michael so poorly.

    • nicole

      i agree girl. 100%. im done watching the shows too.

    • baddancer

      I don’t think he found out on air. I think they told him backstage. He said he didn’t know before he got there that night, he did NOT say he didn’t know until RIGHT NOW.

      • LSM

        They did not tell him backstage. They kept them separated so Holly COULDN’T tell him. Check out their interview on

      • Elsa

        I’ve just read the interview: she only tried to contact him last night… I’m not impressed. She’s just trying to cover up.

      • baddancer

        Just read the interview. Sounds like whatever conversation they had a couple weeks ago put to rest any real hope of a reconcilliation. Explains why he didn’t act all that upset and leave stage which is what made me think that he already knew. Michael we saw on Pad would have been devastated, but obviously they are at a new place now.

    • Kevin

      I don’t blame the show. Holly and Blake could have had the decency to wait to get engaged until after the show. Maybe the show forced it on them, but I doubt it. I think they’ve been taking lessons from Vienna on how to profit most from Reality TV

      • Geena

        Funny how the camera was there for the proposal AND the ring happened to be from Neil Lange(?) who provide rings for finalists.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, they accepted the ring from ABC and put a lame proposal on film for tv … neither one of them deserve any respect or well wishes. I still don’t get what’s so great about the girl, when Rego asked what she had done to deserve the money, she didn’t even have a reason and let Michael speak for her. She’s been around the Bachelor boys a bit and it now going to S Carolina to settle down as the wife of a dentist? Never happen. She’ll break this engagement just like when she broke up with Michael.

    • Geena

      Kelli: 100% agree w/you. Trashy way to get ratings. On twitter Holly sez she wasn’t allowed to speak with Michael before the show, they took his phone away, & at the finale they were not allowed to see each other before the actual show. Chris came off as cold & seemed to enjoy Michael’s humiliation.

    • TRR

      I have to agree the Holly/Blake filmed proposal and ambushing of Michael was very low class. Poor Michael. I have a feeling Holly and Blake were manipulated by the producers and didn’t know it would air like that and that they wouldn’t be allowed to talk to Michael before the finale. But you know what, millions will continue to tune in. This is the stuff America eats up, ratings will soar and there will be another season. We can blame the participants, the producers or even Chris but it’s the viewers fault for continuing to watch. Lots of shows get cancelled because no one watches. This one keeps coming back.

    • CforBP

      they edited out that part – blake tweeted that he was assured that what happened wasn’t what was going to happen

      • Anon

        Bullsh**. I don’t believe a word that tool says.

    • wino

      hello, these are the same producers that talked Jason into picking Melissa over Molly, and then abushing Melissa on national tv for the sake of ratings. im not shocked at anything they do.

  • Elizabeth

    Great show and great season!! Thank you for showing Blake and Holly’s proposal on television and letting us all in on the loop. I am confident that Michael will find his true love, too, and let’s not forget they broke up. I thought this season was much better than last season and I hope to see more of all the contestants. Blake and Holly both were looking for that true spark and I’m so happy they found it– through all the tears and sweats. Thank you, Chris, for being a great host and for the great show!!! You’re amazing.

    • baddancer

      Totally agree! Chris, great job! I am hoping that like last year, at least one of the couples from the Pad make it. In which case, it will have almost a better rate of success as the Bach/Bachlorette series! Kypton & Tenly last year, now Michelle & Graham AND Blake & Holly.

  • JillZ

    Sorry, but Ben as the next Bachelor was the WORST kept secret! Same goes for Holly and Blake’s engagement. Both were on over the last week. Seriously, you’d better fire your publicity department if you think these things are kept under wraps.

    Don’t know why Michael and Holly had those fake, contemplative looks on their faces when you were going over the rules of the share/keep options. Anyone who watched last season would know what the deal is, and they admitted they discussed it before hand. So a lot of fake, non-drama there, too.

    And lastly, Kasey and Vienna are the biggest bunch of fakers. They were on Access Hollywood a few weeks and they admitted that a lot of their fighting was just entertainment and drama for the show. They also said they were drunk most of the time. Not that I believe a word out of their mouths, but they are loose cannons who will throw the franchise under the bus in a heart beat.

    That, on top of the whole Michael engagement blindside debacle, made the whole show a big fail in my book.

    • Amy

      I think he was being sarcastic. The American Idol judges were a horribly kept secret, as well.

      • JillZ

        The show was taped before the articles appeared, so it is possible that at that time Chris did believe he was making the big “surprise” announcement. Plus, they are so clearly in their own world with the choices they make, it’s not hard for me to believe they believe their own hype and take themselves that seriously. Or maybe I’m just that over The Bachelor franchise that I have completely lost my ability to roll my eyes at them.

  • Jennifer

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that thinks Holly and Blake are a joke, were we not watching same show. Holly was all over Michael and suddenly now she is engaged to Blake, I think Michael made a mistake and should of kept the money all for himself. I wish Michael the best and Holly, your not worth mentioning anymore!

    • Anne3

      Honey, you aren’t the only one.

      • Linda

        I’m with you too. I couldn’t believe the audience was clapping when they announced their engag-ment. How much more disrespect could they have shown Michael? Sure, it was over between Michael and Holly, and I’m sure Michael will do MUCH better than Holly, but could they rub any more salt in his wound?
        I sure wish Michael was going to be the next Bachelor.

      • Karen

        I agree. It would have been the best kept secret if they nixed Ben and made Michael the next Bachelor. Ben is so ho-hum and not worth watching. Michael is such a great guy with a great personality. He deserves so much better than Holly and she will figure out after a few months with the self proclaimed “prostitute” Blake that she made a mistake. I couldn’t believe the audience clapped for them. They’ve known each other for a few weeks and he was known as the snake of the house.

  • Kathi M Snider

    While I agree the “oh, by the way, we’re engaged and look, it’s on tape and the ring is from Neil Lane” was a low blow, first and foremost this is a tv show and it made for great tv. And still we watch every week and continue to watch every week and will be looking forward to January 2nd. SOME of us even get that Chris was being less than sincere with his “greatest kept secret” angle about Ben for Bachelor. Thanks, Chris, for the great job you always do and for making the whole experience just that much better, Yup, see you on the 2nd!

  • Kris

    All I know is I have never hoped for a couple to not make it like I do for
    Holly and Blake. They are both so lame, ESPECIAlly for what they did to Michael. Holly takes Michael For granted and i honestly disnt see much chemistry between her and Blake. Michael could and can do so much better than holly! Why isn’t HE the next bachelor? I was bored just watching the promo.

    Why didn’t Gia talk to Graham about backstabbing her? Erica cracks me up and at least she’s true to herself. And I agree- I wouldve liked to hear more from Ella and Kirk.

    Im going to miss bachelor pad. Though in all honesty I liked the cast of bachelor pad 1 wwwaaayyy better.

    • AJ

      I agree about Erica – she’s pretty funny and honest. I didn’t watch her Bachelor season but I did see her on another show she was on. As I said to my husband last night “It really says something about this group of people when Erica is the voice of reason.”

  • Carolyn

    Chris Harrison, you have no soul. You clearly persuaded/told Blake and Holly to not give Michael the news so it would make “good tv.” But you’ve gone too far and many viewers will tire of your constant manipulation for the sake of ratings. I watched this stupid show for entertainment but realize now that you have no soul and your “rooting” for the couples and “we are friends” shtick is fake and manipulative. And Holly — I felt sorry for you in the beginning but you are boring and seem quite stupid. Blake — the show captured the real you. The fake engagment was clear to all. Michael, you handled yourself with real class.

    • jan

      You are right about Blake(snake) and Michael, who we realy liked. You are dead wrong about Chris, he is a Classy guy, always and has a very difficult job.

  • Hailey

    My heart absolutely broke for poor Michael. He’s such a sweet guy and his reaction was so raw. You could see the hurt in his face, but it doesn’t surprise me that he did the right thing.
    I have a request for you, Chris.
    I’d love it if you blogged a list of all of the couples who are still together as a result of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. Not necessarily the last remaining couples from each specific season, but in general. How are Kirk & Ella? Tenley and Kiptyn? Gia & Wes? Chris & Peyton? etc.

    • Kathy

      Actually Michael made a lucky escape. He needs to find someone more stabel than Holly.

    • Mellissa

      Kirk and Ella were never a couple. Tenley and Kiptyn are still a couple. Gia and Wes were over before they ever really started (how’d you miss that one? Gia talked about why she and Vienna aren’t friends anymore, and his name is Wes). Chris and Peyton are engaged.

      Funny thing about Reality Steve: You learn way more than spoilers by reading his site.

  • Shel

    Chris, You can’t wait to hear what we think about this engagement? How about you can’t wait to hear what we think about you and ABC apparently blind-siding Michael that way? If you truly blind-sided him, then you all are lower than low. And if he only pretended to be blind-sided, then the whole show is a sham. You guys went way too far this time – it was just disgusting. And what was with you acting all surprised at Blake’s “news” about Holly moving in with him, when just a few minutes later it was obvious you knew about the engagement tape all along. Seriously, Chris – losing more & more respect for you. You might want to tell your bosses that you would rather not be made to look completely heartless, clueless and cruel anymore. It was a joke seeing you attempt to set Holly & Blake up as some special new Bachelor couple when you actually made them look like the most selfish, self-involved and cruel people you have ever had on the show. It’s like the producers and ABC work harder every time to make themselves look even more callous and dishonest. Shame on you all.

    • jen

      Well said

    • ick

      Chris is a real souless jerk! Cant wait for your girls to grow up and become shallow people that date low class shallow vapid selfish guys-due to your positive role model you have provided! How do you sleep at night? Better yet, how does your wife sleep next to you at night?
      You are a jack@$$

    • Nikki

      Very well said!!! You took the words right out of my mouth…but said them better than I would have.

  • jen

    The ambush was in such poor taste. The proposal for the camera’s was bad enough, but to have everyone in the room know before Michael was just terrible. Blake, who I thought people were too hard on, should not have let the producers talk him into it. Even though they try to dress up the “bachelor franchise” into a story of romantic love and a journey, its really just a more expensive version of the trashy VH1 reality shows. Oh, and Chris, are we really suppose to believe your uncertainty when asking if Michael Knew?? . Come on

  • bluebelle

    I saw the connection between Blake and Holly from the beginning. I believe they will be a lifelong couple. It’s unforunate that the circumstances (ie Michael having to be present) were there. He had trouble moving on when it was obvious (to us, the viewing audience anyway) that it was time to move on. He is such a great guy and I would love to see him as Bachelor after Ben F’s run at it. I wish Ben well….I do see drama because I think he is too sensitive to handle the cattiness etc that comes with a large group of women.

    Chris I believe after this season that you deserve a long vacation on a tropical island with your family to recover. I am so glad you called out Vienna once again and that Jake had an opportunity to redeem himself after a VERY unfair trashing of his repuatatin by an unfortunately unstable woman (Vienna). Once again, she appears to be incapable of accepting responsibility for her own behavior.

    Kasey is beginning to see the light. I was so happy to see him apologize and take responsibility for his actions. I admire him for that. He is going down into the same vortex that Jake willing went into with Vienna. I don’t know what her hold is over men but it is antoher toxic relationship.

    I hope Graham and Michelle make it. Graham has inklings of acloholism in him though- his personality changes for the worse when he drinks. His anger was off-putting for me.

    Gia remains classy and down to earth until the end. I thought the world of Kirk in how he handled losing and even William was great on this show (didn’t like him on Ashley’s season).

    Maybe you all should consider limiting the alcohol in that house.

  • Rachel

    Chris —
    I’ve watched you since the beginning of the Bachelor and use to like you. What has happened to you? How could you live with yourself after blindsighting Michael like that. I watched you and ABC do that to Ashley and after all the negative feedback, I thought you would learn from that. I do believe in Karma and this will come back to you one day. I think you are a horrible person.

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