Jeez, Madonna, what did hydrangeas ever do to you?

Apparently something really, really bad. Just see Madonna‘s reaction to someone handing her a bouquet of hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival, where she was promoting her period piece W.E. After receiving the apparently dreadful (who knew?) arrangement, Madonna gave a Liz Lemon-quality over-the-top eye roll, hid the flowers, and alerted the person next to her, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.” She added about the petal-peddler, “He obviously doesn’t know that.” Well, congrats, Madge, because now the whole world does! It’s a pretty safe bet no matter what her reasoning is behind her hatred of hydrangeas, she’s going to receive a lot more of them now. Watch the full instantly viral clip below:

She loves you? She loves you NOT.

What do you think the hydrangeas did to Madonna, PopWatchers? Is this the worst vendetta against a perfectly nice floral gesture since Charlotte shot down carnations on Sex and the City? Share your theories in the comments section below.

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  • darclyte

    So, is her phony accent still British? It sounded a bit “blue blooded American” like one might hear in the Hamptons. It was phony NY street for along time, but we all know that she’s from Michigan and if anything should have a “Mid-Western” accent. Terrible face lift and/or makeup as well.

    • ryan

      You loathsome tiny person.

      • steve

        Just because you like to dress up like her on the weekends, doesn’t mean she is without flaws.

      • A fan?

        I seriously doubt it.

      • Pukeus

        madonna, way to stay a real classy b i t c h

      • Tom

        hydrangeas probably aren’t too keen on her either

      • Bonnie

        She is the queen of pop and wont kiss a$$..of course. Thats why we love her for that!

      • MADONNA

        Please people, next time no would be nice.


      • ZsaZsa

        We can learn a valuable lesson from the Venice Film Festival: Madonna really, really does not like hydrangeas.

      • Cool Madonna

        She has a point, though.

        Surely a fan would know (or even check) what flowers the Queen likes and dislikes.
        What if her majesty had an allergy?

      • EMELIA 21


        ONLY THE QUEEN .. I love how catty she is!

      • Jim Carey

        Even Mariah Carey or Lady Gaga could never do this…they are too boring and pretentious. They are fake. Madonna is so real..

      • Healycat

        The one and only Queen of Pop.

        Madonna is one hell of a class act. So silly but often smart and funny. Love her..

      • Wanda

        Agree.. I’ m surprised she ‘accepted’ it..might be poisonous.

      • madonna forever

        The best-selling female artist of all time..gotta love her…

      • The real Housewife of Miami

        She is the best…

    • livelife

      When people from other countries come here, and lose their accents, Americans can understand that. However, when it’s the other way around, the person is accused of being phony and pretentious. If you move to another country and all you hear is their way of speaking, eventually that has an effect on the way you sound.

      • G.

        I have a hard time understanding how people think she could have a British accent just because she’s lived there a small part of her life. My mother and mother-in-law have been in the U.S. since the 70s and 50s, respectively, and they still have their native accents. Her accent is/was a sham.

      • Well…

        @G – Maybe different people are DIFFERENT. React to things differently, pick up accents differently. I find myself picking up an english accent once I’ve been with someone with it for just a couple days. Once we as humans realize that just because we feel a certain way about something doesn’t mean everyone else does/should… we’ll all be happier.

      • Aura Lee

        I agre. I pick up accents really easily. A friend of mine is Australian and if we spend too much time together in a given week I’ll pick up the accent. It’s not conscious it just happens. That being said, once I don’t hear that accent for a while I revert back to my usual accent.

      • bezza

        Agreed. And while on the topic, why is no one calling out Johnny Depp for whatever accent it is that he is supposed to have? He has been speaking with his faux accent for years and no one says a thing.

      • lexi

        Johnny Depp voice is super sexy and he is definitely not phony. His wife is French and he moved around a lot as a kid and plays a lot of characters with different accents everyone knows that so its not like his accent is fake its just changes over time just like every man’s voice changes overtime.

      • JM

        Oh, c’mon, her English accent was so phony, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. And, Mr. Depp? Wasn’t he rocking some mid-Atlantic accent about a year ago? I figured it was for a part, but I still laughed. The hubby asked, ‘wasn’t he raised in Florida?’ And then there’s Tina Turner. I love her fluty accent. I wish all of us from Tennesee sounded like that–not.

    • ERNIE

      I’m with darclyte.

      • Pukeus

        look at that face of hers too.. she did not age very well. I remember being somewhat attracted to her, but now? I want some soap for my eyes or something

      • Rick Corcicas

        Madonna…forever. She looks beautiful!

      • G0dney Spears

        Madonna, you are the best!!!!!!

        We love you….

    • Brett

      livelife, there’s no way Madonna was in England long enough to pick up the accent she was affecting. It was an affectation, like everything she’s done throughout her career.

      • bittergaymark

        Yeah, she only lived there for the past decade or so…

      • Squishmar

        She had the affectation BEFORE she lived there.

      • lance

        How do you know that Brett? Are you an expert? Your an idiot.

    • Rachel

      Madonna hasn’t aged gracefully at all! What a tacky woman without class and a messed up face.

      • Pukeus

        She just needs a broom and a black pointy hat.

      • jp

        She’s a crunt.

      • Alex

        Please say it to your momma!


      This is NOT a fan who is giving her flowers. It’s someone associated with the festival who brought up flowers to all of the panelists. As if some stranger would simply be allowed to walk right up to the table and say: “well here you go!” There’s virtually no interaction, he (or she) says practically nothing to Madonna. It’s EFFING AMAZING how the press manufactures CRAP because they have nothing better to do.

      • patrick

        THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POINT. ughhhh people are making a big deal of this like Madonna is such a b*tch when 1: it wasn’t a fan 2: she was polite to the guy’s face and EVERYONE has said something snide behind someone’s back at one time or another.

      • Pukeus

        patrick you sound so pathetic making up excusing for a full grown woman like that. She knows she is a b i t c h, and you really need to get some therapy

      • jp

        Don’t forget the eye roll, patrick. And by the way, if I ever say crap about someone “behind their back” as you call it, I usually am not in a press conference while doing it.

      • randi

        You think it’s ok to be just outright rude to someone, fan or non-fan, for giving you flowers? Wow sweetie, clearly you don’t value manners.

      • Anne

        actually at the end of the entire video, the guy walks up and asks her where is the flower he specifically gave her and she said that her assistant had it.

      • abc

        Unlike GaGa, Madonna keeps it real. She isnt hypocrite…

      • Grow Up haterz

        It is up to her. She has the right to reject it. Haters here are so childish

      • tlee

        Speaking of childish…what an ironic comment coming from a person who uses the name “Grow up haterz”
        Maybe when you graduate from middle school you will learn about social etiquette in the grown up world.

    • ks

      The accent where you were born never goes away completely. You may pick up a new one but you will always fall back on your orignial one. Working with the public from all over the world, you hear it all the time.

      • kellade

        So if a kids is born in Korea but raised in the US what accent will he have?

      • sheesh

        I know you think that’s clever but clearly the OP means if you once talked in another accent, not a baby.

    • Martin Haro

      I agree that her cheeks are looking more questionable than ever, but she has always had an affectation to her way of speaking. Just YouTube the earliest clips of her you can find. It’s totally there.

    • Italians Do It Better

      Funny video of Madge, only Queen of Pop can pull out that stunt!

    • Queen of Copycat

      I would like to give Lady GaGa………………. a poison ivy!

      Ha ha ha

      • Reserved Copycat

        Gaga …what a mess..!
        Those eyebags….and Gaga is only 26 yo.

      • Harry Boy


        he he he he

    • Leda

      She’s such trash…I can’t stand her, her music, her ‘accent’ or anything else about her.
      She looks like a tranny, sings like a troll and gah…I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE HER!

  • Here & There

    Well, I think I’ll send the Material Girl a nice arrangement of hydrangeas…gift wrapped of course.

  • likia

    I love hydrangous.

    • KJ

      Me too!

      • Robert

        Apparently they are really good for warding off terribly ugly demonic monsters. I’m going to home depot to get a ___ load of them tomorrow to plant around my entire house.

    • Squishmar

      I think hydrangeas are beautiful. I remember as a kid, you can cut them and put them in colored water and the white ones will turn whatever color you want. They soak up the food coloring through their stems. I used to love that.

  • Lindsay

    This just proves what a horrible person she is. Someone does something nice for her and she slams it down. I hope the backlash is intense.

    • Tiffany

      She needs to watch the movie Mean Girls again. I think she must have missed the point. What a bully!

      • Regina George

        She totally needs to see the movie Mean Girls again! Because sometimes, I would blow her off and give her hydrangeas whenever I saw her, and she got all freaked out! She’d be like, “Why didn’t you give me daisies! You should have given me daisies!” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So anyway, one time, I was having this party, and it was a bowling party. People were going to be walking around carrying BOWLING BALLS. I mean, right? She hated everyone! So I told her, “Madonna, I can’t invite you because I think you hate everyone.” Then she dropped out of school and got all musical, so now I guess she’s on crack.

      • Gretchen Weiners

        Okay, that is SO not fetch.

  • Aprilcot26

    I think you meant petal-peddling…

  • Alex Silver

    They are super ugly and any true Madonna fan would know to bring roses (especially white ones). This is why we love Madonna and why some have always hated her. She just keeps it real. yo!

    • Ang

      Being rude to someone who is genuinely trying to be nice is not “keeping it real.”

      • Huh

        What was rude? She accepted them, smiled and then, to someone other than the person, said she didn’t like them. She didn’t sneer at the person.

      • Tiffany

        What she did was very rude. She commented to 2 people on either side of her in order to embarrass the person who gave her the flowers.

      • armaniac1

        Agreed. Be gracious.

      • Oh please

        whoever gave the flowers looks like they’re associated with the production—it’s probably some assistant. If it were a fan, she’d have been getting a steady stream of visitors.

      • Tom

        if I was Madonna, I would try to be adult for a change but that’s just me

    • Marph

      If keeping it real is being a b*tch to someone who’s done something nice for you, I’d prefer stars stay fake, thanks.

      • e4ia

        I usually love Madonna. But I have to agree that it was a total b**chy thing to do. She is so far removed from the “common people” that she has lost touch with her fans.

    • Jeanne

      Right, because I and everyone else I know all know the flower preferences for all the celebrities we like. Where’s an eye-rolling smiley when you need one?

    • Hydrangia

      I personally think hydrangias are a very beautiful flower; however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess like Madonna’s face – now that’s looking really ugly and plastic. My mom is 53 too and she looks beautiful like a normal 53 year old woman should. Oh yes, and I hear Madonna’s movie stinks to high heaven too.

    • Blonde South

      Because everyone can afford to buy Madonna white roses. She should just be grateful that someone was nice enough to bring her flowers. Instead she just comes off like a douche.

    • @Alex Silver

      Madonna’s super ugly, and that’s keeping it real, yo! Insead of white roses, bring lillies to mourn the death of her career.

    • DRG

      She keeps it real? ROTFLMAO!!!!!! She is just another pre-packagged, marketable commodity and that’s all she has been for the past 30 years. That people still see any substance or class in this woman is astonishing.

      • asher

        Wow, have you ever listened to “Like a Prayer” or “Ray of Light”? Look, I am not going to stick up for the woman as a person, I don’t know her and I will admit, she can come across like a haughty snob. But her music has influenced my life for the better, so I will defend her art – you are just clueless and desperately trying to sound “hip.”

    • McFly

      Alex, you are obviously a boy’s boy who likes his divas and probably know lots of lame Madonna trivia and reads it all under a disco ball with Madonna music playing in the background. Don’t you know the difference between keeping it real and having zero class?

    • DRG

      “He obviously doesn’t know that” she says. Right, and she mocks him for not knowing such an obscure detail about her. What a shallow and self-absorbed person she is.

      • Winnie


    • steve

      Get a hobby, ya freakin’ drag queen!

      • Reserved Copycat

        ….only Lady Gaga would find that flowers…beautiful because she is ugly herself.

    • jennrae

      And “super-ugly?” Really?

    • Betsy

      So you must be just as rude as she is.

    • takes one…

      I enjoy the irony of a bunch of anonymous commenters sneering at Madonna’s alleged “rudeness” all while making rude, outrageous or even disgusting comments themselves. Ain’t hypocrisy just grand?

      • McFly

        Irony rules, Madonna toe sucker.

    • ks

      She made her millions off you, she does not need you anymore…………..

  • Tracey D

    while intent was a good, timing was horrible! Um…. Since when is it ok, to just walk up to a panel/interview setting like that?

  • Chase

    She’s a b****. That’s all.

    • Cheeky Pillow

      Madonna….b**** with a class!

      Go Queendonna…go!

  • jane

    I just got a $829.99 iPad2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for. here at CoolCen t. c om

    • McFly

      Way to keep on topic Jane.

  • Tully

    She looked kind of embarrassed because hydrangeas are commonly found in backyards. A glimpse into a celebrity’s lack of grace. But, what is she wearing? A nun’s dress version?

    • mari

      That is quite a silly statement. Roses are quite common in backyards too and I hear she loves them. She just behaved in a “loathesome” manner.

    • Kat

      I prefer wildflowers or backyard flowers, myself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what nature provides you in your locale. If someone gave me a bouquet of dandelion blossoms, I’d think it was lovely. Madonna has made some great music and significantly influenced pop culture (for better or for worse)…but she needs to get over herself just a bit. I don’t care if this guy’s a fan or a staff person…don’t mock his failure to know what flowers you bizarrely “loathe.” It’s about the gesture, not about the plants.

  • aa

    I hate orchids but I think id be a little more gracious. Madonna is awesome but that was rude.

  • Mike

    Who cares if she loathes hydrangeas? What does that have to do with anything? People here are using this to attack her; if Lady Gaga loathed hydrangeas all would be cool.

    • iggy

      Ummm..if someone does something nice for you and all you do gripe about it, you are being rude (and pretty obnoxious)…no matter who you are.

    • psyche

      Way to miss the point.

      Didn’t your mother ever teach you to smile and say thanks when you get a present? She is the equivalent of a 15 year old boy who gets an ugly sweater from Grandma and is ill-mannered enough to complain about it to Grandma’s face. Except a 15 year old boy has the excuse of being a 15 year old boy & she should know better.

      • scott

        Can you not read? She said thank you TWICE and whispered to the star of her movie Andrea to her right as he turned his back to walk away. If this post never saw the light of day, he would know no different. In the wide shot you can see security rushing over to move him out of the way. He was approaching her inappropriately at an inappropriate time. He was in the wrong.

      • Angela

        She commented to the 2 people on either side of her in order to make fun of the person who gave the gift. Mocking someone behind their back is not a kind thing to do. It was completely cruel that she felt the need to share her distaste for the gift with others. That was COMPLETLY intended to be at the expense of the gift giver.

    • People Everywhere

      Lady Gaga treats her fans with respect. In part by NOT rolling her eyes and making obnoxious comments after a fan does something like, I dunno, giving her flowers.



    • NO

      If Lady Gaga was given hydrangeas, she would probably smile and say thank you. Like any decent person. She has a soul. As for Madonna, I have my doubts.

      • Katy Perrilicious Rulez

        Gaga is a copycat and sell her garbage album for 99cents.

        Is that what are u suggesting as ‘thankful’?


    • Fresh Copycat

      Lady Gaga is not yet a legend.

      • Tantty Haryanty

        Xerox machine who copies other legends including Cher, Better Midler, Grace Jones and Annie Lennox.

    • The Edge of Coffin

      come on..lady gaga would take anything from her fans including fake penis and rotten eggs…

  • bgl

    It’s okay if she didn’t like the flowers. But to be polite and gracious I would have just said thank you , taken the flowers, and not made a big deal out of nothing.

  • crispy

    That is hilarious!

  • Jo

    This is ridiculous! She said thank you politely and the fan wouldn’t have been offended if the media hadn’t put out this video. She said the comment to someone in an aside with her hair in front of her face, it obviously wasn’t meant to offend.

    • iggy

      She did it at a press conference (which is a media event)…with an open mike in front of her. That makes her appear either very callous or very stupid.

      • McFly

        If she’s gunning for an oscar for the film she’s promoting, she’s kind of blowing it already. Oscar voting usually take the persons likeability or lack thereof. This is bad P.R. and shows that she seems to have contempt for the people that admire her or the people that, God forbid, didn’t know she didn’t like hydrangeas. Spoiled rotten celebrity.

      • srsly

        McFly, really? madonna hasn’t been liked by most of the press EVER? this comment is not going to affect a thing. Madonna does what she pleases because she can. good for her.

    • Angela

      As I said before, she commented to the 2 people on either side of her in order to make fun of the person who gave the gift. Mocking someone behind their back is not a kind thing to do. It was cruel that she felt the need to share her distaste for the gift with others. That was COMPLETLY intended to be at the expense of the gift giver.

      • NO

        I agree, Angela. I have loathed Madonna ever since Truth or Dare showed her as she really is. Hateful.

      • EmmaUk

        because you have no taste ..really. You mad?

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