Cher defends son Chaz Bono against 'stupid bigots'


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She got you, babe. Cher has taken to Twitter to defend her son Chaz Bono’s decision to join Dancing With the Stars as the series’ first transgendered contestant. After becoming aware that Chaz was taking a lot of heat from transphobic Internet commenters, she encouraged her fans to voice support for him on blogs and message boards and reminded everyone, “Mothers don’t stop Getting angry with stupid bigots who fk with their children !”

Cher assures America: “bet VAST MAJORITY of People will LOVE CHAZ on DWTS ! & it’s took Fkg Guts 2! Chaz isn’t exactly the ‘Gotta Dance Gotta Dance’ kinda Guy.”

Is it possible Cher’s perfectly crafted tweets are even more exquisite than her songs?

Chaz wrote back: “Thanks for all your support mom. The haters are just motivating me to work harder and stay on DWTS as long as I possibly can.”

DWTS executive producer Conrad Green told ABC News he thinks people will relish getting to know Chaz better, and hopes that by the Sept. 19 premiere, this will be a non-issue. “We’re not going to be making a huge amount of issue out of people’s sexuality,” he said. “We never have on the show.”

(This, of course, was a fluke. It was totally a theme night.)

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  • LOL

    GOP fears Chaz.

    • tom

      O WONDER WHY some COMMIT SUICIDE…..TY LOL….I Truly hope you realllllllllly realllllllllllllllllllllly realize one day….you contributed

      • LD

        That comment pi$$es me off. I am a Republican, and believe in gay/trans gender rights, as do a lot of my Republican friends. the media just wants to pit party against party. There are bigots and haters on both sides. Wake up and quit grouping everyone in the same category. When I heard Chaz was going to on, He was the one I planned on supporting.

      • ICK

        Please. What a hypocrite Cher is. You just know she wanted to hang herself when “Chaz” told her about the sex change. What normal person wouldn’t? I defy any straight person here to admit that if their child were to approach them with this same scenario that you wouldn’t have the same feelings. It’s always “okay” when it’s someone else’s child.

      • M. Burns

        Speaking of suicide, Nancy Grace bullied an innocent young woman into killing herself and yet the self-appointed morality police can find nothing to focus their misguided outrage on except Chaz Bono’s sexuality.

      • Mike

        @LD … if the comment pisses you off so much, I hope it spurs you into action against your own. I know a lot of Republicans who do actually believe in equality for the LGBT community, but they never speak up. The Republicans who hold all the power, all the money, and all the influence are the crazy psychopathic bible thumpers, not the normal ones who say they believe in equality. So if the statement bugs you, do something about it.

      • LD

        @mike, Sadly the Republicans you speak of only do what they think the right wants. It is a smaller (and getting smaller) amount that feel that way. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, But is no different than the left wanting to ban religion everywhere. I vote to let people live there lives without interference from anyone as long as they are not harming anyone else. I live in the deep south and most of my family are those bible thumpers, and I do have arguments with them. So, I do speak out.


        At this rate, how long will it be before you people will start accepting pedophiles?

      • @ Epic Failure

        Your comment shows just how ignorant you are.

      • @ @EPIC FAILURE

        No. Seriously. How long will it before you keep wanting to accept different ridiculous problems?

      • ^

        End of times, mate.

      • @@@Epic failure

        Again, your comment makes no sense. I think you are slowwwwwww.

      • @@@@Epic failure

        Can’t answer the question, eh?

      • ^

        Believe me, he/she/it can’t answer the question.
        You then have to open the doors about rapists, murderers, animal “lovers”, terrorists, and other people who ate paint chips as children.

      • @^

        Isn’t it funny how he/she/it called me “slowwwwww”.
        Typical hypocrite. It seems somebody has something against the mentally-challenged.

      • DRG

        Epic failure fails epically.

      • @DRG

        Oh, another one. Let’s see you make a defense.

      • Matt

        @EPIC FAILURE. The reason that person is calling you slow is because transgenderism is not linked in any way to the other behaviors you mentioned, such as pedophilia. You are a bigot, and the most epic failure I have seen in these discussions so far.

      • @epic failure

        You are slow, a bigot and a baby. Transgenderism is not against the law. Pedophilia is. There is no defense or additional explanation needed.

      • @idiots above

        There will come a time that pedos will claim that they were “born this way” and dopes like yourselves will be sympathetic to them.

      • @@idiots

        They may have been born that way but it is against the law. Ignorant arguement from an ignoramus.

      • @ICK

        Clearly you don’t have kids. And hopefully never will. You wanna defy my acceptance and unconditional love for my child? BRING IT.

      • @@ICK

        So if your kid becomes a pedophile when they get older, you’d be ok with that, huh?

      • googliezoo

        Linking transgenders with pedophiles? Please. the difference that one victimizes people and the other doesn’t. Who is hurt if someone feels they were born into the wrong sex and take steps to change it? No one is. Pedophiles victimize people, the same way that rapists and murderers do. Why is it so hard to live and let live as long as it isn’t hurting someone else?

      • Jools

        If there are moderate Republicans who support LGBT rigths, then it is their duty to speak out against the loudmouth bigots who seem to be controlling the GOP agenda.

      • Chris Crocker

        LEAVE NANCY ALONE! Seriously, she didn’t bully that woman into suicide. If she killed herself, then she either had something to hide or only has herself to blame for neglecting her child. Nancy is mouthy and a dictatorial TV host, but she’s passionate about things that matter, and good for her!

      • shell

        “Short is the road that leads from fear to hate.”

      • LOL

        LD, you are full of sh**. The left doesn’t want to “ban religion everywhere.” Leave your dung heap of a party. It’s beyond repair.

      • Nobama

        sorry LOL, the DNC is just as bad

      • Lucus

        stop breeding..

      • untapttalent

        look it is fine to have an intelligent, open discussion about transgender issues and it’s even alright to not think it’s ok and to take issue with it…just because someone is a religious person and therefore doesn’t believe it is within our rights to change our sex that doesn’t make them a bad person…the core problem is that neither side really wants to listen to the other so there’s never an open, honest, and respectful dialogue about this type of thing because it’s such a hot button topic…we won’t get anywhere until we’re willing to discuss these things and try to see where the other side is coming from.

      • Father Joe

        If God wanted that poor girl to be a man, he would have made her a man. Now excuse me, I have some little boys I’ve got to be buggering…
        – – – – – –
        Praise Jesus! Thank you for these ten year old buttholes!

    • Sandy

      Now…just WHY does the GOP fear Chaz….?
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Kerri

        The GOP fears what it doesn’t understand and what doesn’t fit the bible, which is most of what is out there. And they wish to propagate that fear so they can control people. Other parties recognize what doesn’t fit the bible and accept it as long as it doesn’t hurt others. Hence, transgender is nothing to fear.

      • LOL

        Kerri FTW

      • Alyssa

        Indeed. Well said Kerri. Not to mention ” Change” and being liberal comes with time, no matter how much Republicans try and stop it or who’s name it is behind.

      • Howard


      • james

        They fear what they do not understand.

      • untapttalent

        @kerry i’m not a member of the GOP, far from it, but did it ever occur to you that there is a legitimate argument to be made about the morality or immorality of changing ones sex? the truth is it’s not as black and white as a lot of supporters want to make it…and a lot of the concern from the right, or bible thumpers and people are calling them, actually comes from a thoughtful, curious, and compassionate place…there are extremists on both sides and they are usually the loudest and the people who get more media coverage but there are also many thoughtful people on the right who oppose it for legitimate reasons…and your intolerance of the right or your intolerance of religious doctrine is just as dangerous and just as wrong as the intolerance you’re accusing them of

      • Squishmar

        untapttalent: What exactly are the “legitimate reasons” for opposing it? You can not agree with it (like Michael Jackson getting so many surgeries) but outright opposing it? I can’t think of any reason for that. But I agree that even the ones chastising the overt bigots are intolerant in their comments towards them… when in fact, we really should feel sorry for them.

      • googliezoo

        @untapttalent, thanks for a thoughtful post, even if I disagree. For me, I believe in live and let live. I think anyone should be able to do what they want to make themselves happy as long as it isn’t hurting anybody else. I understand how someone could think “Eh, this isn’t for me” but not “This is wrong and shouldn’t be done.” How can one make that judgement for others without ever having walked a mile in their shoes? I’ve never heard a valid argument against that last point, ever.

      • Pukeus

        all the freaks in the freakdom

    • NoN

      Mohammed thanks you for your fear.

  • nate

    I think its really disappointing that ABC would putt sick and perverse people on like that.

    • Isabelle

      OMG! It’s 2011 not 1911 grow the hell up.

      • rick

        what in the hell does what yr it is have to do with were born a girl,you are a girl, not what dr frankenstien made you into.also ,i thought this show was dancing with the stars.what ever chaz is,one thing chaz is not,is a star.

      • dally

        And Bristol Palin was? She was a teenager who got knocked up and parlayed that into big $$ because of who her mother was.

      • freak

        I agree with you Nate and rick, its another whole with Bono.
        She was born a girl and there are some really crossed wires there when you think that your supposed to be the opposite sex. So many think gay is wrong, but this is really wrong. I dont pass judgement on people, but somethings you cannot help but think that its wrong and this is one of them.
        It doesn’t matter if it’s 3021, wrong now wrong then.

      • @freak

        If you say it is wrong you are passing judgement. Just imagine if you felt like you should act like a human being How would you go about that?

      • googliezoo

        It doesn’t affect you in any way, so why do you care what Chaz Bono has chosen to do with his life? The same reasoning applies to gay marriage. If you don’t believe in it, don’t marry a gay person. To each his/her own.

      • Lucus


      • untapttalent

        @freak you can’t say you don’t judge and then make a judgmental statement by saying someone is wrong…we all judge…it’s human nature…we have beliefs and think certain things are right or wrong and make judgments based on those beliefs…however these beliefs can be made in a respectful and compassionate way and not a condescending and hurtful way…no one really knows if it’s wrong…because even if you believe in a God and believe that He thinks it’s wrong, it’s all just a belief, not a fact…but one thing we should all be able to agree on is that we are all called to treat others with respect and compassion, and not with vile hatred passing from our lips.

      • Squishmar

        Does nate know something we don’t? Is it now “Golfing with the Stars”?

      • Squishmar

        “Lucus” LOL. Not “Lucas” mind you, this name is reminiscent of the word “mucus.”

    • Cas

      Yeah, I know. That Nancy Grace has got to go. (Oh wait, did you mean something else by that comment?)

    • Mike

      I think it’s really disappointing someone with such limited cognitive skills and the mentality of a bigot is allowed to have internet access. But hey, we all have our problems don’t we?

      • shawna

        It sounds like your a bigot towards bigots, lol

      • Nobama

        so i guess anyone with a differing opinion than yours is a “bigot”.

      • Nobama

        Mike is the definition of “Internet Tough Guy” Watch him flex his e-muscles!

      • Lucus

        freaky people

    • PIMB

      Some people are soo ignorant. But Cher must remember that it took her a while to accept Chaz and she is his mother. Chaz made it other people’s business when he decided that he would bring his sex change out to the public via TV. It may take other less invested people more time too. And some people will never accept him. Me, I don’t care what you do to make yourself happy as long as you don’t hurt others.

      • PIMB

        OMG. You need to reread. Or maybe you just want to insult me. I completely support Chaz. It took his mom even more time than it took me. To each his own. And WTF with tightwad. Do you know what it means?

      • @PIMB

        Do you really think that Chaz had any choice other than to take his sex change public? His mother is a public figure and I’m sure the pap’s and gossip mags wouold have outted him if he hadn’t beat them to it!

      • @@PIMB

        I have nothing against Chaz taking it public. It has been public for a while. I also have no problem with him being on multiple TV shows (which I think is really for a paycheck). I just said it opens the door for more of the commentary. If Chaz wasn’t on these TV shows there would not be as many threads and some of us would mind our own business (probably me included). I am not judging. Just an innocent bystander.

    • Matt

      It’s really disappointing that you are such an ignorant tightwad.

      • PIMB

        (Posted in wrong place) OMG. You need to reread. Or maybe you just want to insult me. I completely support Chaz. It took his mom even more time than it took me. To each his own. And WTF with tightwad. Do you know what it means?

      • Matt

        @PIMB. my reply was to Nate, not you. This commenting system is not a very good one.

    • gloria

      I think your comments are sick and perverse, and you should be banned from posting.

    • Bobby’s Robot

      I’m with you nate – get Nancy Grace off the show!!!

      • PIMB

        Wow for such a group of dim stars this season will certainly be a ratings bonanza!

    • Doty

      I know. Nancy Grace is TOO GROTESQUE for the airwaves, in my opinion. … That’s who you meant, right? Because that’s the only sicko I see in the cast.

      • Chris Crocker

        Nancy is amazing. She goes after child killers. She’s also ENTERTAINING.

    • Kerri

      Oh wow… I have no words for the stupidity in evidence in this thread. There is nothing sick or perverse about feeling like you don’t belong in the body into which you were born. It is a proven medical condition. The majority of people deal with it and hate themselves, mostly because of people like you. Chaz was very brave and not only decided to fix it but did so publically, giving people like you the opportunity to hate some more. You should be thanking him for helping you release that hate into the universe. Yes, that was sarcasm.

      • Adam

        Wow yourself, Kerri. This isn’t science fiction, you know. “don’t belong in the body into which you were born”. WE DON’T HAVE BRAIN TRANSPLANTS. If you saw that in a movie, let me help you out – it’s not possible.

      • Squishmar

        Right, Adam, which is why Chaz had his body altered to gibe with what he was feeling at the core of his being. Now, his brain and body feel more in sync and he’s living a life he feels much more comfortable in.

      • Sarah

        Adam – maybe it’s been a while since you opened a science textbook, but we’re not talking about science fiction here. Whether you see it as a mental disorder (as some people choose too), or just different brain wiring (which I’m more inclined to believe), it is a medical condition.

    • Zach


    • waya

      Chaz hasn’t done anythin wrong. He isn’t trying to convert anyone to what he has done. He just wants to prove that gays and transgenders are no different from anyone else. They are not out to convert children. They are not pedophiles. They just want to be happy like anyone else.

    • Necro

      Kim Kardashian was on DWTS and she did cheap porn. Plenty of morally questionable men and women have already appeared on the show so anybody upset over Chaz should get over it and STFU!

    • james

      Guess your a bible thumper.

  • ambertaus

    Eww! Chaz is gross and unnatural.

    • @ambertaus

      Right back at you!

    • googliezoo

      Is it any more unnatural when some young starlet gets implants or a nose job? Or aging actresses obsessions with botox and face lifts? What about tattoos and piercings. Where’s the outrage over those “unnatural” acts?

      • Jules


      • googliezoo

        Yes, I am. Why is one more unnatural than the other? Just because it involves reproductive organs? People are way too uptight about penises and vaginas. Time to move beyond those Puritan hangups about sex and the human body.

        The point is, if it’s ok to feel better about oneself by increasing ones chest size or “fixing” ones nose, then why is gender reassignment any different?

      • Ms

        Because it is. It is not an ego thing. It is a chemical thing.

    • james

      The only thing unnatural is bigotry.

      • Freddie

        To each it’s own; but everybody should not have to see this crap in public.

    • untapttalent

      @ambertaus those type of comments don’t help the conversation…it is possible to have a legitimate complaint about Chaz and what she did, (i said she, because at the time of the decision she was a she), but when you express your argument in the way you did it undermines any point you might make because it just comes across as ignorant.

  • sethop

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should! It is wrong to flaunt a morally wrong person on TV and try to force their opinion as acceptable.

    • JosiePosie

      I love how everytime something is portrayed that some people don’t like they talk about someone forcing their opinion on them. If you don’t like Chaz then don’t watch. But, you don’t get to dictate what the rest of the world sees or thinks is acceptable. So, why don’t you go crawl back into your bunker, and let the rest of the world move forward.

    • QJ201

      Morally wrong to YOU!
      And where does your morality ban begin and end?

      • Regina

        I have exatlcy what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it\’s free? Awesome!

    • Ugly Nikki

      Are you the morality police? Are the rest of the contestants moral? How about all that close dancing between strangers? The show should be canceled, huh?

      • morality police


      • Alyssa

        That is like saying what is normal. What is moral and ethic to one person , may not be to another. They only universally unmoral thing we all can agree on is killing. – BUT that is still debatable in Society when you are talking about certain issues. If you think the death penalty is okay but abortion is wrong that’s a double standard. – Both are killing LIVE humans. If you are anti- death penalty and pro-choice like I am. You have taken a side on the issues and for a reason. Criminals are too sick to deserve death. And women control their own bodies, not government.

    • D

      If you think that you are a secret government agent performing covert missions for a shadowy government agency, psychologists don’t then make you an honorary member of the CIA. They address the problem.

      • Squishmar

        Yeah, there aren’t genetics or physiological reasons for that… that would strictly be a psychological problem. A very poor analogy.

      • Squishmar

        I read what you wrote on page 3 and I’m thinking I don’t get what you’re trying to say here… (if this is the same “D”.)

    • Doty

      Your opinion isn’t “accurate,” sweetie, so how about you stop forcing it on us?

    • Kerri

      It is morally wrong to correct a medical condition now? Wow. Some of you people need serious help.

    • gwen

      “morally wrong person on tv”
      Geeze, since Fred Rogers died, has there been any other kind?

    • james

      Who are you to judge anyone as immoral, you are not God?

  • LM

    Hey, if it offends your christian morals, then don’t watch(I certainly won’t be, because I’m offended by stupid dancing shows). Luckily for you, you can watch the 700 Club or pop in a Kirk Cameron DVD. No one is forcing you to watch, so take full advantage of your freedom and turn the channel.

    • Brody

      For the record, not all of us are bigots.

    • LD

      I also what Chelsey Lately, so go after that left winging side, b’c they were making fun of Chaz terribly. It just amazes me that the left can joke about the left, but the right is off limits to everything. The left preaches tolerance and yet is the least tolerant of anyone.

      • Mike

        Really bad argument. Chelsea Handler doesn’t make fun of Chaz because she is intolerant of our community. She is a comedian and part of her job is to call attention to hate by using offensive humor. It’s what comedians do. As a gay man, I tell gay jokes all the time. It’s called taking control.

      • LD

        @mike, that is so hypocritical. Like blacks being able to use the “N” word. But if we joke about gays or a minority, we are racist or intolerable.

      • peach

        You know, it does seem to me it is the liberal left doing most of the protesting – not about Chaz, but about those who comment on Chaz.. They are the ones bringing politics into this forum, where IMO it does NOT belong. Lets just wait and see if the guy can dance, alright? He might surprise everyone, I have a feeling he will be quite endearing. At any rate – back off, jackals, it’s a DANCE show, not a political convention.

      • Jen

        @LD, you *are* racist and intolerable.

      • Ok, first of all it’s not joking when people in these comments are saying that people are wrong or unnatural. That’s not a joke, that’s ignorance.

        Second, I know this doesn’t have to do with this thread but I just want to get this through people’s heads and since I can’t reply to the person that actually brought this up…. the argument about “what’s next we accept pedophiles and people that have sex with animals?” is tired and has no relevance. Having same-sex relationships is between two consenting individuals. Children do not consent, it’s abuse. So please stop comparing the two because it’s weak and makes no sense.

      • Matt

        Peach, we aren’t protesting. We’re educating. Many people are ignorant of the issues of transgenderism.
        TGs have a birth defect. They show physical characteristics of one gender, while having the emotional characteristics of the other.
        To those saying that Chaz changed who he is to become unnatural, you are 100% wrong. Chaz corrected a birth defect so that he could become WHO HE REALLY IS.

      • LD

        @jen, you obviously didn’t ready any of my previous post. You are in that group that does not check facts before spouting off at the mouth.

      • Peach

        @Matt – sorry, I guess my comment was mis-leading. I did not mean to imply “the liberal Left” was protesting. I meant to express my dismay that every time someone makes an ignorant comment it is construed to be from a “tea party person” or a “religous nut.” Ignorance comes from all walks of life, as this board proves more and more. I am in agreement with you, Matt. I just wish people would stop labeling the name-callers.

  • Therealeverton

    This person is who they are. Some, most of these comments are shameful.

    Not watching the show works fine without the insults and intolerance.

    • adam

      This person is not who they are! They changed who they are to become unnatural!

      • QJ201

        Should be ban all DWTS contestants who have had breast implants?

      • Mike

        Yes, let’s ban all DWTS contestants who have had breast implants (very unnatural, although I’m sure if Adam is a straight man he does not object to boob jobs), all contestants who have had any sort of Botox and all contestants who have had other forms of cosmetic surgery. All of this is unnatural; the difference is Chaz’s surgery allows him to reflect on the outside who he has always been on the inside.

      • Meg

        Or those who spray-tan before they go on live? Oh, wait…that disqualifies everyone except for Tom Bergeron.

      • PIMB

        I wear a wig. Please don’t ban me :). Oh I also have some capped teeth.

      • Ugly Nikki

        you mean like when youe eye sight goes and you get glasses? Its unnatural like dying you hair blonde or having a kidney transplant. Just deal with your situation the way it is, huh?

      • Michelle

        So did Heidi Montag but she’s still everywhere…

  • Kilo

    It’s so sad that people are this addicted to hate. Chaz is a person who made a decision that impacts no one but himself. Still, there are people who try and tell others that he is “gross and unnatural” and “sick and perverse”. The only thing gross and perverse is the people who fear difference to a point that they find offense on a dancing reality TV show.

    Thankfully, in 50 years, those people will be regarded as ancient crackpots who embarrass their grandchildren when using outdates slurs.

    • googliezoo

      Thank you! You are so right.

  • Lou

    Are the above comments for real? Are you all that narrow minded? Seriously its none of your business, there are many people struggling with their gender or sexual identity across the world, having someone like Chaz show them they aren’t alone is a good thing.

    • Random Person

      I read comments on these boards all the time and I am constantly struck by the since of “freedom” people have when spouting hate.

      Generally when we are confronted by something we don’t like most people with either ignore it or make some kind of less offensive comment regarding it. But with the “privacy” of a fake name people seem to feel the need to just be completely incapable of being polite, providing intelligent feedback or less offensive commentary.

      At some point your hate will come back to bite you in you arse. Karma is a powerful thing.

      Chaz has hurt no one by trying to be happy and being a better person for themselves. At some point the haters out there should start looking in the mirror and asking themselves if they are truly happy hiding behind the veil of supposed anonymity.

  • Lilosama

    Gross…. Looking at obese chaz makes me want to vomit. I hope dwts will tank.

    • Sugar

      Wow, Lilosama, did it make you feel better to spew all that venom out of yourself? I hope so, because your comment doesn’t serve any useful purpose for the rest of us.

    • ic

      i’m sure you are a tank.

    • Lloyd

      Probably a good thing. You could stand to lose a few pounds, too.

    • Nobama

      typical liberals, resort to personal attacks and name calling when you don’t get your way… that’s to ic and Lloyd

  • kim

    Agreed she is an abomination!

    • dally

      Pot / Kettle

    • @kim

      “abomination?” REALLY?????
      Get a life, Kim.

    • morality police

      @kim…..ABOMINATION??? AGREED!!!

    • @^

      Hey, morality police! I hear you are needed on the sets of Bachelor Pad, Big Brother,and Real Housewives – there are some real abominations going on there.

      • Kiki

        Don’t forget Toddlers and Tiaras @morality police

    • james

      The abominations are those who spew hate at what they do not understand and refuse to have any tolerance for other humans. All the haters must go to church with reverend Fred Phelps who in my opinion is the devil himself.

  • Alethea

    Chaz isn’t a guy Cher and in your heart you and her know that. I don’t care what someone does to her or his body but when they try and tell me their a man and they are clearing not i got a problem with that. make a penis out of your vagina doesn’t make you a man.

    • Jen

      I feel very sorry for you.

    • asher

      Alethea, it’s NOT YOUR LIFE! You know, if everyone concentrated a little more on their own S#!t instead of thinking they need to comment on everyone else’s choices, the world would be a much better place!

  • Johann

    Walk a mile in another’s shoes. Sure, there’s someone you found you can call names and pick on. It’s easy. Just like the schoolyard bully in elementary school wants to make fun of others to elevate himself.

    Make all the snappy witticisms that you want, but for folks to attack him- a guy they’ve never met just reflects the hatred that’s in your heart.

    • dally

      Well said.

    • ic

      right on.

  • matt

    Chaz you go! Your making history sweetheart. All these jealous wannabes can go cry in their beer as you have the final laugh. You’re a gift of God don’t let anyone tell you different!

    • Lea

      Jealous?????? Yeah, I want to be an obese perverted miscreant. Hahahahahahaha thanks for the laugh!!!!

      • Lea

        I forgot to say Z-list, obese, perverted miscreant!

  • JosiePosie

    If you were born with a third leg would you try to get it removed if possible? Or would you just decide that was how God made you and live with it. This is probably how Chaz and many transgendered people feel. It’s like they have a third leg, something that is a part of them that doesn’t feel natural. Changing themselves in order to be who they feel God meant for them to be is not wrong. It’s just becoming who they really are.

    • JosiePosie

      My comments were in response to another poster. It seems like their comment disappeared. Maybe the censors on here are working for once.

    • @ Josie

      I think you got it wrong. Chaz wanted the third leg.

      • Squishmar

        That’s awful but I thought the exact same thing. ;)

    • Olivia, my real name

      @ JosiePosie…Uumm…how did God get in this? Did he call you and tell you how “he meant them to be?”
      Inserting the god you believe in starts wars; wars of words, wars of killing other human beings because of a personal belief or those who claim to have a hotline to “G”od.

      Shouldn’t your relationship with your god be personal and private and not as countless in the street, in politics and those that invade our privacy by knocking on our doors, accost us on the street with their literature who attempt to impose their religious beliefs on strangers? I am not saying or implying that that is what you are doing. I am merely trying to find out why you think that the God you believe in meant for them to be.

      • ABC

        I believe this is called takIng a quote out of context – the context being “who they feel,” which JosiePosie inserted in front of “God meant for them to be.” JosiePosie is not arguing that he/she knows what God wants. JosiePosie IS arguing, however, that he/she knows what a transgendered individual is thinking – so if you’d like to argue about that feel free.

  • amyalexander

    All religions that believe in God condemn this sick woman. The show is using her like a clown to get ratings. People want to see what she does next. Billions of people support our condemnation of this sick behavior. I pray for her that she gets help.

    • Brody

      Matthew 22:36-39.

    • spmsmith

      Well, I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and if I’m reading my Bible correctly, the transgendered were *not* among the people Jesus condemned in the Gospels. I’d be a bit scared if I were one of the judgmental, I’m-more-righteous-than-you people on this board, though.

      • Michelle

        I agree totally. I’m one of those CONSERVATIVE Republicans……BUT one who KNOWS that WE ARE NOT the judges. I’ve seen Chaz’s story and commend him for his courage and strength. @amyalexander – “all religions that believe in God comdemn this sick woman” YOU ARE WRONG. To you I say this; “Let those without sin, cast the first stone”. I’m really hoping Chaz does well……not because of the contraversy but because he’s battled all his life and now that he feels secure in his own skin, I wish him success.

      • LOL

        The GOP is a cesspool. You contribute to ignorance by belonging to such a filthy party.

      • Nobama

        LOL at LOL’s post… yeah like the DNC is any better.

    • B.A.

      You’re a horse’s patootie.

    • aaron

      Um, doesn’t your holy book say, “Judge not, lest ye be judged”?

    • Jen

      @amyalexander- billions of people? Took a survey, did you? I’m praying for you, you obviously need it.

    • ic

      no you need help moron.

    • Nobama

      excellent comeback ic, you “moron”.

    • james

      The only sickness in the world is ignorance and hate. And if your a religious person then i would think you would know better. Isn’t it known fact in the religious community that God is love not hate?

      • lisa

        i agree,& hate IS born of ignorance,& fear,and some people,it never fails,get sucked into the media drilling these negatives into their heads.”biased ,unbalanced news like the news run by a certain ”gop fellow,”we won’t name names”.the majourity know who he is.the lost sheep need someone to lash out at,forgetting GODgave us a don’t have to be so bigoted,& narrow.we don’t have to ignore scientific treatments to help bodies match up with the mind if it helps ease a person’s suffering.this is not messing with GOD to accept chaz,it’s more being thankful to god that we have some brains,& he wouldn’t want us to use them in ”bullying over-assertive ways.

    • Rene

      she did get help, it’s called re assignment surgery. What make,s you a expert on this matter? could you even amagin what it might be like to suffer in a life where you feel it’s all wrong? have you never taken messures to correct something about you or your life? And the statements and judgeing. If you truely are gods child you will let god do the judgeing, or is god on vacation and your filling in just wondering, and she did get help and now you out of respect should use the pronoun He,

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