New 'Return of the Jedi' Blu-ray has questionable addition: Darth Vader screaming 'Nooooo!'


George Lucas has been tweaking the original Star Wars saga for so long now that it almost doesn’t make sense to complain anymore. At this late date, the tweaks have generally become so minor and unimportant (Oooo, now we’ll be bored by a digital Yoda in The Phantom Menace!) that the aging Star Wars fan almost feels the need to defend Lucas’ eternal tinkering: “Hey, so long as Lucas still lets us have our beloved original theatrical versions, with Han shooting first and John Motherfreaking Dykstra in the house, who cares if he turns the Max Rebo band from a badass space-jazz doo-wop band into an obnoxious late-90s swing-rock collective?”

And yet, there is something horrifically familiar about the decision — much-discussed on the Internet and officially confirmed by EW — to make Darth Vader squeal “Noooo!” during the climax of Return of the Jedi on the film’s new Blu-Ray edition. First, because it makes one of the few subtle moments in Jedi feel just as hackneyed and forced as everything else in that Ewok-plagued film. Second, because now we know that George Lucas will not rest until every member of the Skywalker family screams like a girl. And third, because this new “Noooo!” is a slap-in-the-face reminder of the infamous “Nooo!” that ended Revenge of the Sith, the precise moment when Darth Vader stopped being one of the great villains in cinema history and started being a punchline.

EW confirmed the change with a representative for Lucasfilm, who said: “‘No!’ has been added to the Blu-ray.” Although the YouTube video clip embedded below has not been officially confirmed by EW to be the revised scene in question, the video has been used by The New York Times and other news organizations and claims to be the revised video clip. (The same YouTube user has also posted videos in which an Ewok appears to blink thanks to newly-added digital effects, and a video in which Obi-Wan Kenobi’s fake dragon-call has been given a Phil Spector-esque reverb.) Watch and see if your heart doesn’t hurt:

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  • Kaiulani

    Will he please just leave the damn movies alone?

    • why?

      No, we basically have to wait till this hack goes away so his children (who hopefully have sense) can revert everything the way they used to be in the original trilogy and no one really cares about the prequels anyway.

      • SNIKT!

        This is yet another fine example of just how BAD a storyteller George Lucas really is. Darth’s actions speak loudly enough, but the writer in George wants to make SURE the stupid viewer understands exactly what’s going on in the scene and with the character. As if saving Luke and throwing the Emperor over the side wasn’t telling enough.
        Star Wars was a lucky fluke of talented actors (well…Ford and Guinness at least), editors and FX artists that succeeded IN SPITE of Lucas. And remember, Empire was scripted and directed by other, much more talented individuals. If Lucas had his way, the original trilogy would have ended up much like the prequels. With all this constant tweaking, it may yet even still.

      • Stick it in Yout Butt!

        Wish Georgie would get his dang Star Wars TV series off the ground already. Maybe then he’ll have something to occupy his time and he won’t keep fiddling with the past. Oh, but I forgot. He really can’t write worth a damn, so the whole 200 episode series thing is really probably just a “fuzzy” idea in his head. But hey George, at least you write dialogue as good as that Whedon guy, right? Right? Nooooooooo?

      • romanceloveseeking

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      • Matt Johnson

        If you don’t care about the prequals than you’re not really a Star Wars fan. Except the changes Lucas makes. This new Noooo in Return of the Jedi fits in perfectly with the Noooo from Revenge of the Sith.

      • Mike

        Matt…so glad you’re here to explain the “mirroring” that George was going for. (that was sarcasm by the way) I think everyone gets what he was doing, but everyone complained about Vader’s “NOOOOO” in SITH too, and George is probably well aware of that. So this comes off as his spiteful slap in the face to fans. I loved and defended each one of those prequels until I was blue in the face when they came out. But, at the end of the day, they are inferior products to the original 2 star wars films. It can be argued that Sith may exceed Jedi but SITH still has some awkwardly painful scenes. All of them have memorable scenes. But to go and say “if you don’t care about the prequels you’re not a Star Wars fan”???? What kind of authority are you to make such a proclamation? And come on dude…”EXCEPT THAT???” The fact that you said “prequals” and “EXCEPT THAT” shows that you can’t even be an authority on the English language, let alone tell us how to enjoy our Star Wars. Maybe George should hire you as a script writer. Good day.

      • RK

        Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money

      • Mike

        Spaceballs 3: The Search for Spaceballs 2

      • Jane

        My best friend used to worry that Lucas would die of diabetes before he made the prequels. then he made the prequels. Now she wishes he’d die so that the Lucas kids will hand the franchise over to a real storyteller like Joss Whedon or Peter Jackson who know how to tell a good story with integrity.

      • Lucus

        Why do you even bother with Star Wars anymore?

      • Pukeus

        You mean you don’t want Jar Jar in A New Hope? Too late. He’s in there.

      • Meadyaon

        I hate the change George Lucas has made the Original Trilogy. I Really wish the way the the First three Star Wars would go back to the way the way where first made. I think The Best Star Wars Movie Was Th Empire Strike Back and that was because George Lucas did not directed the film. The Prequels would have been better if Lucas had not directed them. I wish Lucas had let others directed the prequels.

    • satan

      Even my heart hurts. I had no idea when I signed my deal with Lucas he would mangle these films so horrifically…. I’m truly sorry everyone. I was a kid once, too. This sucks more than God.

      • Sofia

        Dear Satan, Is there anyting that you can do to have Lucas release the first three in Blue-Ray with the original story line?

      • pastafarian

        “Matt Damon…. MATT DAMON!!”

        I think that works just as well.

      • satan

        Dear Sofia,
        Sadly, Hollywood lawyers are more ruthless than my lawyers; so, no, my hands are tied. But thanks for being a fan. Yours in endless agony, The Beast

      • RyanK

        Does anyone else here really appreciate the fact that Satan took the time to personally address Sofia in proper letter format? Hey, maybe this guy ain’t so bad.

      • DaDude

        Since we got you on the line, anything you can do about the cast of Jersey Shore not making back to the state? Thanks in advance!

      • Jane

        Hi Satan, I’m a fundmentalist Christian, but your change of heart makes me think you’re okay. EW needs to hire you to give commentary on all the hellacious crap they often have to report in regards to George Lucas. May the power of Christ compel you, Jane.

      • Michael Compton

        Well noted, RyanK. Regardless of the manner in which he was portrayed in a well-known / long-established book series, his behavior in this comment section has been entirely commendable and constructive. I’m certainly not defending lakes of fire or eternal torment (seems a bit arbitrary / capricious to me), but I’ve found that a little positive reinforcement can go a long way.

        So… Kudos to you, Satan. Thank you for taking time from (what I’ve no doubt is) an unrelenting schedule to participate in this discussion.

        While you’re here, I must ask about an unrelated matter: Was the new Cheney book really necessary? I realize I’m not privy to the minutia of the deal, but from the outside it appears he’s getting far more airplay/stage time than is normal for a standard contract. It seems to me – and please excuse me if this comes across as rude – that you’re playing favorites.

      • No

        I’m overated

      • Michael Compton Rules (because Satan Rules would be just wrong)

        This is one of my favorite comment streams EVER! Thanks for the laughs, people. I needed them so bad!

      • satan

        Dear Potential-souls-of-hell,
        Hi, everyone. Thanks for the shout outs.
        Jersey shore man: don’t worry–the lives of those people once the show is over will be nothing but drugs and prison rapes.
        Cheney book man: you’re observant, I’ll give you that. It’s not that I play favorites; my work is strictly on a merit system–and believe you me, Cheney deserves the attention I bestow upon him. The man shot his own friend in the face, folks. While in office. That’s my boy.
        Fundamentalist Jane: I’m not a bad guy, it’s true. Christ and I frequently bowl together. (I’m not supposed to tell people that.) So much of this whole game is marketing; you know how it is. That said, I am a professional. Break the commandments, and I will take you down. Literally.
        That said, try to be good, my friends. But, as I know that’s easier said then done for most of you, I’ll see you soon…
        Yours in silent screams, The Fallen Lord

    • dee123

      Sad fact is that it’s HIS world not ours.

      • Sofia

        dee123……………………the TRUE FACT is that WE made Lucas a billionaire with the original story line of the first three movies and he should leave them the HELL ALONE!!! If he wants to tweak them than he should tweak them for the ones he watches in his home.

      • daisy

        the fact is that its OUR world, not HIS. He put it out there, asked us to pay for it. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again….. Yeah, its ours. F*%K Lucas.

      • dee123

        WOW! Daisy & Sofia, if Lucas is holding a gun to your head forcing you to buy it CALL THE POLICE!

      • Lucus

        sad fact is I have your money

      • Howard

        If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it just might be your film

    • zack

      I’d hate to see what Lucas has in store for the 3D release! More tinkering…. and more in your (our) face(s).

    • Stem Cell Fajita

      OK for the record, that YouTube video is a fake. The poster says he made it and it isn’t from the Blu-ray. Now the real thing might be just as lame, but we haven’t seen it yet.

    • SNIKT!

      This is yet another fine example of just how BAD a storyteller George Lucas really is. Darth’s actions speak loudly enough, but the writer in George wants to make SURE the stupid viewer understands exactly what’s going on in the scene and with the character. As if saving Luke and throwing the Emperor over the side wasn’t telling enough.

      Star Wars was a lucky fluke of talented actors (well…Ford and Guinness at least), editors and FX artists that succeeded IN SPITE of Lucas. And remember, Empire was scripted and directed by other, much more talented individuals. If Lucas had his way, the original trilogy would have ended up much like the prequels. With all this constant tweaking, it may yet even still.

    • Brian Wallace

      It must be awful to be some whiney, Gen-X loser who can’t find a job and whose parents divorced when they were 12. Listen. They are HIS films. He can do what he wants with them. If you don’t like it, don’t but it. They are just movies. They aren’t your childhood. They aren’t your soul. He didn’t rape your childhood. Grow up.


      • The Dark Side

        Well said Brian! The rape comment is a little over the top even for the Dark Side of the Force however it is George’s movie. If you want the “Nooooo” buy it if not keep your money. Save it for when Star Wars the 3D Experience comes out. Mwahahaha

      • fcr

        Let me guess: you work for the Tea Party in your state.

      • ArWe

        You’re an idiot. The prequels might be “his movies” but Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back were directed by other directors. ROTJ was specifically directed by Richard Marquand. So, the director had a vision, which he brought to life in the the original Jedi. Now Lucas is retrospectively making the films his. Now, this wouldn’t be a terrible thing, if not for the fact that it is now like ROTJ was directed by Lucas. And Lucas, as we have seen with some of the prequels, is a TERRIBLE director when given free reign. But hey, those were his movies. Let him ruin those, but just don’t let him ruin other people’s. He has as much right to re-edit ROTJ as he would to edit Temple of Doom. Thank god we have Spielberg, an actual director, to prevent that tragedy.

      • mikeman

        it must be awful going around thinking that anyone who criticizes a filmmaker must be an out of work gen x-er with divorced parents.

        listen, when you publish a book or release a movie, you’re saying “here it is, it’s done.” to go back years and years later and change things you aren’t happy with anymore cheapens the art and is insulting to the consumers of that art.

        not only that, he’s making changes on movies he didn’t direct. how are these his movies? he came up with the idea? does that mean that if the family of the men who created superman don’t like the new superman costume, they can release their own cut of the movie where they’ve digitally inserted his red underwear?

        people like you are disgusting human beings.

      • Jane

        Once your art is out there, then it’s out there. Any revisions should be made before it is released to the public. With that argument, Mona Lisa would have a frown instead of a smile, depending on how DaVinci felt on a different day. Once you release it to the public and it becomes a beloved property, you owe it to the public to leave it as is. if you want to make revisions, then sell them as revisions, leaving the originals as is. If you want to have “Star Wars: The Lunkhead version” then go nuts. But don’t keep changing the product so that generations from now, no will remember what the original film was like when it was released in theaters in the 70s.

      • andy

        once released, they are no longer “his”, except in the most technical sense…they are cultural icons which he continues to tweak just to show he can…he seems to be more of a spiteful, narrow minded narcissist than a genius director

    • DRG

      These were already among the most overrated movies ever made so what’s all the fuss about?

    • Alex F

      Yes, this schmuck needs to quit it already. What is his problem?

    • Abe Froman

      They’re his movies, he can do whatever he wants with him. You, however, DON”T have to buy them.

    • Appearances are futile

      it`s his story though and he is rolling in money piles so he could care less about the fans

    • Jean Guy Levesque

      Lucas is confident the geeks and nerds will shell out more money and make him so much richer by re-releasing the movies for the 11th time. Vive la Quebec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rush

      No, it’s his cash cow to milk. Too bad (for Lucas) that blu-ray will be a dead format in 5-10 years, killed by the cloud.

    • Rush

      I wonder if Lucas feels like the classic Ray Harryhausen films would be improved by replacing the stop motion with CGI.

  • kim in kentucky

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Mr Lucas – do you have sooo much time on your hands that all you want to do is to simply keep tinkering with the movies? Leave them alone and go fishing!

    • why?

      face it, Lucas was a blind pig who stumbled across an acorn with the very first Star Wars, the best and defining movie of the trilogy – Empire Strikes Back was successful in spite of him. ALL of the other movies stink to high heaven. Lucas is a hack, plan and simple

  • Jeff

    Watched it – my heart feels ok.

    • Jamaaliver

      Is it made of coal?

  • Koozebane

    My favorite scene in the trilogy, and George ruined it with this abomonation. Why not just have the Spirit of Jar Jar show up and scream “Yousa gotta save him, Annie!!”?

    • mendoza


    • Taylor

      Just wait. They’re saving that for the DELUXE Blu-Ray.

    • RufusFRoe

      Ha Ha! Yeah, and then after the Emperor turns to blue dust, he could scream “Yipppeeeee!”

      • Diana

        That would be totally wizard.

    • Pink Lemonade

      Oh no. Here go, hell come. You said it out loud and now it will become reality. Curses to you.

    • Fender

      Very nice.

    • suzy


    • Sofia

      hey Koozebane,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don’t give Lucas any more STUPID ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Olivya

      Brilliant! LMAO

    • milo

      Oh Koozebane!!!! You have dying of laugther!!!! too much…………..and sadly not completely out of reach, he just might do that. Lucas is and will forever be an idiot.

    • Mike

      I think they saved the Jar Jar cameo for the GHOST Reunion at the end of Jedi. He’s right next to Hayden jumping up and down screaming “YIPPEEEE ANI!!!!” The dead Ewok is there too.

      • The Other Anne

        The dead ewok gets me everytime. And your comment made me spit out my lunch. Kudos.

    • DaDude

      I pictured this in my head, a little thought bubble pops up over Vaders head with Jar Jar talking to him, effen funny!

    • Victoria

      Thanks Koozebane for giving me a good, hearty laugh!! That was funny pretty funny.

  • dj


  • Becky

    So glad I still have my original VHS versions without any of the stupid tinkering. Long live the yub-nub song.

    • tracy bluth

      I have also stuck to my original trilogy VHS boxset.

      • Mike

        Mine is still shrink wrapped since I bought it. May have to bust it open after this travesty. The only case where Pan and Scan might be better than full widescreen 1080p! lol

      • teekay

        I too have the VHS box set and held on to a couple players to be able to watch.

      • Rica

        I still own a VCR, and my box set is the single reason why.

    • Cris


    • Charlotte

      I still have it too! Although, I now lack a VHS player to watch it.

      • Mike

        Ebay here I come! :-)

    • JPX

      Really? You enjoy looking at outdated special effects? Whatever.

      • The Pittsburgh Kid

        I enjoy watching a classic in the element it was meant to be seen.

      • Yep

        I’d take outdated special effects w/ compelling storytelling over fantastic special effects w/ mediocre and lazy storytelling.

      • tvgirl48

        Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer the old-school special effects in the originals compared to the glossy, blah CGI in the prequels. It’s not like the old effects were like old Doctor Who level awful, where you had to suspend your disbelief over a cliff to watch it (said as a DW fan, but those old effects were terrible)

      • tvgirl48

        @Yep – I think most ppl prefer it the latter way. Just look at the success of Avatar and The Walking Dead. Excellent special effects, not-so-excellent storytelling. IMHO

      • Ryan


        I would absolutely take the old effects over what he has done to the movies now.

        Ideally, I would like to see Lucas actually just clean up the print, make minor effects adjustments(such as remove the matte from the Rancor), remix the sound, etc…and leave everything with the storytelling alone.

        I think this would be a happy medium for most people. He would be cleaining it up, getting the picture to the best it can be and keeping the movies the same. That would be something I honestly think most could get behind. Sadly it will never happen and as such I will NEVER own Star Wars on Blu Ray becuse Lucas likes to spit in the faces of the people who made him rich.

      • RyanK

        I’m not a fan of watching a movie clearly made in the 70s suddenly have 90s special effects. It sticks out like a sore thumb and distracts from the movie.

      • JPX

        “I’d take outdated special effects w/ compelling storytelling over fantastic special effects w/ mediocre and lazy storytelling.” Well the storytelling hasn’t changed so your point is moot.

    • Sofia

      Damn I threw mine away when I purchased the DVD’s…………………had I known……………..I would have kept them……………you were very smart. Can you send me those copies? I’ll pay……………………..

    • Jono

      You can buy the original, unaltered trilogy on DVD you know…

      • Mike

        It was a “limited” edition you know…. If you go on Amazon, the only ones available are hovering around 100 bucks. It’s not THAT worth it.

  • TL

    Oh, now I get it. Vader threw the Emperor down the shaft because he was saying “NOOOOO….” to what the Emperor was doing to his kid.

    And here I always thought it was just a big ol’ bear hug that went wrong….

    • Tiffany

      I know, right?? Thank God Lucas finally cleared that up. . .(eye roll)

  • Chris M

    The first spoken “no” was from the line in Empire, when Vader said, “No…. I am your father.” The second “nooooo” was from Revenge of the Sith, and we all know where it was located. Talk about bad tracking!

  • Boomer

    I was so excited when I first heard Star Wars was coming out on blu ray. Then I found out they weren’t the original versions but special editions only. I guess I won’t be adding Star Wars to my blu ray collection any time soon.

    • JPX

      Yeah right – you’ll be purchasing these so cut the faux outrage. If 2 seconds of audio changes ruins the movies for you than you need to get a life.

      • @JPX

        George, is that you?

    • daisy

      I am with you boomer. I wont buy them yet again unless they are the original theatrical versions

  • psb1962


    • Square Peg

      This. x1000.

    • Sofia

      Hey psb1962, let’s start a ‘grassroot’ movement and hopefully we will get the original movies in Blue-Ray.

  • TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne

    Is this for real or is it some dumb internet joke?

    Is it?


  • Brian

    Whatever…it’s still gonna sell like crazy…

  • Crimson Kisses

    1. The original versions were released on DVD as “special features”
    2. Lucas does it for the money, but it’s also a way for him to get back at his ex. She owns royalty rights to the original unchanged versions. So any money from them goes to her. This is why he keeps tweaking them just a bit. Yeah, he’s getting money, but what a way to get back at an ex. He got away with the “special feature” because it was a feature and the item being sold was the edited movie.

    • Janitor

      So it’s HER we need to kill.

      • Jason

        Which DVD version has the originals? I want to buy that one.

  • Jim

    George Lucas is over-rated in terms of his direction capabilities and the constant tinkering with the films showcases his lack of vision. The fans all LOVED the original three. If I were the directors of the last two, I’d be pissed that Lucas keeps messing with the films. He used to be a pioneer, now he’s becoming a joke. You don’t see Chris Nolan pulling this crap….

    • JPX

      After you create something as popular as Star Wars then I’ll care about your opinion. Over-rated? Star Wars is one of the most famous movies in the history of cinema – we should all be so “over-rated”.

      • Casey

        JPX you obviously care about his opinion, you did reply after all.

      • Jake

        It’s obvious at this point JPX = George Lucas.

    • RyanK

      I don’t think you can say Lucas is overrated as a director when he was generally panned by critics and fans alike for his work directing the prequels. I think you mean he’s overrated as a producer.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Still sounds fake to me, sounds like the “no” Vader uttered when he tells Luke he’s his father on Cloud City. It also sounds like a bad edit job.

    Not saying Lucas wouldn’t do something this stupid but I’m going to wait to see if it really is on the blu-ray before judging.

    It just seems a little weird that this gets released on Youtube before the blu-rays are released…. I think it’s some fanboy with clever editing that knew SW fans would throw a collective hissyfit about it.

    • TL

      I hope you’re right.


        Unfortunately it’s been confirmed by the NY Times. As hard as it is to believe, and after all these years of waiting or the films on blu ray, this is what we are getting.


      Unfortunately it’s been confirmed by the NY Times. As hard as it is to believe, and after all these years of waiting or the films on blu ray, this is what we are getting.

      • JPX

        Oh please, stop the drama. You’ll be purchasing this just like everyone else.

      • RyanK

        Yes JPX, because it’s a cinema classic in as high a resolution quality as is made right now. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to complain about what’s being done to it. We’re buying it IN SPITE of the changes. I’m paying my money. Let me complain.

      • B

        Well, at least I’ll be saving $50 instead of buying this c#$&. Lots of other stuff I can buy anyways.

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