'Dancing With the Stars': Are you happy with the season 13 cast? (VOTE)


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Everyone likes to immediately complain once the Dancing With the Stars cast is announced. What I’ve gathered so far by fluttering around various posts and our photo gallery of the cast is that a bunch of people are scared of transgendered contestant Chaz Bono, and a large percentage of humanity really, really doesn’t like Nancy Grace. Overall, EW.com reader satisfaction ranges wildly, from “I actually like this lineup!” (RaRa) to “Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel” (Ma’at).

“They certainly upped the ‘interesting’ factor this season,” said Fred, referring to Chaz Bono and Nancy Grace. But later, what I presume is a different Fred shared with us that he “would rather get stabbed in the neck than watch Nancy Grace.”

The show “should be called ‘Dancing WITHOUT the Stars,'” said Feather, who at least got into the spirit of the show with his or her username.

I saw the usual threats of abandonment, like “DWTS has finally done it. My Monday nights are now free” from Connie, who is probably lying, and “Lame cast. Not watching” from Heather, who is definitely lying.

Believe it or not, the cast of DWTS has never mattered to me right away. I’ll have my favorites and dread-magnets going in, but I never presume to judge how the season will go based on the star power of the celebs — or even who they are, really. It isn’t until week 4 or 5 that the way they all mesh together in the (ugh) Celebriquarium will set the tone of the season. So I just hold on tight and wait for that. There’s plenty to mock in the meantime!

Like I said in my post announcing the Star-Pro pairings, I’m most excited about Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya (their rehearsals should have a live Internet feed, Big Brother-style), Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Hope Solo (hello, hotness), and Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer (if any female pro can loosen him up, it’s her). I’m also predicting backstage hilarity from the often-incoherent power duo of David Arquette and Ron Artest, and suspect that All My Children star and former Iraq War soldier J.R. Martinez will become the Ty Murray of season 13 — nice guy no one had ever heard of who ends up winning the DANCMSTR nation over with his personality and effort.

So vote below!

Are you givin’ Metta World Peace a chance or what?

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  • Rebecca Richard

    No, not happy with the cast members they have, will be watching Two Half Men, Mike & Molly and Hawaii Five 0 for that night.

    • LOL

      Meh is the word

      • LOL

        Tho I’d like to see Nancy Grace fall on her face

      • PIMB

        RARA, she quoted you :)!

      • Nick

        People take this stuff so seriously! It’s Dancing With The Stars people! It’s always been fluff TV and it will always be fluff TV! I usually find myself complaining about the cast but I always watch. People are going to watch this year just the same as every other year! And for all the people upset with Chaz Bono, GET OVER IT! Once again, it’s fluff TV. Let’s not get all worked up over it!

      • PIMB

        lori will have a field day this season!

    • Greg

      The supposedly were going after A list celebs? Looks like they landed the WTF list celebs.

      • Teresa

        Nope. Long time fan no more. So long DWTS.

      • Regina George

        Yay Hope Solo! And she’s with Maks! That’s a pair made in dancing heaven.

    • Steve

      It’s up against “The Sing-Off” and “Terra Nova”. After watching every episode of DWTS since it premiered, we definitely won’t be watching this season. Was on the fence about which 2 shows to DVR until I saw the DWTS cast announcement, and that pretty much iced it.

      • Zach

        But you’re going to watch The Sing-Off?

    • Lola

      Don’t forget The Sing Off too!

    • Valerie

      Just so everyone is clear. Chaz is as much a celebrity as anyone. He was on his parents show as a child, he is a musician went on tour. As well as a famous political activist. What was Bristol Palin claim to fame? At least he has done his own stuff and not just be famous for getting pregnant as a teen and embarrassing her mother’s campaign. I would much rather have Chaz as my kids role model then Bristol. By the way most cast members from every season have not been big stars. This season no different. I think dwts has done a great job thinking outside the box. I’m excited about thw new season because after all it’s really about the professional dancers and how they turn amateurs into dancers.

      • Jsarcher

        So it’s ok to cheer for Chaz but not Bristol? You are a hypocrite of the highest order…..

      • Squishmar

        How is Valerie a hypocrite? She was pointing out that if you’re going to apply the term “Star” to Bristol Palin, you could definitely apply the term to Chaz.

  • Simon Pigg

    When the contestant list reads: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Liam Neeson, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, Sigourney Weaver, Tom Cruise, Samuel L. Jackson, Kirsten Dunst & Kate Beckinsale…THEN they can call it Dancing with the “Stars”!
    Bring on Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis, Ellen Degeneres..
    THOSE are stars!

    • Sally

      Well yeah I would love a cast like that too. But why would they possibly do it? No need to possibly make fools of themselves for our amusement. A cast like this will never happen.

      • @Sally

        Most of them do anyway!

    • jay

      Agree 100%. What on earth makes Chastity Bono a “star” ?? Beats me. Solo, Arquette and Phillips yes. The rest are reality show freaks. I’ll watch it until these three are booted.

      • Martha

        HIs name is Chaz, not Chasity. It has been legally changed. Have respect.

      • Al

        Don’t forget about Ron-Ron, he won a championship with the Lakers like a year ago!

      • Louis E.

        Martha,some of us are offended by transgenderism and any laws accommodating it.The lack of respect represented by a sex change is reciprocated.(I’m neither religious nor conservative,BTW).

      • James

        Louis – I don’t think Martha mentioned anything about Chaz’s gender. Chaz is his name. And regardless of how conservative your views are, as a considerate human being, you should call people by the name they prefer to be called. In addition, try to consider when and where it is appropriate to spew your bigoted, anti LGBT verbal vomit.

      • @Louis E

        Unless someone changes YOUR gender, I am at a loss to see how transgenders can be offensive to you.

      • ohsnap

        Chaz or Chastity Bono is not a ‘he’. You may cut off and paste on anything you want but she was born a girl genetically and she’s still a girl…dressed up like a boy.

      • Louis E.

        It is not appropriate to claim to be of the sex other than what one’s genes determine one to be.It is not “bigotry” to call foolishness foolishness and treat those prone to it as capable of realizing they are wrong.

      • Zach

        LouisE, why the f*** do you care? Have you ever been caught pants-down with a tranny? If so, your own fault. What else do you want, all Jews to wear Stars of David and maybe some Holocaust numbers drilled into their wrists? And so transgendered individuals are “capable of realize they are wrong”? Who are you to tell someone what kind of genitalia he or she wants and thinks is appropriate for his or her OWN body? I suppose you’re also against breast implants and all cosmetic surgery. What’s the point of trying to accomplish anything with your life if you think that we’re all just stuck with our genes and nothing more than our DNA, as determined by the luck of the draw. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s easy to criticize anonymously from your computer. All power to Chaz and others like him who have the confidence and support systems to do something controversial, unusual, or even dangerous to make their lives better. All power to Chaz and others like him who then refuse to sit back and watch “normal” people enjoy all the fun things in life, be they ballroom dancing, television, or DWTS – the amazingly poignant and ultimately inconsequential combination of both.

      • Zach

        And ohsnap, real men have more than just penises. For example, class, respect, open-mindedness – all things you seem to lack.

      • Heidi

        Regardless of how you feel about someone identifying as male or female, it is not for you to change their name and sex to your comfort. HE is legally MALE and HIS name is Chaz. And BTW I AM a Christian. I also believe that this is a totally separate issue from homosexuality. They can’t be lumped together. Chaz identifies as a straight male. I can’t imagine knowing deep inside from toddlerhood that I am a male but everyone calls me female, dresses me up in cute outfits, and no one sees me for who I really am. I have compassion (as I believe Christ would have) for people who feel judged and marginalized and who feel alone. I don’t claim to understand everything about him but I hope he’s able to educate us more about it during some of the backstage moments of the show.

      • nope

        I don’t think someone would choose to live a life full of pain and ridicule. You are so lucky to feel comfortable in your own skin. I won’t be watching this year, but I have compassion for Chaz. He seems like a nice person and I hope he does well on the show.

      • @Zach

        So very well said. I wholeheartedly agree.

      • Robert

        @Martha and @James: You guys are really classy. So nice to hear someone speak up for kindness, respect and consideration. The Internet is so filled with hate (usually justified by being conservative or religious). Thanks for bringing some humanity to this discussion. Small acts like yours really add up and make the world a better place.

      • Open

        @LouieE, it’s because of people like you that there are still so many people who live in fear of bigotry, violence, and discrimination. And YOU claim to be offended?? You’re just…so….wrong.

      • Conny

        I really cant believe what I read in this discussion..

        im proud NOT living in a country like urs, i would be ashamed if i lived in a country where people couldnt be who they are born to be mentally and not physically.
        have u ever read this lines before???
        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[75] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    • jen

      Johnny Depp? Tom Hanks? Liam Neeson? Sandra Bullock? Okay, you are a complete idiot thinking they’d ever lower themselves to this show. They have careers!!

      • @Sally

        For now…

    • lovedwts

      A cast like that will never happen. Try living in reality. Also, for the Chaz Bono haters….you need to get over it. Transgender people exist and they are still just that- PEOPLE! Do you live in a cave??

    • Tea

      Exactly….! DWTS has turned into a FREAK-SHOW!! It’s like CARNIVAL…DWTS has lost it’s LUSTRE…B Movie material…

      • daisy

        it turned into a freak show when Bristol Palin was on. There has never been a star less star like then the abstinence preaching teen mom

  • ns

    The problem with this cast is the promises that were made about going after “real” stars this time. But it’s basically the same old reality show types. The only traditional entertainers are Chynna Phillips and David Arquette, and even Arquette is better known these days as a tabloid train wreck.

    • Zach

      I agree there are too many reality stars and not enough traditional Hollywood types. But did you really think they would have a star-studded cast just because you heard rumors they were going after real stars? Did you really think Queen Latifah was going to do it?

    • Heidi

      I’m looking forward to Chynna – I think she’ll be graceful and it will help her gain in some confidence.
      I also really hope David is GOOD and sexy, not just joking around all the time a la Steve-O.
      I’m most excited about Carson. I think he will be hysterical just being himself :)

      • Squishmar

        I actually saw David Arquette play the part of “Frank N’ Furter” in “The Rocky Horror Show” in Los Angeles about 10 years ago or so (can’t remember exactly when). He was really good…but not that great of a dancer. His stage presence though, was wonderful. Really fun. :D (And I saw Courteney Cox greet him outside the stage door after the performance.)

      • Squishmar

        Oh…he *was* in fishnets and heels though… so that could be the reason his dancing skills weren’t that great. ;)

  • jks

    Don’t like this cast! No one of interest , except David Arquette?!

  • TCrab

    The show is called Dancing with the “Stars”…not Dancing with the “People who Banged Stars”. George Clooney’s ex girlfriend?? Really??

  • MG

    Glad I never wasted my time on this trainwreck. Talk about feeling conflicted as Chas(tity) dances with a(nother) woman. Enjoy people!

    • Michael Compton

      Conflicted? Looks to me like Chaz knew exactly who he was, and was willing to go through a lot to be that person.

      Nothing “conflicted” about him.

      I doubt very much that the playground-level jokes/attacks cost him a minute of sleep, either.

      • Martha

        Bravo MIchael.

      • Louis E.

        Delusions of being what your genes prove you are not should not lead to self-mutilation or public acceptance of your pretense.

      • @Louis E

        And delusions of what your brains prove you are not (which is intelligent) should not lead to the judgement of decisions of others that do not affect you in the least.

      • ohsnap

        @Louis E. I agree.

      • Sorry

        Actually Chastity thought she was a lesbian so I am not sure Chaz knows exactly who he is.

      • Giselle

        God doesn’t make mistakes, but genetics can. Sometimes people who should have been a boy are born a girl, and vice versa. Are you meaning to tell us that if someone’s genetics say they should be blind from birth, they should remain blind – never denying that fact or pretending otherwise? Or maybe should those of us with the genetics for epilepsy (like me) just accept we will have fatal seizures and never pretend otherwise or act differently according to you. We simply cannot let genetics rule our lives.

  • Jackie Channing

    Kristin Cavallari is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. There’s a lovely gentleness and sweetness to her. She’s the best thing about the contestants this season and the only reason I will watch it.

    • Louis E.

      Cavallari and Canalis are the eye candy this time out though I’d guess an athlete has the best chance of winning.But I’ve hardly ever watched the show except to vote against Bristol Palin and her claque.

  • kathy60

    I believe DWTS has finally scraped the bottom of the barrel and is running out of ‘B’ stars to put on this show. The show has run it’s course and is about time it goes off the air!! PLEASE!!

    • MARIE

      I agree with you kathy60. I wouldn’t be surprised if they invite Casey Anthony next.

      • Enough!

        All of you need to stop complaining. Every year the same people express their outrage over the cast….EVERY YEAR!!! Either watch it or don’t…it’s that simple.

    • Squishmar

      kathy… why would you want it to go off the air? You can simply choose not to watch it. I’ve never understood people like you who grow tired of a show and then insist it be cancelled. I think you’ve got a long wait… it beat American Idol on some nights last season. Sorry to disappoint you. I don’t know how it affects you though one way or the other.

  • jordanlund

    This show should have been euthanized ages ago. How does crap like this keep getting made?

    • Squishmar

      I’ve never watched one season of this show (I’m going to start this season) but it’s close to being the Number 1 show on TV. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Simple, yes?

  • Nancy Towry

    That is the trouble with People today. They hate with gusto. They would rather protect the criminal than stand behind someone fighting for victoms rights and the right of everyone to live their own life. Nancy Grace is a VERY strong woman and even in todays world a lot of people hate that in a woman because they are afraid of her. This is entertainment not the real world, wake up America your watching TV not real life. This is for entertainment only and everyone has the right to try what ever they want to as long as it does not hurt anyone else. Get real.

    • Michael Compton

      So i guess you don’t care about the litany of lies she’s told to further her pitiful ‘career’, huh? “Former fiance” story, anyone?

      You’re confusing “strength” with oversimplification, Nancy; and confidence with narcissism.

      • nope

        It was irresponsible the way she judged that poor woman to be guilty, and showed no remorse after the woman committed suicide. I guess she has to believe she was always right, because if she wasn’t that meant she might have put innocent people in jail.

    • LittleMo

      You completely miss the point. Nobody is afraid of Nancy. It’s her “guilty until proven innocent” attutide even when it IS NOT obvious the accused is guilty. I actually agreed with Nancy on the Casey Anthony trial but she tore into the mother of a missing little boy and got the mother so unhinged that mother committed suicide. Supposedly the mother was the closest link to finding what happened to that little boy. Now the mother’s dead and the only thing Nancy accomplished was ratings for her show. i feel for her watching her fiance being shot to death in front of her but, in a word, she’s a bully and that’s what peopel don’t like about her. Fear has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      • Fred

        Nancy Grace didn’t cause the mother’s suicide. First, there were obviously other factors in play. Second, if you come on a show to be interviewed, you better be prepared to answer the questions, no matter how tough they are, otherwise decline the invite.

  • Harry

    The question is, does anybody really care? A bunch of no-talents branching out to another field that they are likely to putz…

  • Jay

    why do we have this constant parade of train wrecks of paris hilton wanna bes? most of these people arent famous or stars. the kardashian brother? seriously? its appalling that anyone even gives them credence that they rest of us really give a rip about cher’s daughter/son/wth-ever it is. DWTS is about stars, give us more and stop with these pathetic picks.

  • Richard

    Show should be called “Dancing with the Want-to-be’s”.

    • CeCe

      I think you mean dancing with the has-beens

      • Squishmar

        I think you’ve got a little bit of both this season!

  • Jeff

    C’mon Nancy Grace & Chaz Bono WTW should be called “Dancing with the Chubs”

    • BOB

      I won’t be watching this season at all! Especially when you are throwing in a girl want to be guy in our faces! NO WAY!!!!

      • Martha

        Do I sense hatred and fear BOB?

      • Darlene

        Bob I understand what you are saying . . . Chaz dancing with a woman is the very reason the show selected him. Curious people count for ratings just like those watching for the dancing.

        The only thing that puts chaz in the lime light is who his mom is and the fact that he is one of the most public transgendered persons. I don’t see sexuality . . . I see a show full of B list celebrities taking up space and a prime time slot. Definitely skipping the show this year.

    • Alice

      Seriously. Kirstie Alley was in better shape going into her season, and you saw how difficult it still was for her. Chaz is obese, that’s just the way it is. It’s not going to be pretty watching him try to keep up.

    • Valerie

      Jeff at least they are putting them selves out there for their charities, what are you doing?

  • Curt

    Nope, not interested in the least. I’ve been watching DWTS since the second season, skipping a couple of runs that had no one of interest to me on board. This is going to be one of those. I will admit, however, that there is a certain “train wreck” appeal to this season, but even that isn’t enough to merit my valuable viewing time on Mondays and Tuesdays when there is SSOO much more out there that is actually interesting and entertaining.

    • tennie

      It should be dancing with the attention seekers with the exception of carson kreesley, jr martinez and hope solo. I’m still tuning in.

      • Squishmar

        Carson Kressley isn’t an attention seeker? Ooookayyyy.

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