Summer TV Hottie Awards: Now accepting nominations!


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Award show season starts here, folks! It’s time for the Summer TV Hottie Awards, celebrating the best of the…um…no. Just celebrating attractive people. Very, very attractive people.

Here are your categories. Your picks can be from scripted or reality TV. I encourage show diversity, so think about all the shows on right now (or that just finished a summer run). And, kids, have fun.

Hottest Summer TV vet (male):
[Sandra’s pick: White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, pictured above for your pleasure] 

Hottest Summer TV vet (female):
[Sandra’s pick: True Blood‘s Deborah Ann Woll. As Ken Tucker said, she’s the highlight of the season. Runner-up: Piper Perabo!]

Hottest Summer TV newbie (male):
[Sandra’s pick: He’s not “new’ but the show is, and because I’m inventing the rules, I’ll let it slide. Falling Skies‘ Noah Wyle. It’s the beard.]

Hottest Summer TV newbie (female):
[Sandra’s pick: Necessary Roughness‘ Callie Thorne. Brains are hot!]

Best body in a post-coital scene:
[Sandra’s pick: Suits‘ Gabriel Macht. That is all.]

Best use of unnecessary disrobing: 
[Sandra’s pick: Franklin & Bash‘s Mark-Paul Gosselaar, whose character felt the need to tan during business hours in front of a window.]

Best use of necessary disrobing:
[Sandra’s pick: Pretty Little Liars‘ Ian Harding in the season 2 premiere. What? It was totally necessary. He had to answer the door!!]

Best pool/body of water scene: 
[Mandi Bierly’s pick: True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard, Eric playing in water after he drank Claudine’s blood]

Best “Oh, no. I’m all sweaty and attractive” moment:
[Sandra’s pick: Covert Affairs‘ Christopher Gorham, Auggie post-gym]

Hottest supernatural being:
[Sandra’s pick: Joe Manganiello as Alcide on True Blood. See 20-second mark. Yes, you just watched this clip above. Are you seriously complaining?]

Follow the terrible human being who invented these categories on Twitter: @EWSandraG

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  • splinker

    Christian Kane should be nominated for best summer sex voice. Except that’s just how his regular voice sounds.

    • Teri

      yes!!! this!!

      • linda

        My pick is definitely MATT BOMER. He’s super talented and has super good looks to go with it. Watch for him in In Time this October and Magic Mike in 2012.

    • freddy

      Best male in reality should go to : Alexander from SYTYCD season 8

      • Kasey

        Alexander Really he came back for the finale with bleached hair it looked awful.
        My SYTYCD pick would be PASHA!!!!

      • orville

        I agree about Alexander–made him look like he was auditioning to be in No Doubt. I love me some Pasha, but Mark will always have my SYTYCD vote!

    • Lindsey

      Yes! Also, he’s not bad to look at either.

    • Asha

      I’ve always been a big Christian Kane fan! I’ll vote for this!

      • meera

        me to i love him ! i’ll vote to .

    • uh huh

      ABSOLUTELY! Or Sexiest A$$-kicker…

    • mrswinchester24

      Agree, that man is sexy and he can sing

      • meera

        yes he is HOT !

    • Susan

      Christian Kane definitely has a sexy voice! Sexy alll the way around!!!

    • Deanna

      Christian Kane for summer tv vet and for summer sexy voice or sure!!
      Beth Riesgraf for summer tv vet

    • Nannette

      Christian Kane is DEFINATELY the sexiest man on TV hands down.. he’s got it all – Body, (oh my!) Looks, Voice, need I go on.. lol.. he’s just all that and more mmmm!

      • Terri

        Christian Kane all the way, baby!!! Oh my, my, my…

      • Jessica

        Second this!

      • Princess

        Christian Kane for hottest summer tv vet! c’mon, EW, don’t make me beg!

    • Season

      Agreed – Christian Kane!

    • Colleen

      I vote for this!

    • Maytia Hernandez

      I second and triple that motion!!!!

    • Fran

      Christian has it all!!! Looks, sexy appeal, and the sexiest voice.

    • Lyn

      Christian Kane – best EVERYTHING!

    • Sadie

      Christian Kane should win the BEST Hottie award. He is delicious.

    • Jen

      i agree. christian kane should be nominated. he kicks ass on leverage and looks sexy as hell while doing so

    • Rjg24

      They need to make a voice category or ass kicking category. Christian Kane is amazing. I’d also nominate him for summer vet.

      • meera

        i second that .

    • Jenn

      Oh heck yeah!!! He’s the sexiest guy on TV… those smoldering eyes, that voice.. oy vey..yumminess abounds!!!

    • munchkyn

      Chris Kane definitely belongs in here: voice, hair, eyes, all of him.

    • jacqueline1985

      Definately Christian Kane!!!

      • Lisa

        He’s the best as Neil but am looking frrawod to seeing him half naked in Magic Mike. I would be lying if I didn’t say that! I would live to see him in a period piece. Texas Chainsaw doesn’t count!

    • Olive

      Big Jeff from Big Brother, of course! I guess he would fall under TV vet, but maybe there should be a separate category for reality TV because I agree Matt Bomer should win that category.• Mys’ingleparentm’atch.C óM~•great!

    • Jo

      Yep!! Christian Kane

    • melissa

      hell yes! christian and leverage should be nominated for every thing. :) best show ever! Christian Kane is AWESOME!!!!

    • Lisa Horan

      Christian Kane a must for voice, steaminess, sexiness and just plain HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!

  • Sydney

    I am fine with all nominations made by the EW staff, but I would like to add Mehcad Brooks for consideration for TV newbie Male for Necessary Roughness. That is one good lookin’ man. I will also throw Patrick J. Adams in for Suits in the same category. USA knows how to cast em.

    • Shellie

      I absolutely agree. USA does no how to cast em!!! I love Gabriel & Patrick from suits. And Chris Gorham from Covert Affairs… Hubba Hubba!!! He’s also very funny. Follow him on Twitter.

    • The Divo

      Oh: heck YES, does USA know how to cast ‘em. Gorham, Bomer, Adams!!! Slobber and Drool!!!!! And so does TNT: Gosselaar, Diamond and MacDowell all in the same show (franklin/bash). HOT!!

  • Brian

    Noah Wile? Get a grip Tyler Hoechlin for best newbie, Sandra…

    • mrswinchester24

      I vote for Drew Roy from the same show as hottest newbie

      • Kattie

        definitly!!!!! Drew as Hal, the best!!

    • MSteele

      Will Patton in this show or any other. Smart, handsome and now a hero, to boot. Perfect!!!

  • Kelly

    Matt Bomer for everything that involved a male. don’t care what the category.

    • Stormy

      I’m with you. All he’d have to do to be good is show up. He’s like Adonis’ GQ brother. As they say at Red Robin …. Yummmmm!

    • justine

      matt bomer = overrated

      • ajmalzx

        haters gonna hate..

      • Dale Sullivan


      • Stephanie

        LOL you are silly – he is the hottest man on earth and most talented!

    • Joseph T

      I agree Kelly! Matt Bomer is the best part of the summer TV schedule

    • Ashleigh

      agreed! He is absolutely beautiful.

  • maine

    Auggie post gym has nothing on Auggie pre-blindness…help us, that football game was fab.

    • Ncdrew

      Yeah, the football game was AB(s)!

      • Ace

        Ooooh, and the ink on his back, too! I thoroughly enjoyed that scene. :-)

    • AfroerotiK

      Any excuse they can find to get Auggie shirtless, I vote for that.

      Sendhil Ramamurthy is ridiculously HOT and I would put him and Matt Bomer on a mat of oil and have them wrestle to see who wins the title of hottest summer vet. I would volunteer to be the judge, referee, and towel person of course, but that’s the sacrifice I would make for fairness.

  • M

    Matt Bomer looks so much like Henry Cavill.

    • Kristen

      Totally! That explains why I’m so in love with him (might have to re-watch the Tudors).

      • Chelsea

        I’ve been rewatching the first two seasons this summer. Happy, happy times. That boat scene…

    • Ace

      Eh, I don’t see it. Bomer is almost too beautiful to be real. (Cavill is just believably extremely gorgeous.) ;-)

    • linda

      I think that is why he got the role of superman…because they couldn’t get Matt Bomer so they get a look a like. I believe he’s not bad though

    • SG

      Excuse you! He is MUCH better looking than Henry C., whose nose lets him down. Bomer is perfection.

    • Sali

      but better than Henry…

  • Brittany

    Big Jeff from Big Brother, of course! I guess he would fall under TV vet, but maybe there should be a separate category for reality TV because I agree Matt Bomer should win that category.

    • Meg

      Agreed… Love Jeff, but Matt Bomer takes the Vet category no contest. Why not just add an extra category to show Jeff some love?

  • Stewie

    Hunter Parrish on Weeds. The end.

    • Alexis

      I definitely second that!

    • Liv

      I find him less attractive with the dark hair. It’s too dark, washes him out.

  • Michelle

    I agree with like all of this!
    Especially Gabriel Macht — Suits! damn he’s hot!!!
    if anyone True Blood — Joe Manganiello
    yess, Zach Morris looks plenty fine these days!
    From Pretty Little Liars, Drew Van Acker–Jason!
    ok, i might just go on forever now! but great picks!

  • Rebecca

    For hottest summer newbie (male) I’d like to nominate Scott Cohen who plays Nico on Neccessary Roughness! Anyone else find him sexy?

    • Abby130

      Yes, I find him very attractive!!!

    • Flyer

      OMG, YES! I’ve been in lust with Scott Cohen since 10th Kingdom. (And his adorable stint on Gilmore Girls was can’t-miss as well.) I wouldn’t label him a “new-comer,” though. Maybe a category for “Best Return to TV After Far Too Long”?

      • Doris

        I loved him as Wolfie as well. But I agree with Flyer: he’s not a newcomer. He’s done Law & Order, Hawaii 5-0, lots of television.

  • Rebecca E

    They may not be traditionally sexy, but Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill did it for me in Doctor Who.

    Also Kit Harrington, Richard Madden, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Peter Dinklage, and Jason Momoa brought a considerable amount of heat in Game of Thrones.

    • @Rebecca E

      Peter Dinklage? Are you being ultra PC or are you seriously attracted to him?

      • Rebecca E

        I think Peter Dinklage is handsome. Maybe not “hot” but undeniably handsome

      • tracy bluth

        I agree, Rebecca E.

      • Chelsea

        I think so too. There’s a charisma about him that’s attractive.

      • Emoney

        I also agree. He’s handsome and compelling, and his size is irrelevant. He has great eyes.

      • uh huh

        Peter Dinklage is sexy. Little Person or not. He’s SEXY.

      • orville

        And he has an *incredible* voice.

    • jj

      Matt Smith? Really? I mean I love the Doctor too, but I wouldn’t call the actor who plays him sexy? Some of you get the character an actor plays (who may be charismatic/sexy) mixed up with whether the actor themself is hot.

      • Chelsea

        Different strokes and all that. I happen to find Matt Smith AND his Doctor incredibly sexy, same goes for David Tennant. Sexy doesn’t necessarily have to be chiseled perfection.

  • Geno

    Rebecca Mader for her oh so sexy episode on “Covert Affairs”. Can I get an amen? …….Oh ya, that Chris Gorham guy is great too. :)

  • Maria

    Can we just put Chris Gorham from Cover Affairs in every male category? More towel scenes next season, please and thank you.

    • Tracye

      “Can we just put Chris Gorham from Cover Affairs in every male category? More towel scenes next season, please and thank you.” … AMEN !!!!!!!!!!

      • journi (@HauntedJourni)

        AGREE with all on CHRIS GORHAM!! What a beautiful man! His smile and personality alone make him THE WINNER hands down for me!!

    • Abby

      “Can we just put Chris Gorham from Cover Affairs in every male category? More towel scenes next season, please and thank you.” -Ditto!

      • Rose

        Agree with Abby completely! Chris Gorham is not only hot, he a great actor and evidently a nice person.

    • Melanie

      Agree with all of the above! Chris is such a hottie!

    • Lurlene

      Can we just put G.W. Bailey from “The Closer” in every male category, please? Old and gruff is HOT!

  • Celia

    Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf. Definitely this summer’s hottest newbie

    • A

      All the Teen Wolf guys- especially Jackson and Derek.

  • Renee

    Chris Gorham. That is all. I agree with Maria. All the male categories.

    • Julie

      Amen to THAT! :)

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