Crazy Jim Carrey is stupid in love with Emma Stone (but he's really just being funny)

Jim Carrey has boldly stepped up as a mouthpiece for much of the human race by declaring his love for Emma Stone in a weird little webcam confessional. (Watch the video here.) Carrey calls Stone “all the way beautiful” and laments that at 49, he has lines on his face and takes “a little longer to pee” than he used to, because otherwise they could get married “and we would have chubby little freckle-faced kids.” Who you callin’ fat, Jim Carrey? 

The most awkward part is when he says, wistfully, “And the sex?” and then just trails off in fantasyland before continuing on a different train of thought that begins “Every day for the rest of your life…” UPDATE: Stone’s rep has not yet responded to a request for comment, but a rep for Carrey tells EW that the video “was intended to be comical.”

We here in the L.A. office of EW, meanwhile, are a little torn on whether this is creepy or cute, so we’ve decided it’s creepute. Do vote below.

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  • Frozen in Time

    Jim has lost his senses completely now. First he thought Mr. Popper’s Penguins was a good idea, now this silly video.

    • why?

      Jim’s replacement is Jerry Trainor who currently plays Spencer on iCarly but is worthy of so much more. First thing Jerry should do is an Ace Ventura movie

      • frank

        I agree, that guy is hilarious. Esp the ICarly episode where he plays pranks on people throughout the episode.

      • ^

        Trainor is nothing more than a Jim Carrey clone/wannabe.
        Come up with something more original.

      • @^

        I agree. Idiots above are putting down Jim Carrey yet Jerry Trainor is almost an exact duplicate of Carrey. What sense does that make?

      • Jank

        Trainor is HILARIOUS – Jim Carrey is too far gone and concerned with being a dramatic actor, he probably feels his old routine his beneath him now. THAT is why Trainor would be the next best thing. Just watch his comedic timing on iCarly, his mannerisms – they are all great. And Carrey was not the first physical comedian and he wont be the last

      • UGH

        iCarly is probably the worst acted show on television.
        Trainor is probably the only worthwhile actor but he really needs to grow out of the Jim Carrey act if he really wants to go anywhere.

      • ohpuhleeze

        ohpuhleeeze…iCarly is the MOST annoying show EVER. It makes me want to pull my eyeballs out and plug my ears with them.

    • Susie

      Love me some Jim Carrey, freaking hilarious! If I was her I’d go on a date with him, I’m sure the date would be full of laughter and smiles. That’s because that’s who he is, he always seems to find a way to make others smile, even if it’s kinda creepy.

  • annilee

    If it wasn’t Jim Carrey, if it was some no named goofy 47 year old dude posting an ode to sex with Emma Stone on youtube, would you still think is was a little cute? Creepy all the way.
    This is creepy all the way.

    • Regina George

      Um, hello, this is creepy. Besides, Emma Stone’s dating Andrew Garfield.

      • elena

        Wait, really?! Spiderman filming turned into real (hollywood) love? They’re adorable together. I fully support this pairing. Now go away, Jim Carrey (although in reality I’m probably a couple drinks away from posting a youtube video of my love for emma stone. the girl’s phenom, seriously)

    • Just A Guy

      But it’s *not* some unknown creepy guy. It’s Jim Carrey. An actor and comedian well-known for having an unusual and sometimes dark sense of humor. It’s par for the course.

    • HD

      Jim Carrey is 47 years old? Damn, I be old myself! Not.

  • cam

    He’s a commedian. He’s not being serious. If it were serious it’d be creepy, but since he’s Jim Carry it’s… Jim Carry pulling a prank.

    • Doro

      Jim Carrey is a comedian? Since when?!

      • ks

        HA this!

      • steve

        Since never. Jim Carrey has never been funny.

      • ^

        Methinks Jenny McCarthy banged all of the funny out of Jim Carrey.
        She even tried to steal his schtick.

      • BlahBlahBlah

        Clearly, we’ve got a whole thread full of much more brilliant comedians here, right? Let me know when they show up.

    • Alex F

      Jim Carrey is about as funny as pancreatic cancer.

      • Jules

        Wrong!! Pancreatic cancer is much funnier!!!

      • james

        hope you die soon moron

  • J.

    He has a daughter that’s a year old than it’s a bit creepy. But then that’s Hollywood

    • Madox

      It’s a joke. You can tell by the bad acting.

  • Kat


  • kmb

    It seems too genuine to be a prank. Either way it’s a little bit creepy, but seriously, can you blame him? Who doesn’t love Emma Stone?

    • Joline

      If Jenny McCarthy made a similar video about Justin Beiber, imagining sex with him and wanting to have his babies, would it be funny or creepy? Even as a joke, it’s not very funny and she’s a lot younger then Jim…

      • Dede

        Emma Stone is in her twenties, Bieber is in his teens. That makes a big difference in the funny/creepy debate. Plus, he is admitting that she is way too young for him, which I find refreshing. Too many old guys, famous or not, chase around women half their age and it makes them look a little pathetic in my eyes.

  • Van Der Woodsen

    Both Jim & Cameron Diaz both need to realise what age they actually are & stop making the same films they did in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s.

  • noelbelle

    Isn’t his daughter about her age? If you have a daughter the same age as a woman you’re interested in, that always falls under creepy.

  • Javadude54

    Stay away from that nutcase, Emma.

  • Squishmar

    You can tell in the video that yes, he has a little thing for Emma… but also that he’s taking it over the top in the video. He’s being Jim Carrey. I think it’s a little creepy and a little cute.

  • pastafarian

    Unless this is some sort of meta critique of David Cross and Doug Hutchinson, then this is genuinely creepy. But I voted for Creepute cuz it deserves some recognition.

  • fromtoronto

    Definitely creepy! wtf….isn’t he a grandpa? Seriously, this is an example of how celebrities think that the world revolves around them and they are forever right!


  • Carreyfan

    If jim were a great guy and normal in the head, how come he couldn’t fnid anyone at his age? This guy got some serious issues.

    • ^


  • Kris

    Oh lordy you people! He is being funny. Emma is probably laughing yer butt off. American’s take everything so literally. Drives me bonkers.

    • Pickles

      No kidding! It’s a joke, people! Personally, I laughed all the way through it.

    • Kelcie

      Annnnnd here we go with the general statements about what America does too much of…

  • jen

    I think creepute can only apply to baby animals who will eventually become their normally creepy selves once they’re fully grown. Men can only be one or the other. In this case, I vote creepy. (The word creepute is also somewhat creepy.)

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