Paula Deen and Anthony Bourdain are at war


Image Credit: Food Network; Travel Channel

I apologize in advance that this post will not feature a video of Deen and Bourdain wrestling to the death in a big-ass vat of butter. Nope, all that happened is that Anthony Bourdain called Paula Deen “the worst, most dangerous person in America … plus, her food sucks” in an interview for TV Guide. The No Reservations star also slammed Deen’s fellow Food Network chefs Rachael Ray (“Does she even cook anymore?”), Sandra Lee (“I hate her works on this planet, but she is not someone to be dismissed, clearly.”), and Guy Fieri (“I look at Guy and I just think, ‘Jesus, I’m glad that’s not me'”).

First of all, can we just revel for a second in “I hate her works on this planet?” Thank you. Seriously, who knows how many other galaxies Sandra Lee is ‘botting out on right now.

Deen has fired back with a viscous stream of cholesterol and words! 

Her beef with Bourdain? He’s moody and not charitable enough. “My good friends Rachael, Guy and Sandra are the most generous charitable folks I know,” Deen told Page Six today. “They give so much of their time and money to help the food deprived, sick children and abandoned animals. I have no idea what Anthony has done to contribute besides being irritable.”

Deen went on to explain the way the world works: “”You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine,” she said. “My friends and I cook for regular families who worry about feeding their kids and paying the bills.”

Whatever, you guys. It’s not about who’s the better person. We’re talking apples vs. oranges here, or sour grapes vs. a $650 bottle of wine. Can you please just smear a cream cheese pound cake stuffed with steak au poivre all over each other’s faces and then casually make up? Or at least settle this feud on camera… in the Iron Chef America kitchen. I’ll judge. Now go.

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  • Dee

    Someone should put the plug on Anthony Bourdain.
    He has the foulist mouth on TV. He is low class, rude,obnoxous and has no personality.
    Time to get rid of him.. He should take time off and get his teeth fixed.

    • Templar

      Paula wants to kill you with love, Bourdain with disdain . Machts Nichts.

      • brittany

        I think it’s more acurate to say that Paula is trying to kill you with butter. Lol, have you seen her show?

      • pastafarian

        Paula wants to kill you with awwl and booter.

      • pastafarian

        darnit brtitany. I need to hit refresh more often >.<

      • Frank’s Dad

        PAULA DEAN wants you to buy her OVERPRICED merchandise. Does Bourdain have his own line of barbeque sauce in the stores? I think not. Is Paula giving all the money she earns from her 10 dollar a bottle BBQ sales to charity? I also think not.

      • SNIKT!

        Bourdain is REAL. Paula, like many of the Food network “stars”, just knows how to smile and be charming on camera. Has anyone even seen that NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR show? That’s ALL they have to do. Guy Fieri? REALLY Food Network?? A guy that goes around saying how “amazing” food is as he stuffs it into his mouth. Wow. That takes some talent there. Must be the multi-colored beard.

      • Dani

        I don’t know about Paula’s BBQ sauce but Anthony wants you sign up for his overpriced cooking classes at Sur La Table. As for butter Anthony uses it just as much as she does in his cooking, he even says in Kitchen Confidential that you can’t be a good cook if you don’t use butter. I love Anthony cause it’s funny to watch him be annoyed with things but I’d rather go to Paulas house for dinner any day.

      • Nerdista

        I feel like at least Anthony is genuine. I think Paula Deen wants to be really sweet, but I think she would rip your beating heart out of your chest if you stood in her way. Woman frightens me.

      • Robin Hileman

        Personally, I am getting sick of people telling others what they should or shouldn’t eat. Shut up and mind your business. If America has an obesity problem, who’s business is it? If I want to eat healthy and exercise I will. If I want to sit and eat a pound of butter with a freakin fork….I will. LEAVE OTHERS ALONE!!!!!

      • drew

        Paula is the official winner of this contest.

      • Regina George

        Poor Paula. Elderly Southern ladies don’t get any respect, I tell you.

      • Moderation

        Well, Robin, we all end up pay for increased medical costs because of things like diabetes and hypertension and heart disease. You know that Type 2 Diabetes used to be called Adult Onset Diabetes but they changed it because so many children are becoming diabetic. We care if someone beats their kid, but not if they raise them to have terrible eating habits that will make them sick and unhealthy.

      • maggie

        Bourdain became famous for writing about his drug use, and how unpleasant he was to work for. When he was a professional chef he was known for foie gras, which I doubt is any better for you than anything Paula Dean has made. He travels around eating disgusting things like warthog rectum and seal eyeballs, and has the nerve to criticize what other people eat.

      • briggs

        Paula is not making people eat butter. You don’t have to put a stick of butter in everything. true, she isn’t telling people that they can trade something for all the fat and sugar but there are plenty of shows that will. She is staying true to who she is. I love No Reservations but Bourdain at times is rude, condescending, and drinks, and smokes way too much but that doesn’t mean he is telling people to go out and get hammered. They both are very different in how they view “good food” . And more than once have I seen bourdain put away enough fried foods to kill your normal person.

      • Biff

        There’s nothing wrong with Paula Deen’s use of real butter and actual animal fat to cook. Anthony Bourdain would support that idea, as would anyone who loves food. Interestingly, Southern-style food always had wonderful amounts of butter and lard until they were pulled from the shelves for crappy margarine and Crisco. I went into a Bob Evans and even they didn’t have any real butter! What gives? It’s even harder to find REAL maple syrup at a restaurant, now that’s been replaced with weak corn-syrup-based crap.

        I hope Paula can get more people into requesting these real foods when they dine.

        Our larger sizes as Americans have little to do with butter, lard or maple syrup: back when had no industrial replacements, we were thinner. Funny, huh?

    • Tabbles

      Really?! He is also the only actual chef named in the above article.

      • Opie

        A “chef” is just a cook with an ego problem.

      • Le Cordon

        opie, you are wrong. A chef is a person who cooks professionally for other people.

      • Melissa

        Guy Fieri is a classically trained chef

      • Rick

        Guy Fieri is a classically trained tool

      • G

        Rachel Ray goes out of her way to say that she is not a chef, but a cook.

      • maggie

        He hasn’t been a chef for years. He hosts a travel TV show.

    • brooks

      When you live in a glass house, you shouldn’t throw rocks. For a person that smokes and drinks on his show to excess, he might want to take a harder look at his health before critizing someone else.

      • Le Cordon

        No one said Bourdain was perfect. He admits to his faults with sarcastic humour. On the other hand, Paula Deen never recognizes the fact that she is getting paid to feed the obesity epidemic in America.

        Bourdain can take it when others criticize him, but Paula Deen obviously can’t handle if anybody hurt her “precious” feelings.

      • Coral

        If you look at bourdain you can tell this guy is awfully depressive! Smokes and drinks on tv as he pleases. Is that a good example to young America? People who live from that kind of sarcastic humor tend to have many psych issues.

      • Ryan

        Bourdain is just a jerk. I loved it when Fabio put him in his place on Top Chef All Stars. Bourdain was running his mouth and trying to make some funny but rude comments at Fabio’s expense and Fabio told him straight off that even if he didn’t like his dish, that he better treat him with the respect he deserves. Bourdain ducked any real criticism of Fabio the rest of the season. I just about died laughing when Bourdain noted that some dessert dish Fabio made later was exactly the type of cooking he was waiting for Fabio to execute. You know what they say,” punch a bully in the face…”

      • Jean

        Thank you! I totally agree.

      • AB

        Coral, Bourdain isn’t trying set an example for young America. He’s a chef, and a critic, not Mr. Freaking Rogers.
        Paula Dean, on the other hand, swans around like she’s mary bloody sunshine, but I agree with the above poster, she’d rip your heart out if you stood in her way. Her smile never reaches her eyes unless she’s posing for the camera – she looks like a shark.

      • Ana

        Paula Deen isn’t paid to feed the obesity epidemic. Hers stuff isn’t the healthiest but it’s also stuff that’s been around forever while the obesity epidemic is relatively new. There are many reasons for it and Paula Deen is the very least of our problems.

      • petuniafromhell

        Well, if smoking and drinking is makes AB bad, then PD is the same because she’s a smoker…it was in NY Mag article.

      • maggie

        Paula Dean’s sons make healthy food, to balance out mom’s recipes.

    • Roger Ramjet

      Paula Deen, Ray and the other “cooks” on the Food Network are all fakers. They each have about eight real cooks on the set and are rehearsed on all recipes before filming their segment. They are hired for their personality, not their cooking ability. The producers have research people for the recipes, they don’t come from Paula Deen’s grandmother. Bourdain is a legit chef and an intelligent man.

      • freddy

        Hey Roger Ramjet, a “legit chef and an intelligent man” would not talk like him.

      • aaron

        freddy, you’ve obviously never spent any time in the kitchen of a restaurant

      • maggie

        A someone who has known who Ray is from when she did cooking demonstrations at a (now closed) gourmet market in Albany NY called Cowen & Lobel, she knows how to cook and create recipes. She got hired for a local TV station (WRGB) in Schenectady NY due to someone from the station seeing her demonstrations at Cowen & Lobel. She got an agent from someone seeing her cooking demonstrations on WRGB). She was never hired to be only a personality, but because she could cook first, and also had a tv-friendly personality.
        Many of us in the Capital District of NY are proud of our girl Rach.

    • Mark

      Paula Dean is a witch with a capital B. Her “southern hospitality” is calculated and fake. Go to her restaurant and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Irma

        Really disappointed with her restaurant. And staff told me she only comes by once a month. I guess to count her money.

      • jonny

        true that! my family was just in savannah, and ‘all’ the people there are sick of her. and she makes me sick.

      • @Irma

        I don’t really see what the problem is with her not going to her restaurant more often. She started it decades ago. It is successful and she doesn’t need to be there anymore. Why it’s a problem that someone who doesn’t need to work there every day doesn’t is beyond me. You see it in businesses all the time – once they can afford to and other projects take their time, entrepreneurs leave their businesses in the hands of those they trust to do the day to day operations. It’s not uncommon. Still her place and her capital and her name pulling the people in everyday. She’s had the same cook since opening and her sons have taken over much of the daily operations. No different than the business that has my dad’s name on it but he doesn’t work very often anymore either. Besides, at their age, why wouldn’t you take time off?

    • cody cthulhu

      Obnoxious * foulest * you have no say because you spell like you’re from Georgia. And yes its Georgia. Not jorja

    • Nigel Winterburn

      He’s right, though. Paula’s recipes are a coronary waiting to happen. She uses way too much butter.

    • bob

      he has NO class

      • freddy

        Bob, you said in 4 words everything needed to say about this guy.
        He doesn’t his own line of cooking hardware but he tours the country SPEAKING about cooking and his travels. THAT is a waste of money. At least people can use Paula, Ray and Guy cooking hardware.

    • BFD

      Anthony Bourdain doesn’t cook anything on his show. He goes around to impoverished countries and has poor people give him the food off their tables. Humble fare for sure but he refuses to eat the same “humble fare” in his own country.

      He is the worst kind of food snob. One who will profess to the joy of eating offal but never actually participates in the sometimes lengthy activity of preparing it. He’s like the king sitting on his throne as minions bring him plate after plate of delicasy, taking a bite or two and then throwing the dish to his dogs rather than the starving rable outside his gates.

      In one program he dreams of being a beach bum in an idyllic locale as if lying in a hammock all day would turn him into a native. Um, real “natives” actually have to work, Tony.”

      In my dreams I have a job where someone pays me to travel all over the globe and arranges for me to have local guides to take me to fascinating spots and eat delectable foods while look into the camera and spout pompous lines written by someone much more clever than myself.

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Nicely said. My family and friends love Bourdain, but I just never got it. He’s not nearly as witty as he’d like to think he is.

      • tiffanynevin

        Have you not seen the shows where he helped a family prepare a seal for dinner? Or taken part in any cooking at all? Or even the recent episode where they put him to work at El Bulli? Or when he went back to work at Les Halles? He cooks on the show, it’s just not the focus of every episode (or even most of them) because it’s a travel show, not a cooking one.

    • Angela

      I totally agree with you. A.B. is a pompous ass.

  • Lee

    Paula Deen should get arrested for trying to kill her viewers with the most unhealthy food possible. And she’s no poster child for healthy eating–she’s fat, her sons are fat–I bet her husband is fat too. I bet her whole family is fat because all they do is eat food with a lot of butter and fat in it.

    • JR


    • AJ

      Paula Deen’s sons aren’t fat, unless they’ve gained a lot of weight recently. She also never states that her food is healthy. Anyone with half a brain knows cooking with butter and cream is unhealthy. She really shouldn’t be held responsible for people who don’t know any better. By your reasoning, we should also shutter up all fast food restaurants.

      • freddy

        Thank you AJ.
        I eat healthy but once in a while I enjoy a big fat greasy meal. People have options and on Food Network, they give us all kinds.

      • @Lee

        She doesn’t force anyone to eat the food she makes. While I’ve seen far more shows with rich, heavy food, she has actually made some healthy dishes too. Not many, granted, but some.

      • Angela

        I agree with you too! Plus, drinking alcohol and smoking is bad for your health in a SERIOuS way. Yet people want to jump on nutrition (which is good), and beat those who eat non-nutritiously with a stick. IT IS ALL A PERSONAL CHOICE. If they should ban Paula for unhealthy cooking, then by gosh they need to take the liquor and beer commercials off tv as well.

    • lynnp42

      You do not have to cook what she is showing you also you do not have to watch her show. She is cooking because that is what she wants to do. Saying you think she and her family are both fat maybe be an insecurity to you. I’ve seen many of her shows and absolutely love her and her family I do not see why you don’t. You are the one who should be arrested for your arrogance and vile attitude.

    • The Devil

      Not a fan of Paula Deen, but you can hardly blame her for an individual’s decision to eat unhealthy. Sure, being bombarded with junk food by the media is bad, and there should be more promotion of healthy eating, but come’on, it’s called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Get some, America.

      • Kinna


      • K. Harker

        Agreed, but then maybe she should get off her high horse about all the good she’s doing for America. And out of the goodness of her heart too, no doubt, I’m sure she’s not paid obscenely by the Food Network or anything (eyeroll).

      • Maria

        Right on!

        Like how is it the host’s fault what people choose to cook and eat. If that is the case for those supporting AB then how about his chain smoking and drinking on his show. Isn’t he JUST as responsible as PD?

        People with half a brain would realize that ANY type of food should be eaten in moderation and that is is the individual’s responsibility to choose what to cook/make/bake and eat.

      • Taz

        We are all responsible for the food that we choose to consume. I have tried a couple of
        Paula’s recipes and didn’t care for them. Since I don ‘t like for her recipes – I don’t watch her show! It really isn’t that difficult to change the channel.

      • bob

        hes one of those who blames everybody for HIS problems

      • Huh

        When Michelle Obama tries to promote healthy eating; some accuse her of promoting a “nanny state” of others telling Americans what to do. When some talked about imposing a special tax on sodas to help fight obesity; the soft drink corps immediately launched ads accusing lawmakers of seeking to take away our “personal freedoms”. It’s a no-win situation; no matter what you do. Most of us know about good nutrition–it has been taught in schools for centuries; and experience with eating tells you what causes weight gain, etc. It is all about choices.

    • clarissa sunshine

      love miss Paula Deen she is a joy to watch and she is right who can afford all that fancey stuff im a real mom who loves her!!! Mr butthead suck a lemon !!

      • Super C

        1) Paula is an evil b**** in a pretty southern package
        2) Her food is disgusting
        3) Bourdain is actually a chef
        4) Fancy does not contain the letter “e”

      • cg

        Super C, have you actually have had her food before. My mom went to her restaurant down in Savannah and she loved it and millions of other people love her food. Paula is considered a cook not chef. she’s not evil in a pretty southern package.

      • @Super C

        Bourdain is a former chef. He’s a TV star on a travel show. He doesn’t do any cooking, while all the people he trashes do cook.

    • J. Davis

      Obesity is genetic IMO; they have genetically bred obese mice for over 20 years and they are fed and housed exactly the same as the regular mice. But we do call Paula “The Cream Cheese Lady” in our family. I think organic cream cheese is good for you….if it tastes good…eat it!

      I do think that Anthony needs to stop making fun of other chefs though….getting a bit old.

      • TM

        Then Americans have the most obese genes on the planet, despite having come from every country on Earth.

      • Tarc

        Actually, all that science americans pay for (and never bother to read) indicated that there are a lot of reasons, but the lods of chemicals, salt, and sugar manufacturers have a lot to do with it, the vast expansion of pharmaceutical drugs with side effects, the vast amounts of advertizing have much more to do with it than anything. And frnakly, they’ve show that a vast majority of people that gripe about fat people have genetic deficiencies in metabolism or absorption, so really have no idea what they are talking about when they whine about ‘don’t be a pig’and “get some excercise’. Many ‘fat’ people eat less and excercise more than the gripers and are still too heavy. Just the facts… look them up yourself.

      • telly

        For your information, obesity is not only genetic, tarc. The vast majority of it is caused by food, honey. Dont try to act like a level headed fool, just because you wanna sound smart. How I know, you ask? I’m a doctor at Johns Hopkins.

      • Tarc

        telly – ha! If you were, you’d be able to read. At no point did I say that obesity is strictly genetic – in fact, 75% of my note said otherwise. And I’ll take that MD and trump it with a doctorate in the field…

      • Tom

        Organic cream cheese has just as much saturated fat as non-organic. Food can taste good without sending you to an early grave.
        As far as making fun of other “chefs”… he’s not; none of those people are chefs.

      • Moderation

        Whenever people from another part of the world start eating the “American” diet they start getting fatter and sicker.

      • @Telly

        I sure hope you’re not a Doctor at Johns Hopkins. Using “wanna” and calling people “honey” makes you sound uneducated.

    • Leslie

      See, here’s the REAL problem w/Americans. We want to blame everyone else for our problems. That includes the food we put in our mouths. If you have high blood pressure, PUT THE DAMN SALT SHAKER DOWN YOURSELF AND STOP BLAMING THE GUY WHO MAKES THE STUFF. Americans need to stop being a bunch of lame crybabies. Leslie RN

      • erika

        So true Leslie, so true!

      • Rene

        Well said…I couldn’t agree more…though I trust a cow more than I trust a scientist. There is a word we all need to remember…Moderation!

      • Tarc

        Ot maybe read the scientific literature, which doesn;t agree that salt has anything to do with blood pressure in many people with hypertension. And butter raises blood lipid levels less than and even olive oil, and is vastly better for you than margarine (even that supposed ‘heart friendly’ stuff). Ask a damn scientist… or just listen to one.

      • Kelcie

        Leslie needs to clam down!

    • cliff

      Hey Lee,her and her family might be fat,but they can lose weight if they choose to.I’m sure you can never rid yourself of the ugliness that is you!!!

    • Allison

      @Leslie is anyone forcing you to eat her food or try her recipes? Nope. Oh but you’re a nurse so you felt compelled to rant about this. Okay.

      • Jon

        PERFECT! “If I put an RN at the end of my post, then everyone will have to bow to my opinions, because, dammit, a nurse can’t be wrong, and MUST BE BELIEVED!!” Reaching out for credibility by flaunting some initials reeks of “make me as important as I feel!”.

    • Nee Nee

      Nobody’s forcing anyone to make her recipes. If you think it’s unhealthy, don’t make and eat it. Pretty simple.

    • Sha Sha

      why all the belly-ackin about butter…it’s a hell of a lot better for you than margerine which is one step away from people don’t know what you are talking about,fats are not what clogs your arteries it’s plaque..get a clue…

    • maggie

      Her son’s not only are not fat, but they make recipes that are healthy. They are the balance to their mom’s cooking.

    • cat

      Everyone keeps talking about using butter, Julia Child always cooked with butter and heavy cream. Just because your a southern cook does not mean that it does not taste good. I love rich French food, that is cooked in butter, wine, cream, stock, but that does not mean it is any healthier than a piece of fried chicken nad mashed potatos. Are you going to say that you don’t eat that food she makes, because most everyone does. I love watching Anthony on TV but I also enjoy some of Paula’s recipes. Just sayin don’t pretend that southern food is below you.

      • RN

        Anthony made his name as a chef making rich French food. So he’s just a hypocrite.

  • Rodney

    Alcoholic, drug addicts with the morals of of an alley cat should not judge others.

    • Coriolana

      And you’d know, wouldn’t you?

      • Tarc

        Yup, it’s widely known.

    • Jaime

      Rodney is a pedohpiles name. Creep.

      • Word

        I can see Anthony’s fans are as intelligent as he accuses Paula’s fans of being. Jaime (pronounced “HYMIE”-as in, HYMEN) you’re the creep.

      • K. Harker

        Yo Word, Rodney was defending Deen. So I guess Deen’s fans are actually the idiots.

    • bob

      well said, i think jealously is alot of it also. he a loser

  • lynnp42

    Anthony Bourdain is an idiot. I’ve seen nothing he contributes to the world other than a nasty attitude and the ability to look down his nose at people while kissing he’s own ass. I’ve only watched his show in passing to another show but I won’t be doing any of that in the future. So to Mr Bourdain, your opinion is not wanted or needed so buck off.

    • clarissa sunshine

      amen hes an idiot!!

      • AB

        Kathleen, do you know how ignorant and racist you just sounded? Get your head out of your butt.

    • Kathleen Kelly Fox

      What do you expect? He’s French.

      • erin

        uh, he’s from New Jersey.

      • Kathleen Kelly Fox

        Of French Descent. John Travolta is also from New Jersey, that doesn’t make him less Italian.

      • erin

        Yes, it kinda does. He’s American, just like you, and Paula Deen. If you don’t like him, that’s your perogative. No need to get all ethnic-discriminatory.

      • Savannah

        I really doubt John Travolta considers himself Italian.

      • macarena

        Being from New Jersey doesn’t make John Travolta less Italian. I’ve heard it all now.

      • KKF

        If you think this is a strange viewpoint, go to any blog discussing Jennifer Lopez and see her referred to as a Puerto Rican or Latina. She was born in NYC. Being born in America doesn’t obliterate cultural markers from your parent’s and grandparent’s ethnic group.

      • maggie

        Travolta is American, with ancestors from Italy.

        Jennifer Lopez is also an American. Her parents are from Puerto Rico, which is part of the US.

    • Jaime

      Yes, Lynn, I’m sure Bourdain cares about your opinion. Many of his viewers have followed him for years, and I personally enjoy how he actually TRAVELS to other countries to show how others eat and live. No doubt you are some simple-minded bumpkin who is better off watching Paula Deen. Some of us actually prefer Bourdains snarky humor.

      • Did you enjoy

        Patting yourself on the back and feeling smug and superior? You win.

      • Kinna

        It’s a little sad that you find enjoyment in someone who tears down other people for no reason.

      • Thomas

        I absolutely agree with you. Bourdain actually travels around the world to show you how we should be eating. Not those “all you can eat buffets” where the obese society tend to gravitate towards or the “let’s lather everything up with salt and butter” to hide the bland taste of the food” crowd. That’s why America has the highest obesity rates than any other country. I have actually had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bourdain and let me say that he is right on point.

      • Lindsay

        i laugh my butt off at his wit and humor. she actually gets on my nerves because she’s too damn peppy all the time. same reason i can’t stand Rachel Ray.

      • Emma

        Actually I watch both and consider both of them to be among my favorites and I am still very disappointed that A.B. Had to say rude and untrue things about the others.

      • be a traveller, not a tourist

        Bourdain rocks. He keeps it real.

      • @Thomas

        “Bourdain actually travels around the world to show you how we should be eating.”
        Really? You think that he’s trying to tell us that we should be eating eyeballs and rectums? He’s showing us what those people eat, not what we should eat. He even says that some of the things he’s eaten on his show are the most disgusting things he’s ever eaten.

  • Jelana

    I love Bourdain, but if Deen really wanted to cut him, she could have said something like “I don’t need to worry about that. He’s just using shock-jock tactics to give himself more publicity.” Given how much Bourdain purports to hate the talking-head chef, a comment like that would be pretty harsh. I still love him, though, and he’s not completely wrong. But I’ll admit to using some of Deen’s recipes. I’m off now to have my fence-pole-ectomy.

    • DJ

      I really like AB as well…but I have to admire Paula Deen for sticking up for herself and her colleagues without resorting to his nasty name-calling.

    • maggie

      Bourdain has a book to sell, so he’s trying to get publicity off the backs of people more famous than him.

  • Gay Wolff

    I just want to say Paula Deen is the only cook on the Food Network whos food a normal person can eat I was raised on soup beans ,ham and biscuts mac and cheese was a staple money was tight as in her case when she started those others make stuff that doesnt even look good let alone eat it I hope someday to get to her resturant thats my goal not to those high priced places where you dont get full and the bill is worse then the national debt.

    • AB

      Too bad you weren’t raised on punctuation.

      • TAB

        Love this comment. Thank you, AB.

      • clarissa sunshine

        Grow up!! are you a english teacher cause we are not in class …..

      • Kat

        That was one sentence, what’s the big deal?

      • erin

        Because if your reader can’t understand what in god’s name you’re trying to say, grammar and punctuation matter, even in the comments section of an entertainment website.

      • peggym

        Kat, that wasn’t one sentence. It was many sentences run together. Clarissa, spelling and grammar always matter.

      • Buddymoore

        Did clarissa really just post that comment?

      • luvie71

        for AB..stated too bad you were not raised on punctuation. That’s a hard blow and not necessary..what makes you so perfect??????

      • Mark

        @erin: That sentence makes no sense. It’s bad form to start a sentence with because, too.

      • AB

        I didn’t say I was perfect, but it takes just as long to post a poorly constructed sentence as it does to look over what you write and add a few commas or a period. Mistakes are ok, we all make them, but when a a post consists of so many run-on sentences that its unreadable – I have a hard time with that. If you have a hard time with my post, that’s your opinion, just as I stated mine.

    • Brittany

      Get off your high horse fatty. That is if you can lift your fat a$$ off.

    • FunkyApplesauce

      THANK YOU AB!!!!

  • AB

    Paula Dean is as fake as they come, at least Bourdain is genuine. You may not like him but at least he hasn’t become a caricature person like Dean has. Her food isn’t even very good.

    • Sammie

      Amen! Funny how Paula turns on the annoying “Y’alls” depending on whom she has as a guest that episode.
      Phoney as phoney can be.

      • Huh

        Some of us with Southern roots, even those of us who grew up in the North, still say “y’all”. So what? It doesn’t make us any phonier than anyone else; it’s just a linguistic habit, like some from Jersey saying “youse guys”–even when they live in California.

    • Craig

      AB, I agree with you. However, if you want to play mechanics Nazi, as you did above, you should know how to avoid comma splices.

      And it’s “Deen.”

      • AB

        You’re right. Though I don’t care if its Dean or Deen, honestly.

    • bob

      hes a loser. his comments are VERY unprofessional. i never did watch his show very much, but now, never again, very envious of the people he bad mouthed. take some more drugs you loser

      • Brooklyn

        What… What in the world does drugs have to do with this? How ridiculous is this; you criticize someone for their manner and then you conduct yourself in just as ridiculous of a manner. Shame on you.

      • @Brooklyn

        Bourdain has admitted to using drugs.

    • cg

      She is not fake.

  • erin

    Anthony Bourdain’s whole schtick revolves around being cantankerous, to the point of hyperbole. I find Paula Deen (and Rachel Ray) to be extraordinarily annoying. While I don’t excuse him entirely, his entire beef with these Food Network people is professional, not personal. And yet, Paula Deen responded in an entirely personal way. Annoying.

    • peggym

      It was personal, slamming her show, restaurant, and food in a nasty manner. They edited her reply, where she saidshe had never met him, he had never been to to her home to have her cook for him, and to her knowledge he had never been to her restaurant, so how was he judging her cooking skills?

      • erin

        Her show, restaurant and food are her profession. Ergo, professional.

    • SaM

      @ erin i love eggos

  • Shirl Morris

    I resent that people might believe Paula Deen is the average southern citizen. She cackles and crows in my opinion and she is not genuine. I have been to her restaurant and found it ordinary and expensive. I was taken there by someone who thought it would be a treat for me. It was not. I was more than disappointed. There should be another choice on voting in this article… maybe neither of the above.

    • AB

      Shirl, very good points. I have friends who are southern and they are not like her at all. I have other friends who are not southern and they think she is representative of people from the south.
      I haven’t eaten at her restaurant, but had a similar experience at one of Emeril Lagasse’s – very disappointed at the food and how overpriced it was. I also was disppointed at how overpriced PD’s merchandise was, esp. after comparing it for quality against other products that were better priced and better value. It’s just ridiculous that her name warrants a 20-40% price hike for quality that is subpar.
      I just feel she’s a shyster. And I have tried a couple of her recipes and felt they were “meh.” (I’m a professionally trained but not practicing chef.) I haven’t tried anything of Bourdain’s, but he just seems to know food and the culture behind it. Is he a jerk? Yes. Much of the time, he is. But he’s honest and I don’t get the sense he’s out to milk me for every penny he can.

      • Piers

        Paula Deen is WTWM [white trash with money]. Uneducated, uncultured and brassy. But good for her for achieving the American dream. Bourdain is just a walking rectum.

  • Thomas

    Bourdain is the best!!! His show rocks, his books rock, and so on and so forth. I don’t know who Paula Dean is but she looks like my Aunt.

    • bob

      how are you two related???

      • Brooklyn

        … he is not actually related to Paula Deen. He said she reminded him of his aunt.

        Unless you are confused as to how someone can be related to their aunt, then you have more issues than a girl on a blog can really help you fix.

  • daisyj

    I used to love Bourdain’s show– and I still enjoy his books– but somewhere along the way it stopped being an entertaining and BS-free travelogue and became Noble Tony Saves The Brown People and I lost interest. Still, his steadfast refusal to be polite about people in interviews is one of the few things that keep him interested.

    That said, I wonder if any of his resentment for Ms. Dean comes from the fact that at one point recently he said his doctor put him on a low-fat/cholesterol diet to save his heart? Maybe seeing all that butter on TV was just too much for him.

    • Tarc

      After decades of smoking and alcohol abuse, Bourdain’s got no room to point fingers at anyone for being ‘unhealthy’.

      • Mike O

        My thoughts exactly. I really enjoy Boudain’s show and find Paula Dean to be annoying, but Bourdain’s constant smoking (I believe he has quit, however) and drinking don’t allow a lot of room to criticize others.

      • K. Harker

        Haha, I love this sh$t. He smokes and drinks, and ergo can’t criticize anyone else? Wow, I’m so glad you people don’t have any vices at all. I guess that means people who eat junk food and don’t work out can’t criticize people either. What a ridiculous line of logic.

      • TM

        And he’s a recovering smack addict!

      • Tarc

        How’s that Harker? Morons should be called on everything when they go out of their way to disply their ignorance. Bourdain’s an idiot and a double addict, and certainly has no room to talk about unhealthy habits – particularly when he really knows nothing about what actually is healthy or about the show he’s criticising..

    • True GRITS

      As a “GRITS” (girl raised in the south) and the sister of a CIA grad, I see a place for both cooking personalities. There is value in both points of view. Though Paula’s over the top southern hospitality is a little too much to take sometimes, I don’t doubt that she is just being herself (a once single mother of two young boys who scraped her way out of poverty one homemade bag lunch at a time). As for Tony, I appreciate his sardonic approach and the ability to see many places in this world I may never have the opportunity to visit. (though his comments about his mother in one show, no matter how tongue in cheek, has knocked him down a notch in my book) I want to dine out on AB’s budget and eat at the places where he’s been but when it comes to home cooking, I’ll be sure to check out Paula’s recipes online for my next family meal.

      I record “No Reservation” episodes and often wonder why his ability to appreciate, relate and communicate empathy to those humble families and restaurants he visits on his shows do not extend to those here in the states. He says he has no FoodNetwork envy but I wonder if his time on the Travel Channel has clouded his views. Ultimately, FN TV hosts/chefs/cooks are there because “we” the viewers put them there. They make the TV and recipes that the their viewers want to see/cook. So if you don’t like, don’t watch, they’ll be off the air in a heartbeat if their ratings drop. But like everyone one else in this world (other than Mother Theresa), we all live in Glass Houses and should be wary of throwing rocks, AB will be the first to admit that he is more a writer than chef and as such he should certainly know the value of verbal editing. Just because you think it and have a venue to express it does not make it true or wise to say in print media.

      Paula suffers from a case of colossal overexposure. (I get nauseous from her commercials by the end of the holiday season) However if I was ever lucky enough to make money by doing what I loved, then I say “make hay while the sun shines” . . . forget the haters, they don’t pay my bills.

      Love ‘em, hate ‘em, but at least admit that like some of the best cuisine out there it often takes a combination of sweet (PD) and savory (AB) to make an excellent meal.

  • John

    Its annoying to see Bourdain come off like such a bitter, sour, unhappy soul. There is no need to come off like a sanctimonious jerk

  • sush

    Rude comments and name dropping is a sad attempt to keep himself relevant – its all he has going for him at this point, how sad…

  • JK

    Anthony is so obnoxious…his show is total buzzkill.

  • Coriolana

    Tell Paula to take the deep fried trailer trash stick of butter and grease herself with it for a pig wresting contest.

    • Tarc

      Tell Coriolana to pick one of the many booms in their closet out and fly off to that home for the mentally deficient.

      • Buddymoore

        Tell Tarc I don’t think there are any booms in the closet.

      • Tarc

        Way to totally miss the point, Buddymore… genius.

      • Buddymoore

        You’ve commented on every single post in here, we all see your point.

      • Tarc

        Actually, I haven’t, and no you don’t

      • Regina George

        Okay, well, you guys are both trolls. Hate to break it to you.

      • Tarc

        And I hate to break it to you (well, not actually), Regina, you need to look up the definition of ‘troll’ in this context.

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