Adam Carolla in hot water over anti-gay comments; GLAAD issues statement


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Another day, another comedian in hot water.

Anti-gay comments made last week by Adam Carolla on his Podcast, “The Adam Carolla Show,” prompted GLAAD to speak out against the radio host today in a release that accuses him of “gross intolerance.”

The organization reports on the incident in a press release, writing: “In his rant, he also told LGBT people to ‘shut up’ because they are ‘ruining his life’ by speaking out about equality. He went on to say that members of the LGBT community should stop using the letters ‘LGBT’ to describe themselves, and should instead use ‘YUCK.’ Regarding transgender people, Carolla at one point asked: ‘When did we start giving a sh–t about these people?'”

Carolla told EW via his rep, “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

Meanwhile, Herndon Graddick, senior director of programs at GLAAD, said, “Given his history of anti-gay and racist comments, networks and advertisers should know what their money is supporting if they choose to hire Adam Carolla. The gross intolerance that he tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves.” The “history” Graddick mentions to is in reference to Carolla claiming on “Loveline” that gay parents were “not as good as straight parents.”

You can listen to Carolla’s comments here. (Warning: NSFW langauge.) For more, visit GLAAD.

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  • Cameron J

    Well. This is the first time I agree with GLAAD’s overrighteous bluster. What a jerk.

    • Kurt

      When did we start giving a damn about these people? The day you starting hosting Loveline on KROQ and going on and on for hours about gay sex, and all that wonderful stuff you guys would talk about on the air each week.

      • Cameron J

        Us guys? Dude, I’m perfectly straight. Unlike you, I care about human beings that are not me.

      • Bill

        This is America. People are free to say what they like.

        That means, when you say something that makes you look like an a**hole, people are also allowed to tell you you look like an a**hole.

      • Adam’s mother

        ““I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.” What utter horsesh!t from a pathetic, narcissistic pig.

      • Listen yourself then decide

        I happened to listened to that rant and did laugh. Not at the quotes cherry-picked above, but from the stuff that followed. The context was a news clip where LDBT or whatever was petitioning Sesame street to have Bert and Ernie get married. The general point was parents have alot better things to teach there kids what gay people do with their lives. I generally agree. The clip goes on to have him waking up his kids and try to urgently explain transgenders to them. That is funny, and that’s left out above, it’s very much one sided story. If you find him crass, understandably so, but you’re not his audience. In fact what makes him funny is he can say what is on his mind w/o network second guessing. Also the fact he doesn’t rely on any network makes this a waste of time for GLAD. For context where I come from, I don’t care what gay people do, get married, etc, it’s your life be happy. Stuff like this makes them look silly.

    • fg

      Adam C. just became my favorite comedian.

      • al

        You just became my favorite person I want to beat to death!!!

      • Matthew Shepard

        Ahhhhhh so if you want to drag a straight person behind my car until life drains from his body its ok??? Im just trying to keep up with the rules before I murder somebody. Cause let me tell you friend,saying you want to beat someone while sticking up for gay causes dosent exactly make you look smart. Itd be like a black calling for the lynching of whites.

      • Sue

        How is this different from Hollywood movies that use the n word like crazy or beat up on black people in their movies? I have no problem with what Adam said, hell I agree with him.

      • StanJames

        be a bigot . thats your right. You will be more and moe despised. In the end you will go to your grave Unwept, dishonored and unsung.

        Maybe there ought to be a law for people like this adam guy–

        His headstone saying – a bigot died. His IQ is still the same now as it was in his life.

      • @Sue

        So, you feel that “Hollywood movies that use the n word like crazy or beat up on black people in their movies” is OK???? After all, in your eyes, it’s the same thing as what Adam is saying, and you admit you AGREE with him. So, when’s the Klan meeting, Sue?

      • Monty

        I don’t agree with Adam’s comments, but you saying there should be a law against such rhetoric is off base. Freedom of Speech is a two way street. You can talk about how you wish he would shut up just like he can say he wishes the LGBT community would shut up. And more to the point, it’s not like he’s saying this on loveline or the Man Show. You have to seek out Adam Carolla and listen to his show with the intent of listening to it.

        For the record, live and let live. Homosexuals, transgendered, et al should have the same right to happiness everyone else is afforded. Just remember that ALSO goes both ways…

      • So Sad

        All the sick, twisted, dirty pervos that were born broken are apparently violent as well. as evidenced by ‘al’ and his hateful remark. Who are the real haters? LGBTs.

      • Squishmar

        StanJames gets the award for most moronic comment. First, he misquotes a famous poem (I don’t think that he altered it intentionally) but then, to say “maybe there should be a law for people like this adam guy” What…. for his thoughts or his words? Cause that doesn’t sound like America to me. I believe people who even suggest something like that are far more dangerous than any person saying anything that could be construed as hurtful. To me, the only limit on free speech should be suggesting there be a limit on free speech. ;)

      • Brian (Raw Rant)

        already my fav

    • Maura

      YUCK is right. And yeah, SHUT UP LGBTs!!!!!

      • Cameron J

        LMFAO. So yeah, lemme get this straight. Freedom of Speech, everyone gets… unless you’re LGBT. Oh, you’re not a hypocrite, not at all.

      • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

        Michelle Bachmann, is that you???

      • Ahhh

        I see someone has their “I’m a big courageous girl hiding behind my size-14 anonymity” panties on. Go back to church, Maura—and pray for a soul. It seems the dementors have taken yours.

      • AB

        You know what, two wrongs don’t make a right. Maura’s comments show her narrow minded, intolerant nature and that’s really sad, but yours are actually worse in a way, because you profess to know better. Don’t be a hateful bigot, sinking to the level of expressing psuedo-racist comments about overweight people just to make your point. Unless of course you really are just as bad as Maura is – which is how you sound when you post the stuff you just did.

      • Max

        AB – What the heck is pseudo-racist about making negative gomments regarding gay or fat people; neither are a ‘race’. There is a wide difference beween ‘not liking’ what gay or fat people do with their bodies, and hating them. You choose to focus on the latter to highlite your own speech, and make the opposition scarier. And Maura’s comment isn’t narrow minded either: she states that she feels certain behaviours are distateful to her, and doesn’t want continuous and repeated justifications poured into her ears.

      • rand

        Did any of you ever go to school??? Freedom of speech is granted only to political speech.You can’t say whatever you want about anyone you want. That’s why people get sued successfully.

      • Monty

        Defamation and Liable are not applicable in this instance. Even without several other things, you have to talk about a specific person and usually a specific act. Unless you are a lawyer, I suggest that YOU go to school. Freedom of Speech reaches wider than just a ‘political’ nature.

        By the way, I’m sure many of today’s cadidates would consider the plight/promotion of the LGBT community a ‘political’ agenda.

    • stu

      I agree w/ Freedom Of Speech! BUT he should not have freedom of showing his ugly mug. Put a paper bag over tat face!

    • Ash

      he’s so ugly. Yuck.

    • Jeff M.

      I think everyone knows what kind of person Adam is and I don’t think anybody cares. Whatever happened to free speech? If you don’t like him then don’t listen to his podcast! People can think for themselves you know!

    • Jeff M.

      Keep up the good work Adam. Speak your mind and let know one stop you. Now I don’t agree with him but it is his podcast and you do’t have to listen!

    • Shane

      Adam is a talentless hack. How did this ugly, unfunny, slob get his own show?! Also, i think he talks way too much about gays in general. Maybe he’s a closet case.

  • Templar

    One more arrogant jerk with his head up his prat.

    • James

      People are mad about this? I thought it was hilarious during his podcast. I’m gay, I don’t really see why everyone is getting so pissed about this.

      • Kurt

        It the subject that got him where he is today. It’s like being a baseball player and blaming sports for ruining your life. He was a talkshow host about sexual issues on the radio for years, and then the Man Show, and just about anything to do with women’s genitials.

  • Justin

    I guess freedom of speech is thrown out the window now when you have whiney little b1tches complaining about what a comedian says on his own TV show. Jesus Christ leave him alone he can say what he wants to say this whole tolerate gays fad is getting way out of hand. People shouldn’t have to becareful what they say because they don’t want to offend someone.

    • Cameron J

      I agree… to a point. Like, if you call something gay, whatever. A little fun making? I can deal. Total D-Baggery? No thank you. I mean, technically I have freedom of speech and call you a self righteous, hateful bigot. Doesn’t mean it’s okay. There’s a point where you draw the line before you get punched.

    • Francis

      Tolerate gays “fad” Justin? Tolerate gays? Gay human beings are gay human beings. Nothing to tolerate, it’s a reality. Accept and get over it.

      Adam Carolla had the freedom to go on his homophobic rant and he’s being criticized accordingly. No-one took away his right to go on the rant he did.

      What people like you don’t realize is homophobia is simply unacceptable in today’s society. Maybe you’ll learn sometime.

    • S

      Since when is tolerating people a “fad”? Fads are jeggings and Ugg boots. But if you want to put it that way, I think this “fad” of turning off our mental filters has gotten way out of hand. Freedom of Speech goes both ways.

      • Skip182

        Ahh but you kind of made a great point for the other argument. Saying we’ve turned off our “mental filters” can also mean “this guys a comedian, maybe we shouldn’t get so upset” and just let it go. Is what he said offensive? Sure. Is it worth the time and effort GLAAD has put in? No. GLAAD has plenty of real problems they should be dealing with, but instead they choose the easy fight.

      • Brett

        You need to be more tolerant of jeggings and Ugg boots.

      • @Brett

        Yes and size 14 panty-wearers.

    • erin

      I am so damn tired of people using the phrase “freedom of speech”! The government is not censoring you. Fellow citizens are telling you that your “speech” makes you a bigoted idiot. Big difference.

      • J

        Very well said

      • dougr

        ” The gross intolerance that he tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves”

    • FazeCraze

      Freedom of speech means the government can’t throw in jail for something you say. It doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want without consequences.

      • Michael

        Thank you.

      • Shannon

        What if you add the phrase “with all due respect”?

    • stephenKC

      He STILL has the freedom to say whatever he wants. And the rest of us have the freedom to call him the bigot he is. Free speech works both ways.

      • Ronee

        ….or the freedom to give him a ^5….

  • jay

    Nothing is protected from ridicule… sorry. Not even homosexuality

  • Lane

    none of those supposed “jokes” are even remotely humorous. I haven’t seen the performance or anything but in the article it honestly just sounds like a hateful rant. I’m with GLAAD on this one!

    • Brian

      Of course they aren’t humorous and sound like a hateful rant. It’s because you’re reading a transcript and they have no context. You don’t have the context of that specific show or the context of Carolla’s larger body of work and worldview.

      Here’s Carolla’s opinion on just about everything, including these LGBT issues: “leave me alone.” He doesn’t hate gay people, he hates being bothered by all the baggage of political correctness. And he’s much more concerned with actions than words, which is why it bothers him that we spend so much time obsessing over words and labels in our society.

      The problem is not with the Adam Carollas of the world. The problem is people who waste their energy painting people like him as hateful bigots. He’s not the enemy. Move on.

      • Jeremy


      • Lane

        I never said he was an enemy so don’t put words in my mouth dude. I don’t think he’s a bigot and there’s nothing to “move on” from because I never cared about him before and don’t care now but I think if GLAAD wants to stand up for their community they can because like it or not, words have an effect on what goes on in our society.

      • TruthInvictus

        The political correct cultural paradigm is not an accidental presence in this Nation or even world.I have no inclination of ever being a person who conforms to what is “acceptable” to everyone who “might” feel slighted.Political Correctness is generally a method to turn out automatons who all think the same and likewise an obstacle to free thought and individualism.

    • Brian

      Lane, I’m not putting words in your mouth. The first three sentences of my comment were directed at you. The rest was just directed to people in general. GLAAD’s witch hunts very much suggest that he is an enemy to be targeted, specifically by way of choking off his sponsorship dollars. Also, GLAAD needs to realize that they do their community a disservice by shooting at everything that moves. If they were more sensible in picking their battles I think people would take them more seriously. As it stands they ring the alarm bells at every slight offense so all they’re doing is adding a lot of noise (and resentment) to the conversation rather than achieving any meaningful progress.

      • IKilledJennySchecter

        I don’t think that putting the spotlight on someone who has flung hateful slurs and attitudes towards a minority is ringing an alarm. Cheers to GLAAD for exercising their rites to vocally oppose an insensitive celebrity. Carolla is not gay so how does he know what it feels like to read/hear such things? Have we all forgotten the episode of South Park where Token stresses a similar point to Stan?

      • Bobby’s Robot

        Please learn and understand the term “witch hunt”. It is simply not applicable here. GLAAD is a media watchdog group. They exist to ensure a balanced representation of their community in the media. Most religions, ethnicities, special needs groups have similar organizations that aim to make sure their community is treated fairly. ‘I’m a comedian’ is no excuse for saying something so stupid and obviously inflammatory. Words can turn to violent action very quickly as the LGBT community knows only too well.

    • jpmoneypants

      Are you retarded?? How can you say its not funny and then admit you haven’t heard it?? When you assume it makes an ass of, well just you this time.

      BTW – I’ve noticed this becoming a trend. People commenting on things they know nothing about, or admit they’ve never experienced. I seriously saw a movie review on RT where the reviewer went on to admit they hadn’t seen the movie. Its unreal.

  • Nick T

    Wow what a pig. No excuse

  • Coyote

    Freedom of speech goes both ways, and people who disagree with what he said have the freedom to call him out on it. And the advertisers have the freedom to support him or leave.

  • tt

    Who cares what that pathetic, ugly loser says. He’s nothing more than a trailer trash jacka**

    • Jeremy DC

      Why would you call Carolla trailer trash? You’re being very offensive to people who live in trailers.

  • J

    insane! he consistently states his support for gay marriage on the very same podacast. let a comedian make a joke. everybody take a breath and relax.

    • Francis

      Denigrating a community is a joke?

      • bob

        yes. it is.

      • Francis

        No, actually it isn’t Bob. Blatant mean spiritedness is not funny to most people. But at least we see where you stand on the issue of human rights.

      • bob

        No, you don’t know anything about where I stand on human rights. You don’t know me. If you hear a joke, and you don’t like it, don’t laugh. Don’t support that comedian. Just because you don’t like it though, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a joke.

      • Josh

        Actually, yes it is. Some comedians make their livings off denigrating communities. Don Rickles entire career was based on insulting all minorities, races, creeds and sexual orientations. Some of the best humor comes from denigrating communities. You gotta be careful though. There’s a fine line.

      • jpmoneypants

        Yep, it fact denigration is the subject of a large percentage of jokes. I bet you’re super funny.

    • T

      Just wondering – when you are offended, do you respond to someone telling you to “take a breath and relax”. I doubt it. You have the right to object to what offends you and so do gay people. The “breathe and relax” thing is your way of saying that’s not really offensive. It is.

  • jj

    Okay?? His excuse, if he’s even sorry, is that he’s a comedian, so was the comedy? His comments were hateful and condescending – ‘these people,’ ‘yuck’? get over yourself.
    ‘No matter gay, straight, or bi, transgendered…,” we’re all d-bags at some point.

    • jj

      *so where was the comedy?
      Also, I can’t imagine anybody who truely supports gay marriage would say anything like that.

    • Mike

      So, here’s a good question…did anyone who is saying all of these mean spirited things about Mr. Carolla even hear his podcast segment, or are they just basing it on the context of this column? I do listen to his podcast, but I missed that segment. But usually he makes pretty good points in long winded rants…not in half sentence quotes.

  • SL

    tt – You don’t like that Adam Carolla said something offensive and then use the term “trailer trash?” You don’t think that term is offensive? If you don’t then you should shut up about anything Adam Carolla says!

    • Meh

      I’m personally more offended at how UNFUNNY Adam Carolla is these days.

      There was a time I found him amusing, but I was a teenager then and that was a LONG time ago.

  • Matt

    Anyone who listens to Adam Carolla knows that these statements were taken out of context and that Adam does not discriminate against the LGBT community. No one wrote any news articles for the dozens of times he states that he is in support of gay marriage…

    • pastafarian

      The whole thing is available to listen to for ourselves. How is that out of context?

      • bob

        did you listen to it?

  • Roland

    Who’s Adam Carolla? DId I miss a meeting?

    • Nope

      A has-been I think. I don’t know. GLAAD, next time get mad at someone a teeny bit famous.

      • Rick G

        He has the most downloaded podcast in the world. Yeah. The world. He turned down a huge syndication deal earlier this year because the podcast is doing so well. You’re right, he’s not a “teeny bit” famous.

  • James

    So they went through all the trouble to open itunes, download the show so they could listen to him. Maybe they should just stop listening.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    What does GLAAD do all day, just sit and wait for someone to say something about gays and then issue a press release?

    • T

      YES, and thank God they do! There are still way too many Rusty Shacklefords in the world.

    • Ronee

      @Rusty Shackleford….yeah that and listen to show tunes.

    • dougr

      Being indignant is a way of life. It’s part of the ‘complain’ generation.

    • truthinvictusx

      Political Correctness is thebiggest obsticule to free thought and individualism.

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