Stephen Colbert PAC commercials target Texas gov Rick Perry

With James Brolin from The West Wing Texas governor Rick Perry poised to enter the Republican presidential race tomorrow — the same day as the important Ames Straw Poll in Iowa — he already has more to worry about than Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, and other rival candidates. He has to worry about Rick Parry. Though Perry isn’t officially on the ballot tomorrow, his supporters are encouraging voters to write-in his name as their top choice. Not so fast, says Stephen Colbert’s ColbertSuperPAC. The semi-serious political action committee takes umbrage with out-of-state carpetbaggers with their bags of carpets telling Iowans who to vote for, and it is fighting fire with fire extinguishers. Vote for Rick Parry tomorrow — “That’s Parry with an A for America, with an A for Iowa.” Watch the recent ads.

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  • jc

    Nice of Colbert and EW to do Obama’s campaigning for him.

    Of course the people who listen to Colbert and EW would never have voted for him anyway so this doesn’t really amount to much of anything.

    Most of Colbert’s audience is so stoned in Mom’s Basement that they won’t go out and vote anyway.

    • Em

      Wow. You’re really smart. You obviously do not even realize who Colbert’s audience is – but you hold to your fantasy.

      • Kris

        You’re absolutely right, Em.

    • RW

      This is an entertainment magazine, not a political one. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

    • Johnification

      This is a primary ad…there’s no incentive for Obama here…the point of the ad is to make people aware of where their information is coming from and call-out the Super PACs. And also to just have some ridiculous and stupid fun at the same time.

    • George

      Whaaa? A rightwinger on a comments section unable to discern a joke and it’s meaning?

      I refuse to believe this.

    • dlauthor

      Rabid right-winger … the initials “jc” … obnoxiously self-righteous …

      Do … do you think you’re Jesus Christ?

      • Nope

        Yeah, stop impersonating that poor dead Jew!

    • Kris

      If you watched Colbert (or Jon Stewart for that matter) on a regular basis, you’d know he rips both sides – including Obama. If you can’t see what they’re trying to do with the SuperPAC, you’re blind. I typically vote Republican, a 30-something female married to a military man, have smoked weed in my lifetime, live in a home I own, and I watch Colbert religiously. I’m pretty sure I don’t fit your supposed demographic. Colbert is absolutely hilarious. And I’m smart enough to understand the difference between sarcasm and true intention.

    • jc

      P.S. I’m a child molesting Christian like the rest of my Teabag party members. Sry!

    • kim

      Wow, jc! Bitter much? Remember, you’re not the real JC.

  • TR

    Wow, what a surprise.
    Colbert (and Stewart) being anti-Republican…I never would have believed it.

    Again, the guys from Comedy Central want to be taken “semi-seriously”.
    They want to be serious when touting democrats, but when they go too far and someone calls them on it, they hide behind…”This is a comedy show”.
    They want it both ways.

    Sorry guys, you’re taking youselves too seriously and coming off as political stooges.
    I like a BIT of non-partisanship and fairness.

    • Joe

      How is that anti republican?

    • Lou

      This has nothing to do with any of your whining.

      It’s mocking Super PACs, genius.

    • dlauthor

      Hey, you’ve got some comedians on your side, like Dennis Miller and Larry the Cable Guy and Rush Limbaugh. It’s not our fault that ours are the ones that happen to be funny.

    • reaganing

      Shouldn’t you be at commenting with other like-minded sheep at a conservative site?

      Some of us here actually think outside of the same old partisan talking points and the same old attacks on Colbert/Stewart that coke-bloated windbags like Limbaugh and Brietbart tell you to think.

      Some of us are here for the jokes.

  • Ian

    It is funny. I look at the Republicans and I think… these jokers? You’ve got to be f#£$ing kidding me.

  • MWeyer

    The great thing is that there are still guys on the right who think Colbert is for real, not getting it’s all an act.

  • pardner

    We need this Colbert insanity or the 2012 election is going to get boring real fast.

  • Kris

    Both Stewart and Colbert have been making fun of BOTH sides of the political party line for some time now. Stewart, at times, leans too far to the left for me, but he’s generally funny. He even attacked Newsweek the other night for that calculating Bachman cover. Colbert puts me in hysterics. They’re not to be taken completely seriously. The SuperPAC is doing exactly what I think what he intended… to show the insanity and ridiculous nature of the political process. He’s making mockery of a broken and abused system. There are some really intelligent writers on both shows and the hosts deliver comic gold. Take it for what it is.

  • erin

    It’s really smart how they’ve used the ads to illustrate what PACs are and what they get away with in our political process. Also pretty funny.

  • Zeke

    Frick and Frack…AKA Colbert and Stewart on a network famous for South park and other raunchy comedies.

    • pastafarian

      Zeke’s all riled up, time for Grampa’s sleepy juice.

  • Republicans are nazi, child molesting Christian morons

    Anyone who is part of a party called the Teabag party is inviting Do you think hating gays and muslims is supposed to give you ‘good’ karma? haha God bless Colbert.

  • Zwei

    I think he is trying to get Perry to sue him so that the democratic voters who were given blatantly false ballets when. “Americans for Prosperity is sending absentee ballots to Democrats in at least two Wisconsin state Senate recall districts with instructions to return the paperwork after the election date.” will be able to be sued by the people who got the ballots.

  • Carlos

    I do believe COlbert and Stewart are on the George Soros payroll in an indirect way. Someone should investigate. There’s no defending Obama or his miserable record so the propaganda for the democrats comes laced with comedy to make it go down easier. Can Obama run for a third term since he’s really just finishing Jimmy Carter’s 2nd one?

    • Kat

      Neither Jon Stewart nor Stephen Colbert DOES try to defend Obama in any way. Jon Stewart has been ripping into Obama lately. Comedy makes EVERYTHING that is sad and terrifying about the way the world and our politics work go down easier.

  • Mmmmm

    Viacom claims ownership of Colbert SuperPAC commercial?

  • Jen

    Long live the Colbert Nation!

  • JustLooking

    If Stewart and Colbert make fun of republicans more than Obama–maybe it’s because there’s so much more to make fun of!

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