Corey Feldman claims pedophilia top danger for child stars, but won't name names?

Sitting with Nightline for an interview that aired earlier this week, Corey Feldman made some heartbreaking allegations about pedophilia being the No. 1 problem facing child actors in Hollywood, including claiming its impact on his late friend Corey Haim’s addictions. “There’s one person to blame in the death of Corey Haim. And that person happens to be a Hollywood mogul. And that person needs to be exposed, but unfortunately, I can’t be the one to do it,” Feldman said. Watch his interview below.

He said pedophilia was and always will be Hollywood’s “big secret,” and that, “I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old. Surrounded. Literally. Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted and what they were about…. till I went, ohmygod, they were everywhere like vultures.” He continued: “There’s a lot of good people in this industry, but there’s also a lot of really, really sick, corrupt people in this industry. And there are people in this industry who have gotten away with it for so long that they feel they’re above the law, and that’s got to change. That’s got to stop.” He refused to name names.

I wish Nightline would have asked the question, “Why can’t you be the one to expose these people?” If it’s as common as Feldman says, there are still children at risk. Wouldn’t he want to stop them from suffering the same fate? I’ll concede that a TV interview isn’t the proper venue to air these accusations, but if his claims are valid, shouldn’t he take them to the authorities in order to protect the current crop of child actors? A rep for Feldman tells EW, “What Corey came out and said the other night is something that people have been whispering about for some time. As this is a very sensitive subject and the fact that minors are involved, one must proceed very carefully. Corey is deciding how to continue down this path and to help keep the dignity of individuals protected.”

In an email to Nightline, Corey Haim’s mother said, “I am not willing to discuss, or respond to anything Corey Feldman has to say… I wish he would talk about himself only and leave my son out of it.” On their A&E reality show The Two Coreys, Haim and Feldman discussed their dark pasts. In one clip, Haim accused Feldman of doing nothing to help him when he was “raped, so to speak” at 14. “You wanna talk about the truth, well then okay, let’s talk about the truth,” Feldman responded. “I was being molested at the same time by somebody else. What did you do?”

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  • Em

    I’m guessing he’s afraid of being accused of slander. It is a serious allegation and a hard one to prosecute, especially if everyone is scared to never work again.

    • Grumpster

      Probably doesn’t want say because there’s enough mafioso types there that would ice him if he spoke up.

      • Ken

        Because he is a chicken__it poser.

      • TraceyD

        My thoughts exactly. I believe every word.

    • Just a CAT

      100% agreed… I never could understand why parents are always kept away from child actors…why can’t the parents be the baby wranglers? I have children who have acted…

      • Just a CAT

        I agree with EM not Ken.

  • stephenKC

    I watched the interview. At first I, too, was shocked and heartbroken by Feldman’s claims. But as he continued to pile on the claims, and ABC did nothing to substantiate the claims (or even encourage Feldman to be a little more forthright), what could have been an earthshaking, dynamic piece of journalism instead disintegrated into just another piece of TV “news” schlock.

    If what Feldman says is true then this should be a MASSIVE earthquake of a story. But ABC’s lack of followup shows me pretty clearly how much stock they put into Feldman’s claim. That, OR … ABC is every bit as lazy as every other TV journalistic outlet today. Either way, the whole thing is pathetic.

    • Hollywood is messed up

      I would be inclined to believe him, these hollywood execs tend to be messed up people, look up how they shamefully treated Judy Garland

    • yake

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    • Just a CAT

      Seriously, it would destroy the lives of other grown child actors. Like Makulay and Barrymore..sad thing is all these kids were to these guys were cash cows..Someone should call Drew and ask for a follow up on Feldmans accusation..i believe him…

  • abadstroller

    There are pervs in every segment of society, sad to say. As a society, we need to better protect all children from abuse and exploitation. I can understand why people don’t want to name names, even if it means stopping perpetrators from victimizing others again. There are too many others who will blame the victim and that individual is victimized again by having name and reputation dragged through the mud.

  • Tina

    I love how he really attempts to put his neck out there and then yank it right back at the last moment. Very dramatic, and I almost considered him a hero, or a champion of young children everywhere. I guess they will have to wait for someone to really give a rats ___.

  • Joe

    That took so much courage. (NOT!)

    • Joe

      I’m not a complete loser who soils his own pants (NOT!).

      • Ken

        It’s better to be a partial loser who can’t accept it by now. I see what you mean.

  • Larry David

    I’m guessing Feldman was molested by Michael Jackson. Oh wait, we’re not allowed to call MJ a anymore now that he’s dead.

    • EW Legal Dept.

      Offensive word removed.

      • Jiminy


      • Vladimir

        If you wanted to remove offensive words they should be Michael Jackson.

    • Been There Done That

      BING- O

    • kremzeek!

      actually,on true crime with aphrodite jones it was shown how michael jackson never molested any kids.seriously.check out that episode if you can,they expose how he was targetted by the parents in both cases and by martin bashir.and i’m a cynic.R KELLY IS THE PEDIPHILE.this is a man who has a history of statutory rape and that tape of him having sex with and then peeing on an underage girl is ridiculous.shame on the prosecutors in chicago for letting him get away with it.

      • Just a CAT

        Whatevs..why isnt makulay talking???

    • Kat

      Feldman has explicity stated that Michael Jackson never molested him.

  • Larry David

    I meant to say we’re not allowed to call MJ a child molester anymore.

    • EW Legal Dept.

      Please cease and desist from your slanderous behaviour immediately.

      • Vladimir

        It;s not slander if it’s true. Plus, one cn not slander the dead. Buggery buggery buggery.

      • TR

        I think you mean libel.

    • Michael Jackson’s ghost

      Sharing a bed with a young boy is the most loving thing you can do. Well, I mean aside from sharing a d***o with them. There are certain things that you can share with young boys that is more loving than sharing your bed with them. But sharing your bed with them is very loving for sure.

  • honesty

    There has always been the suggestion of big producers, directors using and abusing the kids the hired. This has been going on for years and years. Why does everyone seem so surpised. Many of the parents of these kids allowed it because of the promised fame.

    • Regina George

      Hopefully these claims aren’t true, because that’s just horrible. Disgusting.

      • Ken

        Good job Corey protecting all those helpless children by getting that guy away from them. Good job buddy!

    • Lyndsey

      I always thought it was kind of funny that Hollywood chose to omit the scenes of a mother pimping out her young daughter to the movie producer (horse head guy) when they filmed Puzo’s “The Godfather.” Granted it’s a work of fiction but it always did have a ring of truth to it.

  • ann

    If he has no “proof”, then he cannot name names without getting sued by the people he named. It’s brave of him to acknowledge publicly what he’d gone through. Many victims never have the courage to say out loud they were molested much less name their abusers.

    • annie

      Exactly! Thats why victims keep quiet! They are made to feel like they have done something wrong! Should be investigated in Hollywood!

  • Martillo

    He’s not the only one that won’t name names. Sugar Ray Leonard recently said he was molested when he was a young boxer, but refused to identify the man who did it. M
    Michael Jackson probably did act inappropriately with him, as he did with many young boys (not necessarily molesting them, but sharing beds with them, we know he did that, and that is inappropriate behavior). But I think he was talking about someone else, since he said he woud be watching now, if it’s a current bigwig, it probably had to be somebody involved in the production of The Goonies, Stand By Me, or Lost Boys.

    • Katt

      It just kills me if someone involved in those three films you named did it. I find myself looking up the details on the films the Corey’s did in that time-frame. I’ve long noticed that many child stars take on aged eyes and sharp edges. I would not be a bit surprised if Dakota, and that kid from “The Kid” and that A. I. kid have all been abused. Something just seems a little odd with them.

      Corey Feldman has so much talent but has been side-lined by Hollywood for a long time now. Why?
      He has aged well. He should have a decent career going for him. Why not?

  • Andy

    Not that shocking, I was watching Nightline interview some of these guys recently who have worked with and made some of these kids very famous that they all look very creepy, and I even thought at the time these guys look like child molesters.

    Sure do miss the days when our reports actually asked tough questions and followed up on things though.

    • YL

      What does a child molester look like? This could be really important information to law enforcement, since they’d missed the ‘child molester appearance’ all these years.

  • Lia

    If he named names he’d be sued SO fast. No proof, you get sued and how do you prove something and get around a statute of limitations? I think it’s six years for child molestation. If I was to guess, I’d say that he sued or issued a complaint and he was bought off and had to sign a ‘I agree to shut my face’ contract that was iron clad. Or his parents did. And then, oh look, money didn’t help and he got addicted to drugs. I wonder if anything happened to Drew Barrymore? But she’d never talk if it did, cause she’s a working actor and couldn’t afford to blow up those bridges. It’s all so gross!

    • TR

      Someone (EW?) deleted my comment…it was to the effect that you can’r libel a dead person.
      So if it WAS MJ, and I’m not saying it is or isn’t, Feldman wouldn’t have to fear a lawsuit.

      • Wynter

        It’s not MJ. It’s the writer of “The Wiz”, director of “The Lost Boys”, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, and “The Client”. He calls himself ‘A Sexual Outlaw’.

    • Betsy

      The contract thing is what I thought of…regrets signing it when he was young and now has no outlet for the truth as an adult.

  • Stacey

    I realized it’s a hard subject. And if you don’t have proof. It’s going to be hard to prove. Especially decades later. But if you’re going to make a claim. Saying he has someone in mind, yet doesn’t indentify. It makes it hard to believe. Given that child actors are so delicate. You would think he would want to help out those who might be in danger. But then it’s always been felt Feldman was damaged from his own life, and experiences. So who knows if his claims have a high level of truth. It might have been true for him. But I wish he would worry for the youth of today. And name names. But it’s definate Catch 22. Unless he has proof. It could sully a innocent person!

  • Macaulay Culkin

    I wonder who Corey’s talking about?…. He tried to Beat It, but can’t quite say…. must be a real Thriller…. of course these matters are never completely Black Or White…. guess he doesn’t Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’… but I suppose that’s Human Nature… well whoever it is sure is a Smooth Criminal….

  • Been There Done That

    Corey Feldman – to the estate of Michael Jackson my film and reality tv career are over and if you donate X amount of dollars to my charity fund I will continue to not name names . Besides his insane fans would probably try to kill me if I did anyway !

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