'Full House': We all had a favorite sister. Who was yours?


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When I was a kid, there was never any argument in my house about who the best adult was on Full House. And if you’re the lone Danny Tanner fan in the world, sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re the lone Danny Tanner fan in the world. It was Uncle Jesse, of course! No contest. (No one liked Joey — not even Joey, I predict.) But a fierce debate would take place when my sisters and I tried to declare the best sister.

My oldest sister generally identified with D.J., her responsibilities, her quirky best friend, and, if we’re being honest, her fashion sense. (Hey, a side pony and knotted shirt was a cool look at the time.) Sister No. 2 never really liked Stephanie, but she’s the dysfunctional middle child, so, like Stephanie, her real opinion never really mattered. (I know, “How Rude,” of me. But it’s true.) My youngest sister and I always liked Michelle. I know, that seems a bit obvious. Of course, Michelle was the best! She had the best catch phrases (“You got it dude” > “How Rude”), the best episodes, and it was the ’90s and we were obsessed with the Olsen twins. Done and done.

But now I’m older, wiser, and when I watched a few episodes of Full House a few weeks ago, I realized that I totally have a new favorite. (Hint: It’s still not Stephanie.)

There’s a lot about D.J. that I didn’t appreciate back then: Her surrogate mom role, the great quality of the D.J.-centered Very Special Episodes, and, most importantly, her hot boyfriend in the latter seasons. Hello, Scott Weinger! I certainly didn’t see that when I was 10. Ehem.

The moral of the story (because there’s always a moral)? We all had a favorite sister growing up, and if you watch the show now (and I recommend you do), you might realize that yours has changed from when you were a kid. So vote in our poll and make it official. Then we can hug.

Ed note: I honestly have nothing against Stephanie. I was (am?) simply jealous of her Mister Bear, which was the coolest/cutest toy I never had. I also wanted a pillow person. And a dog named Comet. And an Uncle Jesse… who looked like Uncle Jesse. Hell, I wanted their life, as vanilla as it was.

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  • Nee Nee

    DJ, of course! I didn’t mind Stephanie, though. Especially as she grew up and got less annoying. Michelle on the other hand, I always found annoying. Even when she was little and cute, she was not my favorite. She just seemed like that annoying little sister who ruined everything for the older sisters. She acted like a brat and got away with everything.

    • Alex

      Stephanie was the most interesting of the three from the beginning. Growing up, she was my first tv crush. She was really cute and was the neglected middle child. I also read somewhere that the show was initially supposed to center around her.

      • Alex

        Stephanie was clearly the more talented girl, I bet if this show were on today Disney would have her signed to a record deal and force her to sing like all of their other products – Hilary Duff, Miley, Selena, Bridgit Mendler, etc

      • Mike

        Heh…remember the Very Special Episode when her classmates were calling her “Step On Me”?? Ahhh memories lol

    • kate middleton

      DEEJ, all the way. Plus, Steve was super cute.

      • Jillian

        AHH! Steve! Otherwise known as Aladdin!

    • stu


    • deedith

      yup same here. Never really was a fan of Michelle. too annoying.

    • Regina George

      At first I liked Michelle… but she’s kind of bitchy. It’s Mary-Kate and Ashley’s fault. So now I like Stephanie. I relate to her better.

    • Kelcie

      COMPLETELY agree Nee Nee. “How rude” is a million times better that “You got it dude” any way. Every time it was said you could tell someone was off to the side telling the Olsens to repeat after them.

  • Leigh

    I know that many people think of this show as “cheesy” but even to this day many of the episodes can be meaningful. The DJ episodes, especially, would be great for young girls to see. I love watching this with my kids on Nick at Night. I think these three sisters have better manners than the children on TV shows today. And neither Danny, Jesse, or Joey (who was my favorite) appear to be as clueless as some of the parents on TV today.

    • Kat

      I still sometimes think about the episode where DJ tries to lose weight by exercising too much and not eating, and she passes out. It’s honestly helpful to me (in my late twenties!) because I have a tendency to want to use unhealthy methods (like not eating enough) to lose weight. But – ridiculous as this is – I sometimes remember DJ, and then I remember that my goal shouldn’t be to lose weight, it should just be to live healthfully. Thanks, Deej!

  • john t.

    DJ. had a huge crush on her.

  • Melinda

    DJ! And Uncle Jesse was my first huge crush growing up! *sigh*

  • allie

    i loved dj, she reminds me of my older sister! and i loved michelle’s catch phrases. “you got it dude”! thumbs up, lol. still watch the show on abcfamily even tho i’ve seen every episode. great family show!

  • Puck

    Stephanie was the best! Her banter with Kimmie Gibbler was a highlight of the show.

  • Nathan

    DJ, she was easily the most do-able of the three haha. As for the Olson twins, I’ve hated those bi**hes from the first time I saw them on that show, it’s rare I hate a 3-year-old but but they just made it so damn easy.

    • Jen

      They weren’t nearly annoying as those kids who played Uncle Jesse’s brats.

  • Jake

    Stephanie, but only after she grew those big breasteses.

  • Annie Barrett

    The Deej. Only. Always.

    • EJ

      Michelle gets extra points for being a Hag. Remember that little fabulous blonde boy she hung out with?

      • MKM

        I hated Michelle, but too true about extra points for her absolutely fabulous friend Derrick. The episodes featuring him were fantastic.

      • Jen

        ah, yes. Yankee doodle dandy. Loved that kid!

  • AJ

    DJ. Stephanie had some great lines at the beginning of the series, but once Michelle got older, she didn’t get those lines anymore. Actually…no one did.

  • jj

    DJ, but Becky was my favourite character.

    • European girl

      I was obsessed with Becky’s hair. She was definitely my favorite character. Maybe b/c I wanted Uncle Jesse to sing to me, too

  • Annie

    I liked Stephanie for the first couple of seasons but eventually I grew to dislike all the sisters. D.J. always bugged me and when she started dating Steve, ugh, I could not stand them together. Michelle was cute for a couple seasons than the “You Got It, Dude” persona became annoying.

  • Urkel

    We’ll pin a rose on your nose.

  • Missy

    “Oh mylanta” Was the best catch phrase no one quoted, but I still say it today. (Shame face)

    • mikey

      My wife uses this all the time (the phrase, not the product). I catch myself looking around in public when she says it in the hope that no one is near enough to hear her.

  • Freakinfatone

    Stephanie. I definitely related to her. Besides, Harry was so adorable. The one about her being the middle sister is my favorite. Oh, and the “Bret, Bret” episode.

    • Stryker

      Michelle had the most adorable boyfriend and that would be Teddy.

    • Dee

      Brett, Brett!!!!! OMG. And my fave ep of all time- when Tommy Page rolls into town and sings, “Ooooh, Stephanie” for the “Oooh, Melanie” song he wrote for his girlfriend. Poor Steph- everything she got was recycled.

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