'N Sync vs. Backstreet Boys: The great boy band debate


There was a time — 1998, to be exact, when the Backstreet Boys backed out of a planned Disney concert due to Brian Littrell’s heart surgery and ‘N Sync stepped in and became swoonworthy overnight — when I thought I had to choose between the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. I could appreciate both groups’ music, but I could only care about one of them enough to surf the Web when my computer screen was visible to two coworkers. Looking back, it was probably a lingering effect from my years as a devoted New Kids on the Block fan, which culminated in my high school yearbook being full of classmates wishing me a lifetime of happiness with Jordan Knight. I was a one-group kind of girl.

Thirteen years later, however, I’m still being asked to choose between Backstreet and ‘N Sync. And today, so are you. Join myself and Dave Karger as we take our turn in the ring for EW.com’s ongoing series of pop culture face-offs. We’ll put it to a vote at the end. Ding. Ding. 

Mandi Bierly (‘N Sync supporter): Okay, Dave, I think we need to set two ground rules: You can only mention once that the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” is widely considered to be the best boy band song ever, and I can only mention once that ‘N Sync’s Justin Timberlake is the most talented and successful boy band member since Michael Jackson so therefore I win. Deal?

So let’s start here: I’ll concede that Backstreet has three members who can carry a lead (Nick, Brian, and AJ — sorry, Howie), and ‘N Sync only had Justin and JC. But with the way those two effortlessly traded vocals verse-to-verse, matching emotion or funk, you didn’t need or want anyone else upfront. If JC had the personality, fashion sense, and songwriting skills of Timberlake, he would be a top solo artist today instead of a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew. His voice was equal to Justin’s, and Justin’s is, again, the best since Michael Jackson’s. And as for the backup members (Joey, Chris, and Lance), anyone who saw them sing “I Thought She Knew” a cappella knows their worth.

Dave Karger (Backstreet Boys partisan): You know I love you, Mandi, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that more than two fifths of a boy band contributed lead vocals to their songs, do you? And the fact remains that although Brian, Nick, and AJ sang most of the lead parts for the Backstreet Boys, both Howie and Kevin also had the occasional moment in spotlight — most notably on “I Want It That Way,” which, by the way, a very smart lady I know says “is widely considered to be the best boy band song ever.” I couldn’t tell you what Joey, Lance, or Chris’s voices sounded like if I had a gun to my head. When it comes to the ‘N Sync B-team, the fact that an entire SNL skit was built around the fact that Justin couldn’t even remember Chris Kirkpatrick’s name kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

But let’s talk about the music too, while we’re at it. Besides The Song That Shall No Longer Be Named, BSB has “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” “Shape of My Heart,” “Drowning,” “As Long As You Love Me,” “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” lesser-known gems like “Bigger” and “That’s What She Said,” and the crazy awesome current single with the New Kids on the Block, “Don’t Turn Out the Lights.” ‘N Sync had “Bye Bye Bye” and…basically that’s it. ‘N Sync may have broken BSB’s record for most CDs sold in one week, but didn’t you get the feeling that their songs were all Max Martin’s sloppy seconds? Anyone who goes to the NKOTBSB tour (which I might have attended out here in L.A.) can see that the Backstreet Boys are still as shriek-worthy as they were 13 years ago.

MB: “‘N Sync had ‘Bye Bye Bye’ and…basically that’s it?” Dave! While “Bye Bye Bye” may be their signature song, their hit list includes (but is not limited to) “Tearin’ Up My Heart,” ranked No. 30 on VH1’s list of the top songs of the ‘90s (ahead of Radiohead’s “Creep”); the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper “It’s Gonna Be Me” (I refuse to believe you don’t remember the action figure video, sir); “This I Promise You” (the best of their radio ballads); and two killer tracks Timberlake cowrote that transcended the boy band genre and showed where he was headed. He may have brought sexy back solo, but it started with the Grammy-nominated “Gone” and Nelly-featuring “Girlfriend,” the latter produced by the Neptunes, thank you very much. (Oh, and also at 3:44 in this clip of them doing “Digital Get Down” live.)

Yes, Backstreet is still going strong, and “Don’t Turn Out the Lights” is on my iPod. But they’re still nowhere near the dancers ‘N Sync was even in their gloriously dated “I Want You Back” video (minus Lance, every group has to have one). Plus, ‘N Sync gave us the Justin-Britney drama (and their coordinated denim outfits they wore to the 2001 American Music Awards), a video in which they acted insane (“I Drive Myself Crazy”), a Christmas album with original tunes that didn’t suck (“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”), and genuinely hilarious appearances on The Simpsons and in Chili’s commercials. What did the Backstreet Boys give us? Isolated drug and health problems — way less entertaining.

DK: Okay, I did love “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” But by and large I struggle to remember any of ‘N Sync’s other songs, while BSB music fills my head on a regular basis. (Which makes me happy, by the way.) I’ll rest my case by stating one simple fact: Between the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync, one group still finds it advantageous to be together (and sell out arenas, mind you), while the other is becoming more of a distant memory every year. Now it’s time for EW.com readers to have their say!

MB: Right. After I say again that Justin Timberlake is the most talented and successful boy band member since Michael Jackson. So therefore I win. (Sucker!)

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  • Karen

    Can I vote for Westlife? (= the most succesfull boyband worldwide!) But in this case I said BSB…

    • COOL

      The clear choice is BIG TIME RUSH, just listen to their latest “Worldwide” when Kendall broke up with Jo, or their collaboration with Jordan Sparks “Count on You”

      • Elizabeth

        Oh, you mean the guys who totally ripped of the video of “I Want It That Way”? Yeah…

      • Super Bass

        This is 90’s boy bands not effing big time rush who by the way will never compare to either group. You are obviously not a child of teen of the 90’s so your comment here is of no merit. When Big time rush has poll you can vote for them along side the jonas brothers

      • done

        I have no respect for BTR. They didn’t even form the band themselves. Nickelodeon did. I don’t like the Jones Brothers, but at least the formed the band themselves.


        The difference between Big Time Rush and the others is that the music of Big Time Rush is universally better plus they have an awesome tv show, who cares who put them together.

      • hon

        What the hell is a Big Time Rush? Sounds like a sale in a department store.

      • Joseph

        Good luck with Big Time Rush when barely anyone knows who the hell they are other than their 8 to 15 year old girl fanbase.

      • L

        Most people don’t even know who Big Time Rush are, except for people ages 7 to 13. Everyone knew who NSYNC and BSB were. Whether you liked them or not they were everywhere. And you know that you know Bye Bye Bye and I Want It That Way.

      • Lily

        Is the Big Time Rush Comment a joke you cannot compare them with BSB or N’Sync. Seriously Big Time Rush ?!

      • Fez

        EW, let me break this nicely. The 1990s ended over 10 years ago. Nobody in the right mind is listening to “boy-band” music anymore. There are no pre-teens sitting in their bedrooms with boy-band posters on the walls anymore. There is nobody that listens to n-sync anymore, or would openly admit it to anyone they were even remotely attracted to at school. This genre of music ended 11 years ago. Wake up.

      • Nicole

        Most of you people talking about this boy-band stuff need to seriously get a life. In the real world, if you started going on about how great the backdoor boys were when you were “growing-up” or your collection of nsync viles of spittle you have collected over those years, I would probably drop you from my twitter, and forget we ever met. You guys are so embarrassing.

      • HoneyB

        Au Contraire, Fez. I still listen to “boy band” music like Take That and Westlife. Good pop is good pop.

      • NSyncForever

        Actually everytime someone says “boy bands are dead” another bandk comes out of nowhere into the Top 10. Before NSync and BSB, there was New Kids on the Block, before that Wham and Duran Duran, before that Bay City Rollers, before that Jackson 5, before that…. and the 50’s and 60’s were full of boy bands. Sorry Fez, boy bands are the clap of the music world. You can’t kill it!

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    • Kel

      I will second your vote for Westlife!

      • Kel

        I also second the vote for Big Time Rush, the fact that they poke fun of boy bands also makes them extra cool

      • zee

        yah i like Westlife but lets be honest here, they’re just a cover band but i still can’t say i like which of these bands more so i did my best iniminimynimo coz frankly i have the right to love them both equally & hell i couldn’t deliberately vote against Justin, it would feel wrong

    • LOL

      Crap vs. Crap. Nothing to debate.

      • ROFL

        It’s funny, I’m 24 now, but I can remember this same argument back in my 2001 algebra class. N*SYNC won then, but now, in hindsight, the music video for ‘EVERYBODY’ killed. I wonder if it’s as good as I remember. Just googled it. It isn’t, but the sense of nostalgia is stronger. I’m calling a tie. It’s just too difficult and important of a decision to make. I’m stressing out over this. Someone sing me a FIVE song right now, baby when the lights… go out. THAT was my JAM! In yo head now?

      • Blonde South

        I love the video for Everybody, it’s a cheesy boy band mess of the best kind.

      • Kat

        LMAO thank you for mentioning Five, which I’m pretty sure is spelled “5ive” on the CD I totally have. I remember finding it a couple years ago and giving it another listen, and man…it was hilarious and nostalgic and AWESOME (though I did make sure that my windows were rolled up in the car). I’ve never heard so much counting in so many songs on one CD. FIVE bad boys with the power to rock you, blowing your mind so you gotta get into FIVE what you waitin’ FOUR if you wanna THREE TWO ONE let’s do it!

      • Nicole

        Wouldn’t you be embarrassed to admit that you actually listened to boy-band music as an adult now? If I met you at a nightclub, and you started telling me how great nsync was when you were a teenager, I would be like, ok wow I need to use the bathroom and just leave you there by yourself to remember how great the 90s was. Seriously!

      • M

        Gee, Nicole, get over yourself! This 28 year old sees nothing wrong with a little nostalgia. Besides, if you are this much of a Debbie Downer, I would probably be grateful to be left alone in a club/ dropped from your twitter.

      • Fez

        If we were sitting at a nice restaurant and it was our first date, and you told me you actually still listen to boy-band music from the 90s, I would probably have serious reservations about your judgement. Just sayin’!!

      • Hayley

        As someone said above good music is good music and it’s not as if all we do is sit around listening to boy bands. I like many types of music.

    • lupe

      Listen, I love Westlife and they are my favorite as well, but they can’t be in this fight because they never write their own music (that “hot girls” song was terrible) and they covered Sarah McLachlan and Michael Buble. There should be a rule that popular songs cannot be covered within ten years of its release.

      • HoneyB

        Why can’t a song be covered? It used to happen in the 60s all the time. If the cover can make it their own, then I say go for it. Love me some Westlife.

      • PN

        I didn’t like Westlife. I heard their album that had Swear it Again and More than Words and it sounded like one long endless power ballad, as if they listened to the Monster Ballads CD 56 times in a row. It sounded like any ’80s heavy metal power ballad during that one listen, like a mashup of Poison, Warrant and Whitesnake’s ballads.

      • lupe

        @HoneyB I think it’s ok for someone to make a song their own, but that’s not the way Westlife covers songs. Westlife’s version of Michael Buble’s “Home” was a karaoke version, it wasn’t a creative take on the song, as was “Uptown Girl.” I prefer the song “My Love” or “World of Our Own.”

      • HoneyB

        @Lupe. Fair enough. Westlife’s covers ARE generally just more polished versions – like their version of Daughtry’s “What About Now.” I love BBC’s Live Lounge and how they have current songs covered by other current artists, live in the studio. Sometimes it’s amazing, like Girls Aloud’s cover of Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat.”

      • lupe

        @HoneyB Wait, Girls Aloud covering Robyn? You just gave me something to look forward to after I get off of work.

      • april

        I regret every liking any of this music.

      • Steven

        don’t blame you one bit april.. I avoid people who tell me they like boy-band music like swine flu

      • Joe

        Please- none of these boy bands wrote their own music. It was written specifically for them.

    • Wyn

      Karen, completely agree… if Take That was there instead of Westlife (although I do like Westlife)

      • HoneyB

        Agreed. Take That is amazing and continues to grow and mature. Plus, they gave the world Robbie Williams, who is massively talented and puts Justin to shame… too bad he never made it on this side of the pond.

      • cc

        Take That! Love them! :)

      • Tess

        I third the Take That love. Ultimately win over any other boyband for the sheer fact that they just wrapped a sellout tour built around awesome new material (a #1 album and top seller in the UK last year) rather than one built on nostalgia of old tracks. And Robbie really would be the most talented solo artist to come out of a boyband, music-wise since he has far outsold Justin worldwide.

        All that said – given just these options, NSYNC hands down for all the reasons Mandi cited. And let’s be honest, only reason they aren’t back together yet is Justin doesn’t want to do it and the others probably think they can’t pull it off without him since he did 1/2 of the leads.

      • Celimene

        I’m also on Team Take That. Fantastic pop music, and some of their new tracks is on par with their old hits. It’s just good, well-sung pop in its purest form. And while I’m a total Robbie fangirl, Gary does have a lovely voice.
        On the BSB/NSYNC debate, I’m firmly on Team NSYNC. They actually had musical talent. For me, BSB were more like New Kids on the Block – all flash, no substance. Four of the five guys – yeah, I’m looking at you, Chris – had really strong voices and musicality. BSB – not so much.

      • Christina

        I’m for team Take That.

      • Maria

        Take That all the way (minus Robbie though, please)! Loved BSB back in the day but saw them live about two years ago and was hugely disappointed. The concert was boring and the fact that the only reaction they got out of people was when performing the old stuff was a clear enough message that their days were over. Would like to see Brian succeed solo because his voice is truly unique.

      • BilliamE

        Take That!! That’s my vote! They make BSB’s current show look like a living room tour.

      • cezerina

        SO happy others appreciate the amazingness that is Take That. Wish they’d broken it bigger in the U.S. Also their comeback is something to be marveled at – these other boy bands could learn a thing or two.

      • april

        Take That = boring.

      • BilliamE

        Take That boring? Have you listened to the Progress/Progressed album. Anything but boring. Certainly not derivative like a new BSB album. Anyways, Take That are currently breaking more records than either NSYNC or BSB.

      • Fez

        It all sounds the same.

        my my my bye bye bye sigh sigh sigh guy guy guy die die die

        It’s immature and stupid music.

      • Hayley

        I don’t think any can under-estimate how massive Take That are in Europe that’s for sure. Having said that though they have failed to crack the biggest market in the U.S

      • Angelia schatzman

        jt wrote gone i be good for you, and alot of the songs on the celebrity album. Ill be good for u was on no strings attached album of course. And bsb also wrote some of their own songs as well so thats false info.

    • e4ia

      I have more songs by Westlife on my ipod (38!) than any other group or singer. They win hands down.

    • Brenden

      Bsb cant even sing good Live thats how pathetic they are…Even Boyz II men said Nsync is better at live performances than Bsb true true…..NO Debate Nsync wins

      • Hali

        Um, you’re crazy. I just saw them live with New Kids and they sounded great.

    • Lori

      Worldwide? Umm, no. That would be Backstreet Boys. Check the records.

    • Alan

      Puhleeze. Every single Westlife song was a cover song. They didnt release ONE single original single.

      • HoneyB

        Completely false. Check your facts.

      • Steven

        Name one original song that they had as a single.

      • Hayley

        Not a fan of Westlife but they had quite a few originals at the beginning of their career such as “If I Let You Go”, “Flying With Out Wings” “Swear It Again” etc One of their members Brian left cos he got sick of singing other people’s songs. I think the last 2 Westlife albums are all new material. Their album in 2009 also had a song co-written by Ryan Tedder from One Republic and AJ Mclean from BSB

      • HoneyB

        World of Our Own, Swear it Again, Flying without Wings, My Love, Tonight, and many many more. Sure, they cover, but they also have some pretty good originals. So what if they cover anyway?

    • KLH/PIMB/Pinky Shears

      BSB!!!! At least we can name then all :)

      • scott

        In the end , we have to judge them based on two questions. Who can you listen to over and over again and who is a better live performer? BSB takes the first battle and Nsync takes the second. So I would say it’s a tie. But if I HAVE TO PICK then BSB edges Nsync because we listen to the radio or mp3 more than we watch their live performances.

    • Necro

      *Nsync still better than BSB losers still trying to prove themselves. Gimme a break.

    • SM

      Who??? Never heard of them… not so world wide as you like to think!

      • april

        If you are thinking about dating someone, ask them if they like to listen to this kind of music a lot, and if they did, just completely avoid them.

    • rose

      I prefer Take That

      • Steven

        I would prefer to pop out my eardrums with a toothpick

    • bibi

      Take That with the amazing Robbie Williams

    • Jenna

      Blackstreet Boys definitely.

    • Alicia

      THAT’S SO TRUE!! WL<3
      i still love both nsync and bsb tho! so hard t choose betwn the twoo.. really love bsb but nsync has stolen my heart (w jc inside) so i vote for nsync!:D

    • Kristy

      Actually, the Backstreet Boys are the most successful boy band worldwide, not Westlife. A simple Google search can confirm that for you. :)

    • S R

      In Reality The Backstreet Boy,s Were a Better band than N’Sync because everyone on the backstreet boys had a voice and in in N’Sync only JT and JC were the only ones that could sing !

    • dx

      I like west life too! Unfortunately if they asked westlife vs BSB, I still choose BSB

  • Courtney

    Backstreet Boys! NSYNC was just a phase.

    • COOL

      Big Time Rush is here to stay, BSB and NSYNC were the phases

      • Courtney

        BSB isn’t a phase (or at least not a short one like NStink). It’s been 18 years and they still put out albums and have a major tour.

      • Meg

        Stop trying to make BIg Time Rush happen. They are not fetch.

      • Meg

        Go back to Nickelodeon, troll.

      • KBD

        This is legitimately the most humorous statement I’ve read all day.

      • brian

        Hey Meg BTR does rule, are you living in the past..

      • Meg

        No, I am not living in the past. Firmly in the present, where the NKOTBSB tour sells out all over the country and where I can recognize that both ‘NSync and BSB have had numerous #1 albums and Top 10 hits. You know who things BTR rules? My 6 year old niece.

      • april

        That’s like child abuse almost. lol

    • whatevs

      I agree. Nsync was a flash in the pan; although a very lucrative flash in the pan, mind you.

      Of course, this has nothing to do with my reinvigorated fangirlism for BSB after having gone to the NKOTBSB concert in June…

    • the floacist

      Just because NSYNC knew when to stop doesn’t mean it was just a phase. NKOTBSB look ridiculous taking their shirts off on stage.

      • Hali

        Straight girls (like me) don’t think so xD. You shoulda heard the shrieks lol.

    • Blonde South

      NSYNC may not have lasted long, but they did have Justin Timberlake, who is probably the most successful member of any of the boy bands of the late 90’s. And lets face it, the little hand wave from the Bye Bye Bye video, you still remember that too. And they’re the group that holds the record for most albums sold in a week. So, NSYNC, FTW.

      • M.C

        your right !! ::))

  • Melody

    Backstreet Boys. I still have a bunch of their songs on my iPod and I went to see them in concert. ‘N Sync never really caught on with me.

  • Dani

    My friends and I still debate this! The N Sync fans in our group outnumber the Backstreet fans by about 4:1. N Sync for life!

    • Dani

      And every single girl at my school had that N Sync Disney concert recorded on VHS.


        I know I do!! I watched that thing so many times, it was ridiculous. That Disney special made them!

      • anya

        Omigod, I remember that! They rocked that!

        I miss those concerts.

      • kt

        I did too! And I just discovered that their concert special is on YouTube now…I know what I’ll be watching later. lol

      • Meg

        I have the video that goes behind the scenes for “Bye Bye Bye and It’s Gonna Be Me that McDonald’s sold (also came with two of Britney Spears’ songs). My parents hated me because I watched the video relentlessly. And we were driving from MI to VA. With a TV/VCR in the car.

      • kpatt13

        my friend made me watch that effin concert 5 times in one sleepover. 5 times. repeated pauses during hip thrusts. good times.

      • MtotheJ

        Oh my gosh. I wore out my *NSYNC McDonald’s tape too! I had, at one point, over 60 hours of NSYNC taped performances. 10 VHS which still remain in my childhood closet. Oh *NSYNC, I love thee!

      • ginadebacker

        I have the concert on VHS somewhere AND I also had that McDonalds CD with the Britney and NSYNC songs. Memories. :) I also owned some NSYNC VHS special that I rewatched to the point of wearing it out.

      • jess

        i recorded that concert too!! after that disney concert, i was hooked on *nsync…i wish disney would bring those back!

    • AT

      Same with my school. There was only one girl in my grade that liked BSB more than N’Sync. We used to do their dances at school dances, cheerleading stuff, and talent shows.

      Far superior dancers, and I can still listen through their entire albums. BSB just bugs me for some reason. I don’t like their stuff. It does stick in your head and drive you nuts though.

      Given the ranges that Lance and Chris have, it’s really not surprising they didn’t get many solo parts. They were still really good singers.

      All this being said… NKOTB forever! ;)

    • Kristina

      Sorry, but my group of friends in HS were all BSB fans. They had better harmonies, better dance moves and better songs. Yes, ‘N Sync had Justin Timberlake, but that’s about it.

  • Kay

    In the late ’90s/early 2000’s, I was definitely a bigger ‘NSync fan–but I still enjoyed BSB. As I’ve gotten older though, I find myself tolerating BSB’s music now more so than ‘NSync. While JT is obviously the most talented of both bunches, BSB is a better group. Also, while not really relevant, JT seems like a tool, so that subtracts from ‘NSync’s appeal.

    • Stacey

      I think BSB is definitely the better boy band, but Justin Timberlake is better than all of em. He got stuck in the wrong boy band.

    • Shasta

      This!! So true.

    • the floacist

      Wrong. JC Chasez is the most talented of both groups. He can easily outsing any of them.

      • jenn

        Yes <3 oh my god, get off abdc and onto the reunion tour

    • Tina

      Justin hasn’t had a hit in over 5 years.

      • Hayley

        Don’t like Justin either but that’s a stupid statement since he hasn’t released anything in 5 years

      • kristine


  • ShannonW

    I would say ‘N Sync was definitely more “pop-tastic”, but is that really a good thing?

  • Chelsea

    Oh god, these types of polls always resurrect the vicious, obsessive tween fangirl in me. BACKSTREET BOYS, no contest. Even as an adult, I still enjoy their music. NSync’s—or if I’m really reverting here—I should say NStink–music simply wasn’t as good. Neither were their videos.

    • Chelsea

      Just want to clarify though, I don’t hate all of NSync’s music. I actually still have quite a few of their songs on my iPod. But if we’re talking who was better collectively? BSB definitely. Nothing from that boy-band-craze is better than “I Want It That Way”.

  • Jem

    DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! I feel like I’m ten years old all over again. Please, don’t make me choose. Stop the fighting. It’s tearing up my heart,and I don’t want it that way.

  • Sara

    My friends and I were always bigger NSync fans and at odds over which one was the cutest.

    • Elli

      Right! I lived and breath N’sync and JT. Found BSB old and N’sync had Lance , JT and JC better looking.
      And yes I was a freak who got no strings attached at midnight!

    • Blonde South

      I remember fighting with my friends over which NSYNC member was the cutest. I was all about some Justin Timberlake. One of my friends liked JC, and another was sort of unfortunate and into Lance Bass, or as I liked to call him back then, Fishface. Haha, he’s not really bad looking or anything but he is no Justin Timberlake, sorry.

  • Amy

    I can’t choose. I like them both. I was the only one in my group of friends who liked both bands. I also happen to like NKOTB.

    • e4ia

      I don’t think that anyone should have to choose. Both bands have some great songs that hit the right spots when I get a craving for a good boy band pop song.

  • Karate Pants

    NO WAY should “Tearin’ up my heart” – or any boy band garbage – EVER EVER EVER be ranked higher than Radiohead’s “Creep” on any sort of list.
    That’s insane.
    But even so, I’d have to go with N Sync because it gave us Justin Timberlake, my #1 running buddy.

  • Chelsea

    Oh, and I must add, in terms of hotness levels of all its members, I think BSB definitely has NSync beat. Least attractive member of BSB (which alternates)>>>>Chris Kirkpatrick/Joey Fatone

    • Liz

      Everyone in N Sync was butt ugly, even Justin. I never found him hot at all. Even today he’s ugly to me. But all of the members of BSB were hot, even Howie and Kevin.

      • lulu

        totally…i’ve been a fan of bsb since i was like 15..i’m almost 30 now. I don’t mind a few Nsync songs here and there but they are clearly not as talented. None of them can sing..including JT. Every BSB member can sing, and even better acapella…and they’re all hot LOL. It still baffles me as to how anyone can think Nsync sould be the better group.

  • Kristin

    I struggled when my love of ‘N Sync first began to emerge, and I fought for a long time. I felt incredibly guilty when I “cheated” on BSB, but the vocals from ‘N Sync eventually won me over. Any boy band that can do “O Holy Night” a capella and give me goosebumps (to this day) is always going to win my heart…even if I will love Kevin 4ever. :o)

  • O’Brien

    *NSYNC in a WALK. I think Mandy said it all with “I Thought She Knew.” That song = amazing. Also, Joey sang lead occasionally, just not on any singles. And Lance was a wretched dancer, but except for maybe Nick Carter, BSB was full of wretched dancers. And is think it’s a little lofty for Dennis is ignore the fact that BSB is together because not a single one of them could make any sort of go of it as a solo artist, for even a hot second. No one can dispute Justin’s talent, and I’m with Mandy: JC Chasez was a vocal match of his, AND could dance wonderfully. Chris is also less creepy than Kevin. Kevin looked super old. Chris just looked a mess. But he could also hit insanely high notes. Also left out were *NSYNC’s very funny performances on SNL, and the fact that BSB really relied on soppy ballads, where *NSYNC could both bring it on the soppy ballad and knock it out of the park on the dance number.

    • Courtney

      BSB relied on ballads? Not completely true. Examples: The Call, Larger Than Life, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), etc.

      • Chelsea

        I’m with, Courtney. BSB did have quite a few ballads but “Larger Than Life” and “Everybody”were HUGE and just as popular if not more so than any ballad they put out.

      • Kristina

        “The One” is another one. Oh, and have y’all heard their latest single, “Bigger.” So great.

    • Elli

      On the money. Uhm really Larger tha. Life was so not a hit. It was a hit for it’s video but come on N’sync did Pop which somes up the whole pop music world cheesly but it does. And they did it with MJ at the VMA’s! What!!

    • Michelle

      YES O’Brien!!!! I totally agree!!!!

  • Brittany

    I voted for ‘N Sync before I even read the arguments.

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