Dane Cook settles Louis C.K. joke-stealing feud on 'Louie'

Dane Cook guested on last night’s episode of Louis C.K.’s FX series Louie in a must-see for any devoted fan of stand-up comedy who followed the two comics’ passive-aggressive feud over joke-stealing. When Cook became a rock-star comic a few years back — in 2000 and six, according to Cook — insiders charged that a few of his jokes resembled bits from Louis C.K.’s act. The backlash was harsh, as Cook points out after Louis swallows his pride and asks his rival to help him secure Lady Gaga tickets for his daughter.

Cook doesn’t let him off easy, saying, “The one thing that really just gets to me is the whole thing about people saying I stole the joke about the itchy a–hole, because I get an itchy a–hole… a lot. So for you to think you’re the only person who got an itchy a–hole in America. I mean, that’s bulls—.” Watch the surreal, NSFW clip after the jump.

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  • LOL

    LOUIE is the best show on television right now.

    • jessica

      woah, woah, woah. LOL actually *LIKES* something?

      • Nancy

        I’ve never heard of Dane Cook. Is he any good?

      • Jeannie

        LOL likes Fast Five, in case you’ve forgotten! Although it’s refreshing to see LOL enjoy something else… unless of course, this is an impostor (who loves crap).

      • Greg

        To be honest, he’s some washed up comic from 1996 or something.

    • Capt. Obvious

      . . . still a very close second to “Community”, but “Louie” IS quite ingenious.

      • Zabba

        Community is actually a close second to Parks and Recreation.

  • amie

    Yes I agree! I just began watching it and am now hooked. I’ve spent the last few nights getting caught up, such a great show.

  • KJF (So, it’s the new year until it isn’t ?)

    This episode was awesome. LOUIE is so underrated it’s almost criminal.

    • John

      I dont think its underrated, just underexposed! I have loved Louis CK’s comedy for years, and have gotten a number of people to watch him. Every person I know, that has seen either his standup, ‘Louie’, or his guest appearances to TV (The Daily Show, Parks & Recreation etc), has LOVED him. The problem is, at least as far as the Emmys go, that not enough people out there know who he is, or watch FX. But then, I l like that he is a successful, yet not super mainstream comedian. Selfish, and an admitted parrot of the culture (or subculture), I guess I am!

      • John

        Actually I’m sure most of the Emmy voters know who he is/ how brilliant he is, but often awards show winners are the ones with the mass lamestream momentum (2 1/2 Men etc)

  • kedarisfat

    I thought this was great how Louis let Dane on his show to defend himself from stealing Louis’ jokes, yet Louis never actually concedes that Dane never stole his jokes. Both of the guys just shared their views of the situation, and neither seems more right than the other.

    • Ian

      Denis Leary is fortunate that Bill Hicks isn’t alive to confront him about stealing his entire persona and act.

      • TFT

        Bill Hicks was actually funny. Dane never made me laugh once.

      • Wha’ever

        TFT, you should read Ian’s post again.

  • Johns Hopcans

    whOOOO are you? WHO-WHO….WHO-WhO…tellmewho ARE YOU, WHO-WHO….

    • Robin

      How is that funny exactly? meh

    • John

      What?! Not relevant at all.

      • jj

        It was a reference to an episode a couple weeks back when Louie was taking his daughters to visit his aunt. He sang along with “Who Are You” on the radio during the car ride (in full rock-out mode). There was nothing jokey about the scene. It was just meant to show how goofy dads can be when they’re alone with their kids. It was one of many scenes/moments from this show that I appreciate because they’re different, unexpected, and more true-to-life than any of the other “family” sitcoms on the networks.

      • John

        Omg you’re right, I forgot about that part! Thanks and sorry!

  • Josh

    The portrayal of parenting in this show is more realistic than that of any other on television.

    • jules

      It really is. And the kids are amazing–they act like real kids, not the little adults hamming it up that we’re so used to on television. Louis CK rocks my world.!

      • Zabba

        I want a mango pop!

  • Riptide

    Dane Cook stinks.

    • Big Walt

      Yeah, but this redeems him a tiny bit.

    • Space Ghost

      I second that. He is terrible. Unfunny. He makes Conan O’Brien look like Rodney Dangerfield.

    • Nancy Grace

      But he looks way hotter than Louie with his shirt off.

    • MJ

      Maybe so but you’ve got to give Dane Cook credit for having the stones to even agree to do this.

      And FX has stones for giving Louis CK the freedom to make this show in the way he wants.

    • steve

      Dane Cook had one funny jogger joke, and he kinda faded away after 1999. I always thought he became a porn producer or something in the San Fernando Valley. It matched his character quite well.

      • KG

        Well, considering Dane Cook wasn’t even really heard of (mainstream, at least) until at least 2002-03, your “faded away after 1999″ doesn’t hold much water.

  • Emoney

    Hilarious. Also because just the week before, Joan Rivers on Louie referred to Dane Cook as “that a**hole.” Best show on right now.

  • candace

    Didn’t dane cook also rip off a demetri martin joke too?

    • candace

      That “too” at the end shouldn’t be there.

    • Ian

      It’s a long list.

    • Robin

      I would list them, but I have so much stuff to do this evening. It could take forever.

    • chris silver

      Not really

  • ah

    I think unless someone is telling long jokes verbatim, you’ve got to give some leeway here. There are very few totally original thoughts in this world. I mean, how many comedians do jokes about politics or parents or wives or whatever.

    • Ian

      I have to call BS on that. What are the odds that on one album Dane Cook would do three of the same jokes (itchy a-hole, guy being hit by car, naming your son anything you want) appear on the same album that Louis CK put out a year earlier? Again, these aren’t even things that came out randomly throughout the course of CK’s career. It’s off the same album. Of course he stole it.

      • Robin

        no 90s.. no more 90s sluts to drool over Dane’s really dumb jokes anymore…

      • Velcro

        What are the titles of the two Louis and Dane albums? I’d like to hear them both in order of release date and hear for myself please.

  • bobbyv

    Haven’t watched this episode yet, but I can’t wait now. Louie is genius!! Oh, and Dane Cook sucks big time.

  • Lauren

    The best was the ep where he takes his daughters to meet his aunt. His conversations with his kids are hilarious! Actually the Joan Rivers episode was really great too. This season has been wonderful! I love that the episodes come together like little one-act plays. Great writing!

    • jules

      Indeed. I was floored because we had a granny who was (unfortunately) like Louis aunt–racist terminology and all. Bringing the kids over there always made me a nervous wreck.

      • jules

        *Louie’s aunt

    • Jo

      Such a great season. First time I really, really liked Joan Rivers too!

  • darthwilson

    That really was brilliant TV IMO!

    • MJ

      I second that.

  • C

    Louis CK seems like a cool enough guy and a good enough comic to just let the whole thing just slide. He will have a longer and more fruitful carreer than Dane’s flash in the pan fame. I like both comic but Louie is far better and funnier.

  • Raunchy

    I don’t think Cook steals jokes, because I don’t think the guy can tell a joke. He is awful, but surprisingly not a bad actor.

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