Mila Kunis defends Justin Timberlake from reporter in her Russian native tongue.

While it’s only Wednesday, we hereby dub thee Week of the Awesome Celebrity Verbal Smack Downs! Yesterday it was Matt Damon who forever solidified our crush on him when he schooled a reporter and her cameraman in defense of teachers, and today it’s Mila Kunis, who, in continuing to do no wrong, stood up for her Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake at a press conference in Moscow. Watch the full clip below:

Though Damon’s was impressive on so many levels (he did it all while bald, you guys!), Kunis gets extra kudos as she laid down the law in another language. When a reporter asked Timberlake why he’s given up music for acting, an irked Kunis jumped in to defend him in her native Russian tongue. The Ukraine-born actress answered the reporter’s question with some of her own, namely, “Why movies? Why not?…What kind of question is that? Why are you here?” We have a question, too, actually: What’s “Ohhhh snap!” in Russian?

We don’t know what’s more satisfying: listening to the crowd react to Kunis’ shellacking of the reporter or watching Timberlake’s face as he tries to figure out what just happened. The singer-turned-actor could only muster up the joke, “[She] is my bodyguard.”

Of course, Kunis isn’t the first star to make us all look bad about not being able to speak a second language. The 27-year-old now joins the ranks of other celebrities who have done non-English interviews, including her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman, who spoke entirely in Hebrew for a chat during her V For Vendetta press tour. And she even did it Damon style: Sans hair. What an overachiever. Watch:

Lest we forget fellow whiz kid, Gwyneth Paltrow, who spoke flawless Spanish for an interview:

Here Leonardo DiCaprio managed to make German sound sexy. No small feat.

Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper somehow made the already-sexy French language, and his already-sexy self, even sexier while promoting The Hangover Part II and Limitless overseas. Oui!

Which multi-lingual star has impressed you the most, PopWatchers? And is Mila Kunis’ Russian smackdown more entertaining than Matt Damon’s bald smackdown? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Angie

    Sigh… you know, just a teensy bit more effort in school, kids, and we wouldn’t have to be so gosh-darned impressed every time an American manages to express themselves in a foreign language.

    • James Freud

      I’d like to make a Mila of her Kunis.

  • KC

    She can defend that dope but can’t defend the fact that their movie was awful and flopped.

    • not really

      Actually it’s getting very good reviews and is doing as expected at the box office for a rom com. It isn’t a flop.

      • Sheila

        The movie was trashed in my local paper and the reviews are mainly bad in regards to Justin..maybe why the “why no singing anymore?” question. Dude can’t act.

      • not really

        Well I don’t know about your local news paper, I know it has a 70 percent approval on rotten tomatoes from over 100 different reviews, and that is pretty good, especially for a rom-com that typically does not review well.

    • SK

      I am fully disagree with you! It was a good movie!

  • Jay

    I was already in love with Mila, you guys just keep upping the ante, dont’cha?

  • Michael

    I love Mila Kunis. I think she’s gorgeous and funny and she has completely made me question my sexuality. But, that was kind of a fair question, right? I’d like Justin to stop making movies and get back to music too…since that’s what he’s good at. IMO IMO IMO.

    • Sheila

      Agree, Justin can’t act. It’s just nobody wants to tell him yet. They are allowing a few kicks at the can, but he is not leading man material (or even good at supporting). The music is coming, just watch, after he has finished playing at being a (supposed) movie star.

      • SK

        I think he was good in this movie, and the chemistry between both of them was great! I think it was his best movie so far.

  • Ty

    Maybe if our school systems in America thought it was important to teach children a second language and to start when they are young and it can be easily retained. Instead of a crappy 2 semesters of language classes in high school. I mean not all of us were born in other countries like Natalie/Mila. Or are rich enough get classes outside of school which are expensive(although they can really pay off in the long run). I mean not everyone can do an exchange program either. Other countries start teaching they’re students another language you, which is why so many can speak english.

    • whatevs

      I agree. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t even speak English correctly so this whole bilingual thing is a pipe dream.

    • Ty

      Haa, I typed that super fast which is why it’s looks like some who’s second language is english wrote it.

      • Ty

        Thats true. Mastering english should be more important than it is. I wish our culture put education up on a pedestal as something to be respected.

    • Kimberly

      I love you a little right now. I agree completely. And I forgive your brain for working faster than your fingers.

  • Antonio A

    ehhhh… that isn’t flawless spanish AT ALL.

  • Lauren

    I guess it’s interesting that she can speak a second language, but her response (to me) comes off a little beyotchy to what sounds like a valid question. “Why are you here?” The reporter didn’t insult anyone, Mila.

    • Kalie

      I agree. What was wrong with the reporter asking him why he’s chosen movies over music for the time being? She got awfully defensive about a question that wasn’t even aimed at her and it wasn’t even necessary for her to respond in Russian. It comes off like she was just trying to impress Timberlake by defending him (needlessly) in Russian. I think she was being rude.

      • liza chai

        I fully agree with Lauren. I think she was using her movie star status to pick a fight with someone who justasked a normal everyday question. she has really turned me off with this behaviour. My friend worked on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with her and said she was rude, demanding, and felt entitled.

      • SK

        But I think she made him happy

      • sarah

        That’s odd. I know somebody that worked on the set of Forgetting Sarah Marshall too and said Mila was great and a joy to be around.

    • ST

      I like Mila but I agree, this seems like a fair question. I don’t get why she had to rush to Justin’s defense unless they really are friends with benefits…

      • SK

        Because you didn’t understand Russian

    • SK

      If you don’t understand another language don’t jupm to the conclusions. I know what Mila said, and she put the reporter in her spot, because the way she asked the questions was unprofessional

  • sara

    this is news? seriously??

    • Skip182

      This isn’t CNN here, it’s an entertainment site. Stop complaining.

    • pastafarian

      No it’s not news. It’s Entertainment. Usually of the Weekly variety,

  • jillryro

    Wow, I haven’t been a big fan of Bradley C., but I am now…his french is FLAWLESS. I went to French school and he speaks fluently with perfect pronounciation. Unlike the US, in Canada, everyone speaking a 2nd language is not considered WOW as many of us speak English and French, we are more impressed with a THIRD language (which also many have).

    • Yu

      Totally Bradley Cooper FTW! I want to know just how long that exchange was for – amazing grasp of the French language!

  • anonymous

    Impressed by anybody who speaks another language. Especially if they are American as most Americans don’t whereas in many countries they speak 2, Europe they often speak 3+ and in Canada they are an official bilingual country and teach 2 languages is school. Hate to say it, but it’s mainly the US who don’t feel they have to know anything but english, who are a little “why should we, we are number #1″ when it comes to languages.

    • SK

      Mila came to USA as a child and never learned Russian in our schools. Everything she knows she learn in her family.

  • diane

    Touchy wasn’t she?

  • anonymous

    I agree that Mila was showing off, that question was legit and she came across as bitchy. Think she is beleiving a little too much in the hype around her, best she remembers she’s an actress from that 70s show(!), she isn’t doing Shakespeare, looks like she needs to dial back the ego.

  • Terry

    Mila is cool.
    Damon is a NEA shill.

    • Jed

      Matt Damon’s mother is a teacher, which may have something to do with his opinion. And you might try educating your own self with something besides Rush Limbaugh and the comic stylings of Fox News.

    • SK

      Damon speaks for the teachers because he knows the inside of this job.

  • Elaine Bennes

    add Jordana Brewster to the list, she speaks fluent portuguese

  • anonymous

    Is Justin a wimp and can’t fight his own battles? These people get overpaid MILLIONS of dollars to play make-beleive. Suck it up. Whrea Mila needs to undersand that at these PR events she is a show-poney, so just answer the questions and be grateful that we are not holiding the 70s show against her and she’s been given this chance (because her range is limited, she will fade away soon).

    • emma

      i agree ^_^

    • SK

      You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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