Why do we care if Perry White is black?


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Perry White and Spider-Man are both black now. Well, kind of. Laurence Fishburne will play the editor of the Daily Planet in the 2013 Superman reboot, and a mixed-race teenager named Miles Morales is taking over webslinging duties in Marvel’s “Ultimate” universe. Now, you could argue that these changes aren’t “real.” (If you pick up a typical Spider-Man comic book, Spidey’s alter ego is still the indisputably caucasian Peter Parker. If you pick up a Superman comic book, Perry White is still very much his last name.) You could also point out both Perry White and Spider-Man are fictional creations who have never existed, so technically they could be played by unicorns with German accents, and the characters wouldn’t care, because they are not real people. You could even note that race is an illusion, since in another couple hundred years we’ll be multi-racial Vin Diesel lookalikes, except for the anxious white people who will leave Earth to colonize Neptune and rename it “Planet Bob Jones,” which will have great food and terrible music.

But a quick tour through the EW comment boards indicates that people do care — and they care hard. Some commenters make decent, arguable points: “Changing Spider Man’s race smacks of Political Correctness gone uber-wild,” says Ken. But there is also an intriguing gut reaction that pops up whenever matters of race pop up in the comic book world — a kind of strict-constrictionist defense. Here’s a typical comment, from a commenter named Kagome:

“What is this rush to take good characters and change their color? How would the powers that be like taking Malcolm X and making him white? That movie would be killed before it started.”

Now, this is a silly argument, but keep in mind: We are talking about rather silly things. Perry White is not really a “character” at all, at least not the way that Jay Gatsby is a character, or Michael Corleone is a character. White has appeared in comics for over 70 years, which means that literally generations of comic book fans have enjoyed his fictional presence. When I was reading comics in the ’90s, there was an extended moving subplot in which White battled cancer — there was an incredible issue that was just about White experiencing the terrors of chemotherapy.

But the cancer went into remission, and White returned to the Daily Planet. Like most mainstream comic book icons, White is essentially just a collection of unchanging personality traits — irascible, faintly annoyed, old-fashioned — that can be plugged into an infinite array of contexts. Make him African American, make him gay, make him a woman — none of it fundamentally alters his DNA. There are irascible old-fashioned black lesbian newspaper editors in this world, after all. (And who cares if there aren’t? Great art very often invents people who don’t exist yet.)

I’m basically repeating what Idris Elba said last year, after there was a mini-uproar online over his casting as the classically-white Heimdall in Thor. “Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers. That’s OK, but the color of my skin is wrong?” Elba later told EW’s Mandi Bierly, “I just had to comment on [the uproar] because I found it so ridiculous.” It’s obvious which side of the debate I fall on — I’m the guy who thinks Beyoncé should play Wonder Woman.

But I realize that this line of argumentation drives strict-constrictionist comic book fans crazy. So allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a second and note that there is a larger problem with color-blind casting: The blindness thing. Because even if we want to deny it, it does mean something that Perry White is a black man. Laurence Fishburne was born in 1961, which means that the version of Perry White who appears in Man of Steel grew up during the era of the Civil Rights Movement.

If we assume that he has been working in the media for most of his adult life, that means that Perry White has been a journalist during landmark moments in the history of American race relations. Journalists are opinionated loudmouths. White probably has an opinion about the Rodney King beating, and about the election of Barack Obama, and about the horrible statistics about African American men in prison. But none of this will come up in Man of Steel, because it is a movie about an illegal alien who wins over the American public by virtue of looking handsome a superhero. The well-intentioned M.O. of Hollywood entertainments is to essentially pretend that racial differences don’t exist.

Maybe that’s a good thing — a helpful lie that we can all agree upon until humanity evolves beyond racist grandmothers and controversies about horrific language in literary masterpieces. What do you think, PopWatchers? Don’t be shy — we’re all friends here.

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  • Ayrifeek

    There’s a simple argument to be made that wasn’t addressed here. Question: How far does this go?

    Do we make Superman Indian? Batman chinese? Spiderman…oh wait, nevermind. Um, Captain America…Arab American?

    I mean seriously. We grew up with these characters. If Hollywood wants to get politically correct, then create a new news publisher in a new story who happens to be dark skinned. It’s not rocket science. It’s not about race. It’s about changing characters that we grew up with and love as they are.

    • Switched at Birth

      The question that matters is why isn’t EW writing about “Switched at Birth” which covers topics about divides over wealth, the hearing/deaf, and race?

      • Devin “Badass Digest” Faraci

        The only people who care are teabagging hillbillies and white trash, mostly from the south and Arizona.

      • Truth

        Soccer moms are to blame for the crappy condition of this country. Every one gets a trophy and competition is eliminated. That’s how Devin’s big mama got l@id and cr@pped him out. Talk about white trash … he knows it and is it.

      • poop

        Why is it that we should care about changing what we grew up with? It’s not like they’re going back and changing all the old comics. This is a movie. They are trying to make a good movie. Laurence Fishburne is a good actor. It was a good choice. They can make all the changes they want as far as I’m concerned. They’re rebooting the story. They don’t want to do things exactly how they did them before. The Superman costume is different, and nobody really cares. Why? Because the original costume would look ridiculous in a real world setting. As long the changes are to better the movie, it’s okay with me. Next, I think they should take away Superman’s invincibility. Otherwise, there’s no real suspense.

    • dave

      Other names considered for the new Spiderman: Jamal Lopez, Anquan Martinez, DeShawn Ramirez, Tyrone Pena, Darnell Alvarez, and Tito Jones.

      • Tom

        Hahahahahaha that’s awesome

      • Chanda

        Love it. I would pick my nephew’s name Tyrell Lopez.

      • Washington

        What kind of name is Faraci? It’s not American. Like Washington.

      • Washington

        Why don’t the non-white races just create their own superheroes? Are they really that uncreative? Does this mean that there’s really nothing ‘super’ about anyone who isn’t white? Time to get busy Lopez – Illegal Alien from Outerspace. You, too, Anqwan and Lakeisha … The Scorpion and The Black Widow are waiting for your touch. Asian people have all the Kung Fu fighters, so they don’t need any help … just like in real life – they get it for themselves … just like white people. Time for the rest of you to step up and start creating/doing things for yourselves. You’ll feel better about youselves, too.

      • Anderson

        I agree with Washington that Caucasians have contributed the lion’s share to American pop-culture, especially in the area of comic books. I don’t agree that minorities lack the potential to be legitimate contributors to American pop-culture; anyone willing to do some googling should be able to agree with my point of view on that. I do however, agree with Washington on another point, but I see it more broadly: people (regardless of race) are more willing to do what’s easy than what’s hard. Caucasians created a plethora of pop-icons (who understandably look a like they do) who are adored by people everywhere; this took generations of hard work, creativity and talent. If minorities want to achieve the same results, they will have to put in the same amount of investment. As a minority myself, I’m always disappointed to see other minorities take the “easier” route and co-opt existing success, rather then build successes of their own. I will stress, however, that this is not a fallacy unique to minorities; people (regardless of race) are more willing to do what’s easy than what’s hard.

    • Fatima

      There’s something to be said about “iconic” characters and when they were all created…largely a time when there weren’t any white faces on screen or in comics. All these Americana type superheroes are white for a reason. My argument is, no we shouldn’t have to change every character to what some people like to call “P.C.” norms, but you also have to allow yourself to step back and say “is Perry White’s skin color the main part of his personality? Does it matter if his color changes but his personality doesn’t?” Small potatoes, really.

      • C Men

        His name is Perry WHITE! Not Perry Black. Geez, I thouhgt it was obvious.

      • tonto

        eh, they could have just used Stern. But Goyer and Snyder are idiots who don’t know anything about Superman, so they didn’t know that.

      • dave

        @tonto – I love it when people say this about whatever subject and the producers/directors/writers. You think those two haven’t read every word ever written about Superman? I guarantee you they’ve already forgotten more about Sup than you or anyone else here has ever known.

    • SteveStrifeX

      Not to geek out here or anything, but there is already a Japanese Batman. Bruce Wayne made “Batman Incorporated” and is looking around the globe for potential other “Batmans” in other countries, funding their vigilante efforts. There’s around 10 of them now. I know, nothing to do with your original post, but a nice side note for anyone interested

      • SteveStrifeX

        Should have written “…but there is a Japanese Batman.” Sorry, I originally had listed Chinese but had to look up what nationality “Mr. Unknown,” changed to Japanese but didn’t get rid of the “already.” Apologies!

      • mikeman

        batman inc is a really awesome concept and a great comic book. grant morrison’s work with the batman mythos over the last 6 years might be in the pantheon of batman runs.

      • Yeah

        Batman Inc is a good illustration of one of the points above. If you want to be more multicultural, make new characters. THey made a new batman that was Japanese, they didnt go back and make Bruce Wayne Japanese, thats what I think the argument is here

        They did right with spiderman, its a new character, its not Peter Parker who is black for no real reason. Perry White could have just been another character, why change it?

    • Reed

      Um…..Spider-Man isn’t Peter Parker anymore. If they’re introducing a new character to take the mantle then why would it matter what his ethnicity is?

      • sean

        Since they have “killed the character it’s fine….there is a Black Hulk in the Ultimates universe as well!!!!! It’s funny…I’ll bet non of theses complainers have a problem with Cleopathra as a white woman…or king Tut either …or All of ancient Egypt either!!!! Those were real historical figures…..with DNA! CARTOON CHARACTERS ARE JUST THAT…..GET REAL!!!

      • Jacob

        Cleopatra was a white woman. She was not Black or Egyptian. Her ancestry was Macedonian, which was a state in northern ancient Greece. She was descended from Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Last I checked Greek was considered a white race.

      • joe

        Cleopatra WAS white.

    • Ray

      And you don’t think black people care that Cleopatra was played by a white woman, or anytime the conversation comes up for that role the first name is Angelina Jolie. It’s not like casting Laurence Fishburne means he’s going to act like a white person. Heaven forbid a black man does whiteface.

      • Jacob

        Cleopatra was a white woman. She was not Black or Egyptian. Her ancestry was Macedonian, which was a state in northern ancient Greece. She was descended from Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Last I checked Greek was considered a white race. Blacks shouldn’t care at all because Egyptians are not black. They are far more closely related to the Arabic races than to the Sub-Saharan races.

      • C Men

        Greeks shouldn’t be considered white. Have you ever met one? They’re disgusting, smelly, sweaty, hairy pigs.

    • JaySin420

      Wow! Not only did EW post that lunatic’s quote about Malcom X, but they actually kind of agrees with it! Haha, come on.

      Malcom X was a real person! Perry White wasn’t! There’s no argument there! It’s a fact!

      And why didn’t this happen when they recently made Nick Fury black?

      • lori

        I was just thinking that re: Nick Fury. It makes me think that in general, audiences are more tolerant of supporting characters changing race, but then get in a tizzy when the main guys show some pigment. Frankly, I think Hollywood has picked up on this and embraces it in a “Look, we’re so progressive, we’re casting a black Perry White because race doesn’t matter,” when they would never seriously consider a person of color for an iconically white superhero.

      • lori

        And, just to mention it, I think Laurence Fishburne will make an awesome Perry White. The man can bluster with the best of them.

      • StudyBeforeUWrite

        The reason Nick Fury is black and no one is complaining is because in Marvel’s Ultimate universe, they made Fury black and even modeled his likeness after Samuel L Jackson. It was fanboy heaven when they actually managed to get Jackson for the movie.

      • Truth

        Malcolm X was a racist piece of sh!t. Just like the rest of his family.

    • T.

      In the Spiderman Movies J. Jonah Jameson is white Comic books: at Least mixed! And do I really need to restart the Green Lantern was originally not white? Calm down.

      • Seanti

        Green Lantern was originally white, actually; John Stewart came along after Hal Jordan. But the Green Lantern Corps is a great example of allowing for multiple iterations of a character to exist alongside each other. They even have a ginger in their ranks!

  • joe

    Exactly – Why not spider women! I think Adam Corolla said it best that when the next president is cast it will be an African American Women, in a wheel chair, who is Jewish. Look, Marvel wants’ to create a controversy to sell a few more comics, so good work ew.com. My question is; do they pay you a % for these stories?

    • Kimmi

      … you mean whoopi? i don’t think she’s in a wheelchair yet.

      • C Men

        I’m sure if she doesn’t have diabetes yet she will soon and will lose a foot. It’s just a matter of time.

      • sarah d


      • Truth

        She’s already p!ssing on herself, so it won’t be long.

    • Therealeverton

      There are several Spider-Women in both standard & Ultimate Marvel; have been for years

  • Al

    In the 30s, when The Daily Planet was created, the newsroom would have been filled with white people. An all-white office would be less realistic these days.

    I still think Idris Elba was the wrong choive for Heimdall, though, simply because it was integral to the character to be Norse.

    • Therealeverton

      No it wasn’t! He’s an alien not a Norseman!

      • dave

        He’s from Asgard, is that considered alien? I thought by definition all Asgardians were Norsemen. Regardless he’s the same race as Thor, Æsir, and should be white.

      • moh

        i mean they dont even know the story but they are complainig

      • Therealeverton

        Nope I’m guessing you’ve been criticising a film you’ve never seen?

        The Asgardians are highly advanced Aliens who live on another planet 9(of sorts). They may have originated on Earth millions of years before humans but they may not.

        Even in the comics The Asgardians are effectively Aliens, even though they are mre magical and godly in the comics.

        The Asgardians are aliens in the film and it is that simple, as are The Frost Giants and other, as yet not met , race from the other 7 realms. (planets) As such they can be any colour they want to be. The Norsemen took them for gods when they fought alongside them to save the world on 965AD, of course making them like themselves. But there are plenty of Asgardians who are not white.

      • Therealeverton

        He’s the same species as Thor, they would be hopefully better than us and don’t waste their time with petty, divisive irrelevances as race. It’s the problems caused by that rubbish that meant 99 % of the characters created before the 60s were white men; if there had been true creative freedom the there would have been more diversity in the first place and this wouldn’t even be a discussion. That it is is an embarrassment to the 21st century.

        I’m laughing at the idea people think Kenneth ‘ Shakespeare’ Branagh cast anyone for any reasons other than their acting, suitability for the role amd a desire to worl with talented actors. He wanted to work with Rlba and thought he’d be perfect for the part. He was and even the reviews that did’t like the film had praise for how good Elba was as “the gate keeper”

      • nick wheeler

        They have aliens of african decent. I know cause I was abducted by one. It was bad enough that it probed me, but it also stole my bicycle.

    • PC

      Me Chinese. Me play joke. Me put pee-pee in your Coke.

      • Not PC


    • Ole&Lina

      Having grown in a Scandinavian “ghetto” here in Minnesota, we have what we call “black Norweigans”, Scandinavians with dark skin, curly hair, brown eyes, etc. We figure there were people of African descent somewhere in our gene pool. So Idris Elba as a Norse god? Seems likely.

      • Kimmi

        lol. probably through the jews that came up. Thanks for being tolerant, y’all!

  • 695

    The African American Daily Planet Publisher already exists. His name is Franklin Stern. That is what is so funny / sad. The HACKS making the movie didn’t even know, because they don’t know jacksh1t about Superman. From this displayed ignorance you can guess the quality of movie they’re making: Jacksh1t.

    • really

      It’s a travesty that the movie has been left in the hands of these idiots.

  • 695

    The African American Daily Planet Publisher already exists. His name is Franklin Stern. That is what is so funny / sad. The HACKS making the movie didn’t even know, because they don’t know jacksh1t about Superman. From this displayed ignorance you can guess the quality of movie they’re making: Jacksh1t

  • T3PO

    To also play Devil’s Advocate, the world of Superman might not be the same as our own. Some works of fiction are set in the “real” world. Lost for example makes reference to the Red Sox, as well as numerous real television shows and books. But some fictional universes are entirely original, so President Obama and Rodney King might not exist.

  • Matt W

    I do not care if Perry White is African American at all, but for some reason I’m not a fan of Spiderman being A.A. However would the same outage happen if a white guy played Shaft?

    • jdr

      The problem people have isn’t that he is black but he is not the iconic Peter Parker. Every time comic books replace Superman’s Clark Kent it normally fails. Peter Parker has the same iconic thing to him.

    • Fatima

      Considering it’s an alternate universe Spiderman and there are seemingly a never-ending array of alternate versions of superheroes, who really cares? If Shaft were popular enough to have 5+ versions of the character, I guess I wouldn’t mind a white one, although that wouldn’t make that much sense considering those Blaxploitation movies were about reclaiming urban neighborhoods from drug dealers in areas that were specifically created to house the rising black population.

      • Kimmi

        … i’d be fine if he was Latino.

    • al

      because being black is a man part of shaft’s personality an persona..while for spiderman it does not really matter what color he is

    • nykolus

      shut yo mouth!!!

      • Bill

        He’s just talkin’ about Shaft!

    • Kellee

      I agree

    • RedWing

      Actually Shaft was a series of novels before it became a series of films. Guess what? All written by a white guy, Ernest Tidyman, who also wrote the screenplay for two of the films and won the Oscar for Best Screenplay for The French Connection. You can look him up at imdb.com.

      My point is that good writers should create good characters regardless of their race or the race of the character. And if you are going to re-boot an icon, changes keep things fresh. Giving the Lucious Fox character a prominent role in the new Batman series was a winner. And in this case of Man of Steel writers are changing Perry White to black. This should not be a big deal. It mixes things up, brings Fishburne’s fans to the movie, and offers a subtle reminder that the Superman universe has been heretofore lily white (no pun intended).

      What really needs to happen is to make Superman black. Whoa! What would that do?? With a white Lois Lane all over him and Supe pledging to end Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Racism.

      Will Smith’s Hancock offered a razor sharp (and below the radar) critique of both the lily white superhero trope and Hollywood’s stereotyping of black men. So he certainly would be an interesting choice to play Superman, or James Bond. After all he turned down the chance to play Neo in The Matrix films.

  • Stacie

    I like Laurence Fishburne, so I like this casting choice.

    • gets real

      Dude couldn’t even hack it on CSI

      • danny

        He left CSI because it’s a piece of sh!t show and the ratings are going downhill. He’s far too good of an actor to be wasting anymore time on that lame ass show.

  • One guy talking

    I happened to watch “Daredevil” last night. (I know, I know). An African American actor played the part of the traditionally white “Kingpin”. I noticed it, but only barely. He portrayed the character’s personality and manner exactly as it appears in the comic.

    That’s what matters.

    • haha

      Which is why teens still make fun of it to this day? LOL. Guess WB can look forward to same box office as Daredevil then.

      • Fatima

        Yes, haha. THAT’S why people make fun of Daredevil. Because Kingpin was black. It had nothing to do with the terrible script, acting or special effects. They still gather on the playground and snicker about a character no one really cares that much about being a different color.

  • goose

    I think the biggest issue isn’t simply changing the race of a character, its moreso the lie that people pretend it isn’t intentionally done. What I mean is, any time someone suggests that there is an ulterior motive to making a character like Perry White black, the common response is “hey, we just picked the best person for the job.” The problem is, a white person would NEVER be allowed to play Blade or Luke Cage, despite how good an actor is or how worthy they are for the job. Hell even an Asian person wouldn’t be able to get that job. Look, it is understandable that in the past everyone was only white, so a few changes here or there might be helping to dilute that false “purity”, but why can’t people simply admit that? Why can’t people say, hey, we think it would be interesting if this character was black instead, we want to open up the casting of this film to more than just white people. Instead they only offer up the lie about the right person for the job, which oddly only works one way.

    • Steph

      Goose, you hit the nail on the head.

      Nuff said

    • Fatima

      I’ll give you that it’s a slippery slope, but there are a few problems with the Blade/Luke Cage argument.
      1.) Characters like Black Panther, race is integral to the story
      2.) There are so few black characters and a complete wealth of white characters, that changing those guys really would feel like a slight, mainly because they’d be taking away one of the few black heroes out there.
      What would be ideal would be making more NEW black superheroes but people are reluctant to get into new characters and white people still often feel like black casts exclude them while black people are used to watching all white casts.

      • harry

        Thank you Fatima!

      • camille

        I agree with your comment about creating new heroes. A lot of these comic book protagonists were release between the 50’s and 70’s. There’s not only the character that you’re familiar with, but there is also the nostalgia that is attached. Hancock wasn’t received as well as the producers would have liked…

      • LavenderLeo302

        Thank you Fatima!!!!!!!

    • derek

      Luke Cage isn’t a good comparison, his race was a major part of his character. Perry White is a gruff newsman, aside from appearance, race isn’t a major part of his character in the way that it is for Luke Cage. Blade, I don’t know, I never read the comics he was in back in the 70’s. If you think Perry White should remain a white man out of tradition, that’s fine, I can understand that. We’re also talking about a supporting character, not the main character. For me, I wouldn’t want to see a Wonder Woman of a different race, but it wouldn’t bother me if Steve Trevor’s race were changed.

      • Steph

        Derek you makes the most excellent points.

      • boobaby

        The reason that all superhero were white is become the one created them were white. To jacob to say that cleopatra is white like saying jesus is white. The cradle of civilazation began in the the mother land Africa not greece.

    • dave

      I agree with you in the Spiderman change but not with the Perry White change. I don’t think 90% of the people who care about the movie care what race the actor playing him is. He’s secondary. If they changed one of the primaries (Superman or Lois Lane) that would be different.

    • Bill

      Goose, black comic book characters such as Luke Cage and Blade were conceived as black primarily to address the dearth of black comic book superhero characters during that period. It was kind of a major point that, hey, these guys are black! As such, it would be silly to change their races. Now if you think that there’s an assault on white characterhood going on here, perhaps you’re not familiar with the second “Battlestar Galactica” series. The second series retained the main premise and most of the major characters from the original series, although the second series made significant alterations to all of those characters. In the original series from the late 1970s, Cmdr. Adama was a white guy, Starbuck was a white guy, Col. Tigh was a black guy, and Boomer was a black guy. In the second series, Cmdr. Adama was changed from a white guy to a latino guy, Starbuck was changed from a white guy to a white woman, Boomer was changed from a black guy to an Asian woman, and Col. Tigh was changed from a black guy to a white guy. Again, Col. Tigh was changed from a black guy to a white guy. All of the racial changes occurred because race was never central to the identities or functions of these characters. There was some minor uproar over all of these changes (more for the gender changes than the racial changes), but people got over it. By the way, what examples are you drawing contrast with when you criticize the producers of The Man of Steel for not laying all of their casting cards on the table when it comes to official publicity of the hiring of Laurence Fishburne to play this role? Obviously, the producers thought it would be interesting if a black man played the role of Perry White. So why say that? If the casting had gone the traditional route with a white guy, do you think the announcement should have gone something like, “We’re happy to announce the casting of Frank Langella in the heretofore caucasian role of Daily Planet editor-in-chief, Perry White. Frank is a fine actor, and crucially, white, which was among the many considerations.”?

  • ®ustymustdie

    I don’t. why does EW presume that we do? I didn’t care when they wanted to cast Chris Rock as Jimmy olsen 10 years ago either.

    What I do care about is another crap superman movie with Zack “I have a hard time telling a story” snyder at the helm.

    I care that an 80 year old character who has fought many a super villian is stuck facing general zod & lex luthor yet again.

    It’s crap like this that makes me cheer for illegal downloaders. Who’d want to pay money to see this crap?

    • Kyle

      So right, my man. This movie is a car wreck.

  • Joey

    The question is does anyone give a flip about Snyder’s retarded Superman movie? A look around the internet says “No”.

    • jay

      You cared enough to click on an article about it and to actually post an opinion. Your own post proves that you are incorrect.

      • harry


  • the_girl

    I think the argument that we’re talking about fictional universes is really key. Malcolm X didn’t exist in a fictional universe. He is a real person. Fictional universes are changed all the time. There was a mass uproar about the casting of the Hunger Games movie because the actors didn’t fit the book’s descriptions to the letter. And that had nothing to do with race and everything to do with rabid fandom. People have to pull back on their love for these fictional characters and gain some perspective.

    • whoosh


      Arguing about Zack the Hack, as if he puts any thought into anything he does. ROTFLMAO

  • Mike K

    Michael Clark Duncan was The Kingpin in Daredevil…. Who cares what color the actor is as long as they do the role justice? Seriously. Maybe people are just too small minded and can’t grasp the concept of a chance in race for a character.

    • goose

      But then can people not care about the color the other way? When a white person is cast in the roll of a character who has always been black? Because somehow I feel like you and others would have an issue with that…

      • Fatima

        Because, and this might blow your mind, white people have never had a trouble with media representation. The majority of roles are written for them, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, unfortunately.

      • wino

        lol Fatima

    • gator hunter

      you already got a black guy in the white house, what more do you people want?

      • harry

        are you kidding gator hunter?

      • pastafarian

        Only half, fella. Only half.

  • outside agitator

    I wanna see a remake of Shaft where the lead is played by Ashton Kutcher.

    • George W.

      I want to see a remake of the 2008 election where the president is played by a white man.

      • jay

        The president during 2008 was a white man. Do you mean from January 20th, 2009?

      • Steph


      • Kellee

        I want to see a white man in the white house that actually care about the American citizens like the black guy in the white house.

      • jz

        Jay, you misread George W’s comment. When he refers to “the president” it’s understood or inferred that he’s talking about the current president during his run for the White House. “The president” implies present-day; the president during 2008 would imply Bush. Contextually it can be figured out as well; everyone is writing about characters being replaced by characters of a different race. Did you really not understand his comment? Reading is fundamental.

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