Alexander Skarsgard to Regis and Kelly: 'Let's get naked!'

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard paid a visit to Live! with Regis and Kelly this morning, and Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa were appropriately giddy in the presence of the man who plays Gelman’s favorite character on TV. (Pause while you process that.) They hit the standard talking points — he grew up as a child actor in an acting family, he was in the Swedish military, he doesn’t have a problem with nudity. But it was interesting to hear him articulate why he quit acting at the age of 13: “I didn’t like the attention. I didn’t know who I was, so to hear people on TV or on the radio, in newspapers, magazines talking about me and who I was and what I like was kind of confusing.” Watch the clip below.

The mood lightened during the second segment of the interview, when they showed a photo of Skarsgard accepting an honorary doctorate degree from Leeds Metropolitan University in London. “I look like a character from Harry Potter,” he said. Skarsgard discussed his embarrassment about being called a doctor after a weekend of “hanging out,” while his mother and brother spent years earning actual medical degrees.

The conversation turned frisky around 6:45 when Regis finally asked him the question we live to hear Regis ask: “Do you find many women who want to bite you?” After a pause and a smile, Skarsgard admitted, “It’s happened.” Kelly asked the natural follow-up question: “What would happen if someone bit you?” Skarsgard deflected, saying it’s usually the other way around: Women want him to bite them. From there, he explained that on the show, vampire blood makes humans high, so if she bit him and he bit her back, “then it’d be pretty special.” (Kelly’s grin was like holding up a mirror: “I don’t even know what’s happening right now, but I like it.”)

Finally, we got to the nudity question. (That’s around 8:25, if you’re pressed for time.) Does he get nervous? Another dramatic pause. “I’m from Sweden,” he said. “We don’t wear clothes in Sweden.” Is it weird for him to be fully clothed now? “Let’s get naked! Let’s get naked!” he joked, after pretending to start stripping. Kelly said she’d hold his jacket. And Regis: “I’ll hold your pants!”

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  • Brian

    Regis calling Snookie “Snoozie” is the highlight for me.

    • Catherine

      It’s Sookie.

      • Brian

        He asks is Sookie is like “Snoozie” … then corrects himself, saying Snookie.

      • Clay

        Watch the frakking clip before trying to correct someone so you don’t appear to be an ass next time

      • Tom

        He needs a haircut.

  • morris

    I saw that interview – nice looking guy but not a lot of personality.

    • @morris

      Are you nuts? He was hilarious – dry humour is sexy. “I’m from Sweden”. Personality doesn’t have to be manic.

    • h

      Totally disagree. His personality seemed very dry, charming, and real.

    • miki

      He seemed nervous but he does have a very dry sense of humor.

    • hbfihd

      Hahaha, Morris needs to get laid.

  • Nemo

    I love him. And I actually liked his role in generation kill better than True Blood. But that’s probably because I’m a sucker for war mini series.

    • Jelana

      I acquired a tween-girl-type overwhelming crush on him from Generation Kill. I love him on True Blood, but agreed, he was better in GK.

      • Olivya

        This. AsKars got to show his acting range on Generation Kill. True Blood, on the other hand, is a fun show. He was definitely acting better in GK but hotter in TB.

    • Mother Nature

      He won a fan for life with Generation Kill. I’m embarrassed to say he turned me into a rabid fan girl (singing ‘Tainted Love’ in the Humvee sealed the deal for me, don’t know why).

    • hbfihd

      What about his acting in Lady Gaga Paparazzi? LOL

  • Jody

    Thanks for posting this Mandi!! I can’t get enough of Alexander Skarsgård!

  • jbird

    Is it just me or is this a weird interview? I don’t know if it’s Regis and Kelly or Alex.

    Love Alex though. If you haven’t see Gen Kill, see it! Not only is he exceptionally good in it, it’s a great mini-series.

    • @jbird

      It’s just you.

    • Amy

      It’s Regis and Kelly. They ruined it.

  • Katie G

    hottest man, ever.

    • ‘Lish

      That title is actually held by Johnny Depp:)

      • Tom

        21 Jump Street – The Return of Skeletor

  • Stacey

    Yeah, it was totally awkward and at times it seemed like they were pulling teeth. But perhaps it’s because Alex is a bit shy?



  • Lory

    He was so adorably shy, I wanted to pinch his cheeks.

    • Gracie

      I want to grab his face and let him have a whiff of my tuna breath.

  • sas

    Charming…and smokin’hot

  • ihatescreennames

    ohmygodric….the things I could do to that man… jealous of Kelly gettin that big ol’ hug!

  • Lori

    I love his sense of humor and that he seems almost shy.. It’s nice to see an actor who’s not full of himself. He’s amazing!

  • Gina

    Alex looked great. He’s always a bit shy in interviews, I think it’s charming! Since English is not his native language, sometimes it takes him a little longer to get his thoughts out.

  • Vivien

    he is really hot!

  • kaemicha

    I just don’t understand the appeal of this guy.

    • Gracie

      You need to own lots and lots of cats.

  • flistea

    Leeds Metropolitan University in London?! Is the clue not in the name LEEDS.
    Think Mr Skarsgård did fantastic considering the pair of muppets interviewing him.
    As they say in Sweden – han är så fin!

    • millsy

      The reported is American, hence geographicaly retarted. They even say in the interview “Leeds, in the North of England” last time I checked a map London was in the South of England.
      just an FYI for (most) Americans London is a city not a country!

      • ‘Lish

        We’re, “geographically-retarded”, you say? First of all, you’ve outed yourself being that you can’t even spell the word correctly in your insult of all Americans. You obviously don’t know how to spell or use correct punctuation, but we’re, “retarded”. To even use that word is wrong. Go back to your country.

      • Tarc

        So, ‘Lish, you’re puffing up your chest about mastering something the everage sith grader is expected to master (and the oldest mass use computer program does a million times better and instantaneously)? THINKING is vastly more important than SPELLING (or TYPOS), and in that, spelling nitters always fail. And to be blunt, metally retarded is a scientifically established definition, on that is and has been shortened in the vernacular to retarded. It’s a perfectly acceptable word – right there in the dictionary, in fact (so a spelling nitter should know it). If you don’t like it, so what? One in five Americans have an IQ of 80 or less (and ARE intellectually retarded), and most are merely so ignorant that they seem retarded. As an American with a good education, this is plain. Get real.

    • ‘Lish

      This is America. It wouldn’t be common knowledge here.

      • millsy

        Lish, you proved my point. You can’t help being dumb, its just that your not taught anything that happens outside the USA. I am home thanks (I had to leave the USA too many stupid people for me).

      • @millsy

        “you’re” not “your”

      • @millsy

        “it’s” not “its”

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