Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelorette' season finale


Spanning two days and five hours of television, this is the biggest, most dramatic blog ever. I hope you enjoyed the way ABC programmed the Men Tell All on Sunday and rolled right into Monday’s dramatic season finale, which led us right into After the Final Rose. The Men Tell All special was a fun show to host. This is a very good group of guys that I enjoyed hanging around with this season so there really weren’t a lot of fireworks. I was very disappointed Bentley didn’t show up for the taping. As I mentioned we extended an invitation to him but he opted not to come. I would very much like to sit down and interview him. I have a standing invitation out to him that I will interview him anywhere and anytime he wants. As anybody that’s ever been on this show will tell you, I will give him a very fair interview. I’m really not looking to bury the guy. What’s done is done! I just want to find out his motivation and what he thinks about his actions now and how they’ve affected his life. Does he regret what he did and would he like to apologize to anybody? I found it very interesting to see the guys’ reactions to Bentley, as they didn’t really see or hear anything just like Ashley while he was actually on the show. They found out like everybody else while they watched it unfold week after week on TV.

One of my favorite parts of the Tell All was talking to Tim. I really like this guy. In my opinion he did exactly what you should when you make an ass of yourself: Have a good laugh and apologize for your actions. He was extremely funny, self-deprecating and respectful to Ashley. He also gave us some great color commentary on everything that went on this season. I know it’s a bit ironic but he’s the kind of guy you’d like to have a drink with — but just a couple, Tim. As for those that joined me in the hot seat, Ames definitely got the most attention from the studio audience. They went absolutely nuts for the guy. I walk around and talk to the folks while we’re in commercial breaks to say hello and he was easily the most popular. I really enjoyed having Ali, Jason and Deanna on the show. As I said it’s like a little family reunion. I truly care for these people and consider many of the folks that have been on our show friends. I’m looking forward to Deanna’s wedding and looking forward to hearing details about Ali’s.

I really think the final episode was one of the best we’ve ever produced. I think this for several reasons, so first let’s deal with the superficial stuff. Fiji provided a spectacular backdrop that looked more like a fairytale. Thank you to everyone at the Vomo Island Resort. I know I gush about them every week, but our crews brought Fiji into your living rooms in stunning fashion. It was also a compelling finale because you had two fantastic men head over heels in love with one woman. Both men were extremely confident that they were the man of Ashley’s dreams. There’s no way that was going to end well for everybody. Ben was the odd man out this time around. People often ask what it’s like to welcome the person to the final rose ceremony who’s not getting the final rose. Of course I know Ashley’s decision ahead of time, and I’ll be honest — it sucks. It’s by far my least favorite part of hosting this show. I’ve gotten to know these guys and hate walking someone down a path that is only going to lead to a rejection. But I know as tough as it is for me it’s a thousand times harder for Ashley to have to stand there and watch a man she really respects get down on one knee and propose, only to tell him he’s not the one.

I want to talk about Ben’s reaction once he was rejected. I thought it was the most honest sincere reaction we’ve ever had on this show. I know most people want to take the moral high road when they are rejected on TV but I always thought if I was in that position I would be angry and resentful and that’s exactly what Ben expressed. I loved his line good things don’t end happily, it can only end badly and it did. Even at the After the Final Rose special Ben was still upset and a bit resentful at Ashley. To me this really rings true. This is how I think most of us would feel. I found it refreshing to see someone that wasn’t scared or ashamed to show his true feelings. I think Ben has grown so much as a person since his father’s death and has such perspective on his life that he was able to really open up and convey how he truly felt. I know that was tough for Ashley but hey, let’s face it — she got the man of her dreams so I think she’ll be okay. Ben will be the first to admit JP is a great guy and he and Ashley are great together.

I was talking to Ashley and JP at the AFR special and we all agreed that to us, it seemed obvious he was the one all along. It always seems like that to me because once you know what happens, things really stand out more. Their relationship and chemistry together was different than anybody else from their first date back at her house the night Bentley left. I have seen this couple together on and off camera and their love for each other is undeniable. I was really happy that Ashley’s sister Chrystie came back to the AFR special to apologize to them both and admit that she was wrong about JP. I’d hate for this relationship to start with any kind of family drama. I’m also extremely happy to hear that Ashley is moving to New York and moving in with JP. They know in the weeks and months to come there will be media and fans to deal with, but these two seem to be starting from a solid foundation. There will be rumors, speculation, and wild stories created by the tabloids, but these two seem prepared to deal with that garbage. I for one wish them nothing but happiness and can’t wait to have them on the next special we do to announce their wedding date and plans.

This brings this season of The Bachelorette to an end. I want to thank the people I work with every day all over this beautiful world to bring you the show. I marvel at their talent, learn from them every day, and feel blessed to be a small part of what they create. We have been doing this show for a decade now, and many of you fans have been with us every step of the way. This show does different things for different people. It evokes very different emotions in everybody and I love that. I love that all of you have definite opinions about our show and the people and relationships on it. At times certain topics and situations have actually risen to the level of national debate. To me that means we are doing something right and that’s what great television should be. I can’t thank you enough for watching and supporting the show the way you do. There is only one reason I have the job I do and that’s because all of you continue to make the choice to watch us each week. That will never be lost on me, and I speak for everyone that works on this franchise when I say thank you! Normally I would be saying goodbye to you for a little while but next Monday night is the special three-hour season premiere of Bachelor Pad. If you saw the preview during the Men Tell All special you know just how good this season is going to be. I hope you will all come back and join us, as this will be the event of the summer! Thank you again for watching and congratulations to Ashley and JP on their engagement. For more on this season of The Bachelorette and the new season of Bachelor Pad, check out our official website or follow me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Cupcake

    NO WONDER Ashley was always second guessing herself and over thinking everything. The person she trusts most, her sister “She-beast”, kept telling her that she was wrong! Ugh – she was so superior “I’m more rational then you” and so rude to JP. How is being a beeatch right out of the gate show that you are rational? It was nucking futs. I was so glad to see her apologize on the “After the Final Rose” show.

    Ben was great as usual and it was so sad for him to have to go. Both men knew that was a possibility but still – so rough to watch. He really is such an awesome guy. Their times together were so steamy! I think he will be open for love now and really ready to meet his perfect match. Whoever Ben ends up with is a very lucky girl. Ben is a class act.

    I think JP is sweet, smart and the perfect match for Ashley! I really liked how he said that she may love both guys but she can only be in love with one of them. That’s a great way to look at it. She and Ben were totally cute together but she and JP look like they are just mushy in love when they are together. I am so excited for them!

    • Sunny

      Ahhhh …. Chris Harrison. The Teflon Con. You can delete all the posts that you want … it doesn’t make you any less guilty of knowing what’s going on an looking the other way for ratings and your paycheck. Phony. Deanna and Jason are still ugly, and Ali’s still a whiner. Just like the dbags below like sandygirl and idiotsabound. Clearly homebound fatties with too much c*ck-bobbing and not enough smarts if they actualy believe this smarmy stuff. Eff both of you and the rest of the clueless clods here.

      • JT

        Someone havin’ a bad day in Bachelorette land?

      • Sky

        I can’t imagine that Sunny is your real name – or perhaps you are just having a “Stormy” day?

        The nobler sort of man emphasizes the good qualities in others, and
        does not accentuate the bad. The inferior does the reverse.

        — Confucius (551-479 BC) Chinese Philosopher

  • Chris H

    Yes, it’s true, I’m a Dbag!

    • Nobody

      It was JP all along? Really? So basically you’re admitting that all the crap with Bentley was nothing more than scripted drama.

      You are such a lying a-hole, CH.

      • sandygirl

        God, you people (especially Sunny are so mean and hurtful). Can’t you just be happy for Ashley and JP. I think you are people who watch the show just to criticize. QUIT WATCHING – Sunny you dbag.

      • idiotsabound

        Agreed. Ghostlight, Sunny and a couple others are probably the same person. Really, when we read their/his/her comments, their mental illness just oozes off the page. I pity these kinds of people, and hope that someday they find some good counseling and/or medication.

      • sandygirl

        I know about dbags, too. The name sandygirl is from getting too much sand in the old vajajay when I used to trains under the boardwalk … for free. Hey, idiotsabound – want a free ride in the sandygirl?

      • idiotsabound

        Gross and no thanks!! Besides, my you-know-what is oozing off the page, too. Unprotected sex with animals will do that to you – but I’m sure you know that, sandygirl. You’re a pig just like me.

  • Beth

    So happy it was JP! I think their chemistry was amazing and I hope it lasts!

    • AJ

      You mean their lust, not chemistry. Jake and Deanna made choices based on lust as well. Those relationships did not end well.

      • Kathy

        It is not based only on lust, that’s the point, they really seem to care about each other. Have you even watched the show?

  • lil Sebastian

    Chris, and I mean this sincerely, you remind me of something I would find floating in Vince McMahon’s toilet, you opportunistic, smarmy, exploitative crap weasel. See ya next season!

    • somet

      Yea, he is great.

    • SLB

      That about sums him up.

    • ghostlight

      Yep. Another “it’s so great that you have strong opinions about our show!” diversion. Like it’s completely bounced off him that very many of those opinions were of the “you suck for manipulating these people, and trying to tell us it’s raining while you piss down our necks.”

      What a clueless douche bag.

      • CAM

        What is wrong with you people? If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything. Why are you watching/reading if you disapprove? Grow up and look for some peace in your lives!

      • Kim

        I agree with you CAM. I find it slightly amusing that people who clearly have such an intense hate for this show and it’s cast still continue to watch it and post on this blog. Seriously…go be miserable somewhere else. It must be so easy to be cruel hurling gross insults while hiding behind a computer screen. Show me one couple that has had a perfect path to love. I appreciate this show for what it is and wish the best for Ashley and JP. Hang in there and don’t fall victim to the trash talkers and tabloids! Thanks for a great season, Chris!

    • Tyler

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. He’s a smug jerk and way worse than any of the contestants on the show.

      There should be a new reality show where they leave Chris Harrison in a remote jungle location with no supplies, no cameras, and no way to get back home. Then we would never have to hear from this jerk again.

      Hey Producers: replace Chris with Ashley’s sister. She’s way more entertaining and honest than Chris will ever be.

      • ghostlight

        Ashley’s sister would be better. Heck, just a silent shot of the end table on which the date card is always left, just sitting there, in silence, would be better than listening to Chris flap his yap.

      • D

        I think Ashley’s sister, Christie, should be the NEXT bachlorette!!

      • Sarah

        I TOTALLY agree with you, Ashley’s sister would make a far more entertaining and real host than the sleezy Chris Harrison. And she would probably have a better chance at getting an Emmy nod or win too. ‘ol d-bag Chris will never come close.

    • Debby

      Chris, no matter what awful things some people say, I love you for a very good reason. You are a fellow Texan and that means you are a good ole boy at heart! That’s good enough for me! lol Love the show and looking forward to BP2 next week.

  • karenaperville

    Chris! Please consider Ames or Ryan as the next Bachelor!!!

    • AmyB

      THOSE WERE MY FAVORITES TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miss k

      Ryan for Bachelor!!! Love your blogs Chris!

      • Brenda

        Please,Please,PLEASE Don’t!!!

    • Pat

      Please don’t!!!!!!!!

      • Nicole

        I agree, DON’T DO IT!!! Yuck!!

    • mjinmd

      Don’t think I could stand a season of Ames’ fake smile.

      • Brenda

        Is it the smile? I know there is something strange about him. He gives me the willies.

  • The Real Chris H

    I really just a TOOL..

    • Cokie

      Why the hell do you read this blog if you have nothing good to say?? Good lord, give it up. I love you, Chris. Don’t listen to the haters!!!

      • sandygirl

        I definitely agree with Cokie. Chris seems like a great guy – much more than I can say for these jerk off haters. I’m sure Chris wishes them all the best. Yuk.

      • KiKi

        Cokie – I agree with you! I really like Chris Harrison… these idiots on here that make such rude comments obviously can’t see the light above the hole they live out of. Chris I love your blogs!

    • ghostlight

      Cokie and sandygirl: The why didn’t he come right out and tell/show Ashley the Bentley interviews? He could have, but he didn’t. Does that sound like what a “great guy” would do?

      • anniek

        I think that the producer Mike Fleiss is who you should be blaming. I would think he is the one that decided who sees what. And he is a total skeezeball! Creeps me out whenever they show him on tv.

      • Kim

        Hey ghostlight…consider another show next season…and perhaps some happy pills. You really are a miserable person aren’t you.

  • Shel

    Chris, I was disappointed that during the Men Tell All special, you and ABC did not take any responsibility for the Bentley mess and what you did to Ashley and the other men who were there honestly. You mentioned at the top of the hour that she and the show got hammered in the press and from fans, then never mentioned the show’s angle again. Shame on you! For a show that continues to insist that you have a legitimate way to find “true love,” you constantly undermine yourselves with these ratings’ ploys. Anyone that obviously dishonest should be unmasked and taken from the show, period.

    • Eddie

      I agree

    • Ette

      Well said!

  • Lindy

    I’m worried about Ames getting eating alive by the women & men on the Bachelor Pad. He’s a genuine man that is unique & refined. Stay strong, Ames!

    • Monica

      Lindy – Ames is way above the rest of those fame and money seekers. He has everything especially culture, looks,education and money which for some reason many on “the Pad” do not. It is a train wreck but I will watch just because of Ames; and my heart aches for Michael Stag. He is so good and deserving of someone worth more than these past tense women on “the Pad”

  • Billy Jean

    3 hours of Bachelor Pad 2?! I can’t wait! My husband is going to hate it though!

    Hoping Ames remains the awesome guy he seems to be on Bach Pad and can be good Bachelor potential for next season!

    • Kudos

      Agree entirely. My fiance was so irritated at 5 hours between Sunday and Monday of Bachelorette. I can’t imagine his reaction to 3 hours of Bachelor Pad 2.

  • Billy Jean

    Does anyone know what Ashleys tattoo says? Didn’t she and a few others from Brads season get tattoos together?

    • Jaclyn

      The tattoo on her wrist says Crazy Beautiful. The tattoo she got on Brad’s season is on her ankle I believe.

      • Sunny

        Apropo. She’s crazy if she thinks she’s beautiful.

    • RK

      Guard and Protect

      • Kristi H

        Guard and Protect is Casey not Ashley

    • ghostlight

      It’s kanji. It roughly translates to “Can”t get enough of that come!!!”

      • MJ

        Oh please shut up already.

  • IB

    So glad on the outcome. Can’t help but feel bad for Ben, but he is truly a great guy. There’s someone out there for him.
    Ryan or Ames for the next Bachelor. But I am worrie on how Ames can handle so many women at a time, lol!

    • Lin

      Ben seems very young to me and not really ready to settle down, I think he will come to realize that this worked out best for him.

  • Billy Jean

    Why did she let Ben propose?! What the he’ll is wrong with her? And then to try to go “you’re so interesting, smart…” She is a terrible breaker upper!

    • SLB

      You mean why did the producers tell her to let Ben propose? You actually think this show or Harrison gives a crap about anything but ratings?

  • Tabatha

    Chris, you hit the nail on the head with your comments concerning Ben. That is exactly what I was saying to myself when I watched it, “Now that was a real reaction, well done.” Loved it, knew it was JP from the start, he makes every girl I know swoon. I will definitely be watching Bachelor Pad, love all the senseless smut. I love you Chris, you are my guilty pleasure. This Canadian girl wants Ames to be the next Bachelor!!!!!!!!

    • SLB

      Well done ABC for letting the man make a complete fool of himself on tv. You should be so proud.

      • Amber

        It’s a TV show! The producers want drama. How is that Ashley’s fault? She tried to stop him, the look on her face gave it away, all he had to do was look at her.

    • Becca


    • Miranda

      JP makes girls swoon? He’s not even good looking. Ben and Ames were the hot ones.

  • sue d

    Did not like that the producers never let Ashley see the comments that Bentley made. Also, tonight, did not like that Ashley did not spare Ben the proposal when she knew she would accept from JP. Must have been the show insisting that she let him propose because last time around Ali did not let Chris propose when she chose Roberto. This season seemed to be about humiliating the people on it.
    Not cool with viewers at all.

    • Sunny

      ABC sucks.

  • Nicole

    1. I felt so bad for Ben, he is such an amazing guy! 2. Happy for JP, this season was hard because I really liked both guys and 3. Please please please don’t make Ames or Ryan the next bachelor!!! If it is one of them I will definitely be taking a break from the show that season. Ames is incredibly awkward and any moment shown with him and another woman looks completely uncomfortable and unsexy to say the least. Not to mention everytime I saw him kiss Ashley it made me throw up a little. As for Ryan he’s just annoying and a little whiney. He doesn’t seem very genuine at all.

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