'The '90s Are All That': TeenNick tells us what's next. Which '90s shows do you want to see return to TV?


This week, TeenNick launched its “The ’90s Are All That” midnight-2 a.m. block to strong ratings. The retro roster inspired a wave of nostalgia in college-age and older viewers, who remembered growing up under the influence of the fashion sense of Clarissa Darling, the good-kid-done-wrong ethos of Doug Funnie, and the slapstick stylings of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. But beyond Kenan, Kel, Clarissa, and Doug, who will be next to to burn the midnight oil?

TeenNick does not yet have set end date in mind for the block, though it has already confirmed that it will start introducing new shows into the mix in the not-so-distant future. In addition to the programs already airing weeknights (All That, Kenan & KelClarissa Explains It All, and Doug), the network plans to add The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Rugrats, Rocket Power, Salute Your Shorts, and The Amanda Show to the rotation, though no firm date has yet been set for any of them.

And yet, even with these nine shows, fans are clamoring for more. Many former viewers see the ’90s as a sort of golden age for TV shows, and are hoping to see old favorites like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Dude, Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Secret World of Alex Mack, GUTS, Roundhouse, Welcome Freshmen, Double Dare, My Brother and Me, and Wild and Crazy Kids — and that’s just scraping the surface. Maybe your desire goes beyond Nickelodeon: Do you miss Step By Step and Sister Sister? So, it’s up to you, Popwatchers. Make your voice heard below!

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  • S.O.

    Ren & Stimpy

    I know this wasn’t on Nickelodeon, but I would sooo want “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ to come back.

    • Peter

      Yes, it was Nickelodeon. It premiered with Doug and Rugrats.

      • Peter

        Oh, sorry, you meant MST wasn’t Nick.

      • BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!!!


      • BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!!!

        The ultimate lineup of shows would be

        1. Brotherly Love
        2. Boy Meets World
        3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch
        4. Lizzie McGuire (I know its not 90s, but it was closer in spirit to a 90s show than anything in its decade)

      • Mark

        They still air Boy Meets World and Sabrina relatively regularly on tv.

      • SNIKT!

        Did Clarissa ever really explain douching? I always wanted to see that episode…

      • Brian Wallace-Cavill

        I’ve heard of maybe three of these shows, and watched none of them. The Thai lady-boy I hire on occasion loves them all though—but that’s a Thai lady-boy for you. Silly Phong.


      • Jason C.

        It’s not 90’s, but I’d love to see You Can’t Do That on Television.

        Mark: I haven’t seen Boy Meets World in syndication for a long time. Where have you seen it?

      • Liz

        They still air boy meets world & sabrina on abc family at 3am or 1am. Awe love those two.

      • Tom

        90s kids shows sucked. They are almost as bad as the new ones they produce today. You need to go back farther than that.

      • Jason C.

        They eventually took it off Nick though because of some kind of backlash and MTV picked it up.

    • Jay

      “Ren and Stimpy are way existential.”
      Lol, who said that?

      • AN

        Cher – Clueless

      • marcus_em


      • Jonny Shades

        CHER. Clueless, Said it to Josh, sittin on the couch, HOLLA

      • Hannah

        haha Cher Horowitz of course!

      • KB

        Cher on Clueles!!!!!!!!! Go 90’s!

    • Courtney

      I’d sign a petition for MST3K to come back. Luckily, lots of episodes are available on Netflix.

      • Meier

        Or there’s RiffTrax.

      • Amanda

        yeah rifftrax live in august! im sooo pumped!

      • Peter

        Also Cinematic Titanic, which has most of the MST cast, including Joel. It’s more in the MST vein, also, using terrible movies, while RiffTrax does modern and classic movies.

      • Kevin

        Cinematic Titanic might be even better than MST3K, if only for the live shows they do. I wanted to get to the New Year’s Eve 6-hr marathon they did in Philly a couple of years ago, but alas I missed out.

    • Puck

      Bring back the game show Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

      • Jessica


      • Liz

        Yes! Yes goddammit YES! (throws a coconut at the wall)

      • DALALEAH

        YES i loved that show. i also want to see captain planet. Does anyone remember Pepper Ann. o and Darkwin Duck (i dont know if i spelled it right) and duck tales i can go on and on, chip and dale rescue rangers???

      • Jamie

        That would be phenomenal to have Carmen San Diego back!

    • Me

      YES!!! MST3K!!! Please come back! The DVDs just aren’t enough!!

    • James

      I would love to see MST3K return IF it was the original simple Comedy Central version and NOT the over-formulated Sci-Fi Channel version.

    • amj

      Bring back Ren and Stimpy!!!

      • it’s back

        Ren and Stimpy is already back on the nicktoons channel at like 3 am

    • amber

      what about the nick cannon show :D

  • paul w

    what about “what would you do?” with marc summers. that was a great show.

    • BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!!!


    • Jason C.

      And along with What Would You Do I want to see the Halloween Special with Marc Summers and magician Lance Burton!

  • Mace Moneta

    Buffy the Vampire slayer, of course. So many in the current generation haven’t seen it. And with the recession, it’s hard to justify the cost of the complete 7-season series DVDs. BtVS just polled at #6 in SpoilerTV’s best TV 35-day competition, so it’s still a very highly regarded show.

    • Sarah

      BTVS is not a nostalgic kids show

      • AliciaJo

        Buffy is a nostalgic kids show. I started watching it when I was 11 it’s first year on tv.

        Buffy is already on different channels though. Oxygen and LoGo both play BtVS.

      • SNIKT!

        Just because YOU were a kid when you watched it, DOES NOT make the show a “kids show.” Some people…

      • Will

        I watched it when I was 8. I was 13 when it finished up it’s 7th season. It was a big part of my childhood. It may not be a “kids show” but it appealed to this kid

    • Keri

      TeenNick was actually showing Buffy reruns but it wasn’t doing that well in the ratings. But it airs late at night on weekends now if you have DVR.

      Personally, I want to see Welcome Freshman, Roundhouse, Pete and Pete, Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude and Fifteen.

      • Mellissa

        Oh my God! Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts. Totally forgot I loved those shows.

      • Samantha

        YES, Hey Dude for sure!!!

      • Jason C.

        Does anyone else remember The Tomorrow People?

      • Nanny

        OMG! I thought I was the only one watching Fifteen! Remember seeing Ryan Reynolds on that show. I also loved Hey Dude, Salute your shorts and You Can’t do that on Television!

      • Megan

        I thought _I_ was the only one who watched Fifteen!

    • jtoddles

      its on chiller and a few other extended cable channels…

      • tvgirl48

        It’s been on Chiller, and for some reason, Logo a lot

      • SNIKT!

        Does someone really have to explain to you why they series was on Logo? Hint: It has to do with Willow. Willow post Season 3 anyway.

      • Kalie

        I’m glad that you can see “Buffy” on a few different cable channels now, but I’ve always wondered why it’s not on TNT. They’ve had “Angel” reruns for years now, as well as “Charmed” & “Supernatural”. “Buffy” would fit right in. It’s only fairly recently that I’ve noticed it on LOGO, Chiller, TeenNick & Oxygen.

    • L

      I was actually watching BTVS on TeenNick the other day. It just comes on at about 11 at night.

    • Wayne

      FYI The complete series is available streaming on Netflix along with Angel. I am watching with my 11 and 12 year old daughters right now. Good way to watch on the cheap.

      • District 12

        yeah until Netflix pulls it off instant like they have been doing with a lot of the other shows and movies

    • Brandi

      Teen Nick actually airs Buffy reruns already. Along with Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

      • Kalie

        Even though I’m not a teenager, I’ll watch TeenNick occasionally for “Buffy”, “Freaks and Geeks” & “Everybody Hates Chris”. They finally have some good programming.

  • Mr. Holloway

    In addition to all the ones mentioned, where’s the love for “Figure it Out”? (“The secret slime action is…”)

    • Lauren

      I loved that show!! i always tried to think of inventions that would help get me on the show.

      • BROTHERLY LOVE!!!!!!

        however it clearly was not as good as “BROTHERLY LOVE”!!!!!!

    • Alli

      In the begining i wasnt a huge fan of it, but when i got older I LOVED IT (:

  • noam

    figure it out was a daily appointment in my house…kids with “talents” that had to be guessed by a celebrity panel, hosted by summer sanders. classic.

    and these might have been saturday morning shows, but shelby wu, one world, and city guys were all taped and kept on vhs until, sadly, our vhs player died and the best buy guy openly scoffed at our request for another…

    • Jeremy

      I used to watch City Guys, too. I didn’t know anyone else had ever heard of that show.

      • TAH

        I used to watch City Guys … was it Saturday mornings?

      • Trixie

        I can only remember a small part of the City Guys theme song… “C-I-T-Y, you can see why… somethingsomething something… lalasomething.”

      • JCK

        Prepare for huge embarrassment…”C-I-T-Y, you can see why, these guys, the neat guys, smart and street wise..” Yes, I remember that show.

    • Puck

      Loved City Guys. I also loved California Dreams and Hang Time. I think that comedy block was called Teen NBC.

      • my two cents

        Forgot all about Hang Time. I loved that show.

      • Kalie

        Yep, I used to watch all of those on Saturday morning with “Saved by the Bell”. I would love it if they brought back reruns of those shows. I loved “City Guys”, but “California Dreams” was my favorite.

      • Omari

        I remember going to a taping of the show hang time, when they had Reggie Theus. Lol to the good ol’ days.

      • Courtney


    • Don

      I think The Mystery Files of Shelby Wu started as a Saturday night show – right when Nickelodeon started airing shows on weeknights at 8 Eastern, the night lineup was Hey Arnold! on Monday & Wednesday, Alex Mack on Tuesday & Thursday, Kablam! on Friday, and I think Shelby Wu on Saturday (during SNICK).

  • Peter

    Oh, dear. I was too old to watch these when the were first on, and now they’re retro. I grow old, I grow old.

    • JMB in FL

      Will you wear the bottoms of your trousers rolled?

    • mel

      agreed… never even heard of several of them.

  • Andrew

    Two guys a girl and a pizza place

    • Jen

      I would to love that show!!

      • Jen

        I meant to say I used to love that show

    • Jim

      Great show, also, how about Boston Commons.

  • jasmine

    there are so many more shows that my sister and i want to see again like cousin skeeter!

  • Kelsey

    I want to see some Gulluh Gulluh Island and Eureka’s Castle.. I think those were Nick Jr. though.. maybe that’s going back a little too far.. :)

  • Marc

    Muppet Babies, Tiny Toons, Boy Meets World

    • Jane

      Yes!!! Muppet Babies!!!

    • Kalie

      Aw, I used to love “Muppet Babies”.

    • Liz

      And Animaniacs….

    • Jason C.


    • Omari

      All Classics

  • Stacey

    Boy Meets World. They don’t make teen shows like that one anymore. Corey/Topanga were classic. And Corey/Shawn with the so good as best friends. And a good drama, that may have debuted at the end of the 90’s. 99 qualifies right. Roswell. A classic cult favorite teen drama about aliens, romance and intrigue.

    • TAH

      Roswell was in reruns on SyFy for a while, but I’m not sure if it’s still on.

    • Bob

      I love Boy Meets World!! I think it comes on during the day sometimes

    • tashina

      boy meets world is on abc family at 7 in the morning i think

    • Jane

      I totally agree. Boy Meets World was such an amazing show and they really don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

  • natalie

    i would love to see shows from TGIF on abc return!!!

    • Jason C.

      Like Step by Step!

  • MKS

    I want to see Are You Afraid of the Dark on the tv screen in my near future so bad.

  • Christian

    Boy Meets World is already on every weekday morning, as it invariably starts to trend on twitter when it’s on

  • Captain

    City Guys and Hang Time were both favourites of mine as well as Breaker High (Ryan Gosling FTW) and Popular Mechanics for Kids [yes, the last two are Canadian but I’d still like to see them on TV again].

    • ST

      I liked City Guys, Hang Time, California Dreams and definitely hope they bring back “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and “The Secret World of Alex Mack”

      • Girlie

        Can’t forget about Saved By the Bell and Salute Your Shorts!

      • Jason C.

        Saved by the Bell is on at like 7 or 8 in the morning on the weekdays.

    • noam

      was breaker high the one on the cruise ship?

      • Puck

        Yep, and it was paired with Sweet Valley High.

      • ani

        YES!! and ryan gosling was the really geeky, scheming kid…that takes me back

    • Kalie

      “Breaker High”! I used to like Ryan Gosling’s character. That show was very short-lived, wasn’t it?

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