'Covert Affairs': Are Auggie and Annie the new Booth and Brennan, Castle and Beckett -- only less frustrating?


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On this week's Covert Affairs, we learned more than our individual tolerance of jazz when Auggie traveled to Istanbul for a music festival, and how convenient it was that he made friends with a trusting, game, forward flight attendant who could help him track the traitor/terrorist who blinded him with a bomb in Iraq in 2007. We found out that Auggie had never told anyone what happened with his special forces unit until he spilled all to Annie over a round (or two, or three) of beer. That end scene reminded me of something we'd see on Bones, which made me wonder if Auggie and Annie are my new Booth and Brennan. I thought back to a recent conversation with Christopher Gorham, who said that while most fans he's heard from want Auggie and Annie together at some point, the majority of them are for waiting. "[T]

hey agree with me that if that’s going to happen, it needs to happen a long, long time from now,” he said. “Most of what makes those pairings so much fun is the potential, the flirting, the missed opportunities. That’s what’s so exciting. If you go there too soon, you let the air out of the balloon.”

As someone who’s seen every episode of Bones with six seasons of sexual tension that needed to be acted on, watching a series that allows you to enjoy some chemistry but not feel the desire to force it is just so… pleasant. Because Covert Affairs doesn’t revolve around their relationship alone, what with Annie usually out in the field and Auggie at his desk, we accept that their friendship will naturally deepen at a slower pace. 

That idea of “missed opportunities” is something Castle‘s Nathan Fillion brought up when we chatted last spring about how soon Castle and Beckett should get together: “I know as an audience member, I enjoy knowing more than the characters I watch on TV know. [With our show it’s] looking at these two, saying, ‘Just turn around! She’s making the face right now! She’s making the face! You’ll see it! Ah, you missed it,’” he said. “The lack of resolution is what keeps people coming back. I think the challenge is how do you serve that so it’s not repetitive.”

I agree with Fillion: It’s the repetitiveness that tries fans’ patience. There’s only so many times someone can miss, misinterpret, or deny a look — unless the character’s actually blind. We know Auggie can detect the interest in a woman’s voice (he hears it a lot, which I love), but if only Annie’s smile and eyes betray her future fondness, he really shouldn’t know about it. It’s like Gorham told us while detailing all he has to concern himself with when playing Auggie: “I can’t react to facial expressions that anybody is making. Body language I have to completely ignore. I really focus on only reacting to what I’m hearing from the voice, which is tricky and drives you crazy sometimes. Piper will make some really adorable face, and I think, ‘God, it would be really great if I could react to that,’ but I can’t. I have to completely ignore it. Every once in awhile I slip, and it’s like, ‘Cut! Stop! Go back! Don’t use that!’”

So, do you agree that Auggie and Annie should, at some point, get together, but that there’s no rush? And does that make you as stress-free a fan of this show as I am? What other will-they-or-won’t-they couples on TV do you think are doing it right, meaning the tension is legitimate and not laborious?

P.S. Just because I don’t have a reason to talk about Gorham’s abs in this item doesn’t mean I can’t run a photo of them.

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  • GeekGirl13

    And I sincerely thank you for that picture of said Abs. I’ll be saving that when I get home, thank you very much. I agree that there’s something refreshing about the obviously slow pace potential to Annie and Auggie. In truth, while I’d be perfectly happy to see a romantic relationship slowly build, I truly enjoy just the friendship to the point that I’d be okay if they never become romantic too.

    • GeekGirl13

      As far as other shows getting it right, I think Royal Pains has done a beautiful job with it’s pairings and potential pairings. So has White Collar with Neal and Sara. Maybe it is a USA thing. Their shows allow for romance without it taking over. I like that.

      • Sara

        You may be onto something there, because I think one of my favorite tv romances at the moment is Psych’s Shawn and Juliet. And I enjoy Burn Notice’s ‘will they/won’t they’ with Michael and Fiona.

        Maybe its because they have such well developed characters that you see the motivations behind their romantic decisions instead of writing romance as a storyline itself.

      • harry

        I agree Sara.

    • katie

      I’m OK either way – keep them friends or have them as an eventual couple. GeekGirl13 makes great points. I kind of like the idea of Annie and Jai – think they would be very challenging to one another. But, then, I really want to see his clothes come off too.

      Thanks for the picture!

    • Alli

      Totally agree!!!!

  • TK

    haha …love the “p.s.” …and thanks for the photo! I’m for the slow burn, especially because it feels authentic.

  • Sara

    I enjoy their easy friendship, and I agree with you – you can see where it might end up there but there isn’t a need to rush it.
    In Castle, they introduced the characters as being pretty attracted to each other off the bat. So there was no room to wiggle. I like Auggie and Annie because they’re friends who confide in each other, and they both seem to have several other love connections that don’t seem unnatural or shoehorned in. There is no person that seems like roadblock.
    and OH MY GOD Gorham is ripped.

    • chattypatra

      So true. What I like best about Auggie and Annie’s relationship is that I can see it developing into a romance that is based on actually loving the other person, not just on lust. The writers are doing a fantastic job of developing their friendship and showing how they trust and rely on each other at work. What’s great about all USA Network original shows is that they put their money where their mouths are backing up their “character counts” campaign. The writers make us care about these characters and flesh out the professional and personal aspects of their lives; not an easy feat. Of course, the rocking bodies don’t hurt either!

  • Kate

    Well, I think so, but the characters are in such different places, you can wait (Auggie is still kind of the womanizing guy, which you vaguely suspect is perhaps the most destructive part of his dealing with his blindness and Annie is still so new, and only now is getting to a place where you are willing her to move past the Ben thing) and then the show itself you can tell is just gaining that confidence of oh, our network likes us that we are part of a block of shows, now we can settle into our characters a bit. Like getting rid of the investigation into the director, so we can have a relationship that happened to look up to between Joan and him.

  • MKS

    Unpopular opinion: I actually like Auggie better with the old hacker flame, Natasha – that oozed fireworks in that one episode last season!

    • Laura

      They really did! I would be OK with them remaining friends. Someone else can take Auggie’s shirt off for us.

  • LS

    Auggie’s neck is too thin…

    • Maddy

      It’s a good day when that’s the worst you can say. Also, it isn’t as noticeable.

  • TVFan2011

    I like Annie with Auggie, Jai or the doctor from a couple of episodes back. The writers force her to flirt with the guest star each week for the drama, but I hope they link her to one of the main characters.

  • Jon

    I think there is something to the “USA” theory. There are several pairings with potential/history who are in different places or different situations, yet play the tension well.
    Auggie and Annie, Hank ad Jill on Royal Pains, Michael and Fi on Burn Notice, Dr. Dani and Matt on Necessary Roughness, Neal and Sara on White Collar
    The shows are handling the chemistry and story development with all of those pairings very well.
    A non-USA show handling two pairings well is Leverage. Nate and “Sophie” are a fun pair who just need to figure it out, while Parker and Hardison are a pair that is finally figuring it out.

  • MiaS

    Thanks for the photo!
    ……And your article was nice too!

  • Doty

    I totally agree. “Bones” pushed Booth and Brennan too hard and left it too long; now that they’ve hooked up, I just don’t care anymore, because it came about two years after the last moment I could believe they wouldn’t have hooked up. With Annie and Auggie, it’s a much slower burn. You can sense them becoming more important to each other, but it’s not so obviously sexualized that you assume they should jump in the sack already. In a couple of seasons? Hopefully so. For now, I love Annie and Auggie the way they are. Warm, trusting, mildly flirtatious. And in Auggie’s case, shirtless.

    • brittany

      I completely agree, Doty! Of course, a drunken kiss after a particularly hard mission would be nice too. I don’t think it would cheapen their relationship at all. :)

  • znachki

    I personally think they wrote this particular episode for two reasons:
    1) To let Christopher Gorham do some “sighted” acting.
    2) As a treat for those of us who saw him shirtless in Ugly Betty and said “Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did *those* come from?”

    For which I say – Thank YOU!

  • chattypatra

    znachki, I remember that #2 moment very well because I had the same reaction like, ‘wait a minute, where did that come from?’. I sure was not expecting the geeky accountant to look like that!

  • Mel

    I would love the slow burn for Auggie and Annie to happen. Of course I have a total crush on Chris Gorham so any excuse to show him shirtless is fine with me.

  • Momo

    Short answer to the question posed by the article: No. I love Covert Affairs and individually I love Annie and Augie, but they’re just friends. There’s no sexual tension between them. In fact, they seem to gel the best when they’re on the phone. Love the show, but a couple they ain’t.

    • Sandra

      Agree with Momo. Like them as friends, never even considered them as a couple.

    • Jill

      I completely agree with this. And yes, they’re best interactions are their phone conversations.

  • Cristy

    My only coment it´s about Auggie´s screen time, i feel that the importance of his character requires more screen time, shirtless or not :)

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