What's next for the 'Harry Potter' cast?


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Now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2 has hit theaters and broken records, it’s truly time to move forward. We know what’s next for the main trio: Daniel Radcliffe continues his run in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and his first post-Potter film will be 2012’s supernatural thriller The Woman in Black (“I am not averse to doing a big movie again, but I would like to work on smaller things for a while,” he told EW recently). Last month, Emma Watson wrapped the adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s 1999 coming-of-age novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and she’ll head back to school this fall, studying abroad at Oxford for her third year before returning to Brown for her senior year. And in May, Rupert Grint wrapped the WWII flick Comrade, about British and German soldiers stranded in the Norwegian wilderness and forced to work together to survive, and is currently attached to star in a long-gestating biopic about Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, the off-beat English ski jumper who became a British folk hero during the 1988 Winter Olympics. But what about our favorite supporting players?

A rep for Matthew Lewis – i.e. Neville Longbottom, a fan favorite in the franchise’s finale — tells EW he’s received various scripts that he’s going to be looking at when he returns from Harry Potter publicity. “He previously did a play, Agatha Christie’s Verdict, for six months in the lead up to the release of Deathly Hallows — Part 2, so he’s not had much chance to have a look at things,” we’re told. (Now’s the time!) Evanna Lynch, who always delights as Luna and has decided to act full-time rather than attend college, is also weighing her options. “Do stay tuned,” her rep tells us. Reasons to love her in the meantime: She visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter on Monday, pictured, while in Orlando for the Harry Potter fan conference LeakyCon. And in an interview published in the Sunday Independent last weekend, she spoke about taking a yoga-teaching course. “I have done yoga since I was about 11, and have always been interested in it, and everyone tells me I have a very calming voice,” she said.

As for James and Oliver Phelps, who play Fred and George Weasley, they’re putting their heads together to develop two television pilots and also doing a bit of documentary writing and production. A rep for the actors tells EW one of the pilots is an animated teen comedy about an alien prep school; the other is a fun, sketch-based educational comedy called Phraseology that is about how phrases like “loose cannon” got started. (Okay, we love that.) The documentaries are about European Rally racing competitions and following young successful entrepreneurs.

Jessie Cave, who plays Ron’s amorous ex Lavender, has also taken things into her own hands: She’s created her own comedy website, www.pindippy.com, featuring skits and illustrations. She makes a playful nod to the Harry Potter franchise in “Bookworm” and pokes fun at herself and her career prospects in a sketch about her experiences in Hollywood called “What’s in Your Shop?”. Rumor has it Rupert Grint may make an appearance in one of her future “Flat White” sketches as a distant cousin.

You most likely saw a trailer for August 5’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes before Deathly Hallows — Part 2, so you know that is the next flick for Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy). I couldn’t tell if people giggled when he popped up in the preview simply because they weren’t expecting to be reminded that he’s not actually Draco at that particular moment, or because he clearly gets feces thrown on him.

Click here for more on where you’ll next see other actors, including Bonnie Wright (Ginny), Alan Rickman (Snape), and Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy).

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  • Melissa

    Alan Rickman RULES!!! While pretty much the entire end of the book made me cry like a child, the scene that really did it to me in the movie was Snape’s death. He was able to wordlessly evoke the longing to look into Lily’s eyes one last time. Brilliant.

    • mary q contrary

      I was full-on blown away by that whole sequence. By far my favorite moment of the entire film franchise. It packed a punch in the book, too, but Rickman’s performance would have had me on my knees if I had been standing. Jesus, I’m getting the shivers just remembering it. The whole film was a brilliant final showing for everyone involved, but might I single out Daniel Radcliffe as the most improved performer in the series. Seriously. His performance in this film, particularly his scenes with Ralph Fiennes, were superb. It’s rare, I think, to find an actor who so embodies a character the way Radcliffe has finally nailed it with Harry. I read an interview he did after the fifth or sixth film, and he basically said he wasn’t proud of the work he had done and wanted to stretch himself even farther for the final films. Two words: It. Worked.

    • brandon Phillips

      its simple as this if you can master broadway acting you can act on the big screen. Daniel can do both so can alan rickman but grant and watson? idk yet they should try it and get better along the road

    • sxcxc

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      ——I actually agree. Sorry to the fans. She hasn’t prove too much in her acting capabilities but who knows what happens from here on.—

  • sarCC

    Emma Watson needs to be in some well-written comedies soon.

    • banana stand

      I love Emma. But she needs acting lessons beyond the ‘brow if she’s going to be a serious actress. She’s so cute that she’ll get more jobs than anyone else of the teen actors….but I would appreciate real acting.

      • Adriana

        I actually agree. Sorry to the fans. She hasn’t prove too much in her acting capabilities but who knows what happens from here on.

      • Dave

        She definitely proved herself as an actress in Deathly Hallows Part 2. She carried that entire movie and she was fantastic.

      • Dave

        Sorry, meant to put Deathly Hallows Part 1, not Part 2.

      • always money in….

        Dave, come on. I love Hermoine and Emma Watson. But she hasn’t proven that she can act. Its nice to pretend because she’s so likable and cute. But let’s be real, Emma cannot act yet. She stands up with DH because she is not as bad. Trust me, I want her to be good so she keeps gettings jobs and eventually becomes a true great actress as she gets older.

        Hailee Steinfeld goes toe to toe with Jeff Bridges; Chloe Moretz makes Kick ass happen; even Kristen Stewart packs a bigger punch in Adventureland.

        Trust me, I want her to be good so she keeps gettings jobs and eventually becomes a true great actress as she gets older. But if people pretend she can already act just to see her on screen it won’t really help her will it?

      • Beatrice

        To Dave, Emma did not carry part 1. To be honest I enjoyed more Rupert Grint than her and Dan. He has to quality that you I always find interesting. When in the movie it was only Dan and Emma I got really bored, the both of them needed to act better and maka a little more effort in a part where in reality was already boring. But Dan seems to be more fit for theather so I’m happy for him. Maybe outside Harry Potter they will actually shows us what they can really do but so far nothing.

      • Dave

        Sorry, I’m just going to have to disagree with you. I’ll agree that in some of the films, she wasn’t very strong, but I thought she was great in Deathly Hallows Part 1. I’m not pretending or lying to myself. I honestly thought she was very good. And I know I’m not the only person who thought so.
        Kristen Stewart packs a bigger punch in Adventureland? I like that movie, but she didn’t do much besides bite her lip and look sullen and awkward.

      • Beatrice

        And I respect you a lot and glad you didn’t bit my head off :) I do agree she did better in Part 1 but, I don’t know she just didn’t win be over but let’s leave it like that :)

      • Amy

        I’m definitely with Dave on this. Emma was really good in DH part 1. She has grown a lot as an actress. Many critics’ reviews for that film praised how much each of the 3 leads have grown as actors, and I definitely recall some of them singling out Emma as the highlight. So Dave, you are right that you’re not the only one who thought she was very good in that one.

      • @Dave

        Agreed. Emma, as well as Dan, Rupert, Tom, Matt, Evanna, and Bonnie were all even better in Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2.
        It’s been a steady climb uphill for all of them (I wish people would stop singling out Emma).
        They would never be able to do what they did in OOTP, HBP, and DH back in 2001 when they filmed SS and COS.
        They’ve all proven themselves to be quite talented young actors. I can’t wait to see them continue to grow.

      • Anya

        Emma has pretty much been playing the same part for half her life, and Hermoine seems to have a similar personality to Emma herself, honesty. So I’m not really sure we’ve seen her real acting chops yet.

  • Liz

    I would totally take yoga classes from Luna

    • Amy

      Sign me up!

  • Dave

    I also heard that Emma Watson was just cast in Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast.

    • always money in….

      hence my point. She is already casted because she’s obviously looks like the Beauty, and all she’ll have to do is play Hermoine 2.0; or really, herself.

    • @Dave

      Apparently she’s attached, but it’s in early stages.
      I think it’s an excellent role for her and another great chance for her to something different. Hopefully it actually gets made.

    • dee-dee

      Beauty & The Beast, eh? The going to be filming Hermione & Ron’s marriage are they?

      • Harold Potter


  • Rolo Tomasi

    EW, don’t think you’ve written enough articles this week on Harry Potter, please write more. Thanks!

    • paris

      Thank you for pointing that out. It is getting almost as bad as the glee articles.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Except that with HP, there are literally hundreds of aspects of topics. I don’t mind all the articles and I confess I’m devouring all of them. I’m working on Potter overload right now. Its sort of like the Casey Anthony trial on TV. When something clicks it just clicks and is overdone. But with HP, I’m cool with it.

    • Liz Lemon

      I’m the biggest Potter fan around and I agree. EW always has a tendency to overdo it when something is popular. They need to learn how to consolidate.
      Plus, there’s been like 3 articles on how depressing it is that the series is ending.
      Yes, it’s sad. We’re mourning, more articles isn’t going to help it.

      • Amber

        Let’s not forget that EW is owned by Time Warner, who produced the movies. This is just cross-promotion. But I’m not really complaining, since I love HP. Let’s just be thankful EW doesn’t shove every Warner Bros. movie down our throats.

  • Liz Lemon

    I can’t wait to see all their upcoming projects. They’ve all grown into talented young actors.
    They have my support in anything they do in the future.
    Emma Watson also has My Week With Marilyn coming up. :D

    • ilovefelton

      And that wallflower movie. I read the book a while back, I might need to reread it… anyways Tom Felton needs to do something hot!!

  • abadstroller

    If Clive Owen needs a movie son, I’m thinking Matthew Lewis. He looks a bit like Clive.

    • Elisangela

      Thanks SO much for all of your lovely contmems, it’s been so much fun working on her room. Rachelle, thanks again for featuring little Emma’s nursery on your beautiful and always-inspiring blog!! xo Marichelle

  • ace

    I hope Daniel, Emma, and Rupert have long and successful careers, but they will always be Harry, Hermione, and Ron to me.

  • ho hum

    Finally this idiotic movie series is ending. Yeah, right, kids go to a wizard school where they learn magic–any juvenile would love that premise. But the writing in Rowling’s books was lousy. And I heard she ripped off the idea and characters from another woman. Let’s see Rowling write some real literature. –She can’t do it, because she’s not a writer. She hasn’t won the Nobel Prize or the Pulitzer, has she? Why don’t you kids read Ernest Hemingway instead.

    • abadstroller

      Ho hum: And what literary masterpieces have you written in the last 10 years? And BTW any book a kid reads is a “gateway” book so some of the Potter kids will read Hemingway.

      • ho hum

        I appreciate your comment about “gateway” books. The most important thing in a child’s education is learning how to read. So I guess even reading stupid books helps literacy in this country. By the way, I’m a writer and have had over half a dozen scripts stolen from me (there’s no copyright protection in this country, it’s all a sham). Literary masterpieces I’ve had stolen from me?–“Shakespeare In Love” and “No Country for Old Men”. They won Oscars. Hope that answers your question. At least three of us writers had scripts ripped off from us to make “Shakespeare In Love” (it’s a composite stolen script). Often, too, they’ll steal a script, write a book, and then say the script came from the book as a diversionary tactic to throw one off the scent. Script theft has destroyed American literature.

    • manu

      I read Hemingway. I read Baudalaire. I read Rulfo, Corazar, etc. Is JRK on their level? no, but who is? Do I enjoy the series in spite of the flaws? I surely do.

      Really, you’re just a bit more stupid that you think.

      • ho hum

        I’m glad you read Hemingway. But somebody once said “Life is too short to be spent reading bad literature”. And I hate the way peole fawn over Hollywood–I’ve worked in Hollywood and it’s full od some of the most disgusting people I’ve ever met in my life. It’s a very seedy, criminal industry.

      • ho humbug

        If life is too short to be spent reading bad literature, then mustn’t it obviously be too short to come on an EW comments board and post about bad literature? Go back to your mother’s cellar. Also in your next counseling session, ask your therapist why your sense of self worth is so low that you have to come on an internet site and post your opinion as if it was fact. Many people don’t think much of Hemingway’s writing. If you really were a writer, which I highly doubt, you’d know the power of any artform is that it is subjective. Some people love things that some people hate. The fact that you attribute someone’s taste to their intelligence level or worth reveals a lot more about you than it does those that you judge.

      • purpleprose78

        I’ve read Hemingway and I think it is boring. (Admittedly, “Hills Like White Elephants” is one of my favorite short stories.)Sue me, I like to read things that entertain me. In my opinion, life is to short to read things that bore me and that includes classic literature. (I do like classic literature. Just not Hemingway. I prefer Austen and the Bronte sisters among others.)

    • Chase

      @ HO-HUM, how can you say that the Potter series was not well written. I don’t get it. This book has sold more copies than most. I just don’t get it the hate.

    • Lisa Simpson

      While the books are not great literature and Rowling isn’t exactly Ian McEwan, she’s not a terrible writer, and she certainly has a knack for creating interesting, very readable and enjoyable novels (which is harder than you think it is).

      As for not winning the Pulitzer Prize, she’s not an American, and therefore not eligible. The Pulitzer is an American Award (the only book category a non-American can win is for history if the book was written about the US), and books designated as “children’s” books rarely win literary prizes out side of those designated for that demographic.

    • Michelle

      Literature is subjective at best and no CHILD should be reading Hemingway. The HP series was never meant for adults. It’s a children’s series. The fact that adults were drawn in was just a bonus.

    • annie_a

      LOL, ho-hum. OK, you’re a writer, you have such talent that people need to steal your creations, and it gives you the right to spit on internationally-known, PUBLISHED writers. riiight.
      then why are you commenting on an entertainment website? shouldn’t you be busy writing next year’s Pulitzer?


      • Lisa Simpson

        Ho Hum is not a writer. A writer would know that Rowling, being British, would not be eligible for a Pulitzer in literature. And he calims to have written the script for “No Country for Old Men”, which was based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. If Ho Hum had written a script for that, it was unauthorized as he did not have the movie rights to the novel.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Ho Hum is not a writer. A writer would know that Rowling, not being American, is not eligible for the Pulitzer Prize. He also claims to have written a script for “No Country for Old Men.” Even if so, he had no right to do so, as he had not obtained the rights from Cormac McCarthy, the author of the novel. Ho Hum, basically, is a poser.

      • Lisa Simpson

        My apologies for the double post.

  • Laura Wattie

    I wish the cast of Harry Potter good luck!! But you’re right Emma Watson is very pretty but she cannot act!! I think that she needs to take a break from acting then comeback and try again!! However I’m curious to see what Rupert can do considering he outacted Emma and Dan for the entire series!! Dan’s so wooden its like watching a stick speak!!

    • manu

      It’s one of those things that people will continue to ignore. While Rupert is yet to prove himself as the other ones, he was consistently more believable, since movie 1!

      Since he’s not Harry, he doesn’t get the spotlight that Radcliffe gets. Frankly, saying that Daniels acting got better is not saying much. It’s still not good enough and I cannot picture him doing any other role as his range is very limited. That said, maybe doing plays helps him. Best of luck

      As far as Emma, as pointed out, she really can’t act. Eyebrow movement and looking cute is not acting. She’ll be fine because she’s likable and good looking. And that’s why she gets praised for improving (again, not saying much) and Rupert gets passed over.

      If anything, I think that Rupert and Felton did better over the movies.

      Dan and Emma, hype aside, were very poor. I love the movies, but I cringed so many times when they were showing any kind of emotion.

  • RJM

    Ok that show with the twins about how phrases came to be? Amazing.

    • steph

      totally agree! i would so watch that!

      • Kelly

        Me, too!

    • Meg

      I love that idea too!

  • SH

    I agree with Dave above, Emma carried DH1 and I have seriously been unimpressed with the three before that. Everyone talks up Rupert’s comic timing but I thought all he ever did was pull faces and mug the camera. He was better in DH1 as well. I think Kloves writes Harry quite wooden and Ginny too. My friend (who is a harsh critic) said he was good in Equus. I don’t think a wooden actor could have pulled off that character. I am interested to see more out of Matt Lewis.He grew up nicely!

    • Erika

      Well seeing as he was mostly given things to just make faces and do them brilliantly than yeah his comedic time is amazing. I love the cast but saying that emma carried that film is overstreching a little bit. They all have had their time to shine but seeing as emma and dan had more and didn’t do much with them, that tells me they need to work a little more on the acting. I wish all of them the best but aside from Rupert and the supporting cast dan an emma need to step it up a little bit. I know that dan is great in broadway, is his calling, and seeing some of rupert’s films, he is fantastic in all of them and seeing emma in ballet shoes, she was ok but the other girls were bette IMO, you can’t stop on already making deductions. Maybe she will surprise me but so far she hasn’t work her magic on me.

  • Lola

    I thought the trio did really well is this last 2 films but I have to say I am so impressed by Rupert, you see him on interviews and he sounds so chill but then you see all this emotions on film, the fight with Harry in the tent? Fred’s scene? Brilliant!!

    • paula

      I agree, the scene with Ron mourning at Fred’s body is just heartbreaking.

  • adam

    I don’t know why so many people like to pick on Emma’s acting. There’s something about young female stars that makes people want to pick on them. Her acting has been fine, especially, as some noted, in Deathly Hallows. Everyone always acts like Rupert is in some master class of acting, but he’s not any better than Emma or Dan. They’re all fine young actors and they’ve each done a respectable job. None of them were particularly good at first, but they’ve each grown as actors.

    • Liz Lemon

      Agree 100% I wish I could give you a cookie.

  • salim

    i have seen the movie of harry potter and i think this movie hit the cinema and i am sure that is one of the great and successful movie

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