Justin Timberlake says 'yes' to the Marine Corps Ball. He might go!


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The floodgates are officially open. If you’re in the military, a celebrity will accompany you to the sock hop. Following his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis, who agreed to attend the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore, Justin Timberlake accepted an invitation from servicewoman Kelsey De Santis (watch it here) while at a press conference for the film. He’ll go…provided his schedule will allow it. He said yes! It’s just that yes means maybe sometimes. Also: No means no, and benevolent acts of dateness means that perhaps someone’s got a big movie coming out! We’ll be sure to brief you daily about where Justin Timberlake might be on Nov. 12.

Ha! When asked why he made a military woman squeal, Timberlake said, “I don’t get asked out. Ever. So I was very flattered by that.” Whatever, Justin Timberlake!

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  • abadstroller

    Can you say “Double Date”?!

    • fancypants

      the events are on different dates and in different places, apparently.

      • jerry

        “Apparently” how?

        It’s the same ball, The Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina on November 18.

      • darclyte

        Same date, different locations. The Ball Mila is attending is in Greenville, North Carolina, while the Ball Justin will be attending is in Washington, D.C.

    • Chris

      She’s not hot at all! He needs to find a hunk to go with. There has to be a hot gay guy in the military he could go with. It would be so sexy!

      • Bill

        I’m really glad to see him doing other projects besides music.

      • @Chris

        I guess you are gay. B’c that girl looks fine, cute even, and you have to realize she is in uniform. Once she is decked out to go out, she will probably blow your mind. Most of Hollywood is homely without their massive makeup & hair crew.

      • jules

        Also @Chris:
        Dude. I suspect you are trolling, but if you are really that shallow, take note. This woman is serving her country. Are you?
        She is ten times more beautiful that you will ever be.

      • Jamal

        She’s definitely not hot, which makes it even a nicer gesture for him to go with her. I’ve seen some attractive girls in the military. This isn’t one of them.

  • joe t.

    This would be more cool if a guy had had the guts to ask him to the ball instead. :)

    • WebCommoner

      No. It would have been completely ackward considering it’s public knowledge that Justin Timberlake is not gay.

      • davey

        Is it REALLY public knowledge? Really? By the way it’s “awkward” not ACK – WARD!

  • Sara

    She won’t be wearing a dress. She’ll be in her formal uniform.

    Military balls are something else. They’ll be amazed by what they see and they’ll have a lot of fun.

    • Allison

      It won’t be a civilian dress, but if she does wear a formal uniform, it won’t necessarily be pants. The Marines have some gorgeous formal uniforms; even the Army has some rather feminine dress uniforms, if the soldier (usually officers) choose to invest.

      • Elizabeth

        My Navy formal uniform has a floor length skirt and tiara. The other branches have some pretty snazzy stuff as well.

    • Ian

      I’d like to go to a ball with Elizabeth and her tiara, but I’m not all that famous outside of my hometown. :)

  • Sam J

    I’m a guy and not gay, but I want to see the dress. She looked like a though Tomboy in the video, I wonder if she can look sexy. USA!!!

    • Chris

      I just don’t understand why she didn’t ask Melissa Etheridge or Katie Lange instead. Even Ellen would have been a better match for her.

      • Riley Smiley

        Because she is a way better person than a snake like you.

    • @Sam J

      And to all who is so judgmental, You need to go into your parents room and slap them for making you such miserable people.

      • ggny

        funny thing is i bet she can beat the crap out of both of you homophobs

      • Sam J

        I’m observing not judging. she is probably a good person, just not the prettiest rose in the bouquet. And my father died when I was 19. Thank’s a lot!!!!! And both my parents would have loved me to have an ugly girlfriend, for cryin out loud!!!

      • @@Sam J

        Nothing wrong with what Sam J said. She did look like a Tomboy. You would be dishonest if you think she looked feminine in the video.

  • ReVeLaTeD

    I will say this – I agree with Justin about the beefcake dudes in the back. They looked like they were just posted up waiting for him to say no so they could assault him.

    I was asked out by a MP Marine. She even used some rather arousing threats…like she would come to my job and arrest me.

  • Puck

    10 bucks says he dances with one of those beefcakes at the ball.

  • whatevs

    I will only support this if there will be a dance off.

    • bob

      What a rude broad she is…go out with me or else…no thanks honey

  • Chris

    Female Marines must attend in Dress Blue for the Ceremony and then may change into a dress later if they wish.

  • Lops

    This still won’t make me to join the army. Army sucks! Close that drain and make better space program.

    • Dave

      What does the Marine Corps Ball have to do with the Army? Maybe we should “close that drain” and invest the money into reading comprehension courses. Even the Army likely wouldn’t want you, as you are obviously an idiot.

  • jondude

    JT seems like a great guy. Supporting the Marine Corps will only improve is public image. It would be nice to see other celebrities follow his lead.

  • Angie

    This is only to plug their stupid film. These two would probably have sex live on tv if they thought it would bring more ticket sales.

    • JackieB

      Man I agree … haven’t they been promoting this movie for like 4 months!? I hope it flops.

    • WebCommoner

      You act like it was their idea. Get over yourself.

    • Jeff

      I would like to see that!!!

  • Steve

    Iam sure this is nothing and that she has handled Military Balls before

  • ASC

    Sock hop? It does nothing to elevate the stature of Hollywood denizens to diminish and disrespect a celebrated event of an organization outside entertainment’s thimble-witted grasp.

    You try to tip the importance of all the trained monkeys in Hollywood against that of something like the American military and its culture and you will find just how superfluous they and the position of reporting you hang onto really are.

  • Militaryspouse

    I am offended by the sock hop comment…this is a Military fuction to celebrate the Marine Corps. birthday, not a damn sock hop. We should be honoring those who fight for our freedom and not giving into Hollywoods BS.

    • Dave


      Gysgt, USMC (ret)

    • MarineCorpDad

      I am very pleased to see that I was not the only one severely put off by the “sock hop” remark. This particular function deserves a GREAT DEAL more respect. Annie Barrett should be called out for a visit to the Qtr Deck. Ooh Rah! Semper Fi

    • Fatima

      You’re all ridiculous.

      • Sheli

        Why? Because something that matters to them doesn’t matter to you? The USMC Birthday Ball IS more than a sock hop. If you think it’s ridiculous, thats your issue, not ours.

      • Fatima

        No, it’s pretty ridiculous when it’s fairly obvious the writer was just using sock hop as another word for a dance and clearly meant no disrespect.

    • seymour

      No one is giving in to Hollywood BS. These two soldiers asked them.

  • yammy

    I thought the female Marine was hot

    • Puck

      She’s not hot. She’s very butch looking.

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