Jeff from 'Big Brother' rants about Dumbledore's homosexuality: 'He's in a school with little kids! You don't want to make that guy gay.'


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I don’t typically watch the 24-hour Big Brother feeds, partially because I believe the editors who create the thrice-weekly Big Brother episodes are idiot-savant geniuses and I don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of their work, partially because if I wanted to watch a microscopic examination of the chaotically banal meaningfulness of human existence, I could just go see The Tree of Life again. But this news is too good to wait: Yesterday, returning fan favorite Jeff suddenly discovered, to his horror, that Professor Dumbledore from the Harry Potter franchise was gay, which led the lovable lunkhead into a delirious rant that served as a handy reminder that the problem with lovable lunkheads is that they are, ultimately, lunkheads.

After noting that Dumbledore “doesn’t have any gay tendencies,” which I guess means Dumbledore didn’t have a wide stance, Jeff proclaims: “He’s in school with little kids! You don’t want to make that guy gay!” When asked to explain what he means by fellow housemate Kalia, Jeff persists: “I don’t think it’s the right thing to have a kids’ book, and to have the headmaster that’s locked away in this magical land, to be gay. That isn’t the right kind of writing to do.” Yes, truly shocking that the most popular writer in the modern world would deign to retroactively shove homosexuality into our faces by ex post facto declaring that one single character in her cast of thousands was a dude who liked other dudes.

Kalia continues to bait Jeff by asking him to calmly explain himself, at which point he exclaims, “Don’t start with that f—ing s–t! Don’t tell me the right answer for f—ing TV!” Kalia explains that, well, she’s not being PC — her little sister is gay. “I don’t give a f— if your little sister is gay!” explodes Jeff.

The silence that follows is painfully awkward, and is only broken when Brendon, seemingly unaware that the conversation is not a discussion about recent fantasy cinema, asks, “Did anyone watch the C.S. Lewis? The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe?” Which, in fairness, does not feature any gay characters (although Aslan the Lion is a curiously confirmed bachelor, the kind of guy that you always find in Alfred Hitchcock movies sharing cocktail giggles with kindly old spinsters). (UPDATE: Alas, video of Jeff’s rant has been pulled from YouTube. CBS released a statement about the blow-up, explaining: “Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the house or┬áthe broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.” It’s unclear if CBS will air Jeff’s statements. Left unsaid: How this will affect CBS’ viewership in the all-important Fictional Gay British Magician demographic.)

Big Brother fans, does this change how you feel about Jeff?

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  • austinrob

    Um, kinda does change my opinion of Jeff. He used to be one of my all-time faves on Big Brother.
    But he has the right to his opinion, just as much as anyone else.
    Nobody’s perfect.

    • BillyD

      Agree…he has the right to his opinion. But I’m not convinced he has the “right” to be uneducated about facts without being corrected.

      • Caitie F

        He has a right to his opinion, but he needs to be prepared for the consequences of what he thinks. I am no longing cheering for him and when he leaves BB he will come to a much different reception than before

      • darclyte

        Jeff will be the first one to tell you that he isn’t well educated or that bright. I’m sure in the “blue collar” neighborhood where he grew up, calling people the “F-word” was common as is the point of view he expressed. He later apologized to Kalia and told her he was wrong and she was right. He had the chance to think about it and seemed to realize that he was wrong. Jeff isn’t a politician, he’s a guy on a reality game show. It’s not like he runs a clinic that believes that gay people can be cured and Jordan is an elected official and they both support a radical minister who believes that all gay people should be locked up and/or executed. Now people like THAT are of a MUCH bigger concern.

    • Lucy

      There’s a big difference between having a right to your own opinion and having the right to think all gay men are pedophiles.

      • Ricky

        “all gay men are pedophiles” An inconvenient truth

      • Ann

        He didn’t say that all gay men are pedophiles. He just said that a gay man shouldn’t be a headmaster in a children’s school. That has more to do with, I think, influencing children than Jeff being afraid of this Dumbledor character raping them. Certainly, it can be argued that children that may already be confused by their sexuality could become more confused and bewildered by a headmaster that is living a gay lifestyle. Parents might not consider that to be in the best interest of their child. Now, you can agree or disagree with that, but I think that’s more in line with what Jeff was saying, not that “all gay men are pedophiles.”

      • austinrob

        Agreed, Lucy…and very well put!
        Im a gay man and I think I’m great with kids. I love kids but doing or saying anything appropriate never crosses my mind…ever!!

      • Dirk

        Austinrob, I sincerely hope that you meant to say inappropriate there. If not, then I guess I admire your candor, and I hope that you are arrested soon.

      • Chet

        Ann – if that is what he meant it’s still bigoted and ignorant. What exactly is a “gay lifestyle” and how would that prevent someone from being a good headmaster if he had the necessary qualifications? One can’t be influenced to be gay. Do you think anyone would be able to influence you to change your sexual orientation?

      • BigBother

        Um, I thought this was the United States of America and we have the right to believe and THINK, pretty much anything we want. That’s what the First Amendment was all about. If I choose to believe that all dogs are actually aliens in disguise, I have that right. If I want to believe that all gay men are pedophiles, that’s also my right. Neither one may be true, but it’s my right to believe it. It’s not my right to ACT on those beliefs, given a ton of laws, but what’s in my head is protected, or at least it is SUPPOSED to be and it USED to be.

      • austinrob

        @ Dirk, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about – NONE. But then again, you’re a stranger to me, so i’m sure you know how much your opinion means to me.

      • cowboy

        Influencing young men to do WHAT, Ann? so the kids see a gay man teaching. So what? Why is that an issue? It’s a valid truth that children will take as a part of life: there are gay people. Period. They exist. To HIDE gay people makes them seem like it’s taboo. Ann, wake up. Your bigotry is showing.

      • Dirk

        You’re right austinrob, I know nothing about you, which is why if you really meant to write that you would never “do anything appropriate” with children, then I hope that you mistyped, and meant to say that you would do nothing inappropriate. If you typed exactly what you meant, then yes, I do hope that you are caught, arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Whether that opinion means anything to you or not is meaningless, if you are doing inappropriate things with children, you need to be dealt with. Period.

      • Caracticus

        @austinrob, please reread what Dirk said before… he was gently correcting what he thought was a typographical error, and you reacted harshly as if he was criticizing you for being gay… again, I think a bit of miscommunication here has caused a conflict that shouldn’t have happened.

        @Dirk, this gay man (me), who would never do anything INappropriate with children, appreciates your attempt at subtly informing @austinrob about his typo, even if he doesn’t.

      • sock monkey

        How the hell did I end up gay when I had all the straightness in my face all through school??

      • Ann

        I’m trying not to get into my own personal feelings on the matter, I’m just saying I think that’s probably what Jeff meant. There are many parents out there that would probably feel the same way, and it’s not an unreasonable concern.

      • Sally

        Ann, if parents are concerned that a teacher who is gay will influence their children to be gay, that is definitely an unreasonable concern, as it is not possible to influence someone to be gay who was not born gay.

      • Josh

        Oh Ann, your personal beliefs are very evident by your posts. When a teacher is around children, he or she is teaching. They are not doing anything else. If parents are concerned their children will be gay just from being taught by a gay teacher, that is unreasonable. I was taught by several straight teachers who spoke of husbands and wives and it didn’t do one thing to make me not be gay. And you know what? I had not one gay teacher. Hmmm. Blame the straights!

      • Gay lover

        First – @sock monkey – awesome reply. Second – you guys do realize this is a work of fiction and the children and gay teacher are the work of someone’s imagination… Not to mention wizards!! Lol. This thread just cracked me up. Also yes our country allows all the freedom to think, feel, and speak our minds which also gives us the right to disagree and call someone out for their ridiculous ignorance.

      • Nick

        The idea that a headmaster or teacher could influence children to become gay while they’re going through their tumultuous teenage years relies on the false belief that homosexuality is a choice. kids are not sitting at home making pro/con lists about their sexuality and deciding which team to choose – they are who they are and it’s only the conservative bigots who’ve perpetuated the myth that all gay people need to do to be “normal” is to change their minds. also, i know we’re talking about a work of fiction, but the reality is still that kids who are gay are presented at every turn with examples of why their feelings are unnatural or wrong – a role model whose sexuality is merely an aspect of his personality rather than the defining characteristic is exactly the sort of person who kids of any sexual orientation should be able to look up to. if the character that rowling had chosen to “out” had been a stereotypically effeminate “poof” who wore his sexuality on his sleeve, those who were outraged by dumbledore’s sexuality would probably support yet another example of the one-dimensional “queer”. like any argument against the portrayal of gays in the media or gay marriage, you can come up with any number of half-true rationales, but if you actually took the time to reflect, you’d realize all your reasons are just plain ol’ bigotry. Gay people make you feel weird, so you shun them. The world changes and we as a society must change with it if we are to advance – yes, the 1950’s look very pretty in old photographs, but they were pretty crappy if you were anyone but a white male – contrary to what modern-day conservatives tell you, we do not want to go back to those “american values”.

      • Rex

        @Ann. Actually he indirectly did insinuate gay men were pedophiles. He yelled out “that’s perverted!” before going on his mean spirited, passionate rant.

      • agrams

        no Ricky they are not while I don’T agree with the lifechoice they are people and all people are different.

      • logicgal

        Of course everyone has a right to think what they want, but if they express those views on television, they are fair game for responses from the public. People don’t like his comments because of what it reveals about HIM, and it reveals.
        As for Rowling making Dumbledore gay… I find it digusting that Rowling finished up the franchise and thought “dang! I forgot to include the gay community… better fix that,,, I’ll make Dumbledore that guy.” If I was gay, I’d be more insulted by THAT, then Jeff’s comments.

    • John

      I hate GLAAD and NAACP, always crying about something. Name calling is always going to be a part of society. All the bastards of the world unite and make that word politically incorrect. Boom!

      • Mark

        This has nothing to do with political correctness you idiot. He makes the accusation that all gay men are pedophiles. That’s not political incorrect, it’s ignorant intolerance.

      • Sheila

        Mark – thank you, you are so right!

      • marcus_em

        The problem is not that he used a gay slur. If that was the case I would completely agree with you that the gay community needs to learn to lighten up and take their licks like every other group in the world. HOWEVER that is not what happend.. Its a very common narrow minded opinion that somehow because a person is gay they are not fit to be around children.. Or more so that they should not even be characters in a fictional story in which kids are reading because in these people’s eye’s gay=wrong… Meanwhile children’s books are just riddled with death and murder and theft and blood but that’s ok just PLEASE do not have a nice old gay fello near children!!!! are u madddd!?? lol its ridiculous and narrow minded and people should be ashamed of themselves for thinking that way and maybe educate themselves just A LITTLE BIT… God Bless America lol obviously it needs a good blessing or too with idiots like this Big Brother guy around and spreading their stupidity on national tv… gay does NOT equal pedofile,rapist or bad influence in any respect.

      • Tiger Blood

        He did the same anti gay rant….the f word the first time he was on bb, but the producers covered it up. I never liked him and hated that he was made into this golden boy. Shame on CBS.

      • Tiger Blood


      • Tara_ATL

        Marcus_em – i completely agree with your comments. I don’t now dislike him but I do feel sorry for him, he is ignorant and uneducated to think that Dumbledore being gay is a bad thing in a children’s book.

      • cowboy

        John, unless you are a gay man you don’t know what that experience is like. And to belittle the organization that helps protect that experience is pure selfishness and ignorance. So shut the hell up.

    • Jeff M.

      I like him even more now than ever.

      • Eric Northman

        He’s still never going to sleep with you, Jeff M.

      • cowboy

        Eric, ahahahaa! love it.

    • Eric P

      And here we thought Jordan was the stupid one…

    • Lee

      This is what I can’t stand. If this was about race or gender or religion, people would be furious. But because he’s railing against homosexuals, he’s “entitled to his opinion.” Hating someone because of their sexual orientation is just as bad as hating someone because of their religion or skin color. Period.

      • Sally

        Wow, someone who makes some sense. Thanks, Lee

      • Char

        Did he say hate or is that just what u heard?! Some ppl take things too personal! Chill Out ppl!

    • SLB

      Doesn’t change my opinion of him. I still think he’s hilarious.

      • Reja

        Yeah, hilariously ignorant

    • cowboy

      It’s not an opinion. It’s a prejudice. There is a big difference.

    • Nick

      From what I’ve read about Jeff, this sort of thing isn’t really surprising coming from him. I believe he was painted in a more sympathetic light on the show, but the live feed would contradict that.

    • robert

      He is right to be annoyed. Rowlings only said that after the fact for publicity. There is no reason or behavior why he should be considered gay!

      • Orac

        There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be either. Or do you believe all gay men fit some easily caricatured stereotype? Well, I’ve got some news for you (and Jeff): they don’t. There are plenty of gay people in the world who are outwardly indistinguishable from everyone else. Which isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with gay people who are different…but you should realize that there are as many differences among gay people as among everyone else.

      • Hank

        So the AUTHOR of the freaking book should not be able to share insight about a character she created?! Orac = Oh Really Asinine Comment

      • JfromCanada

        The author didn’t say he was gay for publicity, she was asked a question about why Dumbledore didn’t have a wife and she answered that she had always thought of his character as being gay when she wrote him. It was an honest, off-hand remark, the media was responsible for blowing it all out of proportion.

    • George

      He has a right to his opinion, but I have the right to view him as a douchebag because of it.

    • Bob

      I think he’s just ignorant, as a lot of people still are. I didn’t get to watch the clip but from the summary it just sounds like he’s a fool.

  • Adam

    This changes my opinion of Jeff. I liked him, now do not.

    • OverJeff

      I always liked Jeff too, but this is really a deal breaker for me. This is not about having an opinion, it’s about being a bigot…bye Jeff.

    • larry

      I’m sure he’s heart broken over the news

  • Scott

    Oh no… never watched BB, but I enjoyed Jeff and Jordan on the Amazing Race. They had a nice, laid-back demeanor.

    But now… not a Jeff fan. Very ignorant comments. Does Jeff not know that thousands of gay men (and women) teach our children every day? And quite well, at that!

    • jb

      Maybe that’s why our kids are so dumb!

      • BrandonK

        Maybe your kids are so dumb cuz you’re their parent. :0P

      • Tiger Blood

        JB the only dumb one here is you and those of your ilk.

      • Marcus

        First we’re immoral and going to hell. Now we’re inherently dumb? WOW we really are just the worst of humanity.

      • cowboy

        Sorry your kids are idiots, jb. Can’t imagine where THAT comes from. My guess it occurred long before they started school…..

  • John

    He’s a piece of sh*t

    • Jay Leno

      Did you hear about this? On Big Brother contestant Jeff went on a hate filled rant after learning Dumbledore was gay. Yeah, yeah. He’ll probably be kicked out of the house now but he should have no trouble finding a job opening for Tracey Morgan. (Polite applause is heard.)

      • Marcus


      • @Jay Leno

        Jay, you really suck big time.

  • A

    Now I guess we know that Jordan isn’t the only one in this relationship that’s as dumb as the hair on evil D*ck’s back. Why would someone willingly go on television and go banjo-pickin’ podunk homophobic when they KNOW they’re going to get skewered for it?

  • Rob

    Big Brother was never one for having brain-trusts in the house. Usually if they have such rants, as does Jeff, he has something to hide…self-hate maybe? I hope he gets booted…I swear, between this genius, Chris Browns latest homophobic rant, and NFL’er James Harrison calling Roger Goodell a gay slur…GLAAD you are busier than ever.

  • Sara

    I don’t expect this to ever make the show! Jeff is their Golden Boy…they won’t want him painted in any unfavorable light. If I’m not mistaken, in Jeff’s previous season he out and out called one of his housemates a f@**ot.

    • MJBChicago

      I’d bet money it won’t make the show. Jeff will continue to get an extremely positive edit and continue to be a fan fave. Although, he’s looking a little worse for wear this season and maybe the tittering school girls who love him no matter what will be less inclined to overlook his poor behavior as his looks fade. This guy really does seem like a first class a-hole.

      • wakeforce

        If CBS wanted to get the audience disliking Jeff, all they’d have to do is show him smoking on the show. In today’s society, that is considered much more evil than making homophobic comments.

    • Claire

      I think he used the “f” gay slur word many times!! And NONE of that made the show! CBS/BB love their precious Jeff.

      • Rodney

        Don’t blame me- Chima made me love him. I’m over that now.

    • Michael

      Exactly! He’s their Golden Boy and this won’t make TV. So, I’m glad media sources have picked it up a little (thank you EW).Jeff is so willfully ignorant and it’s really disappointing.

    • Mark

      It has to make the show (admittedly I think it’s crap and don’t watch) from a PR standpoint. They may not like it, but this is the instant information age and will be all over every website that does a BB recap or entertainment news. Too many people will know for CBS not to put it in the show. They would have to at least acknowledge it and then publicly say they’re leaving it out because it’s offensive.

      • Ana170

        Actually it likely won’t make the show. Every season it seems there’s some awful behavior that’s revealed about one of the contestants that never gets aired on the show because it doesn’t fit the narrative. If the network does address it, it won’t be within the confines of the show.

    • Phil

      Yeah, its kinda sad that this fits the bill of what is supposed to constitute REALITY Tv, and exposing the houseguests for their human flaws, but alas the show’s porducers & editors will more than likely not air this, and keep Jeff viewed by those NOT keeping up with the Daily Feeds or BB Afterdark as The Golden Boy.
      As a BB fan, I don’t follow the feeds and my friends watch the Afterdark and tell me if anything juicy happens, because I do like the full picture, but def. see how some folks get deluded into thinking how some of these players are so ‘nice’ when in fact they’re not.
      As a gay man, its hard to hear these comments & not get upset, but we also know this is still the world we live in. I could make some snide comment about how Jeff should read more, but what’s the point?

  • Jose

    I just didn’t think it was necessary for JK to even mention, “Oh by the way he’s gay.” I thought that was just a a cop out to get more of demographic to buy her books, even though she was already making millions. That part of Dumbledore didnt have anything at all to do with character development nor changed the story in any way

    • Mr. Holloway

      So you honestly believe gay people were staying away from “Harry Potter” in droves until Rowling mentioned that Dumbledore was gay? Then that suddently made it ok for them to buy in?

    • HT

      “That part of Dumbledore didn’t have anything at all to do with character development nor [sic] changed the story in any way.”


      And Mr. Holloway – You didn’t know that gay people will only read books with gay characters in them? Duh.

      • Mr. Holloway

        lol Thanks for the info, HT. I learned something new today.

      • Monty

        When I read that JKR had retroactivly made the Dumbledore character a homosexual, it did not diminish any views I had of the character. I did, however, question the motives for her decision. Perhaps JKR had written the character to be homosexual, and the subtext about his relationship with Grindlewald (spelling?) as a younger man was edited out to be more ambiguious, or altogether taken out to make it more ‘family friendly’ by the editor. I just felt that JKR thought it would be a great thing to make the world at large deal with a beloved (ficticious) person suddenly coming out of the closet. It would force families, many which may not have a gay family member, to deal with whatever negative reaction there may be to the character’s life choice. Not being an authority in any way, shape, or form on people coming out, perhaps I am short sighted and it helped people be comfortable in coming out or it increased positive dialogue with families regarding homosexuals and tolerance. To me, it just felt like a post script to force people to deal with the issue, as opposed to it being revealed naturally through storytelling.

        Maybe it was a good thing, I just don’t like the motives behind the decision. Then again, perhaps the ends justified the means and it really was a positive for many people. Here’s hoping…

      • Marcus

        Yeah thanks! You’re totally right! I quit reading Anna Karenina yesterday after I realized nobody was going to be gay after 100 pages! And what’s the deal with Jane Eyre. They couldn’t have had Rochester getting some guy action on the side? What a waste of my time! Back to Queer as Folk for me!

    • Lee

      I didn’t think it was necessary either. It didn’t add anything to the story. It just seemed more of a political ploy than anything else. If Rowlings really wanted to integrate the theme of homosexuality to its fullest–then why didn’t she have someone like Ron be gay? Maybe he could’ve had a long-term crush on Harry? And she could’ve shown the confusion that Ron faced between his attraction for Harry and love for Hermione. Now that would’ve been something. But just to say that Dumbledore was gay after everything has been said and done seemed superfluous to me.

    • Matt

      It actually was relevant to Dumbledore’s character. It filled in the blanks behind his strained relationship with his family and his broken friendship/romance? with Grindelwald.

    • wtfnyc

      Actually, I disagree. The back story regarding Dumbledore and Grindelwald (that they were working on a plan to make Muggles subservient to witches/wizards – so, not so nice) makes a lot more sense in the context of everything else we know about Dumbledore if you know that he was in love with Grindelwald, who really WAS evil. None of which has anything to do with the fact that Jeff is an ignorant asshat.

      • Ana170

        I agree. Once she confirmed that Dumbledore was gay my reaction was “Oh, I get it now!” I didn’t quite fit that Dumbledore would have done some of the things he did (as brilliant as he was) if he weren’t at least partially blinded by love.

    • stella

      JK Rowling only said that in reply to a specific question that concerned Dumbledore’s love life. And it DOES effect the story, because she said that he had been in love with Gellert Grindelwald. This definitely adds a dimension to how we see him, just as all the straight characters’ relationships do.

      • Sue

        Thank you Sella. Finally someone gets the story right. It wasn’t like JKR held a press conference and said “by the way, Dumbledore’s gay. Ha, ha. I tricked everyone”. She WAS specifically asked about his live life. What was she supposed to do? Lie, so as not to offend anyone? She said that she just always new that Dumbledore was gay.

  • mawhi

    Oh MY GOD not this again. It isn’t relevant to the plot at all, that’s why nobody knew until someone asked Jo Rowling about Dumbledore’s love life.

    Glad I don’t watch Big Brother…

    • MC

      See comments directly above yours about how it was relevant to the overall story…

  • Sina

    I’m a Jeff and Jordan fan but this is NOT new. Jeff said LOTS and LOTS of homophobic comments during his BB season. BB execs always edit the show to make players they like popular. I like J/J because of the show and the feeds but Jeff does not like gays. You can tell that from his first time on BB.

    • MJBChicago

      So why are you a fan of his/theirs? He comes off as a rageaholic when things are not going his way. Who isn’t charming and nice when they’re winning?

      • Sina

        Jeff is not the smartest person in the world and everyone has a right to their opinion no matter how stupid of ignorant it is. That’s the bad thing about being on feeds 24/7, there are things about you that will come out that ppl will find horrible. I bet there are gay ppl who hates or have ignorant views of Blacks and Jews and there are some Blacks that have some of the same racist or ignorant views or Latinos, etc. No one is perfect. EVERYONE is racist and ignorant to a certain degree.

      • Beth

        My opinion is that anyone with a name that ends in “ina” should be sterilized. This is a stupid, irrational opinion and I expect to be criticized and shamed for having it, just as Jeff should have his a s s handed to him for being an idiot.

      • Sina

        IT’s called freedom of speech. Ever heard of it. No matter how stupid, ignorant the opinion is, they have a right to it. I’m not getting sterilized sorry. My children will be raised to have an opinion even if it’s different from yours Beth. I don’t think gay ppl are child rapist. Like other comments mention, most sick b@stards who do that are straight. But Jeff has a right to think that.

      • Jennelle

        Sina is also Michele Bachmann’s #1 fan. Sorry, this is my opinion and I’m entitled to it!

      • Sina

        Michele Bachmann? Ok. Yeah as a Black person I am a fan of a woman who signs a contract stating Black children were better off as slaves? Hey no sweat off my back. That’s your opinion, no matter how ignorant, and you’re entitled to it. Opinions only hurt ppl if others really care. Why would I care about ppl’s opinions? Opinions are not facts. Gays should not care about what Jeff says or does. He will not make or break their life.

      • RW

        Sina, so as a black person, if Jeff called you a racist name (you know the one I mean) and said that you should not be allowed around decent, Christian, white people, you would still be a fan because “no one is perfect”?

      • Sina

        Well most likely I would never meet Jeff but if he PERSONALLY came to me and said that to me, no I wouldn’t be a fan. Because he said it to me personally. Now if he said that on Big Brother, I wouldn’t be a fan of his although I still would be a fan of Jordan’s. I still would watch the game since I want Lawon to win anyway. I wouldn’t take it personally since I don’t know or care about Jeff. Do you know how many white ppl have called me a n*** and I still provided them with patient care? There are millions even billions of ignorant ppl in the world, I can’t care about everyones ignorant thoughts.

  • Kevin

    He is very unenlightened for sure, but that doesn’t make him a horrible person. Being on Big Brother does lol

    • Mr. Holloway

      Good one!

    • Kevin

      Furthermore, I would be uncomfortable with a guy looking like Jeff teaching my teenage daughter; I guess I am discriminating against attractive people, I just don’t like them ;)

  • Ltl01

    What the article doesn’t mention is that not long after, Jeff went to Kalia, apologized and admitted that he was wrong to say what he said. Finish the story EW.

    • Horatio

      We never saw that on the feeds and have no idea what was said.

      • Ltl01

        Kalia later told Lawon that Jeff apologized to her and said that he shuldn’t have said what he said. I would think Kalia is a good source as to that point.

    • Karren

      Even if this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that he lashed out at her because she wouldn’t agree with him and believes that being gay automatically makes one a pedophile. Jeff is a nasty piece of work.

      • Ltl01

        So if you make a mistake and later say you’re wrong, you get no credit for realizing you are wrong. How tolerant is that?

      • Karren

        It depends on what you’re apologizing for. Based on Jeff’s previous doltish behavior, I sincerely doubt he apologized for being a bigot. I’m sure he just said “sorry I yelled at yous, no hard feelings?”

      • Marcus

        He probably didn’t mean it. If you have an opinion that hateful (all gays will touch your sons?) you’re not going to change overnight. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt, but A)it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last and B) he needed Kalia’s vote.

  • crispy

    Well, this doesn’t change my opinion of people who watch Big Brother.

  • AlyssaG

    He was essentially equating pedophilia with homosexuality. That sort of gross ignorance is disturbing.

    • davey

      Unfortunately too many people associate being gay with being pedophiles.

      • wakeforce

        Phillip Garrido, the man who kidnapped Jaycee Dugard, kept her as his sex slave and made her have his babies, wasn’t looking for little boys to molest. Might make people think twice about labeling pedophiles as gay.

      • Tonic

        Most pedophiles, whether they hurt boys or girls, are straight men. Pedophilia is about power, not about sexuality.

        Many school teachers are gay, whether you know it or not.

        Thankfully, I don’t watch this show, but whoever this guy is, he’s a total idiot.

  • HT

    There’s expressing an opinion, and then there’s just being an ignorant a**hole. Kalia gives Jeff several chances to fashion some sort of coherent argument to bolster his argument that Dumbledore being gay is somehow wrong in his opinion. Jeff sputtering “why’s it wrong? Well, it just… IS! So there!” isn’t even rational, let alone insightful. This is exactly what happens when we teach our kids deaf, dumb and blind bigotry – they grow up and turn into mouthbreathers like this. Jeff doesn’t really believe homosexuality is wrong on some fundamental level of humanity. He’s just parroting the party line of aggressively stupid, knuckle-dragger conservative homophobes.

    • Mike

      Actually, Jeff kept saying “You know … “. Jeff was saying gays shouldn’t be in contact with kids in a school setting – but he didn’t want to blatantly say it. It was clear he had a specific argument in mind (a gay headmaster locked in a building with kids in a fantasy story – you know – don’t be PC) and I think it was clear to Kalia too – she just wanted him to say it.

    • DGH

      Its not just Conservatives who hate gays just ask most of the black communtity and I don’t think they are voting Conservative. Until people realize its people on both sides that needs a reality check nothing will change for the community. I guess its easier to just blame the backwoods white boy other than pointing the finger at people in thier own party.

      • Kevin

        You can be conservative without having any political interest. When I dress conservative, am I dressing Republican? Those Democrats sure do dress inappropriately!

      • Dope

        Said to say but I don’t think Jeff is republicam. On his season he said he voted for Obama. Hating gays does cross political lines.

      • Tiger Blood

        quit the political crap.

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