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The hardest thing for me about writing these blogs is deciding where to start. This week I have been debating, do I talk about Emily’s interview first or the episode itself with Ashley? I decided I’d give you a few thoughts about Emily at the end of the blog. Our final big stop on this crazy travel leg of this journey across Asia is Taipei, Taiwan. The week before hometowns is a bit awkward, and always a tough one every season. Most of Ashley’s relationships have moved forward to the point where they are ready to be exclusive, or as exclusive as the show will allow. So the guys are done living together, done seeing each other go on dates with Ashley and done with group dates. With all that said I started off the week by giving the guys a little good news that there would be three one-on-one dates with no roses on the line. This always takes the pressure off those dates so they can just enjoy without worrying if they’ll be sent home at the end of it.

Constantine got the first date and it was a pivotal one. To borrow a phrase from Ashley ,she and Constantine had a breakthrough. He was one of those guys like Ryan that she knew she cared for but wasn’t sure if she had any chemistry with. Constantine really rose to the occasion and they had an amazing date. One not-so-romantic note about their date was the fact that they almost passed out due to smoke inhalation on the train ride. When they went through a tunnel the smoke billowed into the cabin and there was no escape. Ash, Constantine and the entire crew were coughing up a lung and gasping for air when they finally got out of the tunnel.

The next date was with Ben… or was it Constantine again… hmmm… hard to tell them apart! Seriously I know many of you have commented on the fact that they look like they were separated at birth, but if you spend much time with them at all it’s really easy to tell them apart in looks and personality. There really wasn’t a lot to Ben’s date as far as his relationship with Ashley. The two of them are in a great spot and all this date did was move it forward another few positive steps. They have such great chemistry and he knows just what to do and say to put her at ease. There was no question in anybody’s mind that he was getting a rose and a hometown date.

Then came the final dreaded group date of the season. After this week the guys won’t have to endure group dates and they really won’t see each other except at the rose ceremonies. JP was in a foul mood all week and being put on the group date only made it worse. It’s not that he’s necessarily insecure but it’s tough for these guys who care for Ashley at this point to have to watch her date the other guys. JP did deliver the line of the night when he described Ames’ outfit as the “offspring of an ostrich and Elton John”. While JP and Lucas were wallowing in their misery Ames was his usual positive, delightful self. He carried on as if he didn’t have a care in the world and continued to impress Ashley.

Easily the most noteworthy moment of the episode came during Ashley’s one-on-one date with Ryan. He was so excited to finally get his date with her. He was having a blast and really feeling good about everything when Ashley pulled the rug out from under him and sent him home. The usually positive Ryan was crushed and speechless. He didn’t know what hit him and didn’t know what to say or ask Ashley. He never saw that coming from her. Ashley explained herself excellently by letting him know at this point if she doesn’t feel it, why lead him on any further and then drag his family into it? Despite the honest intentions it still hurt her and Ryan. After that date I could tell Ashley was done playing games. She didn’t want any part of a cocktail party. She knew the four men she wanted to go home with and didn’t want to prolong the situation any longer than it needed to be. Although I always play devil’s advocate just to make sure they are positive that’s what they want, I understood and really respected her decision to forego the cocktail party.

Much like her relationship with Ryan, Ashley just wasn’t feeling it with Lucas at this point. Lucas was a little put off in Hong Kong and since then his relationship with Ashley just got a little stagnant, and at this stage in the game you just can’t have that. Ryan and Lucas are both really good guys and I told Ashley she really couldn’t go wrong with any of these guys. I felt any of these four men were going to respect her and treat her right — it’s now just a matter of chemistry between them. Next, Ames, JP, Ben and Constantine will take Ashley back to their hometowns to meet their families. This is always one of my favorite episodes each season and you will see it all play out next Monday.

Before I let you go I obviously want to talk a little bit about my interview with Emily. I honestly don’t have much to add to what she said as I really feel good about the interview. I believe I asked the pertinent questions yet stayed respectful of her and Brad and I feel she answered them fully while doing the same. Emily got out of the car emotional, so I knew it was going to be a tough interview for us both. I care for her and Brad very much, consider them friends and I wish them the best. I talked to Brad before and after the interview and all he cared about was Emily. Before the interview he asked me as a friend to be there for her and not be to hard on her, which I don’t feel I was. After the interview all he wanted to know was how she was doing. These two care about each other very much and respect each other even more. A lot has and will be written about them but the truth is they are two good people that loved each other very much but as Emily said that just wasn’t enough to make it work. I have a lot of respect for Brad for deciding not to show up, yet giving Emily his blessing to do the interview and speak freely. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with Emily. I always have been blown away by the strength of this woman and she continues to impress. However sad the news I’m glad that the millions of fans that have followed their saga have gotten the answers they deserve. I hope you also got a chance to go online at our official web site to watch my interview with Ali and Roberto. I loved catching up with them and was happy to see how well they are doing.

We’re all on our way back to the states for the infamous hometown dates next week so I’ll see you next Monday night as Ashley continues her journey and her search for love. As always please leave your comments and questions below or find me on twitter @chrisbharrison. I suddenly got a blue check mark next to my name this week on twitter so apparently I am now officially who I thought I already officially thought I was!

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  • FrankLee


    • florencia

      love it! lmao

      • Nobody

        CH likes to take it up the butt.

    • Echo

      Ashley is one of most normal women on this series. I have been turned off at times from her tears, but they are real. She is much like most of us seeking unconditional love and companionship. For what it is worth, the front runner seems to be JP, and who could not love this seemingly charming and genuine person. But after next week’s home dates, I wonder if entering into an
      ethnic environment with JP and Constantine is what would be best for Ash in the long run. Yes they will be welcoming, but is it genuine and somthing that can be sustained over time? Ames is the perfect choice a mother would make for her daughter, but I don’t think it translates to love and affection. My dark hourse is Ben. He seems to have the same values yet a little bit of mystery, charm and adventure Ashley has alluded to. In the back of my mind I wonder about the perfect spouse for a dentist, who works in a closed environment with exacting requirements. I can’t wait for the outcome. I was not a fan of the show at the beginning, but I’m starting to realize that this may be the most honest Bachelorette, without all the hottub scenes and frat-boy episodes.

      • Jennifer

        I agree

      • JJ

        Your dark horse guess is wrong. Ashley does not pick Ben at the end.

      • sue d.

        I love Ben F. He is sweet, intelligent and funny. I hope he does not get his hear broken in the end.

      • cjj

        well put! I have grown to like ashley as well. and come to think of it: she IS the 1st to NOT do r-rated hot tub scenes and kiss up a storm. career-wise the restaurant owner or winemaker would seem to suit her intelligence best. JP is cute with that bad-boy thing going for him but that can be bad too, not last & he seems clingy.

    • Nobody

      And Emily is a gold digging fame w_ore.

      Hey emily, you need to work on your acting skills. Your fake crying wasn’t even close to believable.

  • jen

    i really hope emily is not the next bachelorette. she looks like a 49 yr old cocktail waitress with the makeup and the teeth. i also felt her interview was fake, i also loved the part where she thought Chris was reaching out to hold her hand and he totally wasnt, her hand remained suspended in limbo for a few seconds before she figured it out…

    • rose

      She does look old for her age doesnt she.

      • FrankLee

        She had a lot of makeup on and her face looked swollen. Do you think Brad beat her up ?

      • amy

        You guys are SO rude! Emily such a beautiful girl! It’s funny everyone who has negative things to say, writes all of the rude comments behind their computer screen. Cowards

      • Pinaiah

        yes! she looks really old, maybe Brad knew about her big teeth dentures that she’s hiding all the time, she don’t smile at all, she do a smirk or bite her lips all the time, scared to let everyone see her big teeth dentures

    • RS

      She would be GREAT for the next bachelorette! And a huge improvement over the current pick. (Well, from what I saw in the first few episodes, I’ve stopped watching.) Even my husband said he would watch if Emily was picked!

    • JAP

      Agreed. She looks old and fake. Are those dentures??

    • Littleton gma

      THANK YOU! Could the tears have been anymore fake?

  • Kristi

    Was it just me or did Chris Harrison look smirky during Emily’s tears? He looked like he thought she might be acting. Hmmmn…

    • Kata

      She better not become the next Bachelorette. I think it is all an act from her side. So fake and made up.

      • tvadict Mom

        I agree, she better not be the next bachelorette. I don’t get why people go on tv then are shocked when they get so much media attention. I think there’s stuff we haven’t seen or heard about Emily. Like where is her family and Ricky’s grandparents? I think she is, like Ashley, so insecure, and needs therapy before she looks for another guy in her life.

      • CijiDunne

        and guess who they will bring back if she IS the Bachelorette???? BENTLEY !!! Talk about ratings!

      • PT

        @CijiDunne – HILARIOUS!

      • Littleton gma

        I never liked Emily. Everyone is so fooled by her tears. If she hated the publiciy so much why was she back on TV? Go away Emily!

    • ghostlight

      He’s always a smirky f*%ker. He got away with cheating on his wife in New Zealand with Bachelorette producer Ryan Callahan’s wife, AND he still get the occasional handy J at home, so why wouldn’t he smirk?

      • Miela

        Wow, Roslyn, u troll these boards often, dont you?

      • FrankLee

        Roslyn for Bachelorette

    • Karma

      Kristi, “Emily’s tears”??? I didn’t see one tear. If these people want to be believable, they should learn how to produce actual tears when they are going through the motions of crying. Her eyes didn’t even well up. That is so fake it makes me want to vomit.

      • Kevin

        I get choked up and don’t produce tears, stop judging people and take your own inventory more often.

      • jessica

        Im sure your some washed up girl just talking behing a computer screen when in reality, your probably jealous of Emily

      • Littleton gma

        Emily likes the TV!

      • monica

        No jealousy here. Just facts. There were NO tears. If you get choked up, at least your eyes water. She sniffed her way through the interview and I’m sorry there is no runny nose without a HINT of tears. It was fake. PLEASE don’t make her the next Bachelorette…but wait, there’s no worry of that since she doesn’t want to be on TV anymore, right…?

  • squirk

    I will say that I’m diggin’ the new ‘do, CH.

  • lil Sebastian

    If starting the blog is the hardest thing for you, you haven’t tried reading it.

    • hayley

      Bwah haha so true.

      • Jane

        Evidently handing Emily a kleenex was also too hard for you to do. You really need to talk to the producers Chris. Between the Bently situation and the Emily interview, they are making you look bad.

    • Reese


      • SLB

        LOL! “What more can i say?”. I don’t know Chris, what else did the writers write for you?

    • ghostlight

      The production assistant that writes this for Chris Harrison really is trying hard to put more “As I sit down to write this” flavor into this waste-of-space blog, isn’t he/she?

    • Jennifer

      Then why the hell are you reading the blog….People are so negative. If you don’t like the blog or show then you would think you wouoldn’t waste your time reading it and commenting on it. I guess your mother never taught you if you don’t have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut…..Chris thanks for the blog and all the hardwork you put into the show.

      • ghostlight

        I taught YOUR mother something last night, if you know what I mean… and I think you do.

      • li Sebastian

        Yes Chris. Thanks for all your hard work. It’s not everybody who can walk into a room, count the one rose and inform people how many roses are left, (and here’s where the hard work comes in) then walk back out of the room. Thank you Chris, thank you.

      • bach fan

        I totally agree with you Jennifer. Thanks for that.

  • sam

    can’t brad go back to his second choice? It was so obvious that emily didn’t want to give up her life. I honestly don’t know why he even chose her when they had a fight before he made his decision.

    • mackenzie

      brad’s second choice is engaged to someone else or was at the reunion at the end of the season of the bachelor the next choice after that would be ashley

  • Sky

    Why is ANYONE surprised??? The track record of the show is the proof.

    • PrincessBride

      Hey! It’s led to SOME marriages and SOME children. Didn’t you listen to Chris? Now, “some” marriages is actually two, and one of them was to someone other that the final pick. And only one couple has had kids, but they have two so I guess that counts as “some”. Success!

      • AMS

        The Biggest Loser has more success than this show. I think they have 4 or 5 couples. Not sure.

  • jessica

    Was is just me, or did anyone else have the worst time taking any real meaning out of Emily’s blabber. If I had a dollar for every time the phrase “you know…” came from her lips, I’d be close to retirement. You know, Emily, no I don’t know.

    • tomb

      My thoughts exactly, Jessica. Between all the “you knows”, I was having a heck of a time making any sense out of her. It would make a great drinking game!

      • KatieM

        I STILL don’t have ANY idea why they broke up. I watched last night AND read the People interview with Emily. I’m completely confused.

      • tickedoff

        I agree. I STILL don’t get why they “couldn’t make it work.” I love Emily but she made no sense. I think Brad’s temper had a LOT to do with it! She didn’t want someone that volatile around her daughter.

      • Nobody

        They were never in a real relationship in the first place. Thats why they “couldn’t make it work”.

      • FrankLee

        Tickedoff, you hit the nail on the head. If Brad was half a man, he would have moved to NC and put an all out effort into Emily. Some guys dont know what they got till its gone.

    • Kelly

      @ Jessica – I know, you know?!?! That was the most annoying part of her whole act. I don’t think she’s genuine or sincere. :(

    • Sugar

      A complete waste of time. The only clue we got was “red flags”…was that a clue? I’m so afraid it was a set up to shove her down our throats as the next bachelorette. That would gag me for sure – another 8 weeks of heartbreak and tragedy to listen to. Not me, thank you.

      • Bridge

        Yeah,I think that was the reason for the interview too. I hope she isn’t because she’s fake.

    • Karma

      Jessica, I stopped counting at 52 times saying “you know”. If it was a drinking game, I would still be plastered out of my mind today after last night’s show.

    • dutchess

      I agree with you Jessica. I was counting the “you knows” too. I still don’t know why the breakup. I think she was hard to get along with.

      • Littleton gma

        Agreed! My husband said the same thing!

    • Jennifer

      I think its because its pretty hard to say you broke up without talking bad about the person. She respects Brad enough to not go on national TV and say he was a bad bf because of this… I respect her for not dogging him.

    • Fantasygirl

      I still have no idea why Emily and Brad broke up. Emily did NOT answer the questions. She was very vague. If she thought this was going to stop people from asking her what went wrong, she is very mistaken. I really did want an answer. So they still love and care about each other. Okay, so what went wrong?? What???
      The other thing I noticed is Ashley really has not had the time with these men who are left to know any of them well enough to become engaged. This whole season was a farce. She spent 4 weeks or more on the Bentley thing which took all that time away from her to get to know the other men.
      As for Ryan, why would she go home and meet his family if they have NEVER had a one on one date until now? It is ridiculous. I don’t feel she knows any of them well enough to go home to meet their parents and I have not ever felt that on the Bachelor/ette before.

      • Julesm

        I completely agree with you! — about Emily’s interview and about Ashley and the guys!

    • aBc

      After the first commercial break on the Emily interview, my husband started counting her “you know”s and said she said it 18 times. That was just in the second half. No, Emily, we don’t know – you didn’t say one thing that explained why you broke up.

    • Norwich Lake Art

      What meaning was in Emily’s statement that “Love is not enough?” It was in what she didn’t say. It became apparent to viewers throughout the season that Brad has a pretty short fuse, and resorts to explosive anger rather than conversation. Any mother would have to think twice before bringing a young child into what could be a very negative emotional environment.

      • linda

        I not only think Brad has a short fuse,I think he was not ready to be a step-father.Remember Emily’s commet about her not being able to just pick up and go somewhere on a moments notice.I think Brad couldn’t handle that.I would like to see Emily be the next bachelorette,she is so beautiful and really classy.She was smart enough to not put her feelings for Brad above her daughter,that says alot about her

    • jlh

      so true – I still have no iea why they broke up – Emily seemed to just be repeating the same lines without any substance to them!

  • jane

    hope brad picked other bachelorette not emily…Hope ashley will choose Ben F they have a good chemistry….may Ali and Roberto relationship last forever.

    • SLB


  • Elle

    I skipped through the show just to see the interview with Emily (I am so over Ashley and her insecurities). I thought Emily was sincere and sweet and was trying to be protective of Brad. However, didn’t it sound like Brad couldn’t really commit to her? Hasn’t that always been his problem? I wish Emily and Ricki all the best!

    • dartwoman63

      I think Emily will do just fine, she is young she has lots of time to settle down and the Hendricks are going to make sure their granddaughter makes out okay.

      • Echo

        Yes, the secret work is “Hendricks”!
        Who would leave a loving, close, lucrative environment for the unknown.

    • Annie

      Emily is a beautiful and classy person. She didnt give details of her breakup because she’s respectful and understands boundaries of whats appropriate and inappropriate to share. I think that she was saying that although they love each other, she wasnt convinced that his commitment to her would stand the test of time and couldnt uproot her little girl’s life to try to give it a chance. I think thats a mature and selfless decision. I have so much respect for Emily and think she’s the classiest individual thats ever been on the show. For those of you bashing her suggesting she’s going to be the next Bachelorette, quit listening to the trashy tabloids…she’s made it clear she’s not interested in that.

  • Kata

    Why do we have to listen to that sob story over and over. 20 minutes, really? Emily is so insecure that it is ridiculous. She makes Ashley seem all together. You could tell from ATFR, because Emily was bemoaning that Brad had made out with all these other girls too. Hello Blondie – you were on a dating show. I hope she goes back to being a no name and lives happily with her sweet daughter without paparazzi around.

    • nuffsaid

      LOL… That whole interview was a farce. The fake “crying”, the “you know”s, the “we will always love each other”… What exactly does that mean? I’m thinking that her spoiled daughter didn’t like Brad. That was enough for her to break it off.

    • Tammy

      Katty Kata, come on it’s clear as day you’re one of the dozens of women who are jealous of drop dead gorgeous, and praise Ashley? (had to re-check her name. Ashley is the most boring after the Canadian one and I can’t remember her name either.(her laugh made me cringe) “Ed’s” fiance & they were the 2 worst seasons ever. Whenever Ashley walks, she has to show a side profile of her male track star legs in stelletos. She’s said the name Bentley so many times..she’s not interesting, not pretty why the FRUCK did they pick her??? Can’t they audition better talent if Roslyn or Emily aren’t available? Lots of jealous women posing as dudes tonight.


  • Kata

    Just have to add… I really like Ryan and hope he stays positive and finds love. He is cute too. :-)

    • Pinaiah

      I like Ryan! he is too cute!

    • Tammy

      Kata, Really? Ryan is about as fake as your comments.
      And Anita, you had the first part right, they shouldn’t of taken advantage of her, but if you’re not raised in in the Kardashian house: you may have some training in the area of restraint. Just because she doesn’t Bawl and jump on the couch for you, doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel. Jeezus people! Where’s the Gays tonite?

  • anita

    Emily should never have gone on the show. She wasn’t ready for it. And why do I not believe those crocodile tears??

  • tomb

    Chris, So who exactly are all these happy couples that have gotten married and had kids as a result of the show? Only ONE couple out of 22 seasons of Bachelor/Bachelorette is not exactly stellar record. I suppose it’s true lot of couples have formed out of the contestant pool off-camera (and I count Jason and Molly among these), but can the show really take credit for those??

    • Andrew McKelvey

      And only ONE married couple has children. Chris Harrison has serious issues with accuracy.

      • florencia


      • Edward R Murrow

        I think that his journalistic credentials should be revoked. If we can’t turn to the “Bachelorette” for statistical accuracy, where can we turn?

    • Tiffany

      You can’t lump Jason & Molly in that category. Jason was devastated when he let Molly go at the FRC; he almost chose her instead of Melissa. Just because he decided months later that he made a mistake, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t count for one of the successful couples from the franchise. It’s Trista & Ryan, Jason & Molly, and Ali & Roberto to me.

  • Susie

    Nobody was following the “saga” of Brad and Emily, Chris, so don’t feel bad that everyone turned off the TV when she began to fake cry.

    But I am mad that you had her on in place of more Ames or the other guys.

    Also: couldn’t find time in Asia to comment or show how they torture more animals, and buy more illegal animal products than any other continent/countries? That sucks, too.

    • Sugar

      Well, Susie, while I share your concern for our animals…this show just isn’t the proper forum. They were too into showing the torture of American males by dressing them in ridiculous clothes and forcing them to take fake wedding photos.

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