Glenn Beck's last show on Fox News: Woo hoo!


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I have to admit, I got choked up watching Glenn Beck walk away from his blackboard for the last time today. As he signed off the Fox News Network with the final segment of The Glenn Beck Show, I couldn’t help but think back on so many misty water-colored memories. Like the time he called President Obama a “racist” who “hated white people.” Or the time he illustrated his opinion on U.S. energy policy by dousing a guest in gasoline and lighting a match. Or, just a few months ago, the time he predicted that the world was coming to an end. Turns out it wasn’t the world — just his TV show.

Obviously, I’m not all that sorry to see Beck go. But even so — let’s be honest here — Beck’s final episode was hardly up there with M*A*S*H in terms of historic TV finales. Like every episode since it went on the air in January 2009, it was a long, meandering filibuster that veered wildly from one far-flung topic to the next. There were set decorating secrets (“There was a time when I was going to get rid of the blackboard…”); stories about meeting Bono backstage at Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway; and vague hints about a secret plan to “fix America one person at a time” through a mysterious new venture Beck referred to as “Mercury One.” Mostly, though, Beck talked about why he was ending his show. Rumors of his firing, he insisted multiple times, were greatly exaggerated. The real reason he was leaving: “This show is a movement,” he said, glaring into the camera. “It doesn’t belong on TV.”

I don’t know about the movement part, but I do agree with Beck about one thing. His show didn’t belong on TV. But what about you, PopWatchers? Do any Beck fans out there want to call me a communist?

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  • Flyer

    His show was a “movement,” alright. Good-bye, good riddance.

    • mral

      So sick of this smug little child. He needs to go away forever. I have a theory that Fox fixes their ratings to make you think people are watching. Or perhaps people just like a good car wreck? Either way, BYE BECKY!

      • Sam J

        I don’t think even Beck believed his own B.S. Contraversy is a great money maker in certain forums. He made alot of money saying crazy thins. If I had lower morals I might say crazy sh!t to get payed. Capitalism.

      • Dr. D

        Are you talking about Obama? I agree..What a tool.

      • Sean Manatee

        Why is it so easy to scam rightwingers? They seem to lack critical thinking skills.

      • somet

        Well, we can thank Justin Verlander for derailing one distinction that would have made this weekend’s latest renewal of the Subway Series extra compelling:
        Had Mike Pelfrey figured out a way to nurse that early 1-0 lead, if he hadn’t blown past 400 pitches by the third inning, and if the Mets had managed to squeeze a sweep out of their trip to Detroit, both the Mets and the Yankees would’ve brought matching five-game winning streaks to Citi Field this weekend.
        Fact: The hottest these teams have ever been, together, heading into a Subway Series is . . . well, not very hot at all. In the 15 years they’ve been playing this series, both teams have brought winning streaks into the showdown only three times: 1998, 2000 (when each were on brief two-game bursts), and earlier this year, when the Yankees had won three in a row and the Mets two straight.

    • Brad

      Another liberal columnist…imagine that. Let’s tax and spend while granting amnesty to all illegal aliens. Hooray for big government! Boo to those “evil rich people”! Give me a $&@!ing break.

      • Sean

        I think I’ve determined a causality with those who know how to read and write and those with a liberal bias.

      • doodoo

        You are a mentally retarded idiot. Do you even know what the issues are? Daddy must have spoon fed you up the a**. Loser

      • TrickleDown

        Yep. Grant amnesty to illegals like Ronald Reagan, increase taxes like Ronald Reagan, and make peace with US enemies like Ronald Reagan. I guess Reagan was a communist too.

      • DJ

        All conservatives should boycott until Benjamin Svetkey is fired.

      • LOL

        Fox: Where Truth Goes to Die ®

      • @ LOL

        You troll these message boards writing the same stupid things over and over. Your desperation is amusing.

      • Tom

        Now you liberals can go back to blaming everything on the conservatives as usual. There is nobody to argue with you anymore. Good job at silencing criticism, if only to hide the fact that you never really had much in the way of decent arguments for yourselves anyways.

      • Tom

        I think Fox is “fair and balanced.” Clearly, I have mental issues.

      • Libtard

        I’m always right. And you’re wrong. I win.

      • yati

        No, let’s deregulate and make government smaller to promote business and new jobs. It worked great! Arnie almost bankrupt California as did Bush with the country. They left us with the worst economy since the 1920s. Fostered criminals like Bernie Madoff and Enron executives. Brought the country to brink of collapse with the crash of the mortgage, banking, and auto industry. Record breaking unemployement.

      • Libtard

        Thank goodness Clinton signed NAFTA and GATT trade agreements into law, thereby selling out the entire manufacturing and product-based enterprise of America forever to foreign workers.

      • LOL

        Better to tax and spend than not tax and spend…

      • MarkL

        Tax and spend?! At least that makes sense. Tax cuts to solve the deficit? Yeah, like working less will pay my mortgage off faster. Can’t eliminate tax cuts for the wealthy, but we can cut programs for the rest of us. Seems like someone promises benefits until they have to be paid for. Where’s the golden parachute for the middle class?

      • @TrickleDown

        Don’t confuse conservatives with the facts about their god Ronald Reagan. If they actually knew what he stood for they would be calling for his name to be removed from all public buildings.

      • tarc

        And another Republa!nazi trying to defend the borrow and spend party of the century. Even greenspan has said the republican economic model is an unqualified disaster. Gret a clue.

      • DB

        OKAY! ENOUGH ALREADY! I am so tired of people constantly regurgitating talking points that it give me cramps! FACT: A third grader could balance the budget, and solve the debt ceiling. Balance The Budget: Even the million and billionaires are saying they don’t need the tax cut. These are successful americans that understand that you give back to the country that made you wealthy. The Debt Ceiling: I dare the republicans not to pass the debt ceiling VETO PROOF DEM HOUSE AND SENATE

      • Libtards

        Its not difficult. People who have money spend money and create jobs by investing in new companies / ideas / stock market. When you tax them more, they spend far less therefore hurting the crappy economy more. Why is hard for libtards to understand? You cut spending and stimulate the economy in the PRIVATE sector (not government) and more people get jobs, more people spend, more income to the government – i.e. more tax dollars. Even if you tax the wealthy everything the had, its still a drop in the bucket in the money we owe. And 0bumma wants to spend more… One.term.president.

      • Sean Manatee

        This fool gets his talking points from Faux News. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

      • Jerry

        How come everytime I read any of these messages the liberal posts boil down to attacks on other posters. Don’t they ever have anything to say thats on topic?

      • Y

        Oh yeah, the Republican approach to the economy was such a success during the Great Depression, right? You fool. Businessmen spend money dangerously to help themselves, and cut as many jobs as they can without hurting their own jobs. If you tax them more than they’re being taxed now, who knows, maybe they’ll…….gasp……..OMG…..invest just like they did in the period between Eisenhower and Bush, which interestingly enough was a pretty good period overall for the economy. But let’s not bring facts into this…as they say, ” it works in practice, but does it work in theory?”

      • Y

        Also meant to note that federal and state taxes combined are lower now than in any period since Eisenhower.

      • Redeyecat

        Who is Benjie Svetkey and what was the point of this “review” – just to show what a jackhole the author is and taunt anyone with even an ounce of sense into replying? Real insightful stuff EW. The real bowel movement is this review.

      • Luddite

        Let’s be honest, Jerry: these kinds of posts boil down into both sides attacking those with whom they disagree (see: “libtard,” a charming portmanteau if ever there was one).

      • Janie

        You mean the “big government” that wants me to have a baby even if I get pregnant because someone raped me? Or because my father raped me when I was 12? That big government?

      • Bud

        This article was neither fair, nor balanced. You could learn a thing or two from Fox News Mr. Benjamin Svetkey.

      • @LOL

        You get your talking points from 3 bumper stickers youve read and feel the need to repeat 500 times. Clearly your the loser here in life and on this board

      • George

        Brad- your comment although passionate is severely ignorant-

      • AK

        @Libtards: Then why has that never worked? The economy depressed in the ’80s under Reagan, and now again under Bush.

      • Ray

        That whole “trickle down” economic theory republicans cling to excuse giving tax breaks to very rich, looks great on paper, but doesn’t work in reality. Never has. And more often than not leads to a recession/depression and a higher deficit. Because in reality a billionare who plans on buying a Porshe will go and buy a Porshe. Tax him more – still buys a Porshe. Tax him less – he still buys 1 porshe, (not 2, like the theory suggests) and pockets the extra cash. The very rich aren’t really affected by 3% (or probably even 5%) one way or the other. Those tax breaks should go to those who WILL spend more with the extra cash – the upper middle class on down.

      • Kim

        @Ray- you said it perfectly.

      • BR

        Is you only answer to every single challenge in the USA to cut taxes? Do you really think the world is that simplistic? Do you really think immigration is our biggest problem? You sound like a broken record with not too much thought. so sad.

      • Suncatcher

        BENJAMIN SVETKY – you have to either report the news – or MAKE it. You cannot do both. This is an editorial that you are trying to pass off as news. He who straddle 2 boats – fall in river. Hope you can swim.

    • LOL

      “America is not a circus!” – Glenn Beck. Interesting coming from a dancing bear in a clown suit.

    • world

      a bowel movement.

      • NoChance

        Thank you – that was my 1st thought when he used the word “movement” but I was too shy to say it.

      • SteverB


    • bob

      more like a bowel movement…

    • Will

      more like a bow…oh wait, two people already said it, nevermind.

      • Sarah

        Omg Hahahahahhaha that was hilarious

    • Grumpster

      All time biggest b00b on TV…swear he’s the one who gave it that moniker…b00b tube.

    • MWC

      I had a movement this morning. But I flushed it.

    • Melissa

      Yeah, it was a movement alright. A bowel movement.

      • Melissa

        Oh crap. (No pun,) Didn’t see all the other references to it at the bottom.

    • MikeyNYC

      Oh, yes – Beck did start a movement – a BOWEL movement! To take this moron seriously you have to be dumber than a box of hair…

  • WillOTP

    Nah…you’re not a communist. Just another douche on the internet trying to punch up so he can get some hits on his little un-noticed corner of the Web.

    • Toni

      Funny thing, Will—that “un-noticed corner of the web”? YOU noticed it easily enough to make some half-assed comment the way people like you typically do.

      • rae

        Thank you! Could’nt said it better

      • doodoo

        As if your crack ho loser a** should speak

  • Mayu

    Yes you are a communist. (JK) I believe in freedom of speech and I’ve hear a LOT worse from the liberal media compared to what Glenn Beck ever said. (I have never seen Glenn Beck wish anyone dead, or to die slow, painful deaths from aids, among other bad things I’ve heard from liberal commentators on certain stations such as NPR radio and MSNBC)

    People are just jealous he had higher ratings than other “newsies” in his time slot.

    He wasn’t my cup of tea even as someone who leans conservative… but I at least can wish him the best of luck and I hope he keeps writing books like “the Christmas Sweater” which was really, really good. Surprise ending.

    • Toni

      Mayu, if you can honestly prove anyone from NPR or MSNBC said he should die a painful death from AIDS, I’ll give you a million bucks. Of course, I can make such empty promises because IT NEVER HAPPENED. I think your tin-foil hat is wound too tight.

      • brad

        In 1995, Nina Totenberg, NPR’s award-winning legal affairs correspondent, was allowed to keep her job after telling the host of PBS’ “Inside Washington” that if there was “retributive justice” in the world, former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms would “get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”

        I’ll take certified funds only.

      • Mych3al

        Now THAT.. was a half-a$$ed comment. Tin-foil hat? I heard no mention of little space men.

    • Javadude54

      I saw on Fox News that Glenn Beck was born in Kenya. Why won’t he show his real birther certificate?

      • Loch Ness

        HA HA! Classic.

      • denmac

        And I saw on MSNBC that Obama is a “d*ck”. I guess we’re both more informed now!

      • kang

        He’s a duck??? oh no!

    • doodoo

      Jealous? Of a complete and total moron? What the hell is there to be jealous about? He’s a freaking dumb ass! As are you. Were you born in a cave? Get an education loser.

      • Dr. D

        isn’t it funny how a person who was mocked about his assertions by fools like you is the dumbass and you likely support a guy as President whose resume wouldn’t get him a job at Applebees and who thinks ATM machines cause unemployment…

    • doodoo

      You need help. Like a mental institution and drug rehab

    • Ryan

      …but he did wish to poison Nancy Pelosi, whom I wasn’t a fan of at all, but I certainly wouldn’t go that far to wish her death, and he did wish to beat Charlie Rangel with a shovel, who again deserved the outcome of what he stirred, but Glenn Beck is absolutely crazy.

    • @Mayu

      Beck wanted to poison Nancy Pelosi and even did a skit on his show showing him doing this.

    • ann p

      and how many of you sister screwing tea party nuts threatened the dixie chicks AND THIER FAMILIES WITH DEATH. YES DEATH, for saying they were ashamed bush was president. a conservative with a functioning memory is a non existent conservative

    • BR

      Do you even know what Communism is? Please site your wild claims about NPR, because you did not hear such nonsense. Just because you say it does not make it so. Utter unbelievable nonsense.

  • Myxtyplx

    Ok…’re a communist. Satisfied?

  • D.R. Vinyarski

    You’re obviously biased against Beck. That’s fine. It’s a big club.

    What I don’t get is, why the hostility? Beck is obviously “outside the loop” of BOTH political parties. He’s the quintessential “voice in the wilderness,” blasting the establishment political structure from the outside. So what’s to be so hostile about? Are you a FAN of the established order? I thought that was contrary to leftist thinking. Or at least that’s what we’re TOLD. Just like we’re told that liberals tolerate a plurality of ideas. At least in theory.

    So Beck’s show “didn’t belong on TV”? That’s interesting. So does Jersey Shore “belong on TV”? How about Jerry Springer?

    At any rate, if you think this move is a step DOWN for Beck, you are very naive. The truth is, his vision of a show–however you might categorize it–truly does chafe at the boundaries of conventional TV. I think it’s entirely accurate that both Beck and FOX simply recognized that BOTH parties would benefit from moving the show to a more cutting-edge format that could better accommodate such an iconoclastic vision.

    But go ahead, laugh now while you have a chance. In a few months you’ll be eating your words. Beck’s new format will result in nothing less than an EVEN FURTHER boost in his significance. Mark my words.

    • LMFAO

      Cherry or Grape Kool-Aid?

      • Bob Jones

        lmfao, or whatever name you are hiding behind, you are what makes America suck. There are planes leaving all the time, please arrive early to your gate.

      • LMFAO

        Bob Jones likes young boys.

      • @LMFAO

        Again – you cant argue facts so you resort to name calling. I cant believe you actually think you are making liberals look good doing that kind of 4th grade stuff. So name calling or 3 bumper stickers? That the extent or your posts? Classic.

      • Jerry

        I am appaulled that you don’t have a liberal opinion. How dare you!

      • Katyo

        @ @LMFAO – there were no “facts” in the post LMFAO replied to, therefore your comment is moot. Just wanted to let you know.

    • timbo

      Haven’t we had enough of arch conservative. Mormon interpretations of crazy?

    • doodoo

      Why the hostility? In case you have been asleep the last 20+ years a lot of losers believe his crap

    • @D.R. Vinyarski

      Glenn Beck’s vision of America is based on Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism. Look up Rand and Objectivism and you will be frightened.

    • ann p

      wow vr, did they give you that tea party kool aid when you stepped off the boat? how long have you had a green card? you dont seem to know how this country works at all.

    • BR

      Beck was cancelled because his ratings stink. a new format won’t help.

  • kate middleton

    No one cares about your opinion, Benjamin.

    • Gretchen

      He is an entertainment blogger – it’s his job to give an opinion on entertainment. You, however, have the choice whether or not to read it, let alone comment.

      • Bob

        I guess a conservative blogger would bankrupt this liberal rag?Imagine all the traffic a conservative leaning article would create… all the uninformed libertards would cry and cry and cry. LOL

      • Bob

        I fellated Rush today.

      • @ LOL

        0bama fears one.term.president

      • kate middleton

        Get over yourself, Gretchen. No one comes to to read their take on Glenn Beck.

  • Jon

    I wish Beck the best. Freedom of speach is a great thing. Even for a far left liberal as you.

    • Jon

      I can’t spell “speech.”

    • Will

      Oh no, I see you’re confusing freedom of speech, with tact. Glenn Beck was all about fear-based drivel that scared people into thinking there’s a liberal agenda. You probably think it’s ok to shout “fire” in a public place too. Oh brother.

      • @LMFAO

        Its a tv show and so not the same as yelling fire in a public place. Exaggerate much? You could just not watch it and stfu? Oh brother…

      • Will

        yeah, you didn’t get my point.

      • John

        “Glenn Beck was all about fear-based drivel that scared people into thinking there’s a liberal agenda. ”

        A health care bill that covers everyone is not a liberal agenda?
        A guy working in the WH who is an admitted communist is not part of a liberal agenda?
        Cash for clunkers, cash for -appliances-, $787 Billion of a stimulus plan that couldn’t keep the unemployment level from hitting 10%… isn’t a liberal agenda?

        Dude… if that isn’t… what is???

  • Jeff

    Don’t be jealous just because you will never be on any type of national TV. Also, try to make it less obvious that you are a crazy liberal that makes GB look sane.

    • daisy

      uh, the only person on the planet that makes Glenn Beck look sane is Michelle Bachmann

      • Bob Jones

        daisy, or whatever name you are hiding behind, you are what makes America suck. There are planes leaving all the time, please arrive early to your gate.

      • maggie

        you are correct!
        @Bob Jones,
        telling people who disagree with you to leave the country shows that you don’t believe in the Constitution. @daisy has free speech just like you.

  • BShealy

    You are ALL drinking too much of BHO’s poison KoolAid — if you had watched a SINGLE show, you would have seen what a great educator and, yes, comedian he is. Why do you think the ratings for his showo ate up CNN during the same time? Try looking in another direction besides left, and you might learn something!

    • LMFAO

      Beck defecated on you and you thought it was milk chocolate.

      • Heywood

        Woo Hoo! Well played!

      • kahuna


        Please stop. Yer killin’ me. ROFL.

      • Libtard

        I’m only interested in restoring sanity when I feel like it.

    • Fred Garvin

      Crazy is as Crazy does, those how tout the greatness of Glenn Beck live the ultimate of delusional thinking. I have no doubt that he will spend his waning days announcing the end of the world. Those who follow him need false facts, ridiculous insinuation and, just plain crazy talk! The blind following of airhead Republicans and elitist Democrats are bonded to the crazy Glenn espouses. The intellectual left and right wish guys like Glenn and Al Gore for that matter would quit turning our political parties into a punch line. Good riddance Beck take Palin with you!

    • daisy

      try looking another direction besides right and you may see reality

    • Pete

      BShealy you certainly didn’t learn something looking over on the right to watch The Glen Beck Show. So allow me to educate you since it’s obvious you live in the Fox News bubble. Beck is not a pretty good comedienne, in fact he has never been a comedienne and he has never performed a stand up routine in comedy clubs. He’s not a great educator either. He blatantly lies to his audience or tells fictional stories promoting hatred and fear so he can earn a paycheck. Beck extensively reported on the “end of days” as if it was a serious news story. instead of fiction. Another example of the “lame stream media” known as Fox news, misinforming the viewers! These people are all bat sh1t crazy just like Glen Beck. His ratings are high because crazy people stick together. Fox News is the only network lame enough to target and appeal to the Republican party only. So the “lame stream media” is actually Fox News. Someone better tell Palin needs to stop saying it now.

  • Michael

    While I will say that Glen Beck did have extreme view points on more than one occasion. I will also say that a lot of people have been fallible in there representation and quotation of important topics that Beck has tried to talk about in the past. It is his right as an American citizen to talk about what he feels like are serious issues and give his view point on the topic. If you don’t like it don’t watch the show. Someone obviously thought his opinion was worth voicing and that’s how he got the show in the first place.

    • doodoo


      • Ryan

        Pot meet kettle.

      • Bob Jones

        doodoo, or whatever name you are hiding behind, you are what makes America suck. There are planes leaving all the time, please arrive early to your gate.

      • Libtard

        I don’t need a lesson in American History. That’s boring.

      • maggie

        Libtard is either Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin.

      • world

        Ok Bob Jones, Not liking Glenn Beck means you should leave the States? What?? I don’t get it, I don’t get you. If Glenn Beck is indicitive of true U.S thought and speech, god help you all.

  • Sam

    Whatever you earn for your uneducated and ignorant comments is too much.

  • Ka-Boom

    If people are willing to pay for his online show, it just proves the adage; there’s a sucker born every minute.

  • Darth Vaders Mistress

    Why is EW turning into such an anti-conservative / anti-Fox news site? Not exactly hiding it anymore with douchebag bloggers like Benjamin Svetkey. Its pretty simple concept. Freedom of speech exists whether liberals like it or not. If you dont like what he has to say, then dont watch or don;t listen. Tell Ken Tucker and everyone else that too.

    • world

      Because anti-fox means pro truth.

    • LMFAO

      America is awake now. We see the GOP for what it is — traitors.

      • Darth Vaders Mistress

        What an ignorant and stupid comment. Someone who disagrees with you is a traitor? Really? Are you that close-minded? Go back to your kool-aid and be quiet.
        “We” – the rest of the world outside of your rose colored glasses – knows the real truth.

      • LOL

        Fox: We Distort You Comply ™

      • @ LOL

        See. You have no response other than repeating something you saw on a bumper sticker over and over. Stupid people like you are so easily amused. Funny!

      • Larry Craig’s balls

        Republicans are pimples on the a$$ of Democracy.

      • @ LOL

        You cant actually discuss so you call names?

      • Big Dog

        Facts have a well-known liberal bias.

    • doodoo

      Its not liberals loser…the guys a freaking idiot…and only idiots like you support his mentally challenged a**

  • marsha

    …No, …just stupid.

  • Barack Palin

    This is a dark day in American history. The one person who had the courage to talk about what is really going on has left. Hopefully people will wake up and throw the communist out next year and replace him with a President who loves America and doesn’t actively seek its downfall. Goodbye to Glenn Beck-you will be missed. And America wake up and see we don’t give the communist another four years! And a big shout-out to Mark Halperin for his courage and getting it right and telling the truth however inadvertedly.

    • LMFAO

      The GOP hates America. The feeling is mutual.

      • Eric

        Libs hard America that’s why they are always trying to change it douchebag

      • Eric


      • @ LOL

        Now you are just repeating yourself. Youve gone through the 3-4 bumper stickers you quote already?

    • matt bricker

      Glenn beck. You are one of my many political idols. Right up there with rush limbaugh. I’m sorry u won’t be on tv anymore. I’m only 21 but I know your the only one in this country that’s not bat *$#t crazy.

      • daisy

        you know your comment proves that you are, in fact, bat *$#t crazy right?

    • gato

      Are you still high?

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