'Transformers 3': In which Michael Bay turns Optimus Prime into a sociopathic idiot douchebag


Even by the surprisingly flimsy standards of ’80s action cartoons, Transformers was not a good show. The toys were fun — this was back in more innocent days, when talking cars didn’t have tongues — but the cartoon was a parade of random robots with colorful names and zero personality. The one exception — really, the only reason why Transformers has become so iconic — was Optimus Prime. Designed like a cross between a medieval knight and a robo-Captain America, Prime had a surprising amount of character depth, especially considering that he was a tall robot machine that transforms into a truck. For one thing, he seemed to be the only Transformer who actually cared that they were, you know, the last of their race. There was a weird streak of melancholy in Prime — imagine Jack on Lost, except without the ability to cry all the time. He had compassion. He was not, in short, a homicidal war junkie who seems to get a delicious thrill from forcefully tearing his enemies in half.

So of all the various offenses of Michael Bay’s Transformers trilogy, one in particular sticks out: The slow devolution of Optimus Prime from a caring leader to a homicidal ninja douche rocket. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Prime pays lip service to noble causes, saving humanity, etc., etc. But his actions don’t bear that out: If you read between the lines, Prime is actually something like the ultimate Michael Bay protagonist, a character who uses the cause of Goodness to justify every conceivable violent atrocity. Really, he’s a sociopath. He’s also a complete idiot.

Let me explain (Spoilers ahead, for anyone who still cares about plot, in which case you’re adorable): The final act of Transformers: Dark of the Moon begins when the Autobots are forced to leave Earth by the sniveling diplomats in the United Nations, who for some reason always think it makes sense to negotiate with gigantic evil robots who are called Decepticons, which would sort of be like negotiating with a terrorist group called “People Who Lie To the United Nations.” The Autobots’ rocket is then shot out of the sky by Patrick Dempsey, a sniveling corporate guy. And then the Great Chicago Massacre begins. We see buildings brought to the ground, Decepticons firing laser beams that explode civilians into ambient bloodfog, and because this is a PG-13 movie, we don’t see any grieving mothers or children with their faces burnt off, but predictably that is what would happen if giant evil robots purged a city of all living beings.

After 24 hours of this, the Autobots show up, and Prime reveals his brilliant stratagem: They faked their death to prove to those sniveling U.N. bureaucrats why they need the Autobots. Hold on this for a second. The Autobots have been on Earth this whole time, and they let Chicago burn to the ground… just to prove a point? Oh, thanks so much, Optimus Prime! My cousin in Chicago is dead because you had to be the biggest douche in the universe and wait for us humans to beg you for your help! What a hero!

Anyways, at this point, Prime kickstarts the last hour of the movie with a line that had everyone in my theater gasping: “We will kill them all.” That’s not an empty boast — the Autobots fight their way through Chicago killing every Decepticon in their way. I don’t want to sound like a wet blanket. A lot of this is pretty awesome. But the Prime that I remember was a real hero: He didn’t want to kill anyone. Compare that to Movie-Prime, who, in one eye-popping shot, flies down into the middle of a Decepticon squad and kills nine of them: He slices, he dices, he shoots, he punches through robo-hearts, and he grabs the last one by the throat and performs a fatal tracheotomy. All that’s missing is a scene where Prime bathes in the blood of the fallen Decepticons and screams, “I am become Death!”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love bloodthirsty action heroes, which is why Conan the Barbarian is basically my favorite action movie ever. But Conan has code of honor, and a grisly sense of humor. Prime is a just a self-righteous douchebag. The big twist of Dark of the Moon is that Prime’s mentor, Sentinel, is actually a bad guy — and, since Prime brought him back to life, he’s indirectly responsible for the complete destruction of Chicago, which you will remember he could have also stopped at any point, but he had to teach the U.N. a lesson. (At one point, Shia LaBeouf tells Prime, “It’s not your fault.” YES IT IS. TAKE SOME FREAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF, YOU HIPPIE.)

At the end of the battle, Sentinel lies wounded, completely defeated. This is the point at which a real hero, say someone like Batman, would say something really clever and assert his moral superiority by taking Sentinel in custody.

Instead, Prime shoots him in the back of the head.

And when that doesn’t do the trick, he shoots him again.

So, in short, by the end of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Optimus Prime has become a bloodthirsty idiot douche rocket with no moral code, who gladly sacrifices millions of lives in order to prove that humans can’t last long without his awesomeness. Who’s ready for a fourquel?

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  • MWeyer

    Thanks, Darren, you just saved me twelve bucks and two and a half hours of my life I would have wasted on this garbage movie.

    • Brick

      This movie was a pile of product placement. I felt like I was watching a 2.5 hours long commercial.

      • jmcg

        Just curious, how is that different from any other Bay flick? Every single time I’ve watched one of his movies, during certain parts–especially the montage scenes, I thought it was just like a commercial. That dude is a hack.

      • Andy

        Funny, I didn’t even notice any product placement. Haha! I guess I must be immune to noticing/caring about product placement.

      • Emilio

        Actually, you’re an easier target.

      • Tim

        Thank Darren for being wrong on so many levels. First off, The Autobots did not sit around and wait 24 hours to get Chicago. They got there the same time as Sam and company, who drove to Chicago from the same spot the Autobots were last seen. Also, Sam and company left before the Decepticons started to destroy the city, as they only went there because they know Patrick Dempsey’s character had taken Sam’s girlfriend there. Put two and two together and that means that the Autobots also left to face off with the Decepticons before the destruction in Chicago started. And like everyone is saying, do you expect 9 Autobots to take 200 Decepticons (which is the actual number of Autobots and Decepticons in Chicago because it is mentioned in the film) in to custody? It would be different if Optimus lead 200 Autobots and slayed 9 Decepticons, but that’s not what happened.

      • Tim

        P.S. This site has the dumbest article categories. They usually make no sense at all in relation to the topic that is actually being discussed.

      • Tony

        *Andy* You could not possibly have missed the Lenovo laptop computers. No way you could have missed it.

      • michael

        this is actually a mix of the cartoon world into real life. they did it on the cartoon in the 80s samething happened and the on the cartoon cyberton became a moon of earth. and yes cisco and lenovo was everywhere

      • salnaligr

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      • Max

        I have to agree with Tim on this one Darren the real idiocy here is your take on the movie. I guess the numbers speak for themselves as it seems to be doing very well in the box office, which seems to exemplify how far out of touch with reality Daren really is.

      • Mike

        RE: “Product Placement” complainers. Yes, I laugh at it just as much as the next person every time I see a Ford logo in a Fringe or 24 episode, or a Chevy, Mercedes, Computer brand logo in a Transformers movie….but I gotta ask…what’s the big deal!?! Remember back in the 80’s when they used to have sitcom families gathered around drinking cans that looked like Coke cans but were doctored up covering the actual labels and have something written on them that just says “COLA”? We live in a brand-centric world…why not reflect that in the movies and television? Especially television where we’re all fast forwarding through commercials these days with the DVRs. They have to market to us somehow. And I’m not sure how product placement somehow makes Michael Bay a “HACK”….yes I know it’s a term thrown around to explain his directing skills but because of PRODUCT PLACEMENT? Yeah…I’m not seeing the correlation. And in other news…just saw Transformers 3 last night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Do I think it’s the best movie ever and expect it to win BEST PICTURE at the next Academy Awards? No, of course not. But it served its purpose as a summer popcorn flick where you don’t really have to think too much. You can enjoy the crazy action scenes and maybe get a chuckle here and there at a bad joke. And hey…the plot made sense!! Large improvement over Revenge of the Fallen. But hey, everyone looks for something different in a movie I guess.

      • Mike

        To Darren (author of article):

        1.) Definitely overthinking this movie a bit but I get that you have to get paid to do something!

        2.) I believe Optimus didn’t WANT to kill all of these Decepticons but he was left with no choice, given that they HAD just destroyed an entire City and were going to make the humans their slaves. Ummm…even Leonard Nimoy (sp) playing Sentinel quoted his best Spock line saying “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” OR THE ONE! Maybe Optimus was ignoring his moral compass to determine what was in the best interest of ALL humanity. That would be to OFF Sentinel, Megatron, etc… It’s not like Obama and crew showed any compassion to Osama Bin Laden did they? (And I’m not saying that they should have but you have to see a bit of a comparison there)

        3.) The cartoon. Dude, maybe your memory is better or worse than mine on the cartoon but I remember several characters other than Optimus that had a bit of personality. Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, Hot Rod. etc… In fact the only one that I can really remember having NO personality is Soundwave, but that was kind of intentional. And his voice rocked! lol Maybe I’m just being nostalgic but that’s how I remember it. And btw…this isn’t in relation to anything in the article…but being a child of the 80s and obsessed with the original animated movie…having the matrix of leadership play such a big role in this movie was fantastic!!

        Okay…now “I” have officially overthought this movie too!

      • Greg

        Transformers always was one big product placement, by Hasbro for the toys. Add Transformers + Michael Bay and you really have to go in expecting it in heavy doses.

      • Mike

        touche’ Greg, didn’t even think to mention that too. Both GI Joe and Transformers were just one big commercial. And hey, I loved every minute of it and I definitely got my toys afterwards! LOL

      • PrincessBride

        I couldn’t decide which was more distracting – the product placement, or watching the chick’s shoes change back and forth from high heels to ballet flats in the scenes in Chicago.

    • Mmore

      I went before noon and only paid 6$ and I wanted my money back. Optimus Prime only showed up for dessert. Tyrese and Josh Duhamel took care of everything. Optimus Prime should have been more present.
      Michael Bay sucks.
      And WTF with the love story, very lame! THey should stop putting romance in these Transformers movies.

      • MChitez

        I’m sorry i must have misread the last comment but isn’t it optimus primes’ job to take out the big fish…I don’t know say megatron maybe sentinel, shockwave….Take Sentinel into custody, please, what a pile of cat crap. Custody in a human prison, yeah that worked well for megatron’s death. ohh yeah take him into custody so he can start the samething from scratch again, sorry but he did what he was meant to do he’s a soldier.

      • The Truth

        Prime is not a soldier he is a leader and sets the example for all to follow. Bye the Bye soldiers do take prisoners and are required to when an enemy combatant surrenders or is no longer able to resist. I would know as a former officer in the armed forces that participated in combat operations.

      • Headric

        YOUR ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT, “THE TRUTH”. Optimus should’ve adhered to the intergalactic Geneva Convention to which the Decepticons are considered part of, what with the whole lying to the UN and such. I haven’t even seen this movie and your argument makes no sense…

    • Cygnus

      Well written and said. Transformers is a weak shadow of the weak cartoon from the 80’s. Sad. If you ever encounter Michael Bay while camping, don’t let him near your campsite. He destroys tent poles.

      • JML

        “If you ever encounter Michael Bay while camping, don’t let him near your campsite. He destroys tent poles.”
        This cracks me up!!!! So true!

      • therealeverton

        Of course the studios looking at the hundreds of milllions of dollars he’s brought in; and Hasbro looking at the hundreds of millions of extra toy sales cash and licensing money would dissagree with you. That doesn’t mean thefilms are grat, but hardly destroying tent poles when their aim is to make money and they do so.

    • christine

      this is the best movie; i dont know what ur talking about. if that doesnt sound good then that means u shouldn’t seen the other 2 movies.

      • Sherry

        agreed! saw it and thought it was amazing! come on ppl watch the last two movies and you’ll know what to expect from the next movie: explosions, robots, and a splash of romance here and there. that’s these movies in a nutshell. if ya don’t like it don’t pay money to see it cause u’ve had 2 movies to get used to what u’re gonna see there’s not gonna be any shockers

      • Schlock

        Sherry, you left pushed-up cleavage off the list. With a side of pouty lips and shiny hair…

      • Leigh

        Hey Schlock…don’t forget that the hot girl wore WHITE in almost every scene!! Hello! She barely got a speck of dirt on her during the entire battle! I am so sick of seeing this twerpy (sp?) little guy (the main actor “Sam” is so lame) getting hot model girl friends. Not going to happen! Then he can’t get a job, except as a mailroom delivery boy, after saving the world twice? Again, lame! This part of the story was so boring, seeing him whine about not being able to get a job and then his parents being so disappointed in him. Jeez, he did save the world twice already (before he even started college)…talk about high expectations. What was the point of having the parents in the movie anyway? I thought the Autobots were sorely underutilized in this movie and it was confusing as to who was who, since we actually did not see much of them as a team. Sorry, again just a few nitpicks! So happy I did not spend $18 on the 3D XD version!

    • ds

      I saw transformers 3 and i loved it, even more than the 1st one.

    • Melaswen

      Maybe some of the blame should go to Ehren Kruger who after writing Scream 3 & this mess clearly has a problem with movie trilogies.

      • deedee

        Oh really, he wrote both? Scream 3 is just awful, like a bloody episode of Scooby Doo.

    • Chris

      Darren, are you forgetting they had to crash land in the atlantic ocean, make it to shore, then drive to Chicago? I don’t think they waited around for things to get worse, I think they moved as fast as they could.

      • Mommatails

        except for the fact they said they were never in the ship in the first place…

      • Durbs

        Mommatails, yes they were in the ship. If you would have watched it, you would have known that they said they were in the first booster of the ship that broke off and fell into the Atlantic. I agree with Chris.

    • ewgery


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


      f r e e——– s h i p p i n g

    • james

      I’m one of the normal people who saw the movie and gave it an A. I disagree with most of this article. The ‘oh so just and never evil’ overused hero-type is what Optimus Prime was in the last two movies. In this one he gets a much more human and relateable persona.

      • kl

        the article was funny but makes no sense.

      • Fred

        I agree with you. I saw the movie with my 8-year-old son and we loved it. It is fun and entertained. I actually think the plots of the three movies and specially this last one is very tight to the original 80 comics, that by the way was an awesome cartoon series, kind of revolutionary for its time. Actually that is why has been so many different versions. My son started with the most recent and then saw the original ones in DVD and he loved, he made all the history complex connections through all the seasons. I totally disagree with this Darren in his opinion about the cartoon and the movie. It is funny how the critics think that a sci-fi movie of alien transformers robots have to be “real” give me a break, this is just to have fun. I think Bay made a movie for the real people and not for the critics and that my friends is his big success. That producers want to make money, what a surprise!!!, but they are giving us at least some entertainment.

    • Thomas

      Hey man, if you are pretty much a mindless assclown and let people make up your mind for you, you can just give me 20 bucks a month and I will tell you what movies you like and don’t like for the rest of your insignificant, no opinion life. Let me know how you feel about that one, sheep.

      • Darth Leroy

        No, No…. tell ‘em how you really feel

    • memo2

      I completely agree sorry for these folk’s who spend over two hours watching an experiment performed..

  • Mr. Holloway

    I haven’t seen the movie, but judging from this headline am I to understand that Shia LaBeouf played Optimus Prime this time out?

    • Matt1


    • nykolus


    • ted

      hilarious and true.

  • AuntieMM

    Wow!!! So much for ‘I just want to see a movie where stuff blows up’. I’ll wait for the $1 dvd rental at Christmas.

  • Chuck

    For as happy as I usually am to just bag on Michael Bay for every other example of cinematic excess and bad idea known to humankind and reducing everything he touches to lowest-common-denominator knuckle-dragging idiocy, in this particular case, sadly, I really DO think he’s simply fulfilling the wishes of his core audience. We (by which I primarily mean American moviegoers, although I am more than happy to scapegoat members of all other nationalities as well) have become an increasingly revenge-obsessed, bloodthirsty society, as evidenced by, for example, typical comment sections on entertainment websites such as this one. Why, then, isn’t it logical to assume that the natural extension of this progression of collective sociopathy would be to turn our movie heroes into exactly the same sorts of amoral, violence-obsessed adrenaline-and-suffering junkies that we all are (or at least PRETEND to be, online, in the safety of relative anonymity and obscurity)? Bay’s version of Optimus Prime is no different than your typical lunatic on the movie boards, screaming “KILL ‘EM ALL!” and trying to be as over-the-top offensive as humanly possible. In short, he’s a movie version of an Internet troll.

    • Krystal

      ah you are so winning with this comment. I admit I get blood thirsty in violent revenge. *shrugs* movies have effed me up.

    • @Chuck

      Do you realized your each of your sentences are 4 lines long?

      • Jeremy

        Do you realize your sentence makes no sense as written?

    • DGH

      How do you know that people haven’t always been this revenge-obessed before we just didn’t have the internet for people to post comments on?

      • Taylor

        Exactly. Look through history.. Humankind is typically driven in some aspects by revenge.

    • batmanvsnavi

      You guys understand he was just killing the bad guys who were trying to destroy the planet right? Why should he have mercy for them? The thing I find funny is that the same people who bash on ALL of Michael Bay’s movies are going to go see the new “Harry Potter” film, which is essentially a two and a half hour long battle and they are going to love it. They are going to love it for the same reasons they hate the “Transformers” films. It bothers me that the same people who bash these films will sit through EIGHT “Potter” films, all of which have essentially the same plot. The only difference between the films is that there is a different magic object that Voldermort is trying to get (sorcerer’s stone, that weird map). You find reasons to bash Michael Bay. You hate on Michael Bay because it has become fun to. And because rottentomatoes says what movies you need to like.

      • Andy

        I think people just rag on Michael Bay because it’s cool to rag on Michael Bay. HOWEVER comparing Transformers to Harry Potter is laughable to say the least. Harry Potter is all heart even amongst the explosions while Transformers is really just the explosions.

      • Sasha

        No one said ANYTHING about the Harry Potter Movies.

        Yeah I’m an HP fan but WTF does those movies have to do with Transformers?


        Who ever compared them?


        So calm the Fk down

      • h

        I don’t think you’ve seen the HP movies or read the books. The “bad guy” Voldermort was never after some weird map.

      • Tony

        *Sasha* read the comment before yours by Batmanvsnavi…then go away!

      • Mocha

        Like h said, I don’t think you’ve seen the movies or read the books…Voldemort wasn’t even in two of the installments, including the one where the “weird map” was a plot point. The two franchises are only similar in that they contain action; each Harry Potter movie and book has an interesting, fairly complex plot, whereas each Transformer movie is mostly about explosions.

      • Sasha


        I didn’t even see that comment when I typed mine in therefore I wont take back what I said or go away.

        What does me stating my opinion matter to you anyway?

        If I want to state that no one compared Transformers to Hp in the first place, its my right to say so. If you dont want to read the comment then how about you go away.

        I could care less. I’m a fan of both but it pisses me off people like you comment on comments like you know everything.

    • HB

      I like your comment, agree with you

  • Krystal

    this is hilarious. I’m sorry. i died reading this.
    ” (Spoilers ahead, for anyone who still cares about plot, in which case you’re adorable)”

    • ckhutch

      HAd me laughing aloud along with “imagine Jack on Lost, except without the ability to cry all the time”

    • thin

      Yeah, that was a great line!

    • SoyBombGuy

      Totally agree !!

  • Pat

    Two things. First off the destruction of Chicago occurred at the same time as the Autobots being shipped off. They didn’t wait 24 hours. Two starscream destroyed their ship, not Patrick Dempsey. I don’t know where you got that one from? If it was because you think Dempsey was somehow in charge of that decision you couldn’t be more wrong.

    Although I do agree with you on the Optimus killing Sentinel thing. That was weird.

    • dbfjkl

      Patrick Dempsey likes to play d-bags A LOT.

    • kyo

      Not as weird as you think. If you look back at the second film, in the beginning of the movie the autobots were brutally hunting down and killing peacefully hiding decepticons, they were not affecting anybody. I think Bay is just bloodthirsty for pointless robot carnage.

      • jason

        peacefull? they werent hidding, they were looking for the thing in the pyramid. when does a crane and a audi ever hide together. if they were peacefull, they would be decepticons, but no they werent.

  • dingobaby

    I think you have to take the movie’s logic at face value. The Autobots were grossly outnumbered. If they try to face the Decepticons heads-up they likely lose (and Chicago does down anyway). At least the element of surprise gave them a “fighting chance.” Bigger problem is O.P. allowing Shia to blow their strategic advantage to rescue Victoria Secret.

  • theguyfromec

    Completely disagree with this “opinion” of the movie. The autobots were outnumbered by the hundreds, what were they going to do, make a decepticon prison camp with only 9 autobot guards? Yea that would work really well! Sentinel had to be destroyed because he was the only one who can activate the pillars, and we wouldn’t want that to happen again, would we? I do feel that Megatron’s death leads me to believe this will be the end and that really sucks. Also, the Autobots were forced to let the US leaders see what the decepticons would do when they were sent off, IT WAS THE ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT. How is that their fault? They were told to leave Earth and not return and you think they should be blamed for not returning sooner? Give me a break. I did not enjoy the first third of the movie, it seemed to drag on. I did, however, enjoy the rest, up until the end when all major decepticons were destroyed leaving me to believe this will be the end of the trilogy.

    In all, if you enjoyed at least one of the Transformers movies, please do see the third.

    • RJC

      Agreed! I mean, come on – why is everyone so upset that Optimus shot Sentinal? The a**hole completely betrayed his ENTIRE race of Autobots by making a deal with the devil and then spearheaded an attack that murdered, presumably, thousands of humans in Chicago. I still bought Optimus’ conflicted feelings over the betrayal and doing what must be done, but that’s the thing – what had to be done was taking down the absolutely merciless Decepticons (THEY were the real sociopathic idiot douchebags). I swear, I feel like people are just LOOKING for ways to complain about summer blockbuster film. I know it’s no masterpiece (definitely too long) but it was a fun ride and that’s what I want in my Transformer’s movies.

      • harry

        Thank you!!!!

      • therealeverton

        What these guys said

      • E L

        You’re right. We should be complaining about the lousy writing, the terrible, terrible comedy bits, the sheer unlikability of Shia LaBeouf’s character, the lack of personality given to any of the robots, the miserable misuse of good actors embarrassing themselves, the constant sharp tonal shifts, the horrible use of 9/11 and Challenger disaster imagery…

        Really there’s a lot to dislike this movie about.

      • Mason

        I was gonna post, but you said it all. If someone betrayed me and my family they’d get shot. I think one of the major themes of the movie was to make the Aurobots more human. Optimus has let them live before and look what happened. Great movie!

      • TDH

        Thank you. I agree with you one-hundred percent. I have read way too many reviews by now, and they are all a carbon copy of eachother. I read one review that went so far as to describe Peter Cullen’s voice as “annoying”. I mean, I get it, you guys don’t like the movie, but when you wantonly take shots at Peter Cullen, who does great work as Optimus, then I can’t take you seriously.

        As far as your “review” is concerned, if you are going to try and tear DOTM apart, at least get your details straight. There is nothing I hate more than someone that ridicules something while not having a clue what they are saying.
        I loved that Optimus finally was aggressive, even bloodthirsty. He was noble in the first one, and would have sacrificed his life had Sam not used the cube to kill Megatron. In “Revenge of the Fallen”, they sought out Decepticons to kill them because Decepticons are evil, dangerous. They are decepticons. It’s like deciding to leave a terrorist sleeper cell alone because, well, they don’t seem to be harming anybody. Transformers mythology dictates that Autobots are good and Decepticons are evil, therefore killing as many decepticons is a good thing. Also, in “Revenge of the Fallen”, Megatron stabbed Optimus in the back, then blow him up from inside. Talk about a cheapshot. Then, after being resurrected by Sam, Megatron tried to kill Optimus again.

        I loved that in “Dark of the Moon”, Optimus finally showed some serious emotion. I had been waiting for it. When Optimus apologized to Sam, and Sam said it wasn’t his fault, that it just made him seem human, I loved it. You guys complain that there is no depth to the characters and then when the chracters finally show that there is something underneath, you guys deride them. A “sociopathic idiot douchebag”? What are you, seven years old? Optimus goes to save Sentinel Prime and bring him back to Earth because Sentinel is his mentor, and then Sentinel Prime proves to be a traitor at heart and betrays them. HE KILLS IRONHIDE. One of the coolest autobots and one of my most favorite characters. Then Sentinel steals the pillars only to invite wrath apon Chicago and the world and to enslave mankind. When Optimus said “we will kill them all” I flat out pumped my fist and cheered. What don’t you get? The autobots are good and fight for humans and the decepticons are evil and want to destroy everything. It is that simple. What is so hard to understand?

        Sentinel Prime deserved everything that came to him. He threatened to kill Optimus if they met again and would have succeeded had Megatron not stepped in. Sentinel Prime ripped Optimus arm off and almost took his head off. “Take him into custody?” Who the hell are you? Optimus Prime finally decided enough with the bull**** and ended it. He trusted Sentinel and was betrayed. Megatron was always going to be bent on universal domination. Optimus finally showed that he is a freaking warrior and shouldn’t be messed with. I absolutely loved Transformers 3. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT.

      • @ EL

        yo relax its a freaking movie, don’t go around saying they used imagery of 9/11 and the Challenger disasters and act like they should be castigated for doing so. By that logic, there can’t be any more space shuttles/air crafts getting shot at, and in action & disaster movies no buildings can topple over or be on fire. If you wanna trash Transformers for doing this, then you also have to trash a whole slew of other movies ( All Star Wars movies, Deep Impact, Armageddon, 2012, Independence Day….the list can go on and on)

      • Taylor

        Agreed and well put! It’s. A. Movie. That means entertainment. And it was entertaining. Enough said.

      • VMully

        @TDH I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said

      • Mike

        @TDH and VMully: Agreed here too!

      • HB

        People don’t like the idea of the autobots practicing vigilante justice, what is so hard to understand about that?

      • Ozzdo

        To those saying Sentinel Prime deserved to die, I ask this: Why doesn’t Batman ever kill the Joker? The Joker has killed hundreds of people over the years. Batman would solve a lot of problems by just snapping his neck. But he doesn’t, because that would make him exactly what the Joker is, a murderer. He has to hold himself to a higher standard, a higher moral code. That’s why he’s a hero. Is it crazy to expect Optimus Prime, a character that has always been motivated by honor and justice, to do the same thing?

    • Schlock

      Oh man, you guys take the cake with your plot “analysis”. The only reason for any lame “plot” is to set up total carnage, destruction, mayhem and explosions. Plus the occasional Victoria Secret break…

      • Mike

        And the problem with this is….???

  • Jim

    Let’s just be clear…this is a dumb, blow em up, shoot em down film made because the Director has to compensate for the shortcomings he has physically…and therefore, this is garbage….

    • Joe

      RIGHT ON!! TDH you should have your own review up. That was the Best reply EVER!!!

      • Mike

        Joe I love how you responded to TDH on the “WORST” comment ever LOL instead of on TDH’s. Good times!

  • Dr. Steve Brule

    So does Entertainment Weekly have a quota of how many times you have to use “douchebag” in a post? This honestly comes across as a rant from a heavy-breathing hot pockets eater that lives in his mom’s basement. You work for a reputable publication, at least have some standards when you write something.

    • TQB

      Honestly, no, it doesn’t. It’s freakin’ hilarious to anyone who doesn’t give a hoot about this movie but will be forced to watch it with a spouse and/or child.

    • Shane

      I love it!! Thanks Dr.!

  • del

    Did we watch the same movie?? This movies wasn’t as bad you made it out to be. This article is pointless, a ninja doucherocket?? Are you 13?

    • harry

      Thank you!

    • Chad

      If he was 13 I think that he would have liked the movie.

      • therealeverton

        MAybe because he wouldn’t have spent so much time trying to come up with things to hate tha he didn’t watch the movie. A lot of what he says here either didn’t happen or happened in a totally different way to his “memry”. HE also has a poor, poor memory of the old cartoons too, where his hero Prime killed many Decepticons when he felt it was required. I believe the word is WAR!

      • thin

        Or maybe because 13-year-old boys are dumb.

    • Meh

      You’re right. It’s not as bad as he points out… it’s worse.

  • orville

    Yeah, plot really isn’t the point of movies like this, so who cares? And, yes, I probably will see it just for the destruction of Chicago since I had to live through all the news reports while they were filming last year.

  • DJ

    LOL this is great…and pretty spot on. I did think it was odd when Prime said they would kill them all. But at the same time I thought it was fuggin awesome. I liked this one better than the previous 2. Hilarious read though, lol..

  • jdmiami

    Ok I will admit I am an 80s Transformers geek, but does the author not remember a scene similar to the one in Chicago in the original animated movie? Prime mows through about 10 Decepticons to get to Megatron. “he must be stopped, no matter the cost”…Prime is a soldier. Thats the whole point. He does what needs to be done.

    • harry

      Thank you!!!

    • DGH

      I don’t think the reviewer cares about anything other than how many times he can say douche in a review.

    • Mark

      Also a fan of the 80’s movie. Prime was going to kill Megatron, until Hotrod jacked it all up. Optimus is a leader and a soldier. Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

    • Mike

      Totally agree jdmiami, and then when he takes on Megatron “One Shall Stand and One Shall Fall”…of course, they used that quote in the first Bay movie so couldn’t use it again.

  • SLB

    Wasn’t the government a bunch of d*uchebags to the autobots in the first two movies? And the decepticons are *ssholes.

    • Meh

      And the director of these flicks is both!

      • LOL

        America still loves crap.

      • Mike

        Hmm…I believe the movie is doing well overseas too. Want to rephrase?

      • harry

        Right Mike! What do you say LOL?

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