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This episode had a lot of highs and many lows for Ashley. You’ve all had very strong opinions about Bentley this season, both good and bad. I want to deal with all this episode had to offer, but first I want to give you some updates on things we have coming up in the very near future for you. First of all, we have wrapped the first part of production on Bachelor Pad 2. It is incredible and will far surpass anything we came close to producing last summer. From start to finish this show will entertain like never before. We will also be bringing you what we’re calling “Bachelor Updates” on our most popular couples. The first you will see on Monday, July 11th. I sit down and talk to Emily who is speaking publicly for the first time about her relationship with Brad. I know all of you have had tons of questions about Brad and Emily, and their silence has only added fuel to the tabloid fire. Emily and Brad wanted to remain silent until the time was right for them to speak. That time is now, and you will see and hear all next Monday night.

As for the current season of The Bachelorette, I don’t think we’ve had a more emotional episode yet. Hong Kong is a beautiful city and we were all looking forward to getting there, but we knew what lay ahead at first was going to be rough. I understand that many of you felt like this Bentley thing dragged on a little too long. We actually would have loved to have put an end to this last week in Chiang Mai, but logistically that just wasn’t possible. One of the problems of shooting halfway around the world is you just can’t hop on a plane and get there in one or even two days. Because of travel and the time difference, we had to wait until we all got to Hong Kong. I did my best to give Ashley the ammunition she needed for her encounter with Bentley. I urged her to not let him be “Bentley” again. Don’t let him get away with talking for an hour, giving what I’m guessing he thinks is his sexy look and saying absolutely nothing meaningful. Turns out, that’s exactly what he did. The guy has an amazing talent for saying nothing in such a sincere way it’s hard to tell you’ve actually just heard nothing. The good news is Ashley was prepared this time and called him on his nonsense and sent the dude packing. So the long and short of it is Ashley is good and Bentley is gone. But that was really just the beginning of this episode. What lay ahead was much more important.

Ashley’s date with Lucas was a good one, but I’m still not sold on the chemistry between them. I’d like to get your thoughts on a man asking permission to kiss a girl. I have my theory on this, but I’d like to get your opinion — is it romantic or insecure? The group date was very cool. Having never been to Hong Kong, I never knew that just outside one of the busiest cities in the world are some of the most beautiful exotic beaches in the world. One thing I really noticed on the group date was how many guys admitted they were falling for Ashley. Ames, Ben F. and Ryan are all falling hard for her. The one thing I can’t quite understand is why Ryan drives these guys crazy. Sometimes there’s just people that rub you the wrong way, and he just must be one of those guys. Ashley’s one-on-one date with JP was very interesting, specifically how good their chemistry seems to be. (Side note: I want to bring up another question for you ladies to answer this week. Why do all women ask men when they cried last? Is it to make sure they are sensitive or to show that they can be vulnerable? Seems to be a very common question women ask men on dates.)

After telling JP about Bentley, Ashley was really feeling really good. But she had a very different reaction when telling the guys which lead to a total meltdown at the cocktail party. Confident men like JP, Ames, Ben F and Ryan had no problem with Ashley and were very cool about the whole thing. Most of the guys that got upset calmed down after a while — except Mickey, that is. I honestly don’t think he meant to leave, but he ended up talking himself into a decision he couldn’t get out of and next thing he knew, he was on a boat and headed back home. All in all it was a rocky night and a rocky episode, but Ashley has come out the other side a better, stronger woman and the guys that remain are definitely all here for the right reasons. As you saw in the tease at the end of the show, what remains is an amazing tale you will really enjoy watching. In the meantime check out more Bachelorette extras on our official website and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Cupcake

    Whew! Ding dong the Bentley is gone! Could their conversation have been more awkward? Kudos to Ashley for FINALLY moving on.

    Lucas was very sweet on their date. It was nice to see Ashley relaxed and having fun and Lucas is such a guy’s guy. He has that southern gentleman charm quality that can really make a woman melt.

    The guys keep talking about Ryan being fake somehow but I have only heard and seen great things about him. Ryan being positive and friendly saved the day for his team on the group date. Blake was sounding and acting like a brat.

    JP. JP is just rad. Handsome and sweet and he is so into Ashley. They talk so easily together and have great chemistry. She did say that kissing him was the best ever so maybe that is a sign. I think they both handled their conversation perfectly. JP is a man. So refreshing.

    The group conversation was not so smooth and I understand why some of them got upset but she was just being honest. I think she had had time to process the Bentley closure and they needed time for that processing too. When Chris told her Bentley was in the hotel she was shocked so it is fair that these guys would be too. JP took it in stride which was great. Ames was a stud (and way to go after a kiss in the elevator there buddy) and it was not surprising since he always seems mature and polished. I don’t blame Blake, Lucas and Constantine for being hurt at first but it seems like in the end all / most of the guys (not you Mickey) were able to take a deep breath and appreciate how hard that must have been for her. Mickey leaving was sad but also fine because he really didn’t seem to be making any big effort to talk to her or connect so sail on down the line dude.

    It was nice of Blake to defend Ashley but he did that to the guys and did not say anything positive to her. All she heard from him was complaining and him making her feel worse so it was not a huge surprise that he went home.

    • Megan

      I disagree. Mickey was only guy with a brain. He left because he felt that Ashley was a lie and a cheat. At first I admired Blake for saying that he didn’t want to be second fiddle to anyone since he felt that Bentley was Ashley’s first choice, and now he was gone, so she had to choose whoever left, but then somehow he felt mushy when he saw her crying…Blake should have walked out on her like Mickey (that way he would have more respect for himself than letting her eliminated him).

      • Mandy

        I actually don’t think Mickey or Blake were that into Ashley anyway; especially Mickey seemed to be making no effort to connect with her, rarely talked about her, and was mostly there to hang out with the guys, it seemed like. Neither one seemed that busted up when they left, so good riddance. The “more confident” guys like JP, Ames, Ben and Ryan were the ones who were visibly into Ashley. Constantine is another one who should go soon.

      • KSam

        Really? It is necessary to say that about dentists? I feel like I’m in the Hangover…

      • Michelle

        Mickey was a “mans man” for leaving. He knew her heart wasn’t with them for the last month. Honestly, Mickey is a handsome, charismatic guy wit a whole lot going for him. He will find a great gal….I suspect he will have alot of interested girls when he gets home. I felt bad that he left, but I also felt it was very good for him to get out of that toxic situation.

      • Ava

        Really Lydia, really? You must be insecure to put down another profession. I certainly would not want you to be my doctor!! No wonder you have to go on a dating web site.

      • ALR

        Mickey acted like an immature boy. He made a snap judgement and ran. The mature way to handle it, if Ashley had kept him around was thinking about what Ashley had to cope with and then if he felt he didn’t want to continue on the show, have an adult conversation with Ashley and tell her he wasn’t comfortable with how she handled the situation and felt that was an indication that they weren’t and good fit and then leave with a little dignity.

    • Annie

      Ashley is pathetic and needy! She only gave Bentley the boot when it was clear that he wasnt going to give her the reassurance she hoped to hear. So it was clear that all the other guys left were second best. Has this woman ever dated?? Because she is absolutely clueless about men. To feel it was honest to describe her ridiculous feelings for Bentley to the rest of the guys was so stupid and showed no concern for their feelings. I’m so tired of her crying every episode. I hope Brad is watching it all and realizing that she’s a nutcase and what he saw on his season was a fraction of the insecurity and stupidity she’s showing on this season. She’s NOT a dentist, she’s a dental student. What a disappointing choice for the Bachelorette. Chris, you needed to give her a tough love conversation a long time ago. I am so sick of stupid, insecure, boring Ashley. This season is as bad as Jake’s.

      • SLB

        Ashley is the most pathetic bachelorette this show has ever had. Mickey and Blake were the only smart ones. They’re free now.

      • MsMo

        Well said Annie…. Thank you! I can’t say it better myself. You said it all.

      • Toby

        Oh my gosh I totally agree! Ashley is the most clueless bachelorette I have ever watched. I appreciate her trying to be honest but not every little detail in your brain needs to be shared.

      • Linda Moore

        I agree totally!!

      • Linda Moore

        Amen, Annie!!

      • Ally

        I still agree though that she is pretty clueless and I was really happy that Mickey had a brain and left

      • Jesse

        Amen Annie!! I love Chris Harrison, but in what world is Ashley a “stronger, more confident woman”??? She would have left all the remaining guys on the show in a SECOND if Bentley wanted her. Heck, she’d probably go running tomorrow if he called. She’s a teenager who wants a bad-boy, end of story.

      • Tiffy

        Ashley is a wonderful person. She is sweet and strong. Just like any young woman, she is not completely confident. However, that is every young woman. Some have more confidence than others, but all young people lack some confidence, and are growing and maturing. We are all going through a process. How can we sit here and belittle a fellow human being without going through what they go through? We all have been there, we all have toxic relationships, we all have led guys on mistakely. This show gaurentees that will happen, but they knew what they were getting into. Ashley is a wonderful person, and I wish her the best. She is strong, smart, kind, and gentle. She is sensetive, but then again what woman isn’t? WE SHOULDN’T JUDGE OTHERS BECAUSE WE ALL GO THROUGH THE SAME THINGS.

        I love Ashley as a person, and I wish her the best in her life. I have my happily ever after, and hopefully she will find hers soon.

      • melissa

        Seriously, Ashley asks to arrange a meeting with Bently obviously hoping he’d ask to come back…he doesn’t, she gets ticked and the next day after weeks of pining for him and talking endlessly about her strong feelings for B, she declares she’s over him and ready to move on…..Ashley-you’re clueless. You seem like a nice girl but honey, you need some help. If a man doesn’t look at you when he speaks and doesn’t ask about you—just a couple of sirens should go off in your head screaming ‘he’s just not that into you’!

      • Mari

        Ashley is a twit, there are no brains in there. Blake asked an obvious question, what would she have done if Bentley had tried to woo her back. She would have fallen hook, line and sinker. Mickey was the last man standing and leaving. Good for him.

      • JR

        Annie…you said ut all. Ashley is the most boring Bachelorette ever. I am so tired of her whining about her insecurities.

      • ALR

        Ashley told Bentley there is time to be a man and man-up! As soon as as it clicked that he never was going to do that, it was over for her.

        She wasn’t the least be boring. She was a real woman who admitted she had insecurities. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t have some insecurities. If I meet a woman who didn’t have one insecurity, she would be a female Bentley.

        If you are tired of her expressing sincere feelings, then don’t watch the show but that would be your loss.

    • Kim R

      Good recap. May I say that JP looks like a fantastic kisser…while I did not get that from Ames. Hmmmmmmmm…… :)

    • A

      I think Mickey realized that if what she was looking for was someone like Bentley or Ryan – he was not her man. I respect him for not wasting his or her time. I do agree he was kind of boring until that move. He definitely got more interesting/attractive after he confronted her. I think Ames and JP really like her – so they are blinded by the fact she told them her first choice was Bentley. The heart has no IQ. There is something not right about Ryan – I feel like he is playing the game and wanting to win. He does not come across as genuine.

      • aj

        I am curious if the trash talking that Bentley did in interviews was apparent when he was with the guys. In other words – did the guys know that Ashley was not only hung up on Bentley, but that in fact he wasn’t even into her? That would color reactions alot, i think.

    • Amber

      She’s so comfortable and feels so right with JP, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be headed for second place. That’s where the comfortable ones seem to end up, even though they’re the ones I root for.

      • Vickie

        I agree JP is great! Seems alot of chemistry there. & even though I believe give credit where credit is due re Ashley telling everyone…think that IF she had really put Bentley behind she would of kept her mouth shut. Was hoping all the guys were going to walk away!! She might be left standing alone “at the alter.”

    • Lah Tee Dah

      I am 38 and have NEVER asked a guy when was the last time he cried. I think that is totally stupid. Even my 10 year old daughter said “why does she keep asking them that?”
      Asking for a kiss? Hum. First thought is: awwww that’s sweet. Real thought is: buck up dammit and kiss her if you want to!
      I suppose it is insecurity disguised as respect/romance.

      • Valerie

        Exactally, like Ames did in the elevator… just go for it…

      • LD

        The way Ames approached the kiss in the elevator was just plain hot. He’s intelligent, obviously very well educated, all around nice guy – but when he wants something he just goes for it. Very refreshing to see.

      • ALR

        I have been married for 18 years and early in our relationship my husband told me of a time he cried. He did so not so I would think he was sensitive but so I would understand what had happened in his life before we meet and what was important enough to make him cry. And, no it wasn’t the death of a family member because most people cry – men and women – when they lose a close family member. Thinking back, I wouldn’t have asked him what made him cry, but I’m glad he told me because it gave me a lot of insight into the man he was. So, I think women that do ask are trying to get to the man they are dating and what is truly important to him in life.

    • HB

      It’s weird for a man to ask for a kiss. I want him to go in when the time is right. He should be able to feel it. Why do women ask when is the last time you cried? To see if the man is open or totally cut off from his emotions.

    • DIDI

      to answer Harrison’s questions: a man asking permission to kiss a girl is a totally unromantic act, it kills the mood (if there was one) and completely insecure. Trying to move the ball to her court, but if she wanted to, she would have shown it in ways men understand (or even do it herself).
      Why do all women ask men when they cried last? well, Chris, not all women. It’s a pretty stupid question for the first few dates, and only gets stupider as you go on dating, it’s something you have to learn about a person, and asking that will not achieve anything or move the relationship forward.

    • Elly

      Funny … Both Ashley & JP are called or want to be called “cupcake”. So, are you either of them, or just a relation, Pumpkin?

    • Jelly

      Chris really your comment “You’ve all had very strong opinions about Bentley this season, both good and bad” was just strange. Who had good opinions about Bentley?

  • RS

    Ashley was a pathetic, terrible choice as the Bachelorette – and each episode confirms this. I’ve given up on watching (I can find better things to do with two hours of my time as opposed to being irritated) but I do read the recaps for entertainment. I’m not sure if it’s still entertainment if all I feel now is pity and embarrassment for the “star” of the show. PLEASE make a better choice next season! What about picking a woman who is an actual catch, who is worthy of having dozens of men vie for her attention, such as someone who is confident, intelligent and beautiful? The show would be better for it! This season proves that.

    • jessica

      I’m thinking you have to be pretty damn smart to make it through dental school? No?

      • audrey50

        No, not really. I know a lot of dumb dentists.

      • @ Jessica

        Ashley is book smart ONLY

      • kelly

        she hasn’t made it through dental school and there is something wrong with her — she really is intent on ruining any chances of love. there was absolutely no reason to bring up bentley to the guys– it’s bad enough that we have had to endure it for weeks, even this episode — she said his name 1000 times — its a drinking game. Is someone really that stupid? Here’s a guy who is trying to be a nice guy and not tell her he’s not interested — and left — but yet she would rather the closure. And add to that the pure stupidity of her telling the other guys she was hung up on him? She is truly insane. Worst bachelorette ever and I think whoever she picks will be the unluckiest guy and it will not work out.

      • Megan

        No you don’t have to and case in point Ashley Hebert.

      • AN

        Really, being a dentist is not that hard. It’s just a lot of book work and training. They aren’t really considered a doctor.

      • Cari

        Wow? Really? Dentistry is a science and requires a lot of coursework and dedication. Just because someone is not good with men doesn’t make them overall “stupid”. Saying so is simply being unkind.

      • Karen

        I thought she was in school to be a dental hygenist, not a dentist. Dentists ARE Doctors. Doctors of Dentistry, DDS stands for DOCTOR of Dental Surgery. They can also be Doctors of Dental Medicine.

      • RS

        Perhaps, arguably, book-smart only. Think of all the rather dim-witted or not street-smart attorneys, doctors, etc., that you know (or at least I know)? It is painfully obvious that Ashley is not the brightest bulb on the tree. Surely you can’t argue otherwise, at least not with a straight face!

      • Sarah

        That would mean Blake is very smart.

      • Kelly

        Of course she’s smart — she attends an Ivy League graduate school. That doesn’t mean she’s got good common sense though.

    • reerun5

      Ashley is INSECURE and immature. She needs to grow up a lot. There ARE better choices – the thing is, the chances that a woman is really secure with herself and her life far increase when she enters her 30, which apparently is spinster-land for TV. And before you say it, there ARE still single women in their 30s. But, this has definitely been a dramatic entertaining season…

      • Megan

        I agree this season was the wackiest and thanks to Ashley..

      • Autumn

        I agree. I was shocked when ABC picked Ashley. She is not that great looking and walks like a cowboy wearing chaps and spurs. She has NO PERSONALITY at all. She’s so boring and immature I was taken aback when ABC announced her and I predicted a crappy season. And here we are, in a crappy show. Ashley has no charm and so the show is lacking as well.

      • Lucy

        every time she mentioned Bentley’s name or the situation tied to him, I thought good thing I not doing the “drinking” game to this stupid show!

    • Oldowl

      That is soooo fickle. Every person have a right to find someone who loves them truly. Some people just don’t know how to search for the diamond in the rough and fall for the shiny piece of broken glass that later cuts them. This show is a good learning tool if you one, and not just entertainment. Everyone knows someone like Ashley, or is like her, learn from her mistake.

      • Amanda

        Do you know what fickle means?

      • Aunt Sassy

        Do you REALLY believe she’s looking for someone that truly loves her – on a reality TV show? People wonder why the U.S. is falling apart – it’s because people are stupid – and thinking this show is “legit” is proof of that.

      • elee

        umm aunt sassy you are writing on this message board too…

      • Cleo

        Hear, hear, Oldowl! There are so many naive girls like Ashley. It’s troubling that so many people are jumping on the Ashley-bashing bandwagon. She did what she did unknowingly. The producers KNEW what they were doing by not cluing her in!

      • Aunt Sassy

        @ elee – that doesn’t mean I actually WATCH this lame show. Sorry, but with it’s track record – coupled with the fact that this show makes a complete joke out of marriage – I would sooner watch a “Hoarders” marathon than spend 2 seconds of my life watching this stupid girl pretend to “fall in love” with a complete stranger.

    • Sailor

      To mercilessly slam someone speaks volumes about one’s own insecurities.

      • Ava

        I agree Sailor! There seems to be a lot of perfect people making comments.

      • Jennifer

        I agree Sailor…these people don’t know Ashley personally they think they know her from a show. American isn’t ruined because we watch reality TV…America is ruined because we think we can judge people without looking at ourselves.

      • Sammi Wong

        Completely agree. Some of these people are so cruel and quick to judge. I bet a lot of us probably can’t handle the pressure and the decisions that comes with being the bachelorette! She is human afterall, we all make mistakes and less than fantastic decisions.

      • Mari

        She is on a dating show for the world to watch and judge, yes judge. Why would she and Chris Harrison write a blog otherwise? She is brainless and has no personality, that isn’t cruel but accurate.

    • Linda

      Like, say, Emily. I still can’t figure what she saw in Brad.

      • mickey

        Actually, I can’t see what Brad saw in Emily, personality-wise. At least as far as what we saw, she seemed kinda boring.

    • Julie3

      She’s pretty, she’s smart, but she’s nice. How many nice young women -haven’t – fallen for a manipulative lying jerk? It’s easy to deceive a nice person if you plan to do so, as Bentley did.

      The ones I fault are TPTB, including Chris (who used to seem like a nice person, but between Bentley and “the roast”, has apparently sold his soul to the highest bidder).

    • bev

      “What about picking a woman who is an actual catch, who is worthy of having dozens of men vie for her attention, such as someone who is confident, intelligent and beautiful”? RS: Those women don’t NEED to be on this show!!! Agreed… she is the most pathetic choice! JP should RUN for the hills! *then turn left, run over a few more hills & turn right to get to MY house!!

  • DarwinSF

    I don’t know why were are giving Ashley kudos. This is the first time where I honestly am not rooting for the Bachelorette. I want to give Ashley the book “His Just Not That Into You.” Girl, get a clue.

    • Melanie

      Hahaha! So true!

    • wakeforce

      She’s the type they wrote the book for

    • Tracygrrrl

      I’ve been saying that to my husband all along! Every basket case should have that book.

      • lisa

        All of you saying how dumb Ashley is, she was NOT privy to Bentley’s interviews where he trashed her. You are only smart to Bentley because they allowed us viewers to see his true self. Think about how he talked to her, conned her, he was so smooth. Re-watch the Roast episode, how he swooped in and talked to her after her feelings were hurt. I say shame on the production team for not allowing Ashley to see the footage – I know that’s taboo, but they should make an exception in such a brutal case. So all of you Ashley haters, need to re-evaluate.

      • Cleo

        I wholeheartedly agree, Lisa! Why are we hating on Ashley and not the producers, who let her be humiliated?

    • DarLai

      LOL. Same page. I said last night, “i don’t even want her to find love… does that make me a bad person?”

      • MsMo

        No DarLai it doesn’t. I’m with you on the same thought and I’m not a bad person. Ashley isn’t going to ‘find love’ because she wouldn’t recognize it if she did and wouldn’t be able to hold on to it. She’s not ready to handle love. She sabotages it, sad to say.

      • MsMo

        No, you’re not a bad person. I agree with you, sad to say and I’m not a bad person. Ashley isn’t ready for love. She couldn’t handle it if she did ‘find it’. She sabotages it. She needs time to and for herself, not 25 men on TV to choose from.

      • Jennifer

        Yes…You want the worst for someone because you have judged them from a reality TV Show.

      • Jennifer

        Yes. You want the worst for someone…because you have judged them from watching reality TV.

      • kysan


    • Linda Moore

      Great idea!

  • Hopper

    Crazy bad. Ashley is a sinking ship. Speaking of which, that dragon boat group date was equally uninspiring.

  • jessica

    Finally!! My favorite episode by far. The mood of the show has done a 180 from last week! I know so many people have been hard on Ashley but what they should realize is how strong her resolve is. She learned from her experience and is now open to move forward. I think so many of us women got upset because we could related to the struggle and heart ache. Ashley seems to me, to be the real deal. The most REAL person to be on this show. I feel that this just might now be one of the most romantic seasons….

    • libragirl83

      Finally someone else who understands Ashley. I just wish people would realize that all she knows about the guys is based on what she sees not on the conversations that happen between the guys or the private interviews. Also being emotional doesn’t necessarily mean you’re immature, it’s just the way some people are. Especially after getting your heart broken. And yes you can fall in love pretty quickly after meeting someone. I know of a couple who got engaged 2 and 1/2 weeks after meeting and they are going on 30 years of marriage. Also everyone has times in their lives where they don’t make the best decisions and everyone has flaws. And having a flaw or not making the best decision doesn’t neccessarily make you immature. As for mentioning Bentley over and over this episode revolved around what happened with him so of course they are going to mention it. Also it is a weeks worth of time put into 2 hours so in reality she probably didn’t mention him as much as it is portrayed on the show. Until you’ve lived someone else’s life and seen things through their eyes and with their thoughts and feelings you shouldn’t criticize them because you aren’t perfect either.

      • heartful

        Regardless of how frustrated I was about “The Ashley & Bentley Show” I would have to agree with you 100%. This is by far the best comment on this thread hence my reply. I think people need to understand that this show pretty much tops the charts on “reality tv entertainment” there is clearly a lot of editing done on their ITM’s to make certain things sound more prevalent than they really are. The voice overs for this episode as an example. Producers want ratings. With editing in Bentley’s case i don’t give a rats ass but in Ashley’s, i wasn’t surprised Mickey walked out. She should have seen it coming but people need to cut her some slack. To those who keep saying Mickey & Blake didn’t seem that into her, I disagree. Neither Blake or Mickey in my opinion were given a fair chance just like Ben C. Of course we don’t see what goes off when camera’s are off or scenes that are deleted so who the hell knows what really goes on? We only form opinions on what we see & I think it was extremely classy of Mickey to leave (even though i reeally wish he hadn’t!) because if anyone was getting the impression those two men were not making an effort to connect with her I would say from what I see it was the other way around. The coin toss issue on her date with Mickey would have put any guy off on a first date. Ashley could have had a 1 on 1 with Blake or Mickey this week but she chose JP again as expected. It’s her decisions I feel that are costing her this season & she’ll have to ofcourse deal with that. I just hope there’s a ring on her finger at the end of all this & someone makes her an extremely happy woman & the favour is returned. She deserves a happy ending like the rest of us. Go Ashley.

      • Aunt Sassy

        OMG – could you be any more lame? A ring on her finger because she “deserves” it? THAT is hysterical!! What she deserves is herpes on her lips and for one of her parents to shake her for being such a lametard. If she was my daughter I’d change my name and my will and never have anything to do with her.

      • Sailor

        @Heartful… Wow. Well said. It’s nice to read a post in which someone is truthfully addressing Ashley’s issues without ripping her apart. Well said.

      • elizabeth

        Libragirl, that was the most thought out, balanced comment I have read here, and was a great relief to those who understand how love can drive your emotions. I appreciate this

      • Laydioon

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    • realityfan

      How strong her resolve is to do what? Send everyone on the show (and whp watches the show) to therapy? You should watch her conversation with Bentley again, she spent the entire time blaming him for her being hung up on him. Really? The guy had LEFT, every other person would have seen THAT as closure.
      As for her telling the guys about Bentley, I believe her intentions were good but she is showing that her unrealistic streak is going strong because it never even occurred to her that some of them might be miffed.

      • kkp

        Right, but he left and gave her the reason of not being able to be away from his daughter much longer and how it was tearing him apart, and she fell for it. And he gave her the impression that he was still interested in her, so I can see why she didn’t get closure. And I think if she had said when she told the guys about Bentley that she had stronger feelings for all of them at that point than she ever had for Bentley and told them what he told her was his reason for leaving, then maybe some of them wouldn’t have reacted so strongly and would have been more understanding of why she needed closure.

      • Juneau

        Bentley lied to her over and over. She’s young enough to take a guy she likes at his word. After seeing this season and the things he actually said about her, I doubt she’ll ever do that again. And what’s with the show giving Bentley a free vacation for a stupid, short conversation? And he continuted to lie to her (albeit in the form of mumbling which is all he’s capable of). I think they could’ve done that on the phone or in a text. I can’t believe you gave that D-bag more air time.

      • Glowbug

        Ashley lacks awareness –that is why she had to “confess” to the guys how she was hung up on Bentley–why not keep it to herself & finally throw herself into the remaining guys–they didn’t have to know–but because of her immaturity she is treating them like her girlfriends–I’m surprised other guys didn’t join Mickey and leave–

      • Pam

        Reality Steve says Ashley slept with Bentley.

      • Mellissa

        Reality Steve has very clearly stated that Ashley DID NOT sleep with Bentley. However, I’m fairly certain some ragmag like Star said it. Reading Comprehension 101, sign Pam up.

    • JC-VA

      Not really. I think if Bentley decided to stay she’d picked him at the end not knowing he was playing her all along. I didn’t see her get any issues resolved.

      • Natasha

        Agree!! She didn’t find closure Bentley
        Forced closure on her. Saying “you could have phoned? But you flew here to see me?” delusional… He flew for a free trip and more camera time not for you. Ack!!! I like Ashley because she us such a delusional, self-absorbed twit. Makes it funny to watch.

      • Mari

        She is confused about “Closure”, the only closure was Bentley didn’t beg to be back, like she wanted. There were no answers. What if he had wanted back? Where would the closure be then.

    • Mel

      You’re one of the few that feel that way I would say!

    • Megan

      Dramatic entertainment season? yes, romantic season? No. What is romantic when only a minute before she got rejected by Bentley when he put it a period on her and in a wink of an eye she fell madly in love with another guy..If I was the guy she chose at the end I would seriously question this so call “love”.

  • jessica

    Forgot to mention,love how she handled Mickey. She made him take ownership of his choice…his expression was priceless when she told him that if he was that serious, then he would have to take the initiative to leave

    • jenny

      She made him take ownership — give me a break? She didn’t want to make the choice herself — she would rather be left than for her to send someone home. It’s ridiculous. Can they just fast forward through this season, this is just the worst bachelorette ever.

      • Bean Reel

        Worst season ever?
        I’m wondering if Ashley will hence forward be know as the Bachelorette that killed the franchize. The decision to cast her should be a firable offense.

      • Linda

        I agree….the worst Bachelorette ever. Too much crying all season….I don’t ever want to hear the term ‘dot dot dot” EVER again!! hahaha And someone said it in an earlier post – she does walk like a cowboy wearing chaps! She is very bowlegged, and the super tight jeans she wears just makes it look worse!!

    • Narcissa

      She did not “handle” Mickey. Mickey told her to send him home. She got mad because that was the what, second rejection in so many hours. You need to understand this…if Bentley had been more of a jerk than he already was, he would have played her till the end and right now, Ashley would be with him because he would have made it to the last rose ceremony. He told her ‘period’. She’s lying to the guys because they think Bentley asked to come back. No, she asked them to bring him back. Ashley is dumb and whiney. The one thing I agree with Bentley (and some of the other guys according to Foot-in-Mouth Will) is that Ashley should not have been the Bachelorette. Chris H is doing damage control. Next year’s Bachelorette can be no one short of Lady Gaga.

      • ghostlight

        @Narcissa. Chris’s attempts at damage control are pretty much limited to “you have strong feelings about Bentley, good and bad.” You think, dillhole? What about all the anger that was directed at you, personally, last week Chris, what about that? How about the overwhelming majority of viewers saying that Ashley should never have been chosen for Bachelorette in the first place?

      • Bus Driver

        After this disaster of a season, I bet this is what happens: Emily goes on TV on July 11 to explain that she & Brad are through, and to throw Brad under the bus. ABC helps throw Brad under the bus (again). Emily looks like a saint. Emily gets announced as the next Bachelorette; basically, a chance at redemption for the franchise. This fall, instead of filming another Bachelor season, the producers switch it up to a Bachelorette season. Starring Emily of course. I’m sure they had plenty of good applicants that got turned away last time. Plus, they could even bring back some of the promising ones that got stuck with Ashley (a.k.a., Mickey, West).

    • realityfan

      HER expressions were even more priceless when he said (something to the effect of):
      1. ‘If that’s what you’re looking for please send me home’
      2. ‘I don’t think it’s an issue of sacrificing’

      Touche on both counts

    • Tom

      Jessica, you’re crazy if you think she “handled” Mickey or anyone else, or that she “made him take ownership”. Did you miss where he ASKED her to send him home? If anyone handled anyone, it was Mickey. Up until this episode, Mickey was probably my LEAST favorite guy, and I still had a tiny bit of respect for Ashley, but now I have lost ALL respect for Ashley and Mickey has EARNED my respect. Ashley treated all these guys like dirt. She doesn’t deserve any of them. If the situation were reversed, and any of these guys were the bachelor and Ashely was one of several ladies, every one of them would send her home right now with no regrets. But Mickey is the only one with enough integrity to actually make the choice to leave himself. He deserves to be the next Bachelor. Bring him back and give him a chance at meeting somone honest with some spine and integrity, the complete opposite of Ashely.

      • jessica

        oh tom, take a chill pill. I have my PHD in psychology…bet I understand human behaviour a little more than you ever could

      • Ziz

        Wow, you’re a little full of yourself, aren’t you Jessica? You can have all the book smarts in the world and still not understand people. And how do you know that Tom doesn’t have a PhD himself?

      • Megan

        yes I vote for Mickey too. He was man enough to do that. He didn’t stand out at the beginning but when he had the talk and did the walk.. boys.. I admire him so much. I thought his leaving was so dramatic.. i love it. Especially when he sat on the boat and waved goodbye to the guys.. he was so cool. Yes ABC bring him on… Mickey for next bachelor.

    • Megan

      Are you kidding, she put her foot in own her mouth for saying so because the guy actually did walk out on her (and his leaving had reduced her to tears). How embarrass it is for a bachelorette when a suitor had to beg a her not to give him the rose. We have had bachelors/bachelorette asking for excuse to leave the shows because they have personal issues that needed to be resolved, but begging the bachelorette not to give him the rose speaks volume how he felt about her.

  • Patti

    I think she has the best of the bunch left and she should follow her heart. On the previews it looked like she gets left at the alter. Please not another mess at the end!!!!!

    • Megan

      No I don’t think there would be a messy ending because the crew had finished filming the ending with her getting engaged (rumor to be JP). But I don’t know if the relationship is in a kaput mode now that he got to watch the part she begged Bentley to come back for her so call “closure”. She only told them that Bentley was in the hotel, and that she got the chance to have her closure. Her statement was so vague. There were so many ways to interpret this. All the guys thought that Bentley had asked to return, and they assumed she put him down. But they didn’t know that she had begged for his return. And her closure was because the guy rejected her.

  • Judi

    I can’t stand watching anymore. Boring Ashley, Boring guys.I feel sorry for them all.

  • Lloyddabbler

    Ashley: “maybe I’m just not cut out for this.”. Um. Yes. That is correct. Maybe it’s time to end the selection of a recetly dismissed courter as the king or queen of rose court…

    • reerun5

      I don’t know though… The next Bachelor could be JP or Ben – I’d sign up!!! JP. Ben. JP. Ben. JP. Ben. :)

    • Jennifer

      I rarely do this, but I yelled at the TV, “You think?!!”

      • SLB

        LOL. I did the same thing. Duh Ashley.

      • Linda Moore

        Me too!

      • Sailor


  • Toy

    Not all of us women ask guys when they cried last. I can honestly say I have never asked that question. Never. Just not into the crying type I guess.

    Yes, Chris, asking if they can kiss you is nice. Not necessarily in the way Lucas did, but usually it’s nice.

    I don’t think the Bently news would have been such a sucker punch if she hadn’t lectured them about honesty constantly before that. She brought that on herself. Getting closure is good, leading the guys on isn’t.

    • wakeforce

      In this day and age, asking for a kiss from a girl can stop you frome getting slapped- or kissed back with an assault charge!

      • Megan

        I didn’t think asking a girl to kiss is weir, I thought he was such a gentlemen since he is southern man and all.

      • Juliana

        I can only see Lucas asking for a kiss as being respectful and respecting others is still important.

    • DreamyK

      It would NEVER occur to me to ask a man when he last cried. Just as I have never been asked by a man when I last cried. If a man DID ask me that I would be very concerned about their mental status (crying may be a turn on for them i.e. sadistic).

    • lisa

      gross, do not ask first…. takes away the moment. If I don’t want it, I’ll turn away. I also would not ask a guy when the last time he cried was. That’s non of my business, I’ll deal with your tears if I see them.

  • Lizzie

    I record them all and love it, but I shut off the tv when the last rose was to to be given. This one was lame. I normally love it, but now I’m out. Not the usual. I don’t care who got the rose. The last two standing were the best, whoever got it.

    • Elle

      I agree with you completely, Lizzie. I, too, shut of the TV. I’m done. I have so much respect for Mickey in the way he handled things. He walked away with his dignity intact.

      • JC-VA

        I agree with you 100%. And I’d say more, any guys in there with some dignity and respect for themselves, should Run, Run, Runnnnnnnnn

  • Hannah

    I’m just glad Ashley got her closure. We all have someone in our past like the B-word. Hers is on TV. Can’t be easy. I like her because she isn’t invincible – much easier to relate to, she is driven and makes people feel at ease with her outgoing personality. Also love her and JP. What a great match. He’s so calm it has a great effect on Ashley too. She doesn’t have to be entertaining; she can just be herself around him.

    • january

      She needed closure after a 2 day date, a guy that she was warned about, a guy that left her and she tells him to F-off???? You asked to see him. Ashley you got issues. And then you decide to tell the other guys, I wanted to throw something at my tv.

      • JC-VA

        LOL… I wanted to shoot my TV last night and pull her by the hair.. LOL..

    • Narcissa

      Closure? I think you need to look up her recent interview with Jay Leno. She still won’t say that she’ll never give Bentley another chance. The girl may be book smart, or maybe she’s rich and paid someone to do her dental school homework…I dunno. She’s a hot mess.

      • Halle

        I think she was just trying not to give things away when she was with Jay Leno.

    • realityfan

      Closure? The guy left, how much further can you shut a door?
      And how much would you want to bet she would have taken him back if he had asked or shown the tiniest bit of residual interest?

      • sprite

        Sad but true.

      • Mellissa

        It’s not a matter of a door shut, it’s a matter of a period.

  • Ron Swanson

    This show makes me want to burn things. I love puppies, but it makes want to harm puppies. It makes me want to throw a small child through the screen. Maybe thats why I watch it.

    • JC-VA

      Easy Ron, c’mon now… breatheee.. now gimme the puppy and put the baby down….

      • Juliana

        Love you…Ron <3

  • CO

    I think this is the most annoying thing I’ve ever seen. This girl – yes, girl because I don’t think she can be called a woman – drives me crazy. And the men are even worse, have some selfrespect, I know this is a competition with ohter guys for just one woman, but one thing is to compete with the people you see and another completely different is to compete with the people you see and someone you don’t even know is ahead in the race. Plus who the hell says that they are over someone and still keep naming him every few minutes. Wow this girl needs some work before she can actually have a decent relationship.

    • Michelle

      They lost all self respect when they signed up for a reality dating show.

  • Sandy R.

    Why is the editing so different in this Bachelorette season? Hardly any consequential conversation makes it onto the screen. I am watching a travelogue with lots of emotional drama, but actually, the way it is edited, one gets hardly a strong impression about who these fellows are and why they like her beside the way she looks. I don’t know anyone who has a clue why Ashley liked Bently based on watching the episodes with the two of them. He never said anything to recommend him as a “catch.” This season falls short of letting the audience know the difference between the characters enough to care who gets chosen.

    • Jenn

      I find it fascinating that Chris H. says that we have all have “had very strong opinions about Bentley this season.”
      I haven’t had strong opinions about Bentley – I have had strong opinions about the producers. I think the way that they have handled Ashley, the dates…honestly, almost every part of this show has been handled in a way designed to hurt or humiliate someone.
      I think you make a good point. Where are the conversations? Where are the relationships? I’m tired of contests and challenges. If I want to watch those types of things, I’ll watch a different show.

      • ghostlight

        Yeah, Chris is full of “fascinating” replies. Inane, content-free replies that all amount to “watch next week’s show” and never actually address any of the viewer’s issues. He doesn’t even write this blog.

      • Mel

        couldn’t agree with you more! Well said!

      • heartful

        On the same page as you Jenn. Bentley = RATINGS. Why the hell would they have intervened or not flown him over? This is why i feel bad for Ashley. This situation could have been stopped if the people who could have intervened given her emotional state DID & just showed her the damn clips of the s*** that comes out of his mouth. Is THAT a hard thing to do when your travelling all around the world Chris? Ratings or not, give me a bloody break.

      • Lynn

        If they really cared about her AND they wanted ratings, they could have taped her watching all of his “confessionals”. It would have saved them the money of the trip and, more importantly, he would not have received anymore TV time.

      • Sailor

        @Lynn and @Heartful… Agree! If Ashley’s emotional state had any value to the producers, they would have shown her clips of his confessions. I used to give Chris the benefit of the doubt when it came to the way things have gone on, but the ruckus this season has ripped the blinders off. I guarantee you that if Chris had a grown daughter, he’d advise her to either not be on the show or arrange for her to watch the confessions of whatever putz that crawled from under a rock to pull the same crap Bentley did. There’s no way any of the producers would either. But then again, after seeing the way some dads manage the careers of their pop star daughters, maybe they would.

      • tennisfan

        I agree, Jenn. I keep saying that Bachelor(ette) is going down the wrong path now. Yes, I understand they like having drama, but they can get that by allowing these people to really get to know one another and spend time together — not with frauds and ridiculous competitions that are supposedly dates. They’re just turning it into another typical reality show that is the furtherest thing from reality. Remember the early days of reality shows, and even this franchise? While situations may have been somewhat contrived, the REALITY of watching people live together, get to know one another, even fall in love, was the entertainment. You felt like a fly on the wall in these people’s lives and didn’t see the hands of the producers everywhere. They’re really missing an opportunity here to be different than the rest of the pack of reality TV, very dissapointing.

        I’m still rooting for Ashley — she’s not the first person to fall for a manipulative person, and it does appear true chemistry is blooming with JP — now that’s what I want to see!

    • sprite

      She liked Bentley because he was “Hot”…seemingly only to her…even after she was warned about him. That in itself shows how immature she is…she developed “feelings” totally out of proportion to the situation. She spent a few hours at most with the man, who had no qualities that made him seem such a good catch, did nothing to try to engage her in any way and then left…And yet, she continues to harp on him. She is whiny and immature and the producers (Chris H included) exploited and continue to exploit that. She and they have made this the worst season ever and the only reason I continue to watch is that I like JP and the scenery is fantastic. Sadly, I now think poor JP will “win” and next season we will be having a special update about why they didn’t work out.

      • Michelle

        I don’t see it. I don’t find him the least bit attractive. Then again, maybe his personality made him ugly in my eyes.

      • mikey

        How do you spell twain weck?

      • van

        It is all staged, get it through your heads

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