This Week's Cover: Behind the scenes of the wild and witchy new season of 'True Blood'

Playing the smoking hot vampire Eric Northman is humbling, to say the least, for Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard. So to say that he’s used to the adoration from female fans of True Blood, the subject of this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover story, would be a bit of an understatement. (For proof, consider this little detail that EW dug up from Charlaine Harris, the author of the extremely popular Sookie Stackhouse novels that serve as the inspiration for True Blood: She says that fans often ask her to autograph the tomes to “Mrs. Alexander Skarsgard.”)

“I’ll never get used to that,” Skarsgard said of his googly-eyed fanbase. “It’s just very, very humbling and flattering. The character Eric means so much to me and I’m having so much fun playing him. Of course it means a lot when you meet fans and you can actually tell there are people out there who really do care about the character. It means something to you, then. That’s kind of why you do this whole thing.” 

Eric fans could have plenty to salivate over this season, which begins June 26 on HBO. This year, True Blood is inspired by book four of the Stackhouse series, Dead to the World, which features a steamy shower scene between Sookie and the tall, light and handsome vamp. Unfortunately, Skargard isn’t in the mood to kiss and tell. He will say, however, that sex this year is, um, a little more down to earth. “I did some crazy stuff last year. I almost had sex with a Greek man and I was covered in his goo. Everything from here on is pretty childish. Everything’s quite innocent.”

For lots more about Eric and the other hot men in Sookie’s complicated life, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, June 24. And what’s that you say? You’re not a Skarsgard fan? No worries: We published two other collectible covers to satiate those who prefer Stephen Moyer and Joe Manganiello. No thank you necessary. It was our absolute pleasure.

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  • Annie

    Love the new covers!!!! Let’s hope the one delivered to my home has Eric and Sookie on the cover!!!

    • Nikki

      My thoughts exactly!

      • Tiff

        LOVE SOOK & ERIC TOGETHER!!!! I’ll even take wolf guy! Anyone BUT Bill!!! lol.

      • Shannon

        I aggree Annie, because book 4 is all about Eric & Sookie, but how could we turn any of them down when they arrive at our door?

      • Larry

        I hope we don’t have to wait long this season for her to whip out her t!tties

      • Lou

        Nope, it’s Bill & Sookie for me! True love!

    • AmyLeigh

      Me too! Although, I’ll take the Alcide cover too. DNW, the Bill one.

      • Kristen

        I also want Eric or Alcide. Can live without Bill. Not that he’s not hot, he just doesn’t hold a candle to the other 2!

      • korri

        Definitely hope this season follows the book more closely then others… Bill spends the entire book in Peru…

    • DebLI

      Had that same thought when I saw it!

    • Becky

      If you subscribe, you usually get all 3 covers!

      • dntbstpd1

        How so? I only get 1 copy when they do multiple covers. I think it’s just luck of the draw…

        Where do you get your info?

      • Nicole

        Not true at all. I subscribe and I only get the one magazine everytime.I wish they would send all three,that would be awesome

      • KatieBell

        You don’t get three separate copies, but behind the front cover, they usually include the other covers.

    • Belle

      Absou-Friggin-tely!! I prefer Eric, then Alcide & then Bill. Oh heck, I’ll take all three!! Sexist cast currently on television!!

    • supergeek

      I’ll take any of them–but Alcide makes my heart go pittypat!!

      • Cheri

        Alcide is just hot all over! I’m with you!!

      • Lena

        No truer words! Alcide makes my heart go pitterpat too!

      • Rack

        Yes to Alcide! I want Alcide on my cover please!

    • Christine

      Sookie and Eric…just for a bit…have her switch to Alcide…then back to Bill….My favorite shape is a triangle

      • Rack

        I think that’d be a quadrangle, since that’d be 4 people. A love triangle is only 3 total.

    • AJ

      Dam. I got Eric and Sookie.

      Wanted Bill and Sookie.

      Oh, well. I’ll live. grins.

    • Carlos

      Sunday is my 38 birthday and I can’t wait to see ‘True Blood’. I love this series. I am looking forward in seeing the Witches/Warlocks storyline.

    • Heather P

      I got Alcide in my mailbox. I’ll take it. Was hoping for Eric. How come the one of Eric had a shirt on? Would have been better with no shirt or better yet, no pants.

      • Jjbc

        Alcide shirtless in those overalls looks like a total rube. Oh yeah Alcide is a total rube.

    • Annie

      Got my EW today and it is Sookie and Bill, bummer!!!

    • Jenny1978

      EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I GOT THE BILL COVER!!!! Why would I want to see some old ugly man who’s almost 50?!!! I wanted Askars or Joe. Arghhh!!!!

  • Taj

    I’m sorry, i will take Alcide anyday over Bill or Eric. Yes, Skarsgard is a Nordic thing of beauty, but Manganiello…..that’s perfection only DaVinci could have dreamed of!

    • Jo

      I so agree!!!!!!

      • Dina

        I agree! gosh that is one hot werewolf!! mmmmm Eric YESSSSS!!!

    • Swerds

      I cannot agree more. Not that I’d turn any of them away from my door but still…

    • 242M

      There’s nothing I don’t like about him =)

    • Captain

      Completely agree. I’ve loved him since his days on One Tree Hill.

      • katie

        hah! i totally forgot about that… he’s come so far

    • philly2

      It’s all about Eric, from the books to the show! Love him! And Skarsgard is the ultimate ideal!

    • Kellee

      I agree before Alcide came into the picture I was all about Eric but when I seen than sexy man I can’t remember what Eric or Bill looks like.

      • Sandy Taylor

        Manganiello is HOT, but he can’t act.

    • GoodieGoddess

      Agree 100%! #TeamAlcideFTW!

    • Woot

      Uhm what about Jacob from Twilight???? Taylor Lautner is so much hot…. HAHA couldn’t keep a straight face. Alcide’s body looks surreal…. seriously I can’t believe it’s real.

      • sutherngurl

        lol I know right, Alcide is too fine, it hurts to look at him. I still love Eric though

  • steph

    mmmm Alcide. Dibs.

  • bma

    Crossing my fingers and wishing for the Sookie/Alcide combo. Oh to be a pair of overalls…

  • DeeDee

    If I get home from work today and find the Bill or Alcide cover in my mailbox, I just might cry.

    • DeeDee

      Maybe we should work out trades with each other if we don’t get the covers we want? I’d be up for it.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Judging by the comments so far, the trade value for a Bill cover is non-existent, so if you get one of those, you’re stuck.

      • Claire

        Erm. Bill fan here and if I don’t get his cover I’m flipping a car. Ok. Not really. But I’ll be disappointed.

      • Nicole

        We should trade covers.I like all 3 of them,but Alexander Skarsgard is my favorite on the show and hottest vamp ever.Crossing my fingers for the Eric cover

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ Claire.

        Nice to see a Bill fan stand up for their guy!

      • ash

        Not really a True Blood fan (give me Vampire Diaries or Buffy and Angel any day) but I am a fan of Stephen Moyer, who brings a lot to a badly written character.

    • Kettle

      My thought exactly!

    • jodipo

      hahaha! And here I got the coveted Eric/Sookie cover and I think the whole show is utter garbage. I will be using Eric’s face to swat at flies

  • Mr. Holloway

    I thoroughly enjoy the side-eye Sookie is giving Bill in their cover.

    (BTW, thanks for letting us comment on these “This Week’s Cover” posts again. I guess you figred enough time had passed since that embarrassing Liz Taylor/Arnold fiasco.)

  • Elizabeth

    Kinda wished Anna’s expression would’ve been different on all three covers – its about the same between Alexander & Joe’s.

    • Aisha

      It IS the same – it’s the very same pic of Sookie edited next to Alcide and Eric.

      • kelly

        No,it’s different. Look at her hand on her dress and where the dots are. But OMG! How lucky is she? Three of the most beautiful men all wanting her? “Poor Sookie”

  • singlewoman

    Knowing my luck, I’ll get Bill! Want Eric, but Alcide is a very close second.

    • Hudson Honey

      Totally agree! Odd that he and Anna are married in real life and the least “hot” couple.

      • Ash

        Didn’t you ever see that episode of Friends where Chandler was dating an actress and Joey told him that as long as she still had on stage chemistry with her castmate then she wasn’t sleeping with him? It was an older episode, back when they all had really tragic hair.

      • Claire

        Oh please. They have a ton of chemistry. And make a smoking hot couple.

    • Tiff

      Agreed!!! This will probably be the only EW mag I’ve ever purchased!!! lol.

  • Sandra

    In my ideal world I’d have Alcide besides me to warm me up during those cold winter nights and Eric to refresh me up during summer…

    • Alex

      Oh God, yes. Eric is like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. And I’m the little girl that spent all day searching the neighborhood sidewalks for her ice cream money. His ass is MINE!

  • Beth

    Liking the extra “wolf” hair on Alcide’s arm. Yummy.

    • Micha

      I’m confused when Tara was running from Russell’s house Alcide was a “white wolf” with orange eyes? so what’s with the “dark” arm hair? but as to the cover all three of them are keeping me glued to the series since it started.

  • Ronald

    Sookie & Eric are cool, Hope they get together in season 4. Love the covers.

  • sara

    sookie and eric look awesome together!

  • Erin

    The Eric and Sookie one looks awesome!

  • Skye

    How bout a VAmp & were sandwich growl!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenna

      Oh Yeah, Yummy

  • Pam

    Alcide in overalls….nice! Sometimes less is more. :)

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