Jon Stewart rips into Fox News (again) after suffering 'The Daily Show' treatment

In the world of politics and TV journalism, you haven’t truly arrived until Jon Stewart has parsed your public words to find the perfect nugget of hypocrisy or misinformation that can then be transformed into a comical critique. It is a public service, actually, a check on our leaders and the Fourth Estate that keeps press secretaries and television producers awake at night. Last night, Stewart himself got a small taste of The Daily Show treatment. He didn’t seem to like it.

Recall that Stewart ventured into hostile territory last weekend, as a guest of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. At one point during their conversation, Stewart challenged Wallace, “Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers? The most consistently misinformed? Fox! Fox viewers. Consistently, every poll!”

Wallace didn’t protest or correct Stewart, but apparently he could have. On Monday,, a journalism accountability project run by the St. Petersburg Times, reviewed recent media studies that attempted to measure how informed consumers of specific news outlets were. Though Fox News and its shows had blemishes in this regard, they also ranked higher than their cable rivals in a few related studies — in at least one case, higher than The Daily Show — forcing PolitFact to conclude, “The way Stewart phrased the comment, it’s not enough to show a sliver of evidence that Fox News’ audience is ill-informed. The evidence needs to support the view that the data shows they are ‘consistently’ misinformed — a term he used not once but three times. It’s simply not true that ‘every poll’ shows that result. So we rate his claim False.”

To his credit, Stewart admitted his error during last night’s show, but that served as just another opportunity to rip Fox News. “I defer to [PolitiFact’s] judgment and I apologize for my mistake,” said a mock-serious Stewart. “To not do so would be irresponsible, and if I were to continue to make such mistakes and misstatement, and not correct them — especially if each and every one of those misstatements happened to go in one very particular direction on the political spectrum — well that would undermine the very integrity and credibility that I work so hard to pretend to care about.”

He then quickly unfurled a long laundry list of on-air statements made by Fox News that PolitiFact had also proved false, the inference being, “At least I own up to my mistakes.”

Stewart’s comical jiu jitsu may have reminded viewers that Fox News has uncorked some jaw-dropping doozies over the years, but ironically, its Stewart’s faux pas that leaves the biggest welt. Media accountability is his M.O., and to be held up as an example of what he ridicules and disdains clearly didn’t sit well with him. Responding with yet another attack on Fox News’ credibility may have demonstrated their history of unrepentant misstatements, but in this bizarre through-the-looking-glass scenario, the jester is actually held to a higher standard than the news organization.

Clearly, Stewart’s misstatement was an honest mistake, and his error should not excuse Fox News from its own past mistakes. But did Stewart’s follow-up attack on Fox News come across as spiteful, in light of his own error? Does a misstatement from Stewart injure his reputation much more than a fib from one of Fox’s personalities?

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  • outside agitator

    it always used to irritate Hawkeye on the rare occasion Frank Burns was right. like the old saying: even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • LOL

      The list of Fox lies is endless. How do people watch this crap?

      • Jerry

        Glad to see the brainwashed masses are out in force early on the board.

      • Bill-O the Clown

        Fox: Where Truth Goes to Die ®

      • PT

        cause they tell the ruth unlike that lying stewart

      • Alex

        You are talking about yourself, right Jerry? The idiots who watch Fox News are not going to change regardless how reasonable the argument against Fox reliability could be. That said, I’m glad at least Jon Stewart and Bill Maher is holding the propaganda channel accountable.

      • Alex

        I meant “are holding”. Bill Maher was a late addition to the post.

      • Jeff

        @PT: please provide some evidence (though as a fox news viewer you probably are unfamilair with that term) for your claim that fox news tells the truth while Jon Stewart lies. Begin now.

      • Marti

        @PT: cause = because
        ruth = truth

      • todd palin

        you commies are jealous at how fox kicks the smack out of your lamestream heros. just kidding. i hate fox. carry on.

      • RJ

        Although Stewart is very funny…..he is such a D-Bag. He criticizes Fox for being slanted, but he is too. All these news channels Right or Left don’t fact check if it makes the opposite political party look bad. That is why I get sick and tired of listening to them. Too bad there isn’t a way for the FCC to slap huge fines on them whenever they make up some BS.

        P.S: I’M with CoCo.

      • Laura K.

        I haven’t watched Stewart’s show recently (on too late for me), but it always used to be pretty equal opportunity in terms of politician-bashing. It’s just that the conservatives, and Fox News in particular, seem to make it so easy.

        Anyway, he’s a comedian. How would you expect him to respond to this? He made a mistake (although, apparently, if he’d said “Fox viewers are consistently misinformed” or “Fox viewers rate as misinformed in every poll” instead of “Fox viewers are consistently rated as misinformed in every poll” he would have been fine). He owned up to it. He’s probably said other things that were not, strictly speaking, accurate, but apparently Fox has said a lot of them, too. Can we all go home now?

      • Laura K.

        Should have said “Fox viewers are consistently rated as THE MOST misinformed in every poll”

      • Anne

        name a few !

      • Mark

        According to Politifact it isn’t crap. You should probably get your politifacts straight.

  • sassyfras

    Aaaaand let the comment board political posturing begin in 5..4…3…2…

    • Ooom papa

      “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels propoganda minister Nazi Germany

  • Mindy

    The Daily Show and Comedy Central are not NEWS organizations. Therefore, nobody should be polling about whether their viewers are misinformed. The polls are not credible if they list The Daily Show as the news source of the viewers. The poll should be asking what actual NEWS source the people are using.
    If they are getting the entirety of their news from The Daily Show then that is sad.

    • LMFAO

      Fox isn’t news either.

      • Captain

        But Fox pretends to be news, The Daily Show does not. It’s a politics/current events-based comedy show.

      • Ryan

        The Daily Show accepts the praise they receive for getting the news out to people who normally don’t watch the news. However, when they make a mistake, they hide behind the veil of comedy.

        @ LMFAO & Captain- You are correct, Fox is not a news organization becuase they do not air news on their network broadcast. However, Fox News Channel is a news organization. That’s a fact. Lawyered!!!!!

      • Beepela

        Ryan, you would be correct if Fox News actually broadcast news, except they broadcast mostly propaganda and outright lies as far as I can see, so it is not a news organization, just pretending to be one. That’s a fact.

    • chuck1019

      The writer here seems like he missed the memo that the Daily Show is a farce. He sounds personally hurt

      • L

        Yes, it’s a farce, but many people get their news from TDS because it’s the ONLY news they watch.
        Sad, I know, but true.

      • buddydave

        @Chuck I got that feeling as well. I think Jeff Labrequeque is Glenn Beck fan.

    • David

      I get all my news from the comedy central shows but the difference between me and a Fox viewer is I have the brains to tell when I’m getting opinion and when I’m getting fact.

      • russ

        oh really

      • CandaceTX

        question: Has Fox ever retracted or corrected any of these false claims once they were determined to be inaccurate?

      • Kendra

        @Candance I am not sure that they never have so I wouldn’t say never however more then once on Politifact once they have said it was inaccurate fox new will deny ever saying. This politifacts will flag to be a lie as well.

    • Bill

      A study on the most recent election found that Fox Viewers were the most consistently misinformed. The University of Maryland study, called “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” looked at “variations in misinformation by exposure to news sources,” among other things, and specifically newspapers and news magazines (in print and online), network TV news broadcasts, NPR and PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.

      The study found that daily Fox News viewers, regardless of political party, were “significantly” more likely than non-viewers to erroneously believe that:

      Most economists estimate the stimulus caused job losses (12 points more likely)

      Most economists have estimated the health care law will worsen the deficit (31 points)

      The economy is getting worse (26 points)

      Most scientists do not agree that climate change is occurring (30 points)

      The stimulus legislation did not include any tax cuts (14 points)

      Their own income taxes have gone up (14 points)

      The auto bailout only occurred under Obama (13 points)

      When TARP came up for a vote most Republicans opposed it (12 points)

      Fox hurts this country; it’s run by the wealthy upper 1% of this country who possess 40% of our country’s wealth. The propaganda of Faux News gets naive people to vote against THEIR OWN best interest and perpetuate the wealth of the Super-rich. This comment is based on Facts; not opinion. But face it, facts have a well-known liberal bias.

      And that it is not clear that Obama was born in the United States (31 points)

      • dan mather

        I agree Fox is spreading propaganda, deliberately so. But this study is not necessarily the factual backing. The numbers are pretty close to what a poll of republicans believe, and fox news viewers are predominantly republicans, so to say that the show caused these beliefs may be a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. But I think it points to a deeper issue of the misinformation without regard being spread by the party itself, often using fox as a mouthpiece.

        And facts do have a liberal bias, so does the dna and fossil record which disputes creationism, all matter is conspiring against the right wing.

      • Ryan

        *LOL. If the University of Maryland thinks that is a scientific study, their accreditation should be revoked.

        *”The economy is getting worse (26 points)” This statement alone is an opinion. LMAO!!!

        *”The University of Maryland study, called “Misinformation and the 2010 Election,” looked at “variations in misinformation by exposure to news sources,” among other things, and specifically newspapers and news magazines (in print and online), network TV news broadcasts, NPR and PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.” All of the specific programs mentioned above are left leaning entities with the exception of Fox News. Of course FNC deviates from the norm.

      • SteveStrifeX

        *Social and Political Sciences ARE Sciences, as they generate new knowledge and inform the field. Therefore, this was a Scientific Study
        **DOW, NASDAQ, Home sales, Oil Prices, Unemployment… these are indicators of economic strength, they are not “opinions”
        ***CNN is commonly cited as being a middle-of-the-road news organization. Newspapers, Magazines, and TV News broadcasts are a general descriptive category. You cannot make a claim that they are “left leaning entities.” To do so would imply that every magazine, newspaper, local news broadcast on earth has a liberal agenda. If you do think that, well, I have nothing more to discuss with you because you will not listen to reason

    • Elizabeth

      Stewart has REPEATEDLY said he’s not a real news source, and holding him to the same standard was wrong by FOX News, wrong by PolitiFact, and everyone else.

    • WitchHazyl

      THANK YOU for saying what I was about to. The Daily Show is a COMEDY program! Any idiot that thinks it is a news program is probably just an oversensitized zombie that can’t stand for their precious Fox News to be made fun of! Yet more people who cannot see the difference between reality and fantasy.

  • SAM

    Hey, at least he owned up to it, unlike Fox News.

    • The Truth

      But they don’t cry and act indignant like he did when Fox gets called on it. If he wants to catch them saying wrong things and make fun of them, fair is fair and they can do the same. That means you must be able to take what you dish out Jon.

      • Tanya

        Glenn Beck cried and acted indignant all the time.

      • Yeah, Fox justs lies some more when caught lying

        THE TRUTH MY A**…Try

      • bjg

        “But they don’t cry and act indignant like he did..”

        Well, Why would they? Fox never admits to mistakes or outright lies on the air.

      • poppy

        He was wrong once and admitted it. FOX has been DELIBERATELY wrong many, many, many times, and they never admit it.

      • Laura K.

        When did he cry or act indignant? He owned up to his mistake, then offered examples of mistakes that have not been owned up to. Self-righteous? Maybe, but that’s his persona as much as anything else. It strikes me as exactly was I would expect the Daily Show to do.

      • Elizabeth

        Fox doesn’t “act indignant?” REAAAAAAALLLLY….

        Oh Laura, you’re funny… but I know that you’re not delivering the news, so…

      • dave

        Really? Do you watch Fox? They bitch and moan and try to cover up everything he says. It’s sad that a comedian is the only person that can get a politician, liberal or conservative, to react to an accusation.

      • Kendra

        You’re they don’t because getting upset when they make a mistake means they would have to say they made a mistake which fox doesn’t do. Even through they make more mistakes then he does. So he didn’t deny it when Jon said…oh well that to me doesn’t show expect that they are afraid to stand up to him. Fox news is the laughing stock of the media and has been since well before Jon got involved in this. Fox news is so bias I don’t they know what the truth is anymore so just get real.

    • Jay Will

      Did it occur to anyone why Stewart never listed any of PolitiFact’s tabulated miscues by CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, MSNBC etc…
      FOX News probably makes as many errors as any other news organization but they are a conservative voice surrounded by a liberal media, hence the relentless attacks. Stewart is a COMEDIAN and his job is to entertain not inform.
      Don’t let Stewart, O’Reilly or Curick do your thinking for you.
      FOX like all news mediums have an agenda which is to pander to their sponsors by telling their target ausiences what they want them to here. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television news are all about reporting information, be it true or false, because they need readers, listeners and viewers. If you think news is about the honest reporting of reliable and useful information then you need to get your head out of the sand. It’s about profits now and facts later. News is entertainment and the media outlets know that a majority of their audience need to feel like they’ve been informed but are too lazy (Loch Ness) to do the research themselves. We the masses want sound bites and catch phrases so we can repeat them to our freinds and co-workers and feel smart. And just like the rest of humanity the american audience will lap up soft lies more eagerly than hard truths.

      • Ryan

        Excellent post.

      • DUH

        well, considering the original comment was about Fox, i don’t see how the others would be relevant at this time. that being said, i completely agree with the rest of what you said. it’s all about where the $$ comes from.

      • Ted Kozlowski

        So….how many of Stewart’s comments were false according to Politifact seeing that Fox News is considering Stewart a player and not a comedia. Did he lie as many times as Fox News?

  • Sean

    Wed 06/22/11 3:31 PM
    The list of Fox lies is endless. How do people watch this crap?”

    List one.

    • Loch Ness

      Watch the video. Stewart lists dozens. Why are you so lazy?

      • James Wilson


      • Ryan

        Did he list the mistakes made on all the liberal networks, CNN, and MSNBC as well? No? Really? I wonder why that is? Hmmm. (Stroking Chin)

      • Caroline

        @Ryan – was Jon Stewart on any of those shows lately? Did he make a mistatement on those shows that someone called him on?

      • dave

        Ryan, who is Chin and why are you stroking him?

    • Ghost of Pia

      Poor Sean. Too lazy to watch the video? Jon Stewart lists a bunch of Fox lies.

      • Fox Spews

        Sean is the typical Fox apologist. Lazy, uninformed, but can’t admit what everyone else can see. How sad.

    • Jay

      WATCH THE VIDEO MORON! In fact, you don’t even have to watch it. Just look at the screen capture. There’s at least 10 lies right there, sheep.

      • LOL

        Tell ‘em, Jay! Fox clowns are so predictable.

    • PT

      coulnt of said it better myself sean

      • Woot

        Clearly you COULDN’T

      • Will

        I agree with you PT…but I still giggle at Woot’s comment.

      • Will

        actually wait no I don’ agreed with Sean.

    • frank wright

      All this fuss over a third rate comic who by the way isn ‘t a news reporter.

      • Kendra

        He is extermly funny and not 3rd right at all. He’s sorta a news reporter he just has more control over what he reports and how he does it. Doesn’t mean he should be your main source of news but he is very good at making his point.

    • Dr.Martin

      You forget he ‘s one of Weiner ‘s pals .Who , turned on his buddy .He has no character neither do you .

      • Sigh

        Absolutely. The Democrats who turned on Anthony Weiner are spineless cowards who make me ashamed to belong to the party. They attacked him because he consensually flirted with women of age online. He got caught and he lied but if a grown man getting his kicks flirting online bothered these righteous turncoats then they’re the ones with the problem. Stewart should have stood by his friend, and I’m ashamed to be a fan of his that he didn’t, that he still acts like Anthony Weiner had sex with the family dog in front of a public school. Also, Fox News lies constantly. If they got Jim Carrey’s curse from the movie Liar, Liar, they’d go out of business.

  • Deanna

    But did Stewart’s follow-up attack on Fox News come across as spiteful, in light of his own error?

    Absolutely not.

    Does a misstatement from Stewart injure his reputation much more than a fib from one of Fox’s personalities?

    Absolutely not.

    I thought Stewart’s rant about Fox News’ continual false statements was amazing.

    “According to the May 2011 Nielson ratings, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart beat the entire Fox News network in terms of total viewers. Stewart averaged 2.3 million viewers, while the Fox News prime time and day time line up averaged 1.85 million viewers.”

    This is why Fox News both hates and fears Jon Stewart. Not only is he more popular than they are, but he devotes much of his program to exposing the biased reporting of FNC. Even worse, Stewart is teaching his younger audience what Fox News is all about. Stewart doesn’t exclusively take on Fox News. His problem is with television news in general, but since Fox is the biggest offender, they get most of his attention.

    Jon Stewart is the biggest threat to Fox News’ future out there. He is literally teaching his audience, which is bigger than FNC’s, how to see through the partisan propaganda that Rupert Murdoch has based his network on. Stewart is educating an entire generation of viewers on how to watch cable news, or more specifically how not to watch Fox News.

    Unless Fox News can figure out a way to attract younger viewers, they are facing a future where their audience will eventually, literally die off. A 2010 survey found that the average age of the Fox News viewer is 65 years old. Fox has the oldest audience on all of cable. (FNC’s audience is older than The History Channel, The Hallmark Channel, and The Golf Channel).

    Jon Stewart is on the non-prime time hour of 11 PM, yet he outdraws 2/3 of the Fox News prime time line up, and he has more viewers the entire FNC prime time and daytime lineups combined. Only Bill O’Reilly is preventing Stewart from being more popular than every single program on Fox News.

    The proof is in the numbers, and the numbers don’t lie. Jon Stewart is more popular than Fox News.

    • TK

      Such a brilliant response Deanna. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Speed

      Nice cut and paste job. Nice to see someone put together an original thought. Did you actually go to the Nielson site or did you just get your information from a website with the header “Real Liberal Politics”

      • PT

        Speed you speak the truth brother, this country would be a whole lot better if we got rid of the damn liberals. Hell, they like the Mexicans so much why don’t we just ship them off to mexico.

      • KeepINform

        Funny! I was thinking the same thing about the Republicans who endorse torture, war-mongering,capital punishment, and compulsive racial profiling! The sooner we get of FNC, the teabaggers and all these faux-religious right and anti-communist conspiracy crackheads the better our country will be…And for the record, I point to ‘O-lielly,(M)Ann Coulter, Michelle ‘Mental Case’ Malkin, Rush Limburger, Sean Klannity, Sarah Palin and hell, WHY NOT ALL THE REST OF THEM! Apparently liberal is anyone that disagrees or has basic cognitive ability beyond the Faux Schnooze echo chamber and their crony virtue-crat pundits (which than of course includes moderates and independents, the former of which are in fact the majority American political philosophy)…All the Left Right and Middle of course have some sort of hypocrisy or disadvantages to them but America’s New Right is just a disgrace to evry1(and their version of ‘God’) but themselves…

      • David

        Mexicans means anyone ethnically mexican so deporting an entire ethnic group is definitely not legal. By the way, you idiots can’t even see how hypocritical Fox is so I’d love to see you try and run a country all by yourself.

      • Mother Nature

        @ PT–Can we please keep the Guatemalans? They’ve done a lovely job on our home repair. I also have some friends from Peru I’d like to keep. I’m not certain what your issue is with Mexicans, but I’ll take you at your word that they all need to go back to Mexico. As an elitist liberal I’ll need you to keep me on track about what to think. I’ll check back on this board from time to time and see what’s up next on the agenda.

      • Eric

        I love the “Nice cut and paste job” comment. It seems that when you supply evidence, FN supporters get upset that you “cut and paste”. When you give an opinion, FN supporters ask for evidence. Its sad that FN doesn’t just report the… well…. what should we call it… “THE NEWS” It is a News network, isn’t it. Its not the Fox Show. Its the Fox News Network. And is it the Jon Stewart News… nope… its the Jon Stewart Show. I think if FN was accurate in its reporting… Jon wouldn’t have anything to make fun of them for. Now that’s the defense that FN should take. Not attacking a comedian for being… well… a very good comedian.

    • Michael

      I’ve been a FOX NEWS fan for some time but do find Deanna’s comments very interesting. I may re-think my broadcast news preferences. Well done Deanna!

      • Sigh

        Wow. This might be the first time I’ve ever seen an EW message board comment change someone’s mind about anything ever.

      • Maddy

        @sigh, my mind has been changed alot. It goes from perfectly happy to pounding headache.

    • Jay Will

      Sorry Deanna but your pro Stewart, anti-FNC argument is very weak. I’ve watched Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly for years now and enjoy both. But I don’t totally trust any one source over the other. And I”m not naive enough to believe that FNC is the only news corperation that has a partisan agenda. Why don’t you just say that you like Jon Stewart therefore you agree with his views.
      Furthermore, your comment about Fox’s elderly viewership actually portrays Fox as having a wiser audience as well. Like the old adage “With Age Comes Wisdom”.
      As for the Nielsen Ratings, do you really believe that is an accurate gauge for determining who reports the facts and who doesn’t.
      A popularity contest is no way to determine what is and isn’t true.
      There was a time when slavery was popular in ths country but its popularity didn’t make it more right than wrong.

      • Rhaegar

        You seriously think “with age comes wisdom”? In America? Do know any old people?

      • DUH

        fox can pretend to be “true” all they want, but advertisers DO pay attention to nielsen ratings, regardless of “truthiness.” no target demos = no advertising = no network.

      • Deanna

        Your response makes the think about that old joke:

        Steve and Mark are camping when a bear suddenly comes out and growls. Steve starts putting on his tennis shoes.
        Mark says, “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a bear!”
        Steve says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear—I just have to outrun you!”

        Fox News viewers are dying off, and not being replaced with younger viewers. Us youngins just need wait it out….

    • ObserverMI

      And……? Vanilla is more popular than chocolate. Ok…? Does it make it better??

    • Rachel Maddow’ jockstrap

      Deanna, where exactly did you copy this from? Did you fact-check their claims? apparently not. Little lies like “Jon Stewart is on the non-prime time hour of 11 PM” (he is actually on at 7 and 11) lead me to question the accuracy of your entire point

      • Esther Greenwood

        The 7 p.m. episode (at 6 p.m. here) is a repeat. So FAIL.

  • Craig S

    Eh. Stewart was talking off the cuff in the interview. It’s one thing to say something in an interview, and another to say things in a scripted news program, like Fox News does. If Stewart had made his “consistently misinformed, every poll” comment on TDS, I think it would be more damaging than it was as a back and forth with Chris Wallance on Fox News.

    • Deanna

      Craig, I completely agree with you. Very well said.

    • Cece

      When you speak off the cuff, you’re showing what you really think, what you really feel – your biases. Stewart clearly has a beef with Fox News and people who watch Fox News.

      • Maddy

        Everyone knows that. It isn’t shocking. He also openly admits it.

  • Dan

    Stewart is a comedian, Fox is supposed to be a News Organization, an I us that term lightly. That fact that they are being held up to the same standard is laughable at best.

    • Sean Manatee

      Fox: We Distort You Comply ™

    • PT

      You know wats laugable, how stupid u r thinkin stewart is better then fox

      • PT

        and 1 other thing “dan”, ure just all prisy cause the us smartened up and wnt back ti the republican party, and left those stupid democrats

      • Woot

        Do you know how to write?

      • Marti

        When you learn to spell properly, or at least use spellcheck, I will take your critcism seriously.

      • Chaddogg

        Spoken (or should I say spelled), like a true Teabag Party member.

      • Marti

        @PT: wats = What’s
        laugagle = laughable
        u r = you are or your’re
        then = than
        ure = You are or you’re
        prisy = prissy
        wnt = went
        ti = to
        Republican should be capitalized; ditto Democrats

      • PT

        STFU Marti and FU you annoying liberal toolbag

      • Torg

        Oooo someones getting a little defensive. PT I realize your in ability to type a complete sentence, or spell is a bit of a sore spot. Were just trying to help your small clearly brain washed self get the help you need. Stop watching fox. Seriously for a week. Just to see what its like. See if the worlds a little brighter.. and perhaps every minority you see is not out to get you. Nor the world going to end because we raised the debt limit nor will it end because of health care reform.

      • Marti

        @PT – Ooooo, now my feelings are all hurted and stuff because I was told to STFU by a moron. How will I ever recover?

  • joe

    Clearly, Stewart’s misstatement was an honest mistake…

    Yeah and they say Fox news viewers are misinformed.

    • psyche

      Agreed. I was under the same impression, because over the years I’ve heard of/read at least 3-4 polls that say that Fox news is the most misinformed. I could have easily made the same mistake myself in a conversation setting.

      The only reason his statement was a legitimate misstatement is because he over-used superlatives like “consistently” “every time” “most misinformed”

      All he needed to do was temper his language to say the “majority of polls” and it wouldnt have been a problem.

      • joe

        It wasn’t a misstatement, it’s what Stewart thinks. It doesn’t matter what the flawed studies say. All that matters is that the stimulus created millions of jobs and healthcare reform will lower your premiums.

  • PT

    Ure just mad cause ure foreign pres is gunna lose in 2012 stewarts just an idiot and a propaganda tool of the left and mad that hes not as popular as fox news

    • Marti

      Spellcheck, seriously.

      • Marti

        @PT: Ure = you are or you’re
        cause = because
        pres = press
        gunna = going to
        You need an apostrophe in Stewart’s; ditto he’s

        And if this is what the Republican party has to offer in the way of a challenging debate, I don’t want any part of it.

      • JasonInDFW

        I believe pres = president…our “foreign president” which really tells you all you need to know.

      • Marti

        @JasonInDFW – You are correct on all accounts. I think I may need a translator to understand WTF this “PT” is talking about. Oh, but he called me an “annoying Liberal tool bag,” and spelled that properly so there is hope I suppose.

    • monkey39



    • Alex

      This PT character has to be a parody of a blowhard Republican. Nobody can be so dense, ignorant and obtuse, let alone unfamiliar with spellchecking. Unless he belongs to the Tea Party, which would make perfect sense.

      • PT

        PT = Party-Tea i.e. Tea Party

      • Mother Nature

        Clearly you don’t work in a public library, as I do. We are regaled daily with the brilliance of Fox News watchers about whatever they’ve been watching that day, on their way over to pick up Limbaugh/Palin/O’Reilly’s latest books. Love the updates on the Fox daily run-down.

      • PT

        My comment didn’t finish what I meant to say after that was “You are right good sir!”

  • Khoff

    NO. It doesn’t. This is the stupidest article i’ve ever read on

    • Maddy

      I just read the “who’s your favorite fraggle” article, I believe you are confused.

  • erin

    I’d like to see those polls that said that Fox News viewers know something – ANYthing – about the world. How could they?? All they watch all day is sensationalized partisan bull crap; and often, outright lies. Some of them must get their information from other sources as well.

    • Eurydice

      Well, if you’d really like to see those polls, it’s pretty esy – just go to the Polifact website and they’ll tell you all about it.

  • Flyer

    Politifact ran a follow-up column admitting that many readers contested the “False” ruling, based on the distinction between “ill-informed” (the word generally used in the polls Poltifact used as evidence against Jon Stewart) and “mis-informed” (the word Stewart actually used). As many people pointed out, whether or not a person is ILL-informed (as in, ignorant of basic facts like who the current US vice president is) has more to do with that person’s general exposure to education, reading and coverage of current events than which specific news media he or she watches. But the very polls Politifact discounted when making its decision about Stewart’s comments showed that FOX News viewers were indeed consistently the most MIS-informed. For example, FOX viewers would very likely know of the existence of President Obama’s proposed healthcare bill (so they’re not ILL-informed), but they were much more likely to be MIS-informed because many FOX viewers believed the bill called for the establishment of “death panels” – a falsehood specifically promoted by FOX News.

    • Eurydice

      Well, the viewers of other news netwoks must be misinforfed in some other way, because what I got from these polls is that only 30% of those polled knew what they were talking about, regardless of whether they watched FOX, MSNBC or anything inbetween. Right, left, ill-informed, misinformed, 70% of everybody got the answers wrong.

      So, instead of nitpicking over whether conservative bias is deliberate and liberal bias is the result of sloth and cynicism, we might want to ask why most people can’t answer these questions. Are they good questions, should people be able to answer them, are the answers worth knowing, is the media responsible for providing the answers, is the media doing a crappy job overall? What do we expect from them, anyway?

      • dan mather

        Well it depends what study you are talking about. In the study that actually looked at misinformed vs. uninformed, all the other news outlets had positive correlations, ie the more you watch, the more you get your facts right, Fox was the only one with a negative correlation, ie the more you watch the more you get your facts wrong. So in this specific study, it seems clear the other networks are doing there job while fox is promoting misinformation.

      • erin

        Yes, the media is doing a crappy job. What do we expect from them? Perhaps just a smidge of journalistic integrity, and to care more about informing the public (their function) and less about ratings-driven sensationalism.

  • anonymous

    I thought it was a bit spiteful, but I understand his frustration. Obviously Fox has misinformed their viewers, but they weren’t the one’s who declared Stewart’s statement false. He could have just as easily listed other news stations’ lies along with Fox’s.

    • Maddy

      could have but the conversation was about fox news so it makes sense he would focus on the lies they had told. If he had originally called out someone else I would say he should list there lies. It isn’t that he could, it’s that this was a focused conversation.

  • Douglas

    “Fox News has uncorked some jaw-dropping doozies over the years, but ironically, its Stewart’s faux pas that leaves the biggest welt.”

    Wow. TOTALLY wrong, but will Labrecque own up to his blatent smooching of Fox News’s posterior? I doubt it. How long has Labrecque been on Rupert Murdoch’s payroll anyway? And why is EW running Fox News damage control for them? VERY biased article, leaning WAY to The Right, i.e. The Wrong.

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