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I know this week Bentley’s imminent return will dominate the discussion, and I have some interesting takes on what is happening and what is about to happen next week in Hong Kong — but first let’s talk about this week. We have been to some exotic locations over the last decade, but the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand might just take the cake. The city has so much to offer but the property we stayed at, the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi, took it to a whole other level. This resort that sits on over sixty acres and includes two working rice paddies in the middle of it. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You know a resort is big when you can check out mountain bikes just to get around. The guys arrived in old school limos straight out of a James Bond film. The only difference is these limos were not just old school they were old. It was a really hot day and the limos that had A/C weren’t working that well. Let’s just say the guys were more than happy to get out and get to their villa. Speaking of their villa, it was insane. The men stayed in a three story presidential villa complete with a grand piano and incredibly valuable art that the guys were scared to death of breaking.

Ashley’s date with Ben F. was a great experience on the streets of Chiang Mai. It’s easy to get lost in the markets and Temples in this city and that’s exactly what they did. The group date was a tough one, but in my opinion it was one of the coolest dates we had this season. One of the things you have to experience while in Chiang Mai is Muay Thai boxing. Some of our crew and I attended a match the night before so we were excited to see it all play out on this date. A ring was set up for us in the middle of a town square. Fliers were passed out and ads ran on the radio promoting this “fight” drawing a nice crowd. These guys were really put through the wringer on this date. They worked out hard in incredible heat for about three hours before arriving for the actual fight. By the time they showed up at the ring they were all exhausted and a bit dehydrated.

Most the fights were pretty even but not the one between Ryan and Ames. As Ames will be the first to tell you, he’s not a fighter. Being the trooper he is he got out there and gave it his all. Unfortunately that meant he took about five good shots to the head. I was standing right there when Ames climbed out of the ring and I can attest to the fact that he was not all there. He was just sitting there with a blank look on his face and everybody knew something was wrong. He went to the hospital was diagnosed with a minor concussion and was released later that afternoon. I felt bad for Ames, not so much because he got his bell rung but more for the fact that he got wheeled into a hospital in hot pink boxing trunks. In all seriousness, everybody likes Ames and he had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, at least what he remembers about it.

Two-on-one dates just flat-out stink. This one in my opinion was worse than most because of what I will call the Bentley factor. Ashley was not in a good place and really wasn’t open to fighting for either one of these guys in the state she’s in right now. I heard Ben C. made comments about getting back home and being excited about online dating. Whether he was kidding as he claimed, I don’t know, but either way it probably wasn’t a good idea to bring that up to the other guys. William thought he was in the driver’s seat and home free, but Ashley just wasn’t in the mood that night and sent him packing as well. When I broke up the cocktail party I could feel the tension in the air, and when I sat down with Ashley at deliberation I could tell she was in a bad place. A massive thunderstorm blew in that night, very symbolic of what’s going on in Ashley’s mind right now. I will admit I was a little disappointed that she had slipped back in to this place and was still so hung up on Bentley. I was brutally honest with her at deliberation. I firmly believed we reached a serious breaking point. If things continue down this path this isn’t going to end well. There is absolutely no way possible Ashley can find love like this.

At this point we weren’t quite sure what we were going to do about this, but we knew for certain we had to do something. Obviously you’ve seen in the previews, what we were able to do was get Bentley to meet us in Hong Kong next week to face Ashley again and answer all her questions. One way or the other this needs to end for her. A lot has been made about Ashley’s meeting with Bentley but in my opinion the bigger story next week is how the other men react when Ashley comes clean and tells them everything that happened. Next week is an episode not to be missed from start to finish. It will absolutely shape everything that will happen the rest of this season and maybe the rest of Ashley’s life. I look forward to hearing from you this week, and I very much anticipate your reactions to what unfolds next week in Hong Kong. As usual we have a ton of extras for all Bachelorette fans on our official website, and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison. One more important personal note this week: I’d like to wish a happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there including my own dad, to whom I’m eternally grateful for giving me so much in this life.

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  • tom

    She and william would have been great but Ashley is too emotionally unstable that i’m actually now glad she let william go. They should have just not aired this season after looking what they have, i’m no longer interested in watching her pine over Bentley, who she met for 2 seconds. She is not open or interested in finding love.

    • trista

      ok did u see williams goodbye , he is … depressed… dramatic… 2 insecure people equal … yeah just not good, that guy had some issues, But i agree withe the Bentley crap, the show makes her look like a fool :(

      • Sunny

        I hadn’t planned on watching this season, because I don’t find Ashley engaging, endearing, or attractive. I wish I’d stuck to my plans. This is the worst season ever. Dull guys for a dull girl, and not only is Bentley not entertaining, but a colossal c*cksuck*r who deserves to be gang-r@ped by an entire drunk tank. Emily wouldn’t have been any better – very few people are attracted to single skeletons with a kid. Curses on every other TV station that can’t come up with something to put up against this tired, clownfest of a show – the main clown being Chris Harrison who thinks this actually works.

      • Sunny

        Anyone else want to join me in giving a big middle finger to ABC, Chris Harrison and the producers of this pig slop by refusing to watch any more episodes? The further ratings drop might kill it for good. Yea!!!

      • Tony Fisch

        Ashley has the maturity of a high school junior, but the show is as much to blame for a horrible season for many reasons. For starters they needed to let Ashley know that Bentley was a scamming dirt bag three weeks ago. The show has jumped the shark, and Harrison looks like a delivery boy for a group of sociopaths, and doesn’t seem to mind.

    • Butters

      None of these problems would have occured if it were Emily!

      • Sweety


      • suop

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      • darnik

        Completely disagree. Emily had the personality of a rock and was every bit as needly as Ashley appears to be.

      • robert

        Are they hoping she fails to find mr. right in the show, for her to then go into mental therapy, to only bring her back to try again, like brad womack?

      • L

        Emily has a tremendous amount of baggage. No way was she ever going to marry Brad. It will be a long, long time before she is ready for a relationship. She still lives in a fairy tale.

      • momika

        Emily wouldn’t have been a good one either! She was so fake! I think they need to quit taking the next bachelor/bachelorette from the previous season. They need to go back to taking new people.

      • FabCCC-WorcesterMA

        …or Michelle

    • Vicki B


    • shuksan

      This is so cringe-worthy I can’t even watch it anymore….
      Chris & Producers- if you actually read this, regardless of who Ashley picks, please, please strongly suggest that she go to counseling. She is not capable of sustaining a healthy relationship with her current behaviors; Ashley will either self-sabotage any relationship with someone who treats her with kindness & respect (i.e. JP), or she will end up in an abusive relationship with someone who treats her as poorly as she views herself (i.e. Bentley). Seriously, this young woman is a prime candidate for ending up in a relationship of domestic violence; please urge her to get the counseling she desperately needs.

      • Shay

        Guys like Bentley come along once in a lifetime … Twice if you are unlucky !

      • ghostlight

        Ashley’s already IN an abusive relationship. The Bachelorette’s producers heap emotional abuse on her every week…

      • Jenn

        @ghostlight…I couldn’t agree more.

      • Jane

        It pains me each week to hear this woman doubt her worth and yet feel validated by a man who has walked out on her. It’s a shame producers continue to let this Bentley merry go round continue.This experience could really scar her for life.

      • tim

        CHRIS and teh producers are SCUM! This whole thing is sexist too—they would NEVER let a man pine for a woman, never let a man look like such a fool!

      • Frank

        We dont know what a woman sees in Bentley, We think he’s kinda creepy looking.

      • Mellissa

        Frank, it’s not just you. Bentley’s not just creepy looking, he’s not even good looking.

      • D.B.

        @ghostlight – You are absolutely right; the producers are exploiting her emotional weakness and just don’t care about how much it damages her.

      • Heidi

        I feel like Chris et all are sending Ashley on that path. What part of BRUTALLY HONEST are you talking about, Chris? How bout being brutally honest and tell her the truth about Bentley? He does not deserve the plane fare to come back. I hope the guys put all their Muy Thai boxing skills to his face next week.

      • GB

        @ghostlight and Heidi: You’re right – Ashley is the most abused star of this franchise, ever. What the producers are doing to her is exploitative. They are continuing to humiliate her and set her up for failure by drawing out the Bentley drama. They should’ve done the right thing and rolled some tape for her of Bentley trashing her; she’d get right over him and focus on the good guys left.

      • Sharon

        Your assessment of Ashley is right on. She’s a train wreck. I’m upset that the show is letting her get abused.

      • Karma

        Absolutely spot on,this show ticked me off with such an opportunity for love and then pining for MR. can’t stand you. WAKE UP and get therapy Ashley seriously!!!!!! Next bachelorette get in line….

      • melissa

        I am appalled that the producers have not told or shown Ashley the truth about Bentley! How can they let her pine for an absolute jerk that has stabbed her in the back repeatedly! Tell her the truth so this is worth while for everyone involved! The show is losing credibility and sinking to a new low!

      • Shellie

        I can’t watch any more. I tune in to watch cheesiness, hilarity and fake romance. This is so utterly PAINFUL! Ashley should not have been chosen as the bachlorette and not because of her looks, but because she was not ready to be on the show. I just want to slap her say “Snap out of it!” Cher style. The producers in no way needed to bring Bentley back, all they needed to do was show her some of his confessionals. And she should not have zeroed in on one guy anyway, this was her opportunity to get to know so many different guys. She blew it.

      • Nina

        I have to add my voice to the chorus of longtime watchers who are absolutely appalled by what is happening. I also can’t agree more with the comments asking why there was any need to bring Bentley back when the producers have loads of tape that would clear everything up for her. Bringing him back, giving him a chance to manipulate her and lie to her? Absolutely unacceptable. What possible reason is there other than her emotional well-being isn’t as important to the producers as ratings. Hearing her go on about this guy without showing her the tape is completely without any acceptable explanation. Shame on Chris, the producers and all involved with this appalling spectacle.

      • Dmitri

        Ashley knew perfectly well what she signed up for. She gets well compensated for her moral troubles, and she is a wreck because that what she is. She sabotaged it with Brad, and she’s sabotaging it here. Like it or not, that’s what this show always was – exploitative entertainment. They just raised the bar a bit more this time…

      • shuksan

        People, even if Ashley were to have seen the Bentley tapes, she would, & will, still continue to self-sabotage. Most of us viewing the tapes would be hurt for a bit, but be able to transition to “good-bye & good riddance”; Ashley would, & will, just use them as a way to validate how she already feels about herself- which isn’t much. The nicest, most supportive partner in the world isn’t going to be able to fill the void Ashley feels inside herself- she has to- & it appears the only way she is going to be able to do that is through a lot of counseling.
        I understand Chris saying that people need to make their own choices/mistakes, which in most cirumstances I would agree with, but this young woman is clearly not capable of healthy insight & making the necessary changes to avoid repeating destructive behaviors. Like I said, regardless of who Ashley ends up with, she really needs therapy. = (

      • Yolanda

        I thought it was my thinking of a 50 year old woman. But boy, is that girl unable to see what a good man is all about or what? I would have chosen, JP or Ames.
        She needs help!

    • Tay

      Ashley’s insecurity wasn’t the factor, the main factor was that William is simply, as he put it, “a 30- year old kid.” What goes around comes around!!

      • Barb

        You’re right – if a woman is looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage and kids, the last thing she wants to hear is a 30-year-old describing himself as a “kid” who justs wants to have fun.

      • jones

        Yes, but I think Ashely acts like an 18 year old the way she fell so hard for Bentley in such a short time despite warnings and now cannot get over him.

      • Fantasygirl

        I agree with most of you.
        Chris Harrison, if you read these posts at all, how in the world do you consider your talk with Ashles “brutally honest?” Did you tell her, even once, that Bentley really has no interest in her and you can prove it very simply by showing her the tapes you have of all he has said. Yes, it sounds cruel. But it is the only thing that will give her the “closure” on that relationship. It will turn her lovelorn hopes into anger which would be healthy for her right now. She is wasting her emotions and all of this season’s time (including mine) with this futile Bentley obsession.
        And I never got that anyway. The guy is NOT goodlooking, he is SMARMY looking.
        This season is the worst ever and Ashley is not ready for any kind of healthy relationship.

    • LoliRyder

      William was not great. He is more insecure than Ashley if that were possible. I think sending him home was a good move.

      • Sky

        William apparently didn’t think too much about his broken heart when he rushed to sign up to be on the Bachelor Pad. And as for Ames- I sure thought that he would have more class than go for BP as well. It just goes to show that none of these guys were there for “the right reasons”. Even the ones that went on hometown dates. All they care about is to be seen on tv so that they can get loads of stupid girls throwing themselves on them. So I don’t understand the magnitude of this hoopla around Bentley, because every last guy on the show thinks exactly the same stuff (dating websites, anyone??) plus the show is in control – the “villains” can only be as bad as Mr. Fleiss allows the, to be there. The producers could have sent the guy packing after his first confession that he was not into Ashley. They let him go on, they encouraged him and I bet they even kept asking Ashely to talk about him on purpose. Otherwise this would have been a very blah season and they can’t afford to let the ratings drop. It’s all about the money for ABC and it’s all about being the kings of the dating world for the guys.

    • LeonaMN

      I agree – it is the worse Bachlor/ette show I have seen and I have watched 95% of them.

      • sprite

        So true…I actually fell asleep…twice!!! Who ever produced this season should be fired…for torturing the fans. This used to be a show that you could watch and make fun of for the sheer silliness and if someone managed to fall in love despite everything…well, that was a bonus. This season is not fun AT ALL. Everyone I talk to about it are bored out of their skulls and think this is the worst Bette EVER!!!

      • Anne

        Ashley is a pathetic,immature,insecure drama queen and I hope when she sees what a fool she’s made of herself on this show that she will get the therapy she desperately needs. If Brad is watching I’m sure he realizes she was even worse then what he saw on his season. I’m so sick of her whining about Bentley and acting so bored and disinterested on her other dates; what a mistake to cast this train wreck as the Bachelorette!

    • Denise from Jersey

      Chris, in case you read this, I don’t get how you think the boxing thing was a good idea. Ames was injured and working out in the heat could have had bad results as well. I’ve been on many many dates in my time and don’t recall ever thinking “gee, I wish I could watch this guy box right now”…just sayin

      • Lydia

        agree 100%

      • Lesley

        I agree with you Denise and have you ever heard of intracranial hemorrhaging which can be fatal if not treated. He should have been taken to ER immediately again shame on producers for chosing this activity. This hjas been a mean season with many violent acts and mentally abusive actions needs to stop

      • FabCCC-WorcesterMA

        @ DENISE: absolutely the most ridiculous date ever, my gosh! what is wrong with this woman??? she should’ve been up on that boxing ring testing who the strongest is by letting them throw those punches at her ridiculous face! Poor Ames, by the way is he straight? i still think he’s the nicest man, gentleman and all, just a tad bit too much on the sweet side though…just sayin’

      • Sky

        Ames could not possibly be gay if he is taking his BP female costars on hot overnight dates (Jackie, was it?)

    • Justathought

      Ashley is the perfect Pigeon for Bentley. He lies and flatters her, her Ego loves it. and she thinks she “loves” him. Ashley needs to be paired with a jerk like Bentley who would be willing to pander to her insecurity and poor self esteem, and constantly tell her how wonderful she is. Ashley, like many “battered” women would put up with any emotional abuse, etc. as long as the guy is “sorry” and makes her feel needed and appreciated afterwords. Watch Bentley sweet-talk the shoes off her feet next week. Chris, you think another meeting with Bentley will help her get him out of her system, I bet it will backfire and put her deeper under his spell. Bentley gets off by manipulating women with flattery. A successful tactic with insecure women. It has probably worked for him since kindergarten. The dumb Sh*%.

    • JC-VA

      I think you forgot how bad he made her feel on the roast…. Yes she does have a lot of issues, but man, he went too far…. He should have gone 2 weeks ago.

    • FabCCC-WorcesterMA

      I totally agree with you Tom, it seems like the whole season is about how she’s wasting her time crying over Bentley, i feel so bad for all these awesome, beautiful men that have put their whole lives aside to be her puppet for NO REASON! she’s really annoying, make up your mind Ashley call off the show and run off to Bentley: FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON U, FOOL ME TWICE DUMBO IT’S ON U!

    • Di

      I so disagree. He told the truth when he said he was a 30 year old boy. He had issues out the ying yang…and you saw his self loathing come spewing out on his exit speech…

  • Cupcake

    Bentleybentleybentleybentleybentleybentley – oh my sweet Uncle George make it stop!! I truly hope that next week is the END of hearing about Bentley, listening to her talk about Bentley, seeing her in anguish over Bentley. It has become gut wrenching. Ashley sugar – you are missing out on such great men. You have got to shake that monkey off of your back. Maybe next week will do it. Here’s praying!!

    So sorry for Ames and his concussion and glad to see him rally back. Go Ames!! Nick the eye candy is gone but I never really saw him make any sort of impression on Ashley. JP, Ben F., and Ryan all seem like the best picks for her but who knows. It looks like she works everyone’s nerves next week which would be sad for everyone involved. I hope she is happy and content now that the filming is over and that she has ended with up with a true and amazing love.

    One more week with the “B” word and then onward and upward!!

    • Vicki B

      I like your picks. I love JP (who has seen her at her worst and made her feel better – wadda man). Ben F is real but in the long run i’m not to sure of his enotions even tho I could see them squashing grapes with their feet in a vat like “Lucy” LOL. I have liked Ryan since the start but having 2nd thoughts. Voting for Ben more now.

    • Karen

      I felt bad for Ashley when she was sent packing, but she was so insecure about a lot of things and she actually sent herself home. I thought when the show first started this season that she would be different, but oh my!! I’m sick of her talking BENTLEY. What a jerk and I can’t believe the producers would bring this idiot back on the show. How unfair to the other men who are “really” interested. The way Ashley let the two men go from the last date was very cold and heartless. I hope when all the guys find out next week that Bentley is back, that they all walk out and leave her by herself. Then Bentley will leave her and she’ll find out that he only wanted Emily!!

      • karen

        Somewhere Brad the Douche is laughing his ass off seeing Ashley repeating this self-destructive cycle.

      • Lucy

        I haven’t felt badly for Ashley at all. She has no pride or self esteem…what part about a man leaving you on TV makes you want to see hin again?!?

      • aj

        keep in mind though that we have seen his confessionals and she has not. in all of the scenes they show with the two of them together he is perfectly nice to her, and when he leaves he says it is because he can’t be apart from his daughter and that he is still interested in her (dot dot dot). So cut Ashley some slack.
        What pisses me off is that it seems last night she was begging Chris to give her a reason to get over Bentley, and he could have easily provided that by showing her the videos. Done. instead, they fly Bentley to Hong Kong so he can manipulate her some more? Disgusting.

    • Angel

      Sure this ‘Bentley’ talk is getting much of the time. Why the Producers don’t show the initial videos of him talking so trashy about Ashley? I bet any woman when hear that, for most low self esteem she would have, would put a closure on the guy definitely. He got his publicity he was looking for.

      • Mellissa

        No, Ashley’s probably thinking she deserves whatever Bentley is saying about her because she’s not Emily or Chantal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley’s ATFR is more awkward then Emily/Brad’s was. She’s probably made numorous phone calls to the “winner” whining about how much Bentley hurt her.

      • Justathought

        This Bentley mess makes one wonder if the Producers picked him for Ashley on purpose to stir things up and make the show more controversial and “interesting”. Bentley is so much like Wes, it makes one wonder. Surely they have worked up psych. profiles on all of the contestants. Bentley is a born user and Ashley is insecure and weak enough to be a natural victim for men like him. Most women would blow off his insecure flattery, Ashley craves it. I agree, she needs therapy or she will wind up in an abusive relationship.

    • Megan

      How hypocritical! She sends Ben home ten seconds after hearing he can’t wait for online dating, but manages to fall in love with the guy she had such a heads up on before the show even started. This girl is lost. And for someone who chastises people for not growing up, she could use a little maturity herself.

      • Lilly

        Agree 100%, Megan. Wish I could “like” your comment!

      • roberta

        Agreed. It’s hard to feel sorry for Ashley when she was forwarned about the guy from the beginning.

        Does she think it was just a coincidence that right after she told him she was forwarned about him, he suddenly decided he missed his kid and needed to go home??

        If she really is so stupid as to fall in love with this guy and be so unaware of who he really is and if she continues to pine after him even after he LEFT HER, then she doesnt deserve any of the decent guys who are actually there just for her.

        Frankly though, I think the whole thing is scripted. No woman could be that stupid and even the worst of guys couldnt possibly be so narcissitic as to go on the show and make her fall in love with him, then dump her and ruin her chances with anyone else.

    • BobS

      If there is any justice in this world and if this sad pathetic girl is to learn anything from this experience, then all of the other men would simply walk out on her and leave her to her (probably recently crushed) fantasies of Bentley the Jerk! She has certainly earned such a result. If one of the Bachelors ever treated his season of bachelorettes with such casual distain, he would be publicly berated. This girl is a looooong way from knowing how to love! Lord help any man who attempts to bond with her for a very long time!

  • Joni

    This is absolutely the worst bachelor / bachelorette yet. Ashley is cruel and pretty much an idiot. I’ll be back next season. I pity whoever she picks.

    • Sweety

      Definitely. Cannot believe she is ignoring all the wonderful men who is there for her and constantly crying over Bentley. Uggghhh. So frustrating. I had liked her in the beginning but now she is just so annoying. I really hope all the men walk out on her next week. If not then I feel so sorry for the guy who she picks at the end.

      • SLB

        I knew she would be annoying the minute they picked her.

      • Mrs M

        I have thought the same thing as SLB. I think the public knew she was insecure self destructive and didn’t want to watch that for a second time, but look how many of us are anyway!

      • GB

        It’s 100% the producers’ fault she’s not over Bentley at this late stage! They deliberately kept her in the dark about the extent of his nastiness instead of looking out for her interests, showing her some footage of him, and letting her kick him off for good.

      • BobS

        What in heaven’s name did the producers see in Ashley to bring her on as the Bachelorette?

    • Theresa

      I hope they turn her down!
      Ashley is the worse bachelorette ever! she was warned in the beginning, so she should of known he was going to try and sweep her off her feet and be irresistable! Great guys there, she’s ruining the whole by being an idiot

      • Tiffany

        Chris! Man! Show her those horrible tesimonials about how he is “not into her at all” “I wish this was Emily” How can you sit there and let her put all of us through this HELL talking about him?? Be honest and show her the tapes!

    • marilyn

      Well said and I agree!

    • Kay

      so do I….

  • mickey

    seriously…the fact that the show knows exactly what Bentley was saying about Ashley, yet they want to spend time and money on bringing that jackass back is so ridiculous. Shows that the ratings are more important than Ashleys integrity. Really low in my standards. The show is not getting better….its actually becoming a joke.

    • Candace

      It really ticks me off that the show did not kick bently off the very moment he started spouting off how this was all a game to him and saying those hurtful things about Ashley to the camera. I have lost respect for the show with this. Sure, it ads for drama and we are nail biting ever week. But we watch this show for the romance and the fairytale with some drama. Not ALL drama with no romance. Ashley stops herself from any romance and any little bit we do get as viewers, we get hit with another “oh, I can’t help thinking about bently.” Chris… please. If this EVER happens again, tell the girl! I’ve loved you as a host since season one. But you had to know what bently was saying. If not… well ABC, you make me upset. The mistake by not telling Ashley the truth about Bently and leaving the “dot dot dot,” has made the show so much less enjoyable, annoying, and makes poor Ashley look like the fool she is.

      • Mindy

        I totally agree, the producers made the wrong call on this one. If they had really wanted Ashley to “find love,” they would have just shown her a couple of the Bentley clips (on camera, so they could have their “drama” right there, right?) and then move forward with the other men, some of whom seem really great. Then we could have actually had some ROMANCE this season, instead of this pathetic show of confusion. This poor girl. She was really played by the producers; but not in a good way.

        Also, the “group dates” that have been set up this season seem remarkably cruel. Perhaps taking a cue from the “dragging Emily to the racetrack” debacle of last season, the producers now have the bachelors roast the most insecure girl anyone’s ever seen, and then have them try to beat each other into a bloody pulp. Great going, guys! What’s up for next week? Oh right, Bentley flies to Hong Kong and all the men want to go home. When does the fun end?

      • Cara

        I totally agree. The whole “Bently” issue could have been dealt with by showing Ashley the clips of what he was saying to the camera. This would have been better for everyone involved and made the season much less frustrating and actually enjoyable to watch. Nobody wants to see or hear anymore about Bently.

      • terese

        I agree its painful to watch each and every episode. I think we all hope to see the fairytale romance. But in a normal environment you would have friends/family around. I would like to think Chris should be that friend. No friend/family member would ever stand to listen to someone speak so negatively about them and not tell them. She has no clue at this point and yet she will have to watch it all play out on live tv. I think you are making her to look like a complete idiot. Its embarassing to her and her family. I do believe that you have to fiquire some things out on your own but you are leaving her to be completely blindsided and made a fool of. Show her the video verses bring the idiot with the dot, dot, dot back!! I can’t imagine how you would feel if this would every happen to your child. You are leaving her to be completely embarassed and look like a complete fool – let alone have it all play out on national television. A very unclassy move by all producers and Chris.

      • Tp

        This show is exactly what ABC wants it to be – a show. No cares about fairytale romance, being swept up off one’s feet. They know what gets ratings and the show is built around that, including the Bentley drama by the clips that we see, by his return and Ashley being hung up on him. ABC has its viewers exactly where they want them… Don’t get caught up in the fairytale because it doesn’t exist. It’s reality tv all at the expense of the network. Read other blogs that are well written about this show and The Bachelor; they’ll help open your eyes.

      • Eolra

        It ticks *me* off that in Jake’s season, they totally told him right away as soon as there was any doubt about Roslyn (even though there wasn’t even any video proof as was in this case). The male/female double standard is sickening. Why is it ok to string along the woman for ratings, but pull the plug on it instantly when it’s a man? LAME.

      • Justathought

        I agree with Candace, the Producers have made the wrong choice; Drama over the Fairy Tail. The female supporters of this Franchise do not want some poor woman abused,humiliated, and rejected. They want the “Happy Ever After”, or at least an honest search for it by a strong, self confident, intelligent woman; not an insecure, emotional train wreck. Smart men don’t want to bond with a train wreck either. Already some of the men are expressing reservations and Ashley is increasingly concerned that no one will want to stand with her at the end, which is making her even more insecure and crazy.

    • jeapia

      I actually think they’re bringing Bentley back more to hopefully give Ashley some closure so she can move on with the show. If she doesn’t, the season will tank. She can’t focus on the guys there while she still has him in her head/heart. While his return does create drama for the producers, I think it’s also about saving the process while they were filming.

      • georgy

        Actually, I think they are bringing Bentley back to boost ratings. They easily could have shown her the tapes and put and end to her miserable misery!

      • susela

        For heaven’s sake, they could have arranged a Skype call or just shown her the footage they had of him bad-mouthing her. Instead they fly him out to Hong Kong for a free vacation and say it was “all up to Ashley.” Chris, you’re a ratings wh*re.

      • sprite

        This season has been a bore. The worst Bette ever. The only reason they are still beating a dead horse (Bentley) is that they have nothing else to give us…Ashley is boring, insecure, whiny, and has the worst wardrobe of any season. She clearly in not interested in any of them (perhaps with the exception of JP…I am discounting Bentley since that is clearly manufatured drama). The guys are not into her…loved Constatine telling her as it is, yet he still gets the first rose at the rose ceremony. Maybe they should all tell her they are not into her and then she would start going wild for them!

      • Fantasygirl

        But what makes you think Bentley will tell her the truth this time? Do you think the producers told him he has to? I can only hope this is the case. It is the only way she can put this away and move on.

    • Beej

      I understand Chris (and the producers) want to ‘let Ashley make the decision about Bentley’ all by herself. But really!!! You see her all torn up about this. If they were to show her one of the 100’s of tacky, disgusting interviews he gave, she would (hopefully…LOL) get over it and realize he was just playing her for a fool. I can only imagine what garbage is going to come out of his mouth next week. I seriously do not see the point in flying him out there. Show the interviews!! OF course she’s seeing them now and probably feels more like a fool and a bit betrayed that the producers and Chris let her believe all of his lies when they knew better.

    • Ann

      EXACTLY! Why in the world did the producers not show her the clips? (And don’t give me that garbage about letting her make her own decision! She doesn’t have all of the facts and therefore is in no place to make a decent decision.) Just show her the dang tapes and get it over with…then the process can move foreward — either by her getting over it and choosing one of the other men or by ending the show right there. Either way it’d be a blessing. And yes, she needs counseling before she really finds herself in some abusive relationship with another jerk like Bentley. Guys like that just aren’t worth it…trust me on that! Don’t be one of us that had to learn the hard way.

      • anonymous

        On national television yet !

      • Mumsie

        Quite frankly the only issue is with Ashley. If the rest of the guys have any self-respect, this return of Bentley, for whatever reason should be a wake-up call that Ashley has not been ‘honest’. Her favorite word. The next step and the safest one present is for them to leave and for the season to end now before it loses any more ratings. As for Ashley…she needs to get into her own head and never mind trying to figure out anybody elses. This ‘girl’ is not ready for marriage. She can barely handle the dating scene without some type of drama. Enough!!!!!

    • jas1993


  • WG

    Chris, I can only imagine you’re as frustrated as everyone else watching this train wreck. It’s beyond me why you didn’t show her some of the dailies and say “LOOK. This is what the guy was saying you behind your back. You need to either pack it in and go home or put on your big girl pants.” It amazes me that Ashley’s in a gorgeous setting surrounded by hot guys and all she can do is pine, pine, pine….and no one says anything to knock some sense into her. This season’s irretrievably a mess and whatever “connection” Ashley makes now, it’s too little too late to feel satisfying. I hope you do a better job of choosing contestants and not just recycling bachelorettes/bachelors. Ashley clearly doesn’t belong on the show and it’s painful to see her insecurities laid bare each week. There’s no guilty pleasure in watching the show anymore – just cringing.

    • watermelon

      All of this! 100% I couldn’t have said it any better!

    • scandalous

      like watermelon said

      • K10

        LikeCandace, WG, watermelon,and scandalous said. Chris you know this is not right,you have changed the show.

      • meakea

        Like K10, Candace, WG, watermelon and scandalous said…ditto!

    • ghostlight

      CHRIS! ADDRESS WHAT YOUR VIEWERS ARE SAYING! The Bentley thing is wrong, and viewers understand that you are a part of it. But you keep avoiding the subject, like what happens is out of your control… YOU (and the other producers) chose a fragile little flower who is slightly dim, and YOU cast a guy who flat-out said he was only there to mess with Ashley’s head. People are mad at YOU personally. Address it before things REALLY GET UGLY IN THESE COMMENTS.

      • Tay

        Of course it’s wrong. But Come on, Fleiss is lapping this up. Doesn’t make it right, but we’re still tuning in every week, aren’t we?

      • Deb

        I agree, I can’t believe you guys are that desperate for ratings! I am so disapointed in the show this season…once again imagine if it were your daughter…

      • alessa (canada)

        i agree 100%. CHRIS YOU SAY YOU READ THESE COMMENTS BUT YOU ARE NOT ADDRESSING THE FACT THAT YOU GUYS MADE A WRONG CALL THIS SEASON by not showing the tapes to ashley. at least bring the subject up! your loyal fans are NOT HAPPY.

      • Heidi

        Tay I actually don’t even watch this season. I’m done. I’m only reading recaps and writing in my anger this time and I doubt I’ll watch again because this show has been so blatantly harmful to this girl. Chris can never recover his reputation in my book unless he gets the guys to pull Bentley into the boxing ring and beat the living daylights out of him. Ring HIS bell a bunch of times, and while you’re at it, throw Chris in there to get HIS bell rung as well.

    • janelle

      Well said!

    • SLB

      She’s an idiot for not dumping the first night after being warned.

    • LSH

      Chris! This is exactly right! Last season of B-ette, you told Ali about R-Rated. Why not do the same for Ashley? This girl has such painfully low self-esteem, I feel awful watching now. This has gotten out of control and she is being totally humiliated. The producers should have her back 100%!

      • aj

        and I can’t believe anyone would want to be a future Bachelorette knowing that this is how the producers treat their “star”!

    • Eliza

      Very well put. You let this one go too far, Harrison.

    • Jenn

      Thank you for saying everything I wanted to say. As much as I have enjoyed the guilty pleasure of the previous seasons, this one is just one disappointing cringe after another.

    • D.B.

      Chris Harrison is LYING AGAIN. If he and the producers had really wanted Ashley to get over Bentley, they would have just shown her Bentley’s mean footage, but they didn’t because they wanted to torture her and drag this out forever. I just wish Chris would stop lying about how much he cares. We know he doesn’t.

    • Lisa

      wow, ditto!!

    • bsheer

      Well said, WB, and well written (love good spelling and grammar!) – it’s tough to see how they can redeem this season after all this. I’m tired of her pouty, discouraged demeanor in the middle of the gorgeous surroundings with gorgeous guys. She is wasting their time, and this show is wasting ours with these manipulations. It’s such a shame.

  • Jenny H.

    I’m pretty sure the show could have showed her the nasty footage of Bentley putting her down etc, and that would have let the poor thing move on very quickly, but guess that is not as good for the ratings eh?

    • memsip

      If they had shown her the footage at the beginning that probably would have helped but if they showed it to her at this point it probably would have sent her into a worse tailspin than she’s in now. Either way she’s going to end up crushed and an emotional wreck who can’t trust herself to make a decision especially where relationships are concerned.

  • jason

    the worst bachlerette ever, she is un attractive and uneducated..To have the men get in a ring and fight for her, how pathetic,and some get hurt..I have been watching these shows since the ebiginning and thi is th absolute worst, just my opinion

    • etm

      Uneducated? Didn’t she go to an Ivy League school?

      • polk8dot

        No, she did not go to an Ivy League school. There is also something fishy going on with ABC’s introductions of her for both seasons. On the Bachelor they introduced her as a ‘Dentist’ which would imply having gotten an education and actually practicing a profession. But after some digging it came out that she was not really a ‘dentist’ but just a ‘dental student’ at the time. Huge difference! And this season, again they started off by calling her a ‘dentist’ even though it’s been proven wrong already. So after thinking about what school would let her take months and months off just to be on a Reality TV show, I found on several sites that she is actually a ‘Dental Hygienist’ student!!! Nothing wrong with that, but that is miiiiiles away from being a dentist! Her lack of interest in her future ‘job’, her disappearing ‘passion’ for it, her overflowing ‘passion’ for dancing this season finally all make sense. She’s been studying to be a dental hygienist, then chucked it to be on TV and is now apparently shooting for ‘Dancing with the Stars’, ‘a la Melissa.
        Again, nothing wrong with that, but why all the lies??? I was wandering why would she be so happy and willing to give up the sacrifices she must have made to become a dentist (medical school is fricking tough, ouch) but now it’s become clear there were no sacrifices.
        Even this part of her ‘story’ is as made up and false as everything else she tried to convince us and herself about. What a loser and a moron.
        I’ll watch next week to see which guys dump her for bringing back Yugo (i.e. Bentley), but that is it for me. Like someone said above – she killed the ‘guilty pleasure’ aspect of this show, all that’s left now is cringe inducing and annoying faux psycho-babble drivel coming from her mouth.

      • Al

        Ashley is a student of dentistry at Penn, an Ivy League School. She is not studying to be a dental hygienist.

      • GB

        Penn is Ivy League and the Dental School is one of the best in the world. She must’ve done well as an undergrad to get in.

    • Jen

      I heard Jeff said only 3 or 4 guys were genuinely interested in Ashley. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. She’s the worst bachelorette ever.

      • fan

        You guys are all the idiots!!! Ashley is a dental student who is in her last year, which means she is a practicing dentist. And besides, she is very intelligent, and she is not emotionally unstable! She is just in a tough place right now on this show. She never expected a jacka$$ to show up, pretend to love her, and then say awful things behind her back. Plenty of people experience relationships like this, but her bad moment just happened to be caught on film. Ashley is beautiful inside and out, and all of you trashing her…what makes you think that you are worthy to do so? Acting like you are in these comments, I would judge that you all are crappy, cynical, no-good people yourselves

      • SLB

        Please. She was an insecure idiot on the bachelor and she’s even worse on this show. Never expected a jack*ss to show up? Why not? There’s one every season.

      • meakea

        Yes, actually, she did expect a jacka** to show up because she was warned by Michelle Money before the show ever started. Being told to stay away from Bentley sent her running into his arms.

    • Kelly

      First of all, Ashley is beautiful and very attractive.

      Second, really, you’re going to pick on her because they should have said “dental student??!” What about Emily…her title should have been “golddigger.” Ashley goes to one of the top schools in the country.

      • Judi

        I too am getting pretty sick of this season. The fight date was a terrible idea. There were probably several of the bachelors’ that didn’t want to fight, but what could they do? This mess with Bentle has to be over with. I feel sorry for the rest of the guys as all she is doing is playing them. All season long she has come across as an insecure little lost lamb because of what happened to her before.
        Give it up Ashley. I don';t think you should waste the lives of any of these guys just for the sake of a marriage. Clear your own life up first and not at the Bachelors’ expense.

  • smartcookie

    I can’t believe someone who is so uber-sensitive and emotionally fragile would want to do this show. I’m really embarrassed watching her.

    • Sweety

      Me too. I feel I am so stressed and cringing throughout the episode.

  • trista

    I have alot I want to say.. Ok all this season has been so hard to watch, ashley is just being made to look as a fool by this bentley crap and I dont know if I can bare watching it! If this ends with her not picking anyone I will throw something at the TV. This girl is a sweet girl and she deserves to be happy my hope is with JP ! I feel horrible for Ashley with everything she has to deal with through the idiot bentley, for real Chris this is soooo difficult to stand! Next week better be it that we have to see or hear this idiots name!!! Ok u seemed to really try and persuade her in your talk with her, its just unbelievable that she didnt clue into the advice of u and the producers, its just insane! But no more jack ass after next week, I think I speak for most woman, we are done with the idiot bentley!

  • Courtney

    I was cringing during this episode. Ashley is not in a position to be in a relationship right now!! She’s still stuck in the college-age mentality of falling for the unavailable hot guy (though, seriously… Bentley!?) instead of seeing her actual path forward. It’s very disappointing, and after tonight’s episode, I became quite disillusioned with both her and the show itself. I still get entertainment value out of it, but I’m not looking forward to next week’s episode since I have no faith in Ashley to make a sensible decision and I have no faith in the show’s producers to protect her from a predator.

  • Liza

    “A massive thunderstorm blew in that night, very symbolic of what’s going on in Ashley’s mind right now”

    I couldn’t agree more with your astute analysis, Mr. Harrison. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the juxtaposition of Ashley’s intense connection with Ben F. and her intense continuing thoughts of Bentley, as well as Ben C. and William and foil dates further this season’s theme that you should never look for love on reality television.

    But that’s just my take.

  • Brightestsmile

    I agree with all of these comments! This is season is awful!! At first it was like… okay well she liked him, he’s a bad boy we kinda like them! But enough is enough! Seriously, she’s so insecure it’s a joke!! Ahhh!! So bummed!!

    • Mandy

      Bentley is not a real bad boy. A real bad boy has to actually be ATTRACTIVE. This guy looks kind of like a troll. I’m not really sure where all the “hot” comments are coming from. Compared to all the other guys, my personal feeling is that he was the LEAST good-looking of them all. Plus, my friend really does own a dog named Bentley.

  • Teri

    Ashley is so confused…Bentley is a god in her eyes and a dog in mine. Too bad she can’t see the stuff we got to see, maybe she would so be over that dog!!! Maybe canceling the rest of these episodes would be fair to everyone, the guys, viewers and Ashley!!

    • Angel

      My dog is the most sweet ‘person’ I know. I can not offend any dog calling him ‘Bentley’. Really. I love this show and I’m gonna watch whatever happen, but it’s clear we don’t see all that she and the guys lived together to be able to judge what kind of relationship they have or should have. She is an amazing person and deserves happiness like anyone there, and I hope she will really find the closure she is looking for. The tapes of bad mouth B. about her would help a lot, so she could give time and chance to the interesting guys in the house, ie, all of them.

  • Moon

    mickey is right. If the show actually cared about Ashley, they would have shown her the tapes of Bentley when she was still thinking of him after he left.

    Unforunately, Ashley seems to be great at letting all the *wrong* guys play with her emotions.

    I couldn’t believe that she trusted William and just kicked Ben off like that. At least she knew enough to get rid of William, as well, even if it was for the wrong reason.

    JP seems to be the one who really cares the most about her. If she’s crazy enough to send him home, I want him! :-)

  • Kristi

    Season after season I defend this show to all the doubters and skeptics out there who think it is all scripted. Alas, after this never ending Bentley nonsense, I am losing faith and interest in the show. The producers should have insisted that Bentley be brutally honest when he originally left. By not doing that they ensured the only dramatic moments of the season to continue, thus making it as “real” as those other so called reality shows such as the Kardashians. Scripted drama loosely based on reality. I’m back to dreading Mondays. :-(

    • Roseann

      Ashley is making the fool of herself by even giving Bentley any satisfaction. All she does is whine! Grow up girl!!!!!

    • tennisfan

      I agree, Kristi. I’ve watched the Bachelor(ette) since season one, and have defended it as having real moments and ending in quite a few real relationships. Sure it’s fun to watch some crazy/goofy people, but when the show is going so far as to allow frauds like Bentley continue on the show for so long, it’s lost me. That is not the drama I’m interested in seeing — it’s far more interesting to watch real emotional drama unfold — I don’t want to see someone pretending and hurting someone on purpose for whatever fame the show will give him. I loved the Brad 1 and Jason endings — those were real, based on real feelings of people, not based on purposeful deceit.

      I absolutely hated last nights episode, and I have never said that before about this show. I do not dislike Ashley, I hate what the producers have done and the situation they have put her in. I’ll probably watch next week to see what happens, but I am NOT impressed with the direction the producers have been taking this show. I really bemoan that reality TV has turned completely into produce-contrived TV — it’s completely lost what interested me in the first place — watching real emotions, etc., unfold.

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