Kim Kardashian's wedding registry: Hurry up and buy the $195 ice tongs before someone else does!


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What do you get the person who has everything on their wedding day? If it’s Kim Kardashian, a series of pricey vases and a clock that tells extra special time (it better anyway, it costs over $1,000), apparently. just listed what is reportedly Kardashian’s gift registry for her impending wedding to Kris Humphries, and PopWatchers, there are no Pool Party Ceramic Chip Dip sets to be found. I know, I was surprised, too!

Instead, the many baffling items on the registry include: The series of aforementioned expensive vases — including a $7,500 Baccarat Cosmos extra large vase and a $6,500 Tourbillon black vase; $840 Havana ash trays; a $470 picture frame; a $375 candy jar (what do you put your M&M’s in? Your hand?); $195 ice tongs; and a nude black meditating statue by Lalique (what registry would be complete without it?) for $325, as well as the accompanying nude black resting statue — for when the meditating statue gets tuckered out, duh!

I’m still hoping she’ll dig the $100 Target gift certificate I planned to get her. (That’s good at all locations, Kim!)

What do you think of Kim Kardashian’s wedding registry, PopWatchers? Which item mystifies you the most?

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  • breck

    hmm, a month’s rent or ash trays? these are the decisions i have to live with.

    • DranFrescher

      >>> Happily Divorced – Tonight @10:30/9:30 – Only on TV LAND <<<

    • anonymous

      Do they even smoke ?
      Why the ashtray ? Up in smoke !

  • JoshP

    You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, this is a hoax people.

  • Doug

    I’ll send these clowns a gift if their marriage lasts more than one year.

  • Mr. Holloway

    Like a great singer/songwriter once said: money can’t buy you class.

    • joNJ

      LMFAO hilarious

  • Bob

    Just shows the spoiled thing she is. Why do people watch her?

    • Katherine

      because of her looks

  • TC

    We know she doesn’t have class, she did a dirty video.

  • No Longer Your #1 Fan

    And the Kardashian girls wonder why so many people detest them as much as they do. By all accounts, Kim is far and away the richest of all the family members, making well into the 8-figures… not to mention her fiance makes over $3 million a year. They can afford to buy all the items on their registry thousands of times over. They have everything they could ever want. Yet they are going to put the burden on their family and friends to support their lavish lifestyle choices? I’m sure they have a lot of wealthy relatives and friends, but not the hundreds they’ll need to buy all these registry items. I’m sure most of the people they’re inviting canNOT afford these items, and probably wouldn’t want to buy these things anyway. “You want me to buy you an $840 ashtray? $200 ice tongs? A $375 candy bowl? Are you freaking kidding me?” I mean, how unnecessarily snobby, uppity, and highfalutin can these people be?

    I was watching “The View” today, and Sherri Shepherd, who’s getting married this summer and can obviously afford anything she wants, said she has everything she needs and is requesting that instead of wedding gifts, for their guests to make donations to one of two separate charities (I forget their names, but if memory serves me correctly they help support the homeless). Now that’s class.

    Ultimately, people can obviously do what they want and Kim and Kris can handle their wedding as they see fit. However, they certainly cannot expect their fans to relate to them, they most definitely can expect to turn off tons of people by this, and not that they care, but they’ve converted this former ├╝ber-fan into a non-fan who is taking their show off of my DVR, selling my copy of their book on eBay, unfollowing her on Twitter, and putting my bottle of Kim’s perfume right smack in the middle of my trash can. Again, she could obviously care less about one measly little fan like me doing this, but I just can’t relate to someone who is coming off like the evil spawn on Candy Spelling.

    Kim, I hope it feels good to replace the priceless warmth of a fan’s well-wishes with the vapid coolness of a $6600 Baccarat vase. Enjoy.

    • Jayne

      Preach it! ROTFLMFAO!! What a perfectly worded posting. I think I’m gonna join you in the Land of No Longer A Kim Kardashian Fan. This is just disgusting. I was looking at her online registry, and they expect us to believe they need a $1650 coffeepot? Are you f***ing kidding? And to go alongside the coffeepot, you of course need something to put your cream or milk in, and that obviously needs to be a $1000 Creamer. Oh, and don’t forget that if you need to serve lemonade or iced tea, you need a $925 pitcher. But perhaps most nauseating of all, we all know that food cannot be eaten unless you have your 5-piece knife-spoon-fork set that costs $1600 per set (that’s $320 per each individual utensil)? And they are requesting 24 complete sets! That’s $38,400 worth of knives/forks/spoons.

      I’m sorry, but these people disgust me.

      • Stacy

        LOL about the $29 Tupperware pitcher. Love it. I used to really adore Kim, but frankly this registry has made me absolutely detest her. In a matter of the few minutes it took for me to read this article and look at her registry items and prices, I went from loving her for years and years, to finding her disgusting and a snobby horrifically selfish person.

    • Tina

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment. These millionaires make me SICK. I don’t begrudge them their income…I’m not saying these things out of jealousy. What makes me sick is how they’re making OTHER people pay for their lavish lifestyle. If you want a $1100 ashtray, go buy it your f-ing selves! I’m off to RiteAid to go buy a 25cent barfbag.

    • CJ

      One of the greatest comments I’ve ever seen.

      And Sherri Shepherd, you go girl.

    • Darla

      Sherri Shepherd, you go girl! A couple of years ago you may have thought the world was flat (LOL), but the way you mentioned today that you’re handling your wedding gifts has absolutely made me adore you. To ask your guests to donate to charities that help the homeless is SOOOOO classy. You have more class in a single strand of hair in one of your wigs than Kim Kardashian has in her entire body.

    • Sam

      They should do what Prince William and Cate did and ask that people donate to their favorite charity for a gift.
      She is a greedy pig. I’m sure the guy could care less.

      • julie

        Don’t call Kim K a pig, that’s an insult to Babe, et al. Whatever have they done to be compared to her and the rest of the family.

    • C.T.G.

      I agree I don’t have anything against the kardashian. I just think Kim and her fiance are making enough money to buy their wedding gifts themselves. Besides it is the thought that counts.

  • Jane

    Poor girl thinks money will buy her class.

  • RafMaf

    Who wants to chip in for a camcorder?

    • Natalia


  • frank

    Why would anyone buy these people anything??It always amazes me when millionaires ask regular people to buy them gifts that they could surely buy themselves. This kind of vapidness really shows how these people are. A more positive show of love for each other would be making donations to local charities, but these two are so selfish they would rather an $840 ashtray. I hope this pathetic couple is happy for the short time their marriage will last.

    • etm

      It’s so true-they should each choose a charity to donate to. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it would make them look good.

  • vicky

    are you kidding, can I please make a sex tape so I can get rich and my mother not be totally pissed at me. hope the other 2 become preggers so they can add cash to the mounting money bags.

  • Bob

    So sick of the flippin Kard-assians.

  • TorontoTom

    I long for the day when the totally scripted, totally fake “reality” phase on TV crashes and burns. No more Kardashians, no more Jersey Shore idiots, no more Kate Gosselin, no more Real Housewives of Anywhere, NO MORE!

    • Tii

      So agree that it is time for the so called reality shows to fade away. As far as the K’s are concerned, they have really laughed all the way to the bank at the expense (literally) of their fans. Kims wedding fragrance for sale? Stop giving them your hard earned money by buying the things they promote!

  • Heather

    I am getting married in 3 weeks. Our TOTAL registry doesn’t even come close to the $6,500 Tourbillon black vase they want and we know we won’t get everything on the registry. WOW. I’ve never liked any of them and never watched their shows. It won’t last more than a year.

    • kat

      Right?? When I got married, we didn’t really do a registry because there wasn’t anything we wanted right away but we wanted to save up for nicer stuff eventually, so we asked for gift cards/cash. (I know some people think this is tacky, but I honestly think it’s better to do it that way if you plan to move in a couple years and want to save up to furnish a new house at that point rather than immediately.) I think we got between $40-50 from most people. Some less, some more, but nothing over $150, and that was from a millionaire family member. I think we ended up with about $2000 or a little less altogether. And I thought that was pretty great. Apparently not, since I can only afford a handful of Kardashian-approved picture frames with that amount of money.

      • Lexxxii

        You’re right Kat………….that IS tacky.

  • Kira

    How is she famous

    • Sarah

      If you guys had their money you would also be buying what they are. One way or another they are successful and there is way more people that actually have sex tapes and you never know it could be your daugther or you son that set a camera up on the poor girl. All of you be happy of other peoples success and get rid of all this hatred and jealousy

      • Don

        Um, you are absolutely correct in your first sentence. Yes, if we were millionaires, we would be buying it ourselves… and NOT making other people buying the stuff for us. That’s what’s disgusting everyone. She’s a millionaire…good for her. No one begrudges her the success she has. Just don’t force others to support the haughty lifestyle you’ve chosen for yourself.

        And are you serious about someone setting up a camera on her (“the poor girl”) during her sexcapades? Um, she was a completely willing participant in the videotaping of her sex tryst with Ray J. This was not a hidden camera show. Kim knew exactly what she was doing. Exactly like she knows what she’s doing by forcing people to buy her a $7700 vase. Both situations have something in common … They’re both disgusting.

      • Kira

        I’m not jelouse I was asking how she’s famous, I have no clue who she is. Is she an actress, singer, or dancer?

      • Andy

        An actress, I suppose. (of the x-rated night vision goggles variety)

    • Marianna

      Kira, she’s none of the above. Actress, singer or dancer I mean. Her father, Robert Kardashian was, I believe, one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers. Someone in the realm of reality tv thought his good looking, (Eye of the beholder, folks, eye of the beholder), flamboyant family would make for interesting television. And so it was thus that the next generation of Paris and Nikki Hiltons were contrived and foisted onto an increasingly jaded television viewing audience. It speaks better of you than it does of me that I knew who they were and you didn’t.

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