Mandy Moore's 'Love, Wedding, Marriage' rated one of the worst movies of all time, but we still like her!

I like you Mandy Moore, I really do. Sure, your music career hasn’t always been perfect (no one’s missing your pop days like… “Candy”?) and neither has your movie career, for that matter (for every Tangled and Saved!, there’s a Because I Said So and License To Wed), but darn it, I still like you!

So, it pains me to write this, but you, Mandy Moore, are currently starring in one of the worst movie of all-time. At least, according to Rotten Tomatoes, anyway.

Yes, the 27-year-old’s latest venture into dreadful rom com territory, Love, Wedding, Marriage, currently stands at a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The title alone is pretty terrible for the Dermot Mulroney-directed flick, about a marriage counselor (Moore) who struggles with her new husband (Kellan Lutz) and her in-the-midst-of-a-divorce-parents, played by Jane Seymour and James Brolin. If you’re already groaning at the concept alone — a marriage counselor who can’t save marriages! — you most certainly aren’t the only one. Nobody, not a single critic, found anything remotely redeeming about the flick. That means the movie, which is currently in theaters and available on OnDemand, is worse than Battlefield Earth, Freddy Got Fingered, and Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, but on par with Ballistic Ecks vs. Sever, which shares its, er, honor. 

Richard Roeper described Love, Wedding, Marriage as, “a sitcom stretched the movie length, with almost no laughs” while the AP’s Christy Lemire argued, “To describe Love, Wedding, Marriage as sitcommy would be an insult to sitcoms, which can and do succeed in inspiring genuine laughter.” Even our own Adam Markovitz could only muster up these words about it: “numbingly chipper.”

While I can’t say I want to see this movie at all (between the reviews, the trailer that involves the old shes-quirky-because-she-does-pratfalls bit and that oft replicated poster, see above, I think I’ll pass) but it doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up on Ms. Moore just yet. Sure, it’s a shame she keeps making movies like this, but I can’t be the only one willing to give her another chance, can I? She’s so darn likable in real-life and held her own on Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother (maybe she should stick to the small screen?) Or is it time to accept the fact that her big screen career, much like Love, Wedding, Marriage will add up to a zero

Have you seen Love, Wedding, Marriage, PopWatchers, or did you heed the critics’ advice and pass? Do you think Mandy Moore will ever be able to have a decent acting career or should she call it a day?

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  • Captain

    I’ve always liked her but she definitely has trouble finding good movies. Her music career never-quite took off and she has the most uneven record when it comes to movies. I think finidng a great television show that can properly utilize her talents might be just the thing she needs to take off as an actress.

    • Andrew

      I agree. A “How I Met Your Mother” type sitcom would do wonders for her.

    • Katja

      I don’t know if you ever saw Scrubs, but she was ADORABLE on it, and very very good. I still whine to my husband that J.D. should have ended up with her instead of Elliott.

    • SaraS

      I have never liked Mandy Moore. (Obviously not as a person, but in movies and music.) She has this weird way of acting, the way Drew Barrymoore does — she will never be good at it. She tries sooo hard to look cute all the time. And her damn haircuts! YUCK!
      The music isn’t better, although I did like that song “Gardenia” she did. I thought her and Zach Braff might have brought out the best creative sides in one another, but since then she’s just got right downhill.

    • TheDude

      Um…She’s a terrible actress! Why would her career take off or why is it she still gets chances when there is REAL talent out there?!

  • alex

    she should stick to being adorably married to ryan adams and lay low/do tv guest spots and cartoons

    • Ghost of Pia

      Once she married the drug addict, it’s gone off the rails for her.

      • Pittner

        Marrying Ryan Adams is the best thing she’s ever done.

  • Luna Lovegood

    I like her as well and think she is a talented actress! She should just make smarter choices when picking roles.

    And ps,sure Because I Said So was no masterpiece, but I can’t help but watch it everytime E! replays it. Diane Keaton, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, annnd Gabriel Macht? All-in-all a good choice for her

    • whoa nelly

      you have a problem. a serious problem. Because I said so was one of the WORST movies i’ve seen that had talented people in it. I love LG and DK is very talented. But the premise of the movie? Stupid. DK’s portrayal of the helicoptermom? Sickeningly over the top and unlikeable. There was not a redeemable character in that script and I can’t imagine why any of them signed on other than a paycheck and chance to hang out with each other!

      • jj

        I actually enjoyed the first half of Battlefield Earth more. (and then I fell asleep. with BISS I only WISHED I had fallen asleep)

      • Melissa

        Word. I had to stop watching it on my first attempt, it was so painful. A “friend” forced me to give it another chance and BISS tops my list of worst rom com – and I LOVE the cast! Just hurts to watch. This movie, trailer alone, looks even worse. Still got love for you though, Mandy!

      • Michael

        The problem is yours in thinking that you are the end-all-be-all in film critiques. She liked it. She has no problem.

        I liked Chasing Liberty, mostly because I’m in love with Matthew Goode. I don’t have a problem because of it.

        Mandy is a sweetheart. She does show promise on screen, but she does have to work a bit on her mannerisms a bit as they can be chiched and distracting. I haven’t however given up on her. She’ll be just fine.

  • e4ia

    I crashed…my van…into JESUS!

    • tracy bluth

      LOL! I love “Saved!”

    • Mary D

      She was great as Hilary Faye in Saved!

      Hilary Faye: Mary, turn away from Satan. Jesus, he loves you.
      Mary: You don’t know the first thing about love.
      Hilary Faye: [throws a Bible at Mary] I am FILLED with Christ’s love! You are just jealous of my success in the Lord.

      I liked her in A Walk To Remember. I know it was sappy but I liked her.

  • Joni

    No she going to do a scary movie I heard Swinging With The Finkils was funny.

  • Anne

    I liked her in Scrubs. Put her in a goofy comedy. Oooo, make her Travis’s next “older woman” on Cougar Town, one that all the guys and girls in the Cul-de-Sac Crew fall for, too!

    • brandinb

      I actually LOVE that idea!

    • Mandy


  • banana

    “I’m missin you like caaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaannnddddyyyy!” Haha. That video was awful, hut I liked the song. And I too, like ms. Moore, but agree she needs to make smarter career choices. Stick to TV.

  • carly

    Unfortunately people seem to blame the actors and actresses who star in a movie that sucks when really it’s who wrote the movie, directed and edited. Mandy Moore is a good actress. Hopefully she’ll get some good movies.

    • Lauren

      Uh oh, she’s getting Jennifer Aniston syndrome! They are both so darn likeable but for some reason, struggle to translate that to big screen success.

      • Jackie

        Nay, Jennifer Aniston has been in a LOT of good, successful films. Most recently Marley and Me and Just Go With It, which was really cute and funny.

      • Di

        And Mandy Moore’s Tangled was in the words of my niece “adorable.”

      • KEVIN

        Please dont use this as yet another way to put down Aniston. She is by no means similar to Moore in success or talent, or lack thereof. Like it or not, Aniston is one of only a handful of actresses right now that is considered a big star. Being subjective is lost on so many on these boards.

    • TheDude

      How many nominations does she have for ALL her work?

  • kate middleton

    Wow. Worse than Freddy Got Fingered? That is serious.

    I love Mandy. Can’t see her and Kellan as a couple though (probably couldn’t have seen her and Ryan Adams as one either though).

    Because I Said So is one of the most annoying movies ever, but I think that’s largely because of Diane Keaton’s performance.

    • Lizzie

      maybe we can’t see Kellan Lutz as part of a couple because he just seems totally asexual? like….i can’t imagine him with anyone.

      • kate middleton

        Maybe. I thought he was quite a bit younger than her, but he’s only a year younger. Kinda shocked by that.
        I think that Mandy gives off a very mature vibe, whereas I don’t get that from him. (I’ll admit I haven’t seen him in much though).

      • gato

        I could TOTALLY see him with me!

  • azteri

    For some reason I never like Mandy, always seems flat to me. She might be the greatest gal in the world, but her name associated with anything makes me go “eww.” Or “ho-hum” at best.

  • Doug

    “Tangled” and “Saved” are wonderful. I also really enjoy “Chasing Liberty” and “Because I Said So.” She puts down her early pop albums, but I prefer them to her most recent CD.

    • NanCeE*

      I couldn’t disagree more – I absolutely love her last CD.

    • Say What?

      I really liked Chasing Liberty too. Thought she was adorable in it and Matthew Goode was scrumptious. Jeremy Piven was great too.

    • Jackie

      Is your name really Doug? Or… Denise? No way. Chasing Liberty is the worst piece of crap EV-ER. And Tangled is an animated movie people, all she had to do ws go in for 2 days and say some lines. When she sang the theme song at the Oscars it was atrocious. Like, soooo, soooo bad.
      Saved she had a bit part, and again, not really great stuff on her own volition.
      I’m ready for her to go away, sad as that is.

  • DJ

    Bummer… Do you at least get to see Kellan Lutz naked ???

  • tracy bluth

    I’m not her biggest fan, but I thought she was good in “Saved!” and really enjoyed “Tangled”. And yes, she gets points in my book just for being married to Ryan Adams.

  • CM

    While Mandy will not be winning an Oscar anytime soon, I think her sweet, vulnerability is what makes her so likeable. I have to say though, that she doesn’t seem to have the star power of the movies. I enjoyed her on Scrubs, HIMYM and Grey’s, so she may be better suited for television. Cougar Town would be a great fit for her!

    • Lauren

      ah ha! Another sign of Jennifer Aniston Syndrome! Maybe I should trademark this…

      • demented

        Maybe, but until she spends five years planting sob stories about herself and her ex boyfriend, and has her chin grow about six inches, she won’t be Jennifer Aniston.

  • star jonestown

    Rotten Tomatoes itself is total garbage worthy of a zero% approval rating.

    Metacritic is what RT was supposed to be.

    • kate middleton

      Metacritic FTW!

    • hollywood

      RT is still pretty good…but you should pay attention to avg score and not % rating

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