Jon Stewart faux-steps down as 'Daily Show' host due to Anthony Weiner coverage

Tuesday night, the question on everyone (including PopWatch‘s) mind was How will Jon Stewart cover that Weiner? Would the Daily Show host continue to go easy on his good friend Rep. Anthony Weiner, who admitted in a press conference Tuesday afternoon that he had posted a picture of a part of his own anatomy to Twitter and engaged in “inappropriate” online communications with at least six other women? After all, some outlets had criticized the host for his tame treatment of the scandal. After Monday’s Daily Show, EW’s own Ken Tucker thought Stewart’s loyalty to his friend was classy, but didn’t like that taking the bullet for his friend made him really unload on John Edwards. As Ken said, “Edwards became a way for Stewart to reassert his fearless-honesty cred while sidling around what he invariably referred to as ‘Anthony Weiner’s c—.'”

But! At the top of Tuesday’s Daily Show, Stewart staged his own press conference, apologized for wussing out, then “resigned” and stepped aside so that dirty Brit John Oliver could take over as host. But the genius in this is that Stewart cut his hand pretty badly while preparing a frozen margarita. Is that strawberry flavoring in there, or are you just bleeding out, man? UPDATE: He was bleeding out! A Comedy Central rep confirms that the host got six stitches in his hand following the taping. Video after the jump.

So basically: Jon Stewart apologized, soaked his hand in a delicious blood concoction, and is “TOO LAZY TO WRITE JOKES AFTER 5.” Best wishes to his “beautiful and exotic family” during these trying, finger-healing times.

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  • Jim N

    Well there goes 3 minutes of my life I will never get back.

    • Bob W

      You’re on the EW website and you want us to believe you’re worried about THAT 3 minutes??

      • Stacie


      • JAM

        HAHAHAHA! YES!

    • Jeff

      He’s about as funny as Glenn Beck. Hopefully when Glenn leaves the airwaves, Jon will follow.

      • Lisa

        Jeff! Jeff! No! Just…No!

      • Ryan

        Agreed. I can’t stand either one of them and neither are as funny as they believe they are.

      • Todd

        Jon Stewart is hilarious. Screw you.

    • Shakespeare

      First … kill all the liberals.

      • Mark Twain

        If we kill all the liberals the world would end because inbreeding would kill the population. We need more than mouth breathing, nascar watching, hate spewing morons like you conservatives. Hey, isn’t “conservative” code for “retard?”

      • Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

        You two are silly.

      • Joseph Heller III

        Hey, Vonnegut, if there’s one thing I hate more than someone acting like a political nut and/or flaming someone on a board, its someone acting self-righteously replying to an inflamed exchange in an effort NOT to provide some sort of argument against/for their behavior or views, but to show how “elevated” they are. If you’re so much better than those guys, don’t reply, or better yet, say something interesting.

      • Frank Herbert

        Hey, Heller. If there’s one thing that really picks my ass is someone who is in such a hurry to get their comment out that they can’t be bothered to make sure they addressing the right person in their response.

      • JAM

        Wellll, interestingly enough, the fastest growing NASCAR demographic is Latinos, who are predominantly liberal.

      • 24 Hour Party Person

        What’s even more interesting is that Morrisey’s biggest fan base are latinos. So, they offset the goofiness of Nascar with listening to one of the U.K.’s best ever musicians who used to be with one of the U.K.’s best ever bands (that would be The Smiths, for those who didn’t know).

      • Ryan

        Probably a liberal posting a “kill all the liberals” line to stir up conservative hate. Stop taking everything you read on these ridiculous websites so seriously.

      • Stephenie Meyer

        I’m Confused.

      • Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

        Mr. Heller,
        First off, loved Catch 22. My favorite book, in fact. Secondly, not trying to be rude, and certainly wasn’t trying to be sanctimonious, but I wasn’t exactly commenting on the federalist/anti-federalist debates there. I came across two people basically doing the equivalent of schoolyard taunts at each other, and the only opinion I had on it was that they were pretty much both preposterous. Go back and read there posts, and see if you don’t agree with me.

      • topazbean

        Yes, but 24 Hour Party Person, interestingly Morrissey is actually pretty right wing and reactionary.

      • 24 Hour Party Person

        Topazbean – Reactionary? Granted, maybe at times his comments have seemed a little excessive but he’s hardly a right wing reactionist. Look at some of the comments he has directed at Bush and other right wing leaders and tell me if you still feel he’s right wing.

    • Laundry

      I will never, EVER forget this article for as long as I live. On my deathbed, in the very distant future (I hope), I will think about how Stewart dealt with Weiner.

  • cj

    Well done, Jon – well done!

  • Rho

    Watched the episode last night & it was hilarious. I always DVR it as well so I will definitely be watching it again. It made me think of Dan Ackroyd doing Julia Child on SNL only it had slightly less blood but was real. I love Jon’s dedication to his work.

  • Rose

    I’ve been watching The Daily Show and Stewart hasn’t been holding back on Weiner. He even did one of his musical numbers with the R. Kelly-like singer last week.
    It was clear last night that Stewart did cut his hand. That wasn’t “genius” but rather an accident.

    • Tom

      I hope the writer meant “genius” in a “Way to go Genius,” sort of way. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

  • Rachel

    A prime example of why I love both Stewart and Oliver.

    • Meghan

      This exactly. :)

      Oliver: “Don’t be so Jewish about it. You’re fine!”
      Stewart: “I should be Catholic, I should turn it into a drink.”

      • AndrewJ

        OMG. That particular exchange nearly had me spit out my drink…

  • Becca

    Last nights episode was amazing. This guy takes criticism and transfers it into his comedy. I was impressed he went on with the bit after hurting his hand. John Oliver was great, but Stewart really deserves all the credit (along with his writers).

    • benjy

      Please, for God sake, stop using the word “amazing” in everything you post. It’s really irritating.

      • Sara

        It’s amazing you noticed that.

      • Carmen

        It looks like someone is following Becca’s posts. Here’s a tip: skip it next time

      • Popoola

        Ineed for State farm to pull their add off my email page i can,t use myemail prpeorly they have large banner covrrning about a fourth ofmy email page ; pull this off right away . Hubert Thopmas

    • Ryan

      I agree with Stone Cold. I hate us using “amazing” for everything. It’s like the way the British use “brilliant” to describe everything.

      • topazbean

        Err, what? That’s the first I’ve heard of us saying brilliant all the time. I’d invite Arriana Huffington onto the debate, but she’d probably just say it’s fantastic.

      • Ana170

        Try watching “Bend It Like Beckham” and the Harry Potter movies and you’ll see why we think the British use “brilliant” all the time. Seriously, it’s time to get some new slang.

  • Russ

    a Liberal is a Liberal thay dot make mistakes

    • ?


    • What?


    • Laundry


  • Big Walt

    They should have had Rob Cordray or someone jump up on the podium before Jon Stewart, ala Breitbart.

    • Ivan

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Kelly

    Yes. Devoting 36 minutes of total coverage over a week is totally taking it easy on his friend. How dare he! Surely he should at least be as mean as he was over NY Republican Rep. Chris Lee’s naked torso and sex solicitations via Craigslist!

    Wait, what’s that? The Daily Show spent less than three minutes (ie less than 1/10th the time) covering Lee? With much the same format of jokes, except condensed and interrupted by coverage the Harry Baals Government Center in Indiana?

    Oh. Well, damn him, then, for spending so much time covering his friend, right? Because damned if you do, damned if you don’t, apparently.

    • Mark

      That’s because Lee resigned and didn’t lie about it for a week.

      • Kelly

        Lee was also soliciting sex via Craigslist. The situations are similar, although not analogous. Weiner also didn’t run on a family values platform of sexual repression. (And since Abedin hasn’t said anything, we have no idea what their relationship guidelines were.)

        Weiner lied, yep. And has been called out on it.

        The Daily Show has essentially dedicated two full shows in the last six to the scandal. That’s not ignoring or going light.

  • Fred

    The guy’s Stewart’s friend; why are people calling him out for going easy on him? Most people would’ve done with Stewart did. If someone like Sean Hannity had a politician friend who posted a picture of their … you know on Twitter, Hannity and other pundits like him would go easy on him.

    • Beth

      He didn’t go easy on him. Stewart did jokes about Weiner every single show since the story broke. How is that going easy? He did say several times that it pained him to be doing jokes because he’s a personal friend. But he did the jokes anyway. Every night.

  • jk

    Jon Stewart needed stitches and Stephen Colbert broke his wrist just before the start of his show a while back. All this makes me think is that Comedy Central is really paying some high premiums for workers comp.

    • MWeyer

      And yet still healthier than Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark.

  • jason

    JS kicks ass

  • bloop

    is he supposed to be funny? he’s been doing the same schtik since the 1990’s and it wasn’t funny then

    • Skip182

      His emmy shelf would disagree.

    • Em

      I’d hate to see what you think is funny.

    • AC

      I bet this guy has advanced screening tickets for “The Zookeepe”

      • AC


  • Ryan

    Stewart’s show shouldn’t be taken seriously. It’s just a comedy show regardless of what he believes it to be.

    On one hand, when he makes good points, he is praised by everyone and revels in that praise. When he’s critisized, he falls back to the “Oh, we’re just acomedy show” routine.

    • AC

      Doesn’t every single political talking head do the same thing? They just use different routines when they are called out on their BS

    • Jan

      He believes it’s a comedy show.

    • topazbean

      He’s in a dilemma though. Satirists have to stay out of actual politics, to maintain some form of distance, in order for their role to matter. He doesn’t deny that he has opinions, but if he starts saying he actually wants to change people’s minds or influence policy, he’s not really a satirist anymore – he’s part of the establishment, no longer an outsider. So he has to say he’s just a comedian.

      Whether you think he’s gone over the line already or not is a point up for debate. I certainly think he’s pushed his luck a few times. But then (as a liberal) I also don’t agree with every opinion he has. The problem I have is that some people seem to think that you can’t be a fan if you disagree with something he says. But he’s not a politician, he’s an entertainer. He’s allowed to talk crap sometimes, as long as it stays funny.

  • Linda

    the daily show has some of the best news coverage out there [and i know how sad that is, but nonetheless, it is true] and you conservative douchebags gotta just sit down and shut up. you got our country into a freaking disastrous mess and now we liberals gotta figure out how to save your stupid asses, just so you can continue to insult us and pretend that you are pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps. PLEASE. go worship your dumbass palin and joe the plumbers and let the rest of us work on fixing the country.

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