Why I love Ice-T and Coco as much as 'Ice loves Coco'

Who would have thought that dude with the ponytail from Law & Order: SVU and the woman who hosts “Thong Thursday” on her Twitter feed would be the two halves involved in our modern-day version of a fairy tale romance? Likely, very few, yet here are Ice-T and Coco, the latest Hollywood couple prepared to share their love on the small-screen in E!’s new reality series Ice Loves Coco, premiering June 12.

Give me any other couple in Hollywood, and I’d groan. (And, in fact, I have groaned.) But these two? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a new reality series since… is “ever” an option? Because I can’t help it: I love Ice-T and Coco almost as much as Ice loves Coco. They’re eccentric. They both support celebrating the female form, regardless of its shape. They’re both named after types of foods that, together, could inspire a Dunkin’ Donuts drink. And, most importantly, they renew my faith in love.

How sad is that? Keep in mind this is coming from someone who scoffs at engagements during The Bachelor and waterworks on Biggest Loser. I am no sap. But Ice-T and Coco just do me in. There’s something about the way he looks at her and regularly plays with her absurdly large derriere in public that truly makes me believe that there is true love in this bleak, lonely Earth. Just look at this clip from E!, embedded below, in which the couple talk about their Las Vegas wedding. Who doesn’t want to hug the man who rapped “Tell me what you want / I’ll make your life complete / She said, I always wanted to be a ho”  hearing him say, “I got choked up too,” about their nuptials? What a romantic!

Also: E!’s new slogan should definitely be, “If it’s Sunday, you know you’re watching E! Or you’re stupid.”

Who hopes one day they find as much love as Ice-T and Coco?

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  • lovelylady

    They are both so gross.

  • Chris

    Why are black men so fascinated with white women?

    • PedroBiltah The Scottish Love Mahine

      Why are you so fascinated with being a j bag

    • Wu-Tang 4ever

      Wtf are you talking about? 90% of married black men are married to black women. In white women’s dreams that black men are fascinated by them.

      • Chris

        I blame Weeds. That Nancy chick had every brother within a 4.20 mile radius sprung on her pale butt.

    • kremzeek!

      @ chris,i like redheads and since natural redheads are women who are white,there ya go.

    • C BLOK


  • memi

    I happened to catch the E! Special that came on over the weekend and found myself very fascinated with Ice and Coco. I wrote her off as a bimbo and him as a 50 year old thug, but actually they’re both pretty savvy and a loving couple. Hopefully the series changes others opinions too.

    • Ms. Chanandler Bong

      Lol! I love how surprised Mariska Hargitay looked when she ran onto her in the hall. I wonder what a conversation between those two is like?

  • imhotep

    Hell must be freezing at this moment…A Black president AND A brother slapping his white wife’s behind on national TV!!! Aliens landing for REAL will be next. Wow

    I see future heart attacks throughout suburban areas…

    “Daaddy, I want to be a ho like CoCo!” FLUMMMP!
    “Call 911!!!Your father has gone into cardiac arrest!!!”

  • jury’s out

    They’re cute together.

  • aa

    I worked in the village years ago and we’d see then shopping or hanging quite a bit. They always seemed very happy together and seem to still dig each other. Good for them, I’ll watch.

  • chattypatra

    You can totally see that they love each other. I hope they do another show when they are in their 80’s: “Ice-T Still Loves Coco”. It would be a hoot!

  • Cartman

    These two are disgusting. He is an old creep who thinks he is/was a gangsta pimp and she acts like some sort of retarded hooker.

    I guess everyone gets a reality show these days.

    • josina

      I think they are fabulous together,I like the way Ice can handle all the foever changing emotions of a woman and be able to bring back the happyness in her. I wish all men can learn from him. Anyone who’s negative about this relationship is jealous

    • Josina in SA

      I think they look fabulous together. I like the way Ice handles our [women]foever changing emotions and be able to bring back the happyness in her again and keeping on supporting her in everything. I think Ice is mature n a guru in relationship. Coco is lucky to get someone like him. THIS IS EVERY WOMAN’S WISH

  • Colleen

    I watched the “Baby Got Backstory” show this weekend, and was totally smitten with them. They seem to love and enjoy every minute they are together. Everyone has someone in this world that’s their match – and they seem to have found their match in each other.

  • fastball

    Face it, if she wasn’t a former stripper/porn actress, and didn’t have a pathological need to expose her medically-enhanced assets – nobody would give a crap. But since reality television producers think their audience is comprised of single-digit IQ morons(and judging by the success of such fodder, they’re entirely not wrong), I predict that after a few episodes of Coco exposing her myriad of “talents”, the resultant publicity will garner huge ratings.
    I seriously hope that after America says “yeah, yeah…she’s got a big bootie and ta-ta’s”, that they’ll get bored and move on.

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      My predication: Based on the above it will run multiple seasons.
      “The Girls Next Door” did. The Kardashian insanity still does, after how many years?
      You underestimate America! :-)~

  • kremzeek!

    it’s the single digit IQ morons who watch all these fake-*ss reality shows.these shows are all garbage showcasing people who are ignorant.let me give you an example of wht i mean:i saw a clip of one show where a big guy was yelling in a smaller guy’s face and everybody was cracking wise about how the smaller guy was about to “sh*t his pants”,but to me the bigger guy was a chickensh*t for breaking bad with a smaller guy and the only reason he was doing it was because he was on tv.eff “reality” shows and everybody who keeps them on tv.

  • beyondthenorm

    PLease get a clue…it another market plan for them…but as for ghetto…there are no color lines and yes they probably did find their match good for them but money truly doesn’t buy you a brain it just buys you what you want….but as for the show count me out I’m good!!!!

  • Ms. Chanandler Bong

    Count me in. Already programmed my season pass.

  • pattycupcake

    they’re adorable. finally, one couple who love and respect each other and have fun together. yay! and she’s surprisingly charismatic and sweet. and he’s funny and nice. their love for each other is touching. and the dog is very cute. i’m happy for them. a big thumbs up from me.

  • Hadayai

    They are very different and at times I have had harsh criticism of both however this show maybe something different and refreshing. Maybe others who follow the gangster rapper personas and women who bare it all to make a buck will class up their acts. Like these two apparently are doing.

    • Julie Maes

      Can’t wait untill Sunday nights. You can absoulutely see the love the two have for each other. May the heavens bless me with a relationship like theirs.

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