Lady Gaga honored at fashion awards. What on Earth can she do next?


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Everyone went gaga for Lady Gaga last night during the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards, where the eccentric singer picked up an honor for being the year’s top style icon.

In the video below, some stylish folk and Kathy Griffin sing the praises of the songstress, who showed up to the ceremony in a predictably unpredictable outfit, complete with mile-high platform shoes, teal hair, and a spiked bust area.

At this point, there is little Lady Gaga can do wrong in the realm of fashion — unless she showed up to an event in something off the rack. But as she continues to be heralded for her off-the-wall threads, you can’t help but wonder where it goes from here. How do you top arriving in an egg? What will she think of next?

I’ve given up trying to understand it all. (I’m totally content wearing some form of a black dress every day for the rest of my life, so that’s not an insult to her — only an admittance of my own limitations.) But I’m curious to see if she’ll ever get bored with being bizarre. Because, after all, how do you continue being eccentric if that’s what people expect?

I’m officially over-thinking Gaga — it must be Tuesday.

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  • Felix

    Haters gonna hate in 3….2……..

    • Sally Cartwright

      Felix you need some playboy books….or a girlfriend, not that I don’t get your lack of too Nick.. yep ya both wanta Bud to go with your magazine?..that sounds like your speed..LOL!

      • Felix

        I’m gay. My boyfriend’s in the military. You’re an amusing little monkey, aren’t you?

      • Sally Cartwright

        LOL well that explains it! @ least your not the “guys @ the bar” whopping @ every girl that comes in:)
        signed little monkey:>

      • BeyBey

        Thrash…just like her personality !

      • Beyonce’s 4

        Come EW, give it a rest ! Gaga is a clown..and it is not worth reporting.

      • pro-Kristians

        Born This Way – mediocre at its best! However, thats typical Yank and music industry there, you could sell even ‘garbage’ like this with the help of marketing, Billboard Hot 100 and a little bit of PR strategy. Next time, when her record company complaining about how low her next album sales due to illegal downloading bla bla bla, I would say’ you deserve it’ and please don’t blame the listeners for polluting the airwaves.

      • She Wont Get My Money

        RIP –> Born This Way! Double platinum status is going to be a struggle!

        Kah Kah Kah

      • Rebecca

        Double Platinum isn’t going to be as hard for Born This Way as it is for so many of the other cds out there…she is #1 again for the second week in a row. BTW is already the #2 selling album of the year! Suck on those sour grapes, “She Won’t”!

    • Sit Down Copycat

      Lady GaGa is the product of low-self-esteem hiding behind those crazy outfits and makeup.

      • Anti-Gaga no1

        Gaga is too self-conscious and deluded artist to be fun with. There are too many half baked ideas from Grace Jones, Cher, Madonna, Kylie even Britney and Christina Aguilera thrown together for her to make sense. Is she a real singer, artist, performer or a clown? It’s like her songs are just random hooks frankensteined together with glossy production, well-marketed and given titles that the songs themselves don’t live up to it. Judas..for example. A song that worth only $0.029 per download on iTunes by right. Her new album ‘Born This Way’ isn’t art ; more about commercialism trying desperately to make music addictive, repetitive and it lacks all the warmth, emotion and depth. For lack of a better phrase a garbage- just like her fashion!

  • RafMaf

    She looks like Ms. Swan’s slutty cousin.

  • Lady Gagazzzzzzz

    What? Did she run out of people to imitate?

  • Sally Cartwright

    oh wow she has a pair of breasts imagine that wow cool I am impressed–not many people with them…..

  • Larry pesa

    If you lift up her-his skirt you will see a bulge…shemale? yep

  • Betty B

    Style? So THAT’s what they call it.

    • Please Help Us

      ..sad era for fashion & art industry in America. Now I begin to understand why people love European designers.

      • Little Monster

        Wow you are completely dumb and this comment really says it all. She is wearing European designers! Apparently you don’t know what you’re talking about so stop now before you hurt yourself.

  • Nick T

    @Felix, LMFAO!

  • Wanda

    How about she put on some clothes… I’m tired of seeing her skinny almost naked body posted everywhere. I enjoyed her at first, but her need to be over the top all the time has gotten old super fast!

  • Adam Vant

    “some stylish folk and Kathy Griffin”


    • Jean

      Ha! I thought the same thing when I read that. Awesome.

    • FedUp With Mess

      Kathy Griffin? How credible this award is…!

  • James A. Burt

    The next step is the investment in Backplane with Eric Schmidt of Google. Develop an artist owned entertainment industry using advanced informatics, social networking, etc.

    Meanwhile, continue to dance around in underwear to throw them offtrack.

  • James A. Burt

    Remember, it’s exhausting and time consuming to explain it all. Buzz, click, whirrrrr. Dooohhh.

  • CB

    What can she does next?

    Go away.

    By the way, it is looking like Adele is going to knock Lady Gaga from the top position on the album charts after only one week.

    • gazmo

      Looks like your worng.

      • To CB

        LOL!! Fool!
        Born This Way is #1 for the second week in a row! Read Billboard and weep, sucka!

      • CB

        Barely. By about 50,000 copies.

        Lady Gaga suffered the biggest week to week drop (84%) ever for any artist who initially sold one million copies.

        Adele will be back on top next week, unless Gaga’s ode to mid-1980’s Pat Benater/Quarterflash soundtrack songs, “Edge of Glory” becomes a bigger hit.

    • Stevvy

      Deep down inside, I think her fans know this is not the album of the decade. It’s is just an ego-driven comment to make her look relevance while clearly many people are not tone-deaf No, she won’t get my 13.99 pound….!!!

      • Suck This Way drama

        Lol @ Gagas drop, proves that the .99 cent deal is the only reason she managed to get that 1 million, and her fans celeberate! Bahaha.
        She won’t have that ever again, I predict about 50k next week, then at least half of that the week after, The Fame will be higher on the charts by the end of the year and she will be remembered for Pokerface and Bad Romance for the rest of her short career.
        Gaga is dying, rejoice!

      • To Suck This Way Drama

        Gaga is #1 on the billboard charts for a second week in a row, so she isn’t dropping. Secondly, why are you trying to talk people out of their taste in music? You realize that no comment on a message board can make people like or dislike music, right? It is LAME to even try.

      • Little Monster

        For Gaga its not about the money, its about getting the music out there. Why do you think she donates almost 70% of the money that comes in from sales and she pays for all of her tour, and all her fashion, she even paid for all the materials for the make up with MAC to help find a cure for AIDS. I think if she was so worried about the money she wouldn’t be giving it away. She just wants to be a theatrical artist and she is.

    • Your A FOOL!

      LOL!! Fool!
      Born This Way is #1 for the second week in a row! Read Billboard and weep, sucka!

  • Ugly GaGa

    GaGa is a ugly fake b*tch.

    • LOL

      Says the person hiding behing the computer in his moms basement.

    • Madonna v2.0

      she is a flake, too!

    • Monster For Life

      @UGG – Regardless of your hate for her, I’d say your remark speaks VOLUMES about what you are.

  • Godney Spears


  • Queen of Hype No Substance


    18 May 2011 10:02PM

    She dares to call herself a… musician? What a joke that is.

    This woman is the biggest, loudest, whiniest, most annoying cry for attention in the world right now. Everything she does is for shock value and it’s all stupid to cover up her lack of talent and originality. GaGa & her record company only want your easy money. America wants her so they can sell this puppet to the media around the World.

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