Glenn Beck launches GBTV: Will his audience pay to watch him online?


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Glenn Beck introduced GBTV today, the online video network that will be the new home of all-things Glenn: from his three-hour radio show, to a behind-the-scenes reality show about the making of his new network, to his new television show that will premiere Sept. 12, when the site officially takes off. “GBTV is the future,” said Beck, in a release. “The confines of traditional media no longer apply. GBTV is about getting active in the community, participating in stories, and finding new ways to deliver news, information and entertainment directly to the audience.”

Beck, whose last show on Fox airs June 30, is gambling that the folks who made him a phenomenal success at 5 p.m. will follow him online — and be willing to pay for that privilege. Mercury Radio Arts, Beck’s company, says that 80,000 subscribers have already paid the monthly fee (currently $4.95, with GBTV Plus, the deluxe package, rising to $9.95 after Sept. 12) for access to a video simulcast of his daily three-hour radio program, original documentaries, and close-up coverage of Beck’s trip to Israel in late August. More programming is in the works, through development deals Mercury has with people like author Brad Thor.

Do you think people are willing to pay for Glenn Beck? Even Howard Stern’s transition to satellite cost him some currency in the daily pop-cultural conversation — if not his wallet. Beck’s radio show will continue to air on Clear Channel, but his television audience reliably tuned in to Fox at 5 to see his show. Can they be counted on to make the jump with Beck?

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  • Jay

    Anyone who would actually pay to hear this man talk should no longer be allowed to possess money.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Yes they are dumb and racist enough to WANT to pay to hear their dumb and racist leader, but are they smart enough to know HOW to use a computer? Nope.

      • phyllis newsom

        You do not know what you are talking about. Glenn Beck is not racist and he is very knowledgeable about American history. Very few of our government leaders know or remember from whence we came. Your statement makes you sound ignorant and hateful. Listen to Beck with an open mind and heart. He is trying to save our country and us.

      • TruthDoctor

        Your stupidity is overwhelming!! You have no idea what racist means obviously and those idiots that you say follow their leader are Americans. People like you are the problem in America today. It’s almost like you have been spoon fed nonsense since you were a child. Clearly you are a government educated zombie!!

    • LMFAO

      Beck knows how to get rich off the rubes. A sucker born every minute.

    • Tim

      How’s that summer of recovery working out for you homebodies this afternoon? Just sayin

    • Ian

      I’ll pay him to go away permanently.

    • MO

      @jay,i like your comment. Those in favor of Beck’s propaganda are big time idiots. Can’t believe how people buy into his propaganda. Beck is one of those people shouting that the economy is hard and then rob people money!!

      • TruthDoctor

        You are so intelligent!! Do you have a show I could watch and listen too? I bet you would just blow my mind with you’re opinions. I can tell because I have watched and listened to Beck numerous times and I am so stupid I didn’t even know it was “propaganda”. Thank god for intellects like yourself or dumbos like me wouldn’t be able to live. NOOOOTTTTT!!!!! Read a history book you IDIOT

    • diane

      For the record, Glenn Beck listeners are urged to research the truth. we don’t just say “oh, Oprah said it so it must be true”. We are on the intelligent side of the argument, the educated side of the argument. If you think Beck is a racist you have obviously not done your research. Watch him, analyze him, Do your research before judging. Then and only then will anyone listen to your opinions.

      • TruthDoctor

        Amen I guess there are some brains commenting!!!

  • cameobrooch

    At first glance, I thought the headline read that he was launching LGBTV! That would be an interesting network!

    • Liz

      Someone should suggest to him that they tack the word “live” onto the front to make it sound more exciting.

  • Sarah


    • Tim

      Well now you can understand that feeling they have about gay marriage.

    • TruthDoctor

      Truth hurts

  • Bea

    First thing I thought of was “what about the lesbians”? I too thought it was LGBTV!!!! What a tool this guy is…………

  • Ricky

    That poor unfortunate looking man.

    • Tim

      If only he could be from NY and have really nice pecks instead.

  • jawz

    glenn beck’s right about everything. everyone who disagrees is stupid.

    • Rae

      He just makes sense.

      • Tim

        No no no.. more movies about comic books.. You don’t want reality. Move along.

    • TruthDoctor

      Beyond stupid!!!

  • Clete

    Why does he look like an aged Justin Bieber?

    • Strepsi

      Aged in p!ss and vinegar.

      • Tim

        Well not everyone can be bathed in liberal b s.

  • Dan Marrin

    Wouldn’t it be great if he’d called it the “Glenn Beck Live Television” Network? Yay GBLT!

  • Michael

    these is the begging of the end of TV because if these work you can bit other will follow

    • diane

      I will have to remind…. If you can’t put a simple sentence together obviously your beliefs are based on what others tell you. not research.

      • TruthDoctor


  • Tim

    sigh, I don’t understand why aids couldn’t finish most of you people…

  • Carole Fortunato

    I would love to subscribe, but I can not afford it. I am 72 yo, & still work part time. I will continue to pray for your sucess & our country. Thank you for all you do for the US . WE need you.
    Carole R. Fortunato

  • Ian

    I respect your opinion Carole, and applaud you standing in the face of popular opinion and voicing your support of Glenn Beck…but you know he’s not reading this right?

  • venus

    this guy is truly emotionally disturbed

    • TruthDoctor

      Aren’t we all?

  • Gus Roncaglia

    He is an instigator with an absolutely dark soul. His personal convictions are a reflection of his lack of common sense or wisdom. Is not the ignorant audience that follow him but the Communication Companies that open the door for this snake to crawl in that should be punished.

    • diane

      Another ignorant follower. Keep sleeping in your comforting liberal fantasy.

    • TruthDoctor

      You are not only seriously f@#ked up you are clueless!!

  • James T.

    Aren’t most of the haters who like Glenn Beck on welfare, feeling sorry for themselves that the North won and slavery was abolished? Do you really think these kind of people would pay for ANYTHING online, or are even literate enough to get there? I don’t!

    • orly?

      Hypocite much? See any hate in that statement you just wrote?

      If you dont like him, dont listen to him. Its pretty simple.

      How dare someone have a different opinion than you? Are you that full of yourself? LOL

      • ann

        orly, don’t you understand this is the tolerance and civility and demand for diversity of opinion that the left has been asking for? Except when it’s tolerance and civility and diversity of anything other than what they believe.

      • diane

        God Bless Glenn Beck on his journey to save the country. In his pursuit of freedom for us all. Faith, hope, and charity.

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