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While I’m sitting here writing this blog all I really want to know is what all of you think of what went down this week and how it all happened. I’ve been asked several times this week if I think Bentley is the biggest “villain” we’ve ever had on this show. My first thought is that’s really something for you guys to judge, not me. My second thought is the “villain” title really doesn’t do justice to what went down here. It softens the blow and simplifies things too much in my opinion, but again that’s really up to you guys. There’s a lot more I will say about Bentley but I do want to talk about several other things, as this was an eye-opening episode from top to bottom.

The first date with Ben C. was incredibly cool. Like the Vegas date with William last week it was very public at the Americana at Brand mall for the entire world to see. I love these public dates, as it adds an extra dimension to our show, letting fans see what’s going on from time to time while we’re shooting. The flash mob was another excellent idea from our producers executed to the highest level, and the appearance by Far East Movement was the icing on the cake.

Before the group date came the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, the moment to end all moments, the unveiling of the mask. The giant thud you heard was this moment falling flatter than William’s jokes on the comedy date. I really didn’t have a problem with Jeff showing up in a mask. Ironically the guy showed up in the mask to make sure Ashley got to know exactly who he was, but in the end I don’t think he ever got to show who he was because the mask became his personality — it became bigger than him, and when he took it off he and Ashley really had nowhere to go.

After the less than impressive unveiling it was time for the group date at the famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, which was another very public date. The only difference is this date didn’t end so well. Jeffrey Ross was kind enough to lend us his talented comedic skills. I’m a big fan of the roast master and it was an honor having him on the show. I have mixed feelings about how this date went down. On one hand, it was supposed to be a roast and in that vein the guys should be able to pull no punches. On the other hand, you just can’t be so ridiculous to think that it’s ever a good idea to roast the girl whose affections you’re trying to win. With that said, William got way too excited about fulfilling his dream of becoming the next Dennis Miller and forgot to be a smart, sensible man. The big difference between William and a guy like Bentley is William quickly realized the error of his ways, felt sick about it and apologized many times. Ryan absolutely killed it during his one on one time with Ashley after the roast, saying just the right things and comforting her after a rough day, and he deservedly got the rose. During their one on one time on this date, Ashley basically called Bentley out but once again he pulled the wool over her eyes. I was asked this week why Bentley decided to leave and when. I’m not positive, but something about not getting the rose on this group date seemed to set the wheels in motion.

Whenever he decided he was going to leave, he pulled the trigger the next morning. Let me be very clear about my thoughts on Bentley and him leaving. I have no problem with him coming on the show. I have no problem with him coming on the show even if he was hoping our bachelorette was going to be Emily. You never know what can happen when you meet somebody. I also don’t have a problem with him deciding it was time to leave, that’s completely up to him. I also didn’t have a problem with him using his daughter as an excuse to leave and let Ashley down easy; that’s not the way I would have handled the situation, but so be it. My issue is he appears to have come on the show with bad intentions, and when he decided to leave, he messed with Ashley’s head by leading her on and letting her believe that there’s still a chance for them to be together. He knew Ashley had fallen for him, and instead of just leaving and letting her go he took one last inappropriate shot by ending it with that ridiculous “dot-dot-dot” garbage.

Many have wondered why he was ever allowed on the show and how he was allowed to stay as long as he did. The simple answer is it was always up to Ashley. She made the decision to allow him on the show that first night. After Ashley received the texts warning her about Bentley, we offered her the option of not even having to meet the guy, but she decided to give him a shot. Every step of the way — despite warnings from producers, myself and others — Ashley stuck to her guns and believed in this guy. In Ashley’s defense she wasn’t privy to all the things Bentley said behind her back. Ashley made a deal with herself that this time around she would open herself up to be vulnerable and give herself every opportunity to find love. She just never figured there would be a guy like this who would take advantage of that in such a negative way. I’ve talked to her this week and I know she feels foolish for being taken advantage of, but she shouldn’t. Yes she made the decision to keep him around, but I understand why. You have to open yourself up to really make this work and that’s exactly what she did.

My talk with Ashley in the deliberation room before the rose ceremony was a tough one. Her greatest insecurity and fear was realized and at that point she didn’t believe in herself or that this could work for her. The only problem is she doesn’t get much time to heal her heart and put things in perspective. She has twelve guys still here giving up their lives to find love, and they really don’t understand just how much Ashley had fallen for Bentley. As we move forward this will be the dilemma we deal with. Obviously you will be the real judge and jury as to what you think about Bentley and how he handled himself. More than ever I look forward to your questions and comments. For much more on the show you can check out our official web site This week we’ll have some cool features, including “Ask the Bachelorette,” “Ask the Mask,” and a video from Michelle Money giving her final thoughts on Bentley. You can also always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • Cupcake

    Ok, so William hurt her but it was unintentional and he felt terrible. I felt bad for both of them because everything just went south. Bentley on the other hand hurt her on purpose and showed that he is a total sadist. No woman in the world with half a brain would ever be with that guy. The way he used his daughter as an excuse? Doesn’t really miss her – just saying that to leave? Bentley is truly perverse and evil. My sister is wishing an ill fate for his nether regions. Hahaha!

    Jeff, Jeff Jeff, he took off the mask and got sent home. Ouch. He seemed like an okay guy but SO super intense that I think he scared her off. Decaf dude.

    JP was adorable. There is something very saucy about that one. He is very sincere and thoughtful and cute. I hope he sticks around!!

    Luckily there are really great guys left and I can’t wait to see how their relationships with Ashley go. Ryan P. is awesome. Complete sweetheart. I hope things don’t get weird for him next week. I hope we get to see more of the decent men in the house now that the sad little boy that is Bentley has gone home.

    • lain

      I never take the time to write on blogs but Bentley is evil. the worst part about it, is that he has a daughter. how is he going to feel if a douche bag like him does that to his daughter. Great role model, prick.

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      • Stella

        I thought this guy Bentley was the biggest comedian of them all….what a joker! He’s shooting for his own show or something. Maybe the next bachelor? Ha! That would be a riot!

      • jacquie

        my thoughts EXACTLY!!!

      • Jenn

        People keep saying that this type of behavior (on the part of producers) should be expected because “this is a reality show” and of course, it is. However, it is not Survivor or Big Brother (which I do not choose to watch) where people are expected to be two-faced and “play the game”. This is a show about finding love and most people watch it to escape for just a short while.
        For the producers to allow the roast and then to allow Bentley to stay…disgusting.

      • Aunt Sassy

        SERIOUSLY Jenn? After all of these seasons you still REALLY believe that people come on this show looking for “LOVE” and that the intentions of the producers is to facilitate that? Good lord, pull your head out. This show has a wretched track record because the ONLY person that would apply to be on a show like this is someone that wants to be famous. PERIOD. Any rational person with a brain in their head knows that dating 15 different people in front of cameras for a TV show is NOT the way to find real love. Sheesh – get a clue.

      • Ashley

        Cupcake: I agree the Mask was a good guy, he had real concern about how Ashely was going to feel about the a55hole leaving.
        Iain: I think Karma’s a b*tch and it will definitely bite Bentley in the butt when his daughter is old enough to understand what he did and she walks out on him.

        Aunt Sassy: Amen sister!

        Ashley H: Don’t feel stupid about the situation. You opened your heart and trusted someone that doesn’t deserve a glass water if his precious hair was on fire. Stay strong and do our name proud!

      • J

        1000% AGREE! Douche-Bag. I hope he some day realizes what he did and is ashamed of himself. Some day his daughter will put him in his place bc he really is embarrassing…what a pathetic loser… and not that good looking. a bit chubby actually.

      • Jenn

        @ Aunt Sassy: Yes, I actually do believe that some people come on the show for that purpose. Granted, many do not…and they ultimately weed themselves out. As far as the success rate…you can seriously get a clue. Frankly, I think the franchise is doing pretty well with a success rate of 10% when you consider how many relationships start and then fail.
        And why the hostility towards me? SERIOUSLY? You can go on being cynical and negative…who will live a happier life?

    • Ally

      Bentley is a total narcissistic personality. He wanted to become famous for being a jerk. Nice role model for his daughter. As for William, he could perhaps being the dimmest bulb in the pack – no brains whatsoever, and maybe a sociopath too.
      As for our girl Ashley, daughter of an alcoholic with low self esteem, never have I seen someone make so many self destructive choices. The producers picked one messed up girl. Just my two cents of psychological analysis for today.

      • Vicki

        Ditto to that Ally. Ashley is going to have a hard time finding love because she doesn’t love herself. She can go through the motions, but in the end it will self destruct. She doesn’t believe she is good enough for anyone to love. That’s got to change before she can move on .

      • Jini

        Yea, I think the same. Choosing Ashley was not the right choice for the producers; she is too weak and vulnerable with self-worth and self esteem issues. You can see that in all of her self doubt and destructive choices. Bentley is a narcissistic, ego-centric fool. I truly feel sorry for his daughter, I hope the Mom has custody. She is the only one I feel sorry for because she truly IS a child who needs protection from others; the others are grown ups who act like children and need protection from themselves!

      • Stella

        Wow, so you thought Bent’s words were harsh, what about yours? If Ash were to read your comment how do you think she would feel?

        You’re a fool for believing there is a daughter involved. Guess Bent got one over on you, too.

      • Bec

        The entire time, I was like SHOW ASHLEY THE FOOTAGE OF BENTLEY! It’s beyond me why production decided to let Ashley still think that Bentley wanted her (…) even after he left. It irritated me that Chris did not tell her the truth when they talked.

      • cestmoi

        @ Bec, I agree completely. It makes me wonder when Chris Harrison calls Bentley the villain, yet he and the producers didn’t tell her the truth about him. I find that pretty cruel.

      • SLB

        You people are really sucked in to thinking this crap is real. It’s called editing and ratings. And Ashley is pathetic. I knew she would be comedy gold as the bachelorette.

      • mick

        I agree with Bec – the producers and Chris Harrison are the douches here. Bentley’s casting was not accidental. And there is a double standard about not telling the Bachelor/Bachelorette about what is going on out of their view. When Roslyn was “inappropriate” they told Jake. Why not tell Ashley what Bentley was saying? I lost all respect for Chris. That was just mean.

      • di

        I concur… If you have studied family systems, this is textbook, she keeps picking guys who will never put her best interests first, just like the alcoholic father…very sad…Bentley is so sadistic, I suspect he is following a script…William’s glee at being able to “roast” and follow his life long dream at her expense is repugnant, as was his running away and then she chose him again! One word – pathetic

      • Sherry

        Amen to Ally, spot on as Ashley would say. Lets pray she gets her head together because these guys she has left are GREAT!!!!!

      • Lucy

        I also thought that although the crowd on TV says how much they like Ashley, Bentley, albeit a real jerkwad, definitely made you feel sorry for Ashley.

      • teetoes

        I couldn’t have said it beter!!

      • Aly

        I agree here! There is something wrong with him and I wouldn’t want to find out.

      • Imright

        Sadly, I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Ashley’s not stupid, as other commenters have said, she’s actually one of the brighter bachelorettes, but her insecurities and lack of love for herself sabotage her when it comes to making the right choices concerning men. She was drawn to that rude, narcissistic, cruel sociopath like a moth to a flame because, unconsciously ( and maybe even consciously at times ) his treatment of her is what she thinks she deserves. Let’s face it, in spite of all her protests about how protected and safe he made her feel, he wasn’t very nice to her – at least not in the excited and enthusiastic way most of the other guys treat her. His kindest comments were the things he said while he was consoling her (i. e. messing with her head) . Most of the time he was evasive and patronizing, and his personality is, honestly, dull. I’m thinking he never made honor roll, and if he did, you can bet he cheated. What the problem with his voice and annunciation is, I cannot fathom, but it really doesn’t advance a case for higher intellect on his behalf. Ashley’s declaration of being “in love with him ” made me feel ill ; first because she’s only known the loser for a whopping 3 weeks, and secondly, because in admitting that, she illustrated for everyone watching just how messed up she is. This is the guy she was repeatedly warned about, and still she dove in without a backward glance. She’s got a small army of nice, cute guys competing for her attention and she goes for the one she has on good authority will hurt her. Quite perverse, and pretty nasty stuff for The Bachelorette. As for the pig who instigated and enjoyed every moment of her pain, well, he’s so incredibly stupid that I still can’t believe he actually thinks he was successful in his mission. He’s given his ex-wife some excellent footage revealing his character, should she ever want to gain full custody of their daughter (and after hearing him say it wasn’t because of missing their daughter that he was leaving, if I were her I’d waste no time in filing ). And I known there are some sad, pitiful women out there who have created some kind of weird “a-hole fan club ” for him, but seriously, who would want to be with them? Lastly, I’m sorry, and normally I’m not this blunt, and maybe in Salt Lake he passes for “really good looking ” but where I live (Miami Beach), he’s average. And average with no personality, no sense of humor, and no ability to communicate, not to mention mean and stupid, would leave him sitting alone at every place in town. I thought his actions smacked of insecurity, immaturity, and just an odd strangeness. His childhood must have been awful! Oh yeah, and what’s with his face? It’s all smushed up or something???

      • Melissa Coleman

        I also think Ashley will not successfully find love, either on the show or in ‘reality’, because she seems to self-sabotage with every chance she gets. I feel that she used Bentley was a way to fulfill her own prophecy that she will fail at this; she expected to be hurt and/or doesn’t deserve love, so even though she probably knew about Bentley’s intentions, to a certain extent, she clung to the idea of him, because it allowed her to ‘fail’ in a controlled environment. She kept herself in control of the hurt. I think it’s sad, and also too bad for all the closet Bachelor fans like myself, who kind of see this as a wasted season.

      • charlee

        Ally, you are spot on in my opinion. Poor Ashley needs some serious counselling to work out her insecurities and other issues. I am not a gambling person but I’d put money on her not finding true love or a husband this time around. She may go to the end and accept a ring but it won’t stay on her finger.
        My advice to her would be finish school, start a practice and get some serious one on one help with a professional.
        I said the same thing about Emily last season and look how long she lasted w/Brad.
        Poor Jeff, the mask became his identity and took on a personality of it’s own. Hopefully, he learned from this and won’t make that mistake when looking for love.
        I’m a JP fan and hope he goes all the way.

    • Neesy

      LOVE J.P.!!!! Hope she chooses him in the end.

      • deb

        JP is the final one, check out

      • tvfan

        yes J.P. seems like a really great guy and it is exactly for that reason that i hope the opposite — that he goes home and soon.
        if realitysteve is right then that’s too bad. from what’s been shown it seems he deserves much better than this bachelorette

      • Jenna

        @deb — Proud of yourself? I like JP and all but some of us hate Steve and his “spoilers” — fortunately he’s been wrong so many times I can laugh off your spoiler, knowing he’s probably been had again.

      • @deb


    • Julie3

      I agree that Bentley was abnormal (I would say a sociopath, based on his ability and willingness to fake proper social cues while trying to hurt someone who’d never done anything to him).

      But Chris and the other producers bare a lot of responsibility. Where was the screening process? A woman goes on this show and should be guaranteed that–at least!!!–the men she’s meeting aren’t psychos.

      They don’t do this to the men, but it’s been getting worse and worse for the bachelorettes. I think someone behind the scenes just realy doesn’t like women and is happy to create scenarios where they will be put down and hurt–or, like this time, cruelly insulted and emotionally devastated.

      I don’t think it’s fake and Ashley and Bentley-the-sicko aren’t actors. You bear a lot of responsibility, Chris. Don’t try to blog as if you are innocent of the cruelty of this yourself.

      • Christy


      • Brenda

        I agree Julie. Chris and the producers were very cruel in letting Ashley go thru this devastation. But then, this makes for good television. Too bad it was at Ashley’s expense. The roast was a stupid idea and Bentley should have never been let on the show.

      • Alch

        Did y’all read Chris’ blog? Ashley knew about Bentley before they began filming and she could have decided not to have him on the show. When filming began, she could have decided not to keep him. The decisions were hers to make, and she decided to keep him. Chris talked to her many times and she could not see that Bentley was a sleaze ball. You can lead a horse to water…you cannot make it drink.

      • Leslie

        I agree. At some point someone should have stepped in instead of letting her go off the deep end.I love Chris but I don’t really believe he has any say on pulling the plug on such a situation. I just think he makes it like he has in support of his producers and his job! He’s just a Host.

      • Imright

        I agree completely! Maybe it’s the dude who hooked up with Roslyn a few seasons back! Chris Harrison & Co.jumped in to protect Jake from getting hurt, but hung Ashley out to dry.

      • Kathy

        REFER back to Brenda’s note above, I would just repeat what she has said! Except I do not know that this made good TV as we are all injured in some regard at the disgrace of one person allowed on the show! Bentley should not have been allowed on this program! It has injured all related … those involved in the show, watching the show and producing the show. It has left a very negative influence of feelings all that are watching are disappointed and find sympathy for Ashley. Bentley has created a loss of time and energy … that has presented a very negative situation that will be reminded of for the rest of this programing and then be in the back of people’s memory bank for all future programs. I think this is an excellent show and this person placed a BAD image for all reasons on this show. My heart goes out to Ashley. She deserves much better than to be in this situation, particularly experiencing the ignorance of Bentley. Back to Brenda’s remarks above… thank you Brenda! I agree with you but not sure about making good TV – remains to be seen.

      • Jenna

        It’s likely Mike Fleiss, the puppetmaster. He said in a televised interview that crying women making great TV. Mysoginistic jerk, he is.

      • Judy

        I agree that Chris and the producers bear responsibility. They should have let Ashley see the footage the moment Bentley began to air his feelings to the cameras. Ashley would have immediately understood that he did not care for her. Chris is NOT “just a host.” He DOES have more power and control than that. He certainly knows what is going on around there. It is a travesty that all of that footage was there and not a word was said to Ashley, by Chris nor any other producer, cameraman or any other person in the entire production!!! Instead, ABC chose to screw with Ashley’s feelings and screw up the entire season. And they insulted their viewer audience thinking we wouldn’t notice something so obviously scripted. Why would ABC show it to the viewer audience but not to Ashley? That doesn’t even make sense!!!!

      • Judy

        Oh, and Chris’s blog comment is a JOKE. ” My issue is he appears to have come on the show with bad intentions, and when he decided to leave, he messed with Ashley’s head by leading her on and letting her believe that there’s still a chance for them to be together.” Let’s break that down, shall we? ” First Chris says, “My issue is he appears to have come on the show with bad intentions.” REALLY, Chris? He “APPEARS” to have come on the show with bad intentions? But even after all of that stuff Bentley said to the camera, you’re not sure??? You just are timid enough to say, “he APPEARS”??? Really, Chris??? And then there is the second part of Chris’s statement. “And when he decided to leave, he messed with Ashley’s head by leading her on and letting her believe that there’s still a chance for them to be together.” Well, Chris, how is that any worse — in fact, I daresay it is NOT as bad as ABC and YOU, Chris, having footage of Bentley being his true self — that you willingly withheld from Ashley — that could have put her mind to rest — and I hope she sues ABC and you for mental anguish. Because that is exactly what you did to her. I don’t think she’s the most stable girl and then you and ABC decide, wouldn’t it be fun for the viewers if we were to withhold this footage from Ashley? So IMO you’re in irresponsible pig/jerk yourself.

    • MamaBear10

      Excellent recap ~ I couldn’t agree more!

    • coco

      I know fer sure she “ends up”
      with JP. But, we all know how that will eventually end. The Bentley thing is 1000% contrived by the producers, and maybe even Ashley was in on it. Way too ridiculous. BTW, this episode was the cruelest, most sadistic, flucked up show I ever watched. Painful. So, I’m done w it.

      • Imright

        Sorry, while I agree that a lot of the show is contrived, it sure seemed to me that Ashley was anything but ” in on it. ” She’s a dentist (almost), not an Academy Award winning actress. She was genuinely devastated.

    • NOTOK

      Telling someone something is not at all the same as showing them, Chris Harrison. And telling someone in a gentle diplomatic way someone is not right for someone vs. telling them that you have an evil sadist who is playing you and enjoys making you fall for him and is disgusted by your crying when he breaks your heart is NOT the same things. That’s like saying gently “a little water is coming everybody…” (dot dot dot on purpose) vs. screaming, “TSUNAMI! Run for your lives”” or “MURDERER on the loose” is a lot different than “jerk on the loose.” Any woman who dates this guy now is truly sicker than he is and should be institutionalized for the sake of society and her future children. The sadist just deserves to go back under the rock whence he came.

  • Missy1982

    Reality Steve says “this show is SOOOOO shady, it’s disgusting. And what you’re seeing on TV is definitely not the full story.” So yes Bentley’s a huge dbag, but you all clearly manipulated some of this for ratings, and could have kicked him off way beforehand. Hypocrites.

    • bentleyfan

      BENTLEY has swagger! BENTLEY has swagger! BENTLEY has swagger! BENTLEY has swagger! BENTLEY has swagger!


      • Imright



    • Mo

      I don’t agree with what Bentley did at all, but you could totally tell that they edited in the “im going to mess with her head” from another conversation!

    • Beth

      I don’t understand why the producers didn’t kick him off as soon as he admitted he was not there for Ashley. Ashley had no way of knowing he was THAT bad. You’ve lost my respect for the show. I’m sorry it had to happen to anyone, especially a bright, intelligent and charismatic girl like Ashley.

      • cheril

        I agree Beth- why didn the producers at least warn her? they couldnt show her the footage of all the things we saw? could’ve saved her a lot of heartache…

      • SLB

        Because the ratings wouldn’t be as good.

      • Mellissa

        It’s happened before, just other people played along. Many people from Jillian’s season admitted they were expecting Melissa, not Jillian. But they went along with it like…not Bently.

      • me

        If there was ever any doubt about how dumb our nation has become, this quote from up above seals it: “You’ve lost my respect for the show”. Un-frickin-believable.

      • RK

        Ratings, duh.

      • Steph

        LOL @ “me.” Our nation is dumb, reality tv has taken over from quality shows like Flash Forward, that actually made a person think. And for the record, Beth, I thought Ashley was annoying last season and I cannot believe they picked her. Obviously we don’t know what they don’t show us, but she’s not that cute, she has bad hair, and I don’t think this will end well for her. They chose her to humiliate her. Oh well.

      • Beth

        It’s not that I don’t know that the only thing TV shows/networks, what have you, care about. If you have watched this show in earlier seasons it seems like the producers portrayed it in a more sincere light. The “show” has taken a definite turning to the south. How superficial to care about someone’s looks? She’s attractive, takes care of her physique, this should be enough. This show is a good example of what lines greedy @$$holes are willing to cross in order to make another dollar. I was expressing my disappointment at this now extremely apparent fact.

    • Jen

      I couldn’t agree more. Based on how this was handled, I will not be watching another Bachelor or Bachelorette show. I am assuming that this show has strong female driven advertisers and hope the advertisers withdraw their support as well. I hope the producers’ daughters and/or mothers are better treated in life than they have treated Ashley.

      • ghostlight

        Season after season people post that “Bachelor/Bachelorette has lost their respect and they won’t watch ever again.” Want to send a message. Keep your word. Don’t watch. Put that scumbag Fleiss and his trained monkey C. Harrison out on the street…

      • Mdb486

        Yes, we know it’s staged. We also know when we enjoy a movie or go to the theatre, things aren’t completely spontaneous. But we suspend our disbelief in a hope of being swept up in the catharsis of entertainment. Putting Ashley and the guys in situations that do not support any of them finding love breaks down our ability as viewers to enjoy our disbelief. The roast was as bad of an idea as keeping Ashley misinformed of Bentley. I used to be able to watch this show and enjoy it, and now I feel less and less able to defend it to critics. I don’t enjoy people being jerked around. And this season has done just that, viewers included.

  • Mary R

    I think Bentley is a real PIG. He is no better than a pedophile that manipulates innocent and trusting children. He makes me sick. Calculating his “turn on” moves while she’s crying in his arms? That was really MESSED UP.

    • Dr. Jones

      Actually, there is a big difference between Bentley and a pedophile. Ashley may be dumber than a doorknob, but she isn’t a child, and can make her own decisions (even if those decisions are bad).

    • Aly

      Actually he is more of the narcissistic, womanizer, and perhaps almost sociopathic type. The type that stares at himself in the mirror 3 hours a day, and purposely degrades women for his own amusement.

  • Rachel

    I can’t wait for the Men Tell All special……that’s really all I have to say at this point.

    • j.mellon


      • Tess

        Oh, come on. You know that tool will not show up for the MTA show. He doesn’t have the stones to stand up to Ashley, the other guys nor the American public and admit he’s a reptile — a basic, belly-dragging rodent.

      • Teresa

        “Basic belly-dragging rodent” is my new favourite insult

      • Al

        @Tess: I disagree. I think he craves the spotlight. He’ll be there and revel in being the villan.

      • Mellissa

        How many of you said that Wes craved the spotlight, and would be all over the MTA, and were disopointed when he didn’t show? What about Rated R, and his spotlight loving ways?

    • Southern Woman

      Bently will be too much of a coward to appear on the “Men Tell It All” episode I bet!!!!! What a scumbag!

      • t sledd

        $100 bucks says you are right!

    • BeBe

      True that! However, I bet Bentley doesnt show up!

      • Damian

        He’ll show. His defense will be his “honesty” while he played everyone. He won’t be able to pass up a turn to rub it in everyone’s faces. Gloating will simply add to his infamous notoriety.

      • Kathy

        With reference to BENTLEY….can we just let him die…..? He continues to take away from the show just by his presence in the past. Please let us just turn and walk away from the Bentley…and look forward to better things. The producers should have some kind of contract with the persons that come on this program that if they are not there for the RIGHT reasons, then should something like this come up “a lawsuit” should be filed as some BREACH of CONTRACT! This should not be allowed to happen and if it does, then the person should be held liable for making such a mess out of the show … and taking advantage of a person such as Ashley. She deserves so much and the _______ should never have been allowed to be on the program. There should have been clues to support the fact that he was NOT there for the RIGHT reasons. Some one is responsible other than the persons that come along just for the good times to be had, etc…and exposure! PLEASE do not allow this person to destroy any more of the show by being brought up … and certain not allowed to participate in any further showings/meetings, etc. Stop this non-sense and let us move on. It is truly unfair to all concerned…..these guys that are still on this program gave up something in their lives for this opportunity. Allow it to proceed without the mention of the name B________. Please let this program take off in a more positive way and my serious hope is that Ashley can find what she is looking for and a treasure find for both she and the fellow standing at the end!

  • Simone

    You write that after Ashley received the texts warning her about Bentley, you and other producers offered her the option of not even having to meet him. If that is true, before the Meet and Greet when Ashley told you about her warning text messages, why did you act as if that was the first time you were hearing about them? Wouldn’t you already have known about them by then?

    • SK

      I was thinking that exact thing….and Chris, the show better not let him come back to mess with her some more! that will be a new low…as if this show could get any lower

    • SLB

      Because nothing on this show is real.

    • Juneau

      Not that I think Chris is always on the up and up, but I think that offering her that option happened after his conversation with her about the texts and BEFORE the men arrived.

  • J.P. Sartre

    Either Bentley is your plant and you were telling him what to do or he is a manipulative sociopath. Either way, the show’s producers are the real d-bags. Allowing Ashley to fall in love with someone who is clearly bad for her, simply because he is able to fool her, is not only reprehensible, it’s also irresponsible. What’s next in your gameplan for upcoming Bachelorette seasons? Verbally abusive men to trump up the drama? Closeted gays who make the hapless bachelorette fall in love with them and convince her that they’re there “for the right reasons”? How low will you go for ratings?

    • Yaelle

      Hear, hear!

    • Kate

      It’s a television show. Of course the producers were going to let him come on. Ashley is a moron. No one falls in love that quickly. And deciding you are in love with a guy you’ve just met who you’ve been told is a jerk is just plain silly.

      • Nancy

        It’s also very common – especially in young girls…..

      • ABC

        Yes, very common in young girls… And adults with personality disorders.

      • Kudos

        She is very vulnerable – to go from huge, judgmental eyes when she first met him doubting his sincerity to three weeks later, in her tearful interview, say things like, “Who am I going to choose now?” almost sounding like Bentley already won the show. That jump in emotions is a little too big for me to understand – for any of us to understand when you take out all content that was edited down on the show. So it just makes her look young and very easily in love.

      • Mimi

        Thank you!! She is a fool…all the crying and emotional blah blah blah over someone she just met! Please. She’s acting like a 13 year old girl.

      • Mellissa

        Um, Ashley is not a “young girl.” And in fact, by all other indications (future dentist and all), she appears to be a “smart woman.” Yet she is acting like a silly teenager who just found out Justin Bieber likes Selena Gomez.

      • Judy

        She is acting childish, and the same way with J.P. She jumped from Bentley to J.P. in a heartbeat. The moment Bentley dumped her, it became all about J.P. She didn’t even take a breath. For Ashley, she doesn’t even really get to know the guy first. She just jumps in, head first. She doesn’t really even know anything about J.P. What I remember at the beginning that made me very cautious is J.P. saying something about his previous relationships — that he had never been able to find the right one — I can’t remember if he said he always was the one that broke it off but I thought that was what he had said, and I thought he had said it was due to boredom. Ashley has Ames there, and I think Ames is terrific. She has a lot of great guys there. But she doesn’t want to get to know all of them. She just wants to instantly fall in love. She really is acting like a 13-year-old girl.

    • Me

      A male Casey Anthony

      • Mellissa

        Except his two year old is still alive.

    • Sandy Gifford

      The Bachelorette is showing its true colors it seems. All of these years people talking about how you will do anything for ratings, and I didn’t want to believe it. Is this really the kind of reputation and ratings you want?

      Chris, you appear on camera to genuinely care about your Bachelors or Bachelorettes, yet the we see the cameramen are filming this stupid jerk insulting Ashley and lying to her. I can only imagine how stupid and used she feels. If I were her I would be furious. Of course Ashley should have been told, this line should never be crossed and there needs to be a policy to not let someone like B. make a fool of not only Ashley but the viewers. Funny you never show footage of all of these warnings you claim Ashley got, and based on her comments, she didn’t get the truth for sure. I feel this is an insult to my intelligence to be watching the show at this point. You let Ashley make a fool of herself! Playing over and over how much she cares for him, he left with her heart, etc. You never should have let it go so far and I am disgusted.

      • Jenn

        I am so with you on this. Whoever thought up the idea for a roast should be fired. Not nice, not funny, and especially considering the Bachelorette involved, mean-spirited. William was out for himself, greedy with the thought of fame. Stupid moron.
        But the producers…total creeps. Disgusted is exactly the right word.

      • Megan

        Well Said Jenn! Roast was completely inappropriate for her personality type. Horrible producing.

      • Sasha

        Ya it really does hurt the integrity of the show, Bentley was such a plant and it’s totally insulting to us as viewers to think we would buy it.

      • tvfan

        i distinctly remember the standup comedian host saying “ashley and I thought it would be a good (great?) idea” to hold the roast. at the very least she agreed to it and she said to them up front something to the effect of ‘bring it on i can take it’. and then next she’s sneaking off to a “dark corner” (that’s still visible of course) to cry in “private (while making sure the camera can still get a full shot of her face). and then of course she squeezes all the guys (not just william) for every bit of guilt she possibly can — guilt over something that she (may i remind everyone including her) signed up for.
        look i’m not saying the producers aren’t coming up with stupid, even mean ideas. but ashley is far from being the innocent ingenue. she was on the bachelor last season and she the hell knew what she was signing up for. she probably thinks the humiliation is worth the rush she gets having the “power” to send guys home. pity because some of them seem really decent but now i find myself feeling sorry not for the ones who go but for the ones left on the show, especially those who have gotten genuinely emotionally invested.
        someone on another forum said it well: she keeps asking the guys for reassurance that they don’t wish her to be chantal or emily, but she’s wishing they were bentley!
        no sympathy from me, obviously.

      • Christina

        I agree, Ashley should feel stupid and used — that they didn’t show her the camera footage — unless she was in on it, and it was scripted. Then we the audience should feel stupid and used.

  • Julie

    Bentley is a sadistic sociopath that purposely preys on women to hurt them for his own pleasure. He’s like an emotional rapist. Chris I have the deepest respect for you and your integrity. I always see your authentic and intelligent caring. Yet you are missing that you didn’t fully let Ashley know what you were really warning her about. Like telling a 3 year old the Disneyland Haunted House will be scary but not telling them it will terrify them to tears and rip their heart out. And then saying, well it was there choice, they wanted to go in. When that woman cheated with a producer, you reacted swiftly in protection. This was the same case. I just don’t think you recognized it at the time. I’ll always be a fan of your though.

    • Kwise

      I, on the other hand, have zero respect for Chris Harrison. He should be ashamed of himself for allowing this show to mistreat ashley in such a cruel fashion. A roast???? And then choosing – yes, choosing – to air bentley’s nonsense. Bentley’s worst comments could have been easily edited out, but they didn’t, allowing us all to see that he thinks she’s an ugly duck, for ex. Shame on u chris Harrison.

      • MARIE

        I think Ashly is in on this also…and her phony tears, or lack of tears are soooo obvious. However, they have fooled so many and will continue with this phony script.

      • TPH

        Kwise, Harrison is the HOST – he’s on the payroll so he goes along with what’s happening. He doesn’t plan the dates or edit the show. I do actually believe he cares about the contestants, but you make it seem like he has some control over what happens. He doesn’t.

      • SLB

        Some people take this show way to seriously.

    • sprite

      Oh please. Chris is a producer for the show and just like the rest of them wants ratings. To that end they manipulate volunerable women and egg on dumb men to do the dirty work for them…Hence Bentley, the masked crusader, the “comedy roast”, etc. This is their way of manipulating the audience so that they can bring back Emily for the next Bachelorette. Emily has been brought up at nauseum this season by the bachelors…no doubt at the instigation of the producers (Chris included)…so that next season they can say that obviously the men of America wanted Emily and now that she has added another sad chapter to her story after breaking up with Brad, they will give us what we want…A plastic, surgically enhanced, sacharine sweet, Southern belle, single mom with a tragic past…and watch the rating soar while they count their money all the way to the bank!!!

      • jk

        Ad nauseam, not at nauseum. Come on, dude.

      • Mellissa

        Ugh, Emily would be just as bad as a Bachelorett as Ashley, but for different reason. Her personality is too plastic, too Prim and Proper Southern Lady. And the next Bachelorette is not going to be another Brad Womack reject, it’s going to be whatever Ashley Reject Bachelor rejects. Mike Fliess has said as much.

      • Tiffany

        Since Emily & Brad are still together, that won’t be happening.

      • sprite

        Tiffany — They broke up several weeks ago…again. Have you not read the sad stories of poor, drunk Brad drunk dialing her? I’m sure we will be hearing those pathetic voice mails on Emily’s Bette season so we can better truly understand her sad life.

      • Georgie

        Emily was not exactly prim and proper-she had a child and wasn’t married to the guy-she was a pain in the a** in my opinion. that is not to say that I don’t feel bad for the death of her fiance, but she had no intention of ever making a move to a new place-too many strong ties to her current living area.

      • Christina

        Emily is another screwed up girl who isn’t ready for a commitment and needs lots of rounds of therapy. I have zero desire to see Emily as the Bachelorette. I didn’t see her as fully committed to Brad when I was watching the season. I’d like to see a new, fresh face; how about someone sane for a change?

  • Cate

    Wow just wow! I hope Ashley can pull it together to be fair to the guys who are actually there for her. It’s not cool to them to be a big crying whining mess over the worlds biggest D Bag when the rest of them (aside from Will) seem like pretty decent guys. I pick JP for her, you can see the sparks fly, I hope it works out. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ash but seeing her hurt like that was really awful no one deserves that and she seems like a really sweet person… with the lowest self-esteem ever.

    • Fred

      Yes, Ashley needs to stop sulking when she is on another date with the other guys now. JP didn’t deserve a mopey depressed date because of another @#$hole.

      • Damian

        Fred, either you have never lost someone you believed you were in love with, or you are in the same class as Bentley. Grieving is not a weakness. Sweeping your emotions under the rug is!

      • Fred

        She only new him for two weeks and he never even kissed her. That was not love, it was infatuation and lust and she lost it. She was not in love with him.

      • Gloria

        @Damian grieving can happen on your own time.

      • tvfan

        JP doesn’t deserve her, no actually it’s the other way around. i hope he goes home soon he’s way too good for her

    • Rosegarden

      Yes Ashley has low self-esteem and it really has been show cased on this show. On and on about comparisons to other women (Emily or Chantel), comments about her appearance. One time she says she has good judgement and then worried she doesn’t, but still doesn’t believe other people’s warnings. Not to mention that has kept a dude with a mask on for so long, then last night kept on William, who insulted her. Poor Ashley, she needs her own life coach like Brad had to rely on.

      • fg

        @Rosegarden, yeah, cause that really worked out well for Brad.

    • PT

      You’d have low self esteem too if you grew up with a dad who chose the bottle over you. She doesn’t know what love is yet. Give her time. She’ll get there if she wants to and meets up with the right guy. I cried over a lot of schmucks before I met the right guy, too.

      • Been there

        PT – you are so right. Unless you’ve lived that kind of life, you cannot possibly understand what it does to your self-esteem. Truly, only a really good counselor/therapist can help. Those wounds leave huge scars. I feel very sorry for Ashley, but she never, ever should have set herself for this experience. No way she’s equipped emotionally.

      • tvfan

        then she should have had the good sense not to try to do it on a reality show

  • lucy4uok

    I do think William was sorry for what he said, but Bentley is inexcusable. However, the drama is not the main reason I watch the show. It’s getting behind the bachelor/bachelorette and pulling for them. Unfortunately, I really don’t care about this season. I liked Ashley at first on the Bachelor, but after a few weeks I changed my mind. The girl needs to mature. She is just too much of a baby for me… sorry, better picks next time I hope.

    • jan

      william did two things wrong the night of the roast. he was totally insulting to ashley without one thought for her feelings. and, then, he told her to walk away from her and he left instead of staying there and facing up to his mistakes. he walked away…really, ashley, you want someone who walks away when things get tough????

  • Kim

    Hi Chris,

    Bentley is so shady. I did however like his quip at the roast about 60% are boob guys. I thought it was pretty funny.

    My question for you is how the bachelorette/bachelor remembers so many names to call out at rose ceremonies especially in the first and second week. Are they written on the rose, are they said into their ear via headset? I have wondered this since season one. Care to enlighten us?

    Thanks for an always entertaining Monday night!


    • PJ

      I noticed that she looks at each rose before she says the guy’s name, so I think the names are written on a small part of the rose.

      • susela

        Hmmm, I always thought she was just looking at the rose while waiting for someone to whisper the right name into her earpiece.

    • Mellissa

      I know most people avoid spoilers, but Reality Steve has answered this question. I’ll repeat what he said if you all want, but a lot of people freak just based on his name.

      • ghostlight

        Spill it!

        If Reality Steve has revealed the winner, please post that, too.

  • eve20

    Is Bentley related to Ashton Kutcher? He has a similar look and voice and mannerisms. I get the feeling both he and Jeff are actors. Those two “plots” were way too concocted to be unscripted…

  • Autumn

    I am incredibly disappointed with The Bachelorette’s producers. It appears a double-standard exists. Jake was not privy to Roslyn smooching or hooking up with a show staffer, yet a conversation took place between Chris Harrison and Jake, lending Jake the ultimate decision in allowing Roslyn to stay or be booted. Yet when it comes to Bentley saying horrendous things about Ashley with the production staff’s knowledge, the show decides to leave Bentley’s continued stay to Ashley’s intuition without providing her all the facts. One day of heartbreak in Bentley’s leaving for Ashley will ultimately result in humiliation and additional heartbreak. Shame on you, The Bachelorette. And as if women didn’t know it already, thank you for showing us that sexism is alive and well!

    • Claire

      The difference between the Jake/Roslyn and Ashley/Bentley situations was that in the case of Roslyn, the person having an affair with her was actually a producer on the show. Therefore, since the show itself was in a sense a party to the cheating, they felt a responsibility to come clean. The only thing that the show staff were keeping from Ashley was what Bentley was saying in his confessionals that contradicted what he was saying to her. Since the idea of a confessional is that it is private thoughts, I can see why they might have felt that it was inappropriate to go there. It’s not like they kept Michelle from coming forward with information about Benthley or that they tried to downplay it after the fact.

      • Missy1982

        You need to read Reality Steve. He says that no cheating or inappropriateness happened with Roslyn and the producer, and that it was all a setup for ratings. I believe this, especially since they fail to mention that a contestant from the Paris season (Tara Hof) actually married one of the Bachelor producers (Jason Ehrlich) that she met while on the show.

      • jk

        When it comes down to it, though, both Roslyn and Bentley were taking actions that proved to the producers (if the accusations against Roslyn are correct) that they were not there for Jake and Ashley respectively and it would not be fair to the Bachelor(ette) to keep the lying contestant on the show because Jake and Ashley were not privy to their bad behavior. To me, Bentley’s behavior is more egregious because he was openly making these over-the-top comments to the producers, clearly hoping to get more air time, and he outrightly said that he did not have any interest in Ashley. It was not fair to let her keep raving about him and not tell her what he was saying about her. I think the tipping point for me was when she insinuated that she might not want to pick anybody else because Bentley was the one for her. To let her keep pining away for him and not put in as much effort with the other guys is just cruel. At least if she knew Bentley was definitely gone for good, she could have focused on the other guys. Chris Harrison, I like you but avoiding addressing this point is not cool.

    • Jana

      I agree with you, Claire, but don’t you think it would have been better for Chris to have told Ashley, straight out, that the guy was actually a sub-human and Michelle was right about him? His little “real man would fight for you speech” didn’t go the distance if you ask me.Chris knew the bottom line truth and should have told her. I think Ashley could get over it real quick if she knew he was really playing her. As it is, she thinks he returns her feelings, but has to leave because of his undying devotion for his daughter. BTW, I am still trying to figure out how she could fall for such a smarmy creep as Bentley.

      • jones


      • tennisfan

        I agree, but if Chris/producers admited to Ashley what they had allowed to go on, she probably would have totally shut down and wanted out of the show in any way that she could — how could she trust, not the guys left, but the producers after knowing what they had allowed with Bentley? If I were her, I’d be so mad at them, even now, although I’m sure her contracts written such that she cannot say anything negative about the show or she’ll owe them a million dollars or something like that.

      • jk

        Jana – I basically wrote exactly what you just said before I read yours so right on! And tennisfan – you definitely have a point (the producers telling her Bentley’s real intent during filming might have just driven her over the edge), but can’t they at least address the dilemma to the viewers? As it stands, it just looks like they’re being cruel.

      • tickedoff

        I totally agree!

    • ghostlight

      There is no double-standard. producer HAVE no standards. Fleiss and his puppet Chris Harrison will do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING to get you to watch. Pretty soon the “most shocking fantasy date ever!” will probably involve an implied date rape… and everybody will complain, but they’ll watch. You wait and see.

    • notabentleyfan

      You are so right. The producers of this show should be ashamed they have inflicted this young lady to such cruel and public humiliation. I hope CBS had the decency to prepare her emotionally in advance for the episode that aired last night. I would love to know the true answer to that question.

      • ghostlight

        If there is one, Chris Harrison will never tell you. When Mike Fleiss pulls his string, he can only say “Well, we’ve got an elephant in the room to deal with, but first I want to discuss some things…” He says that same thing in this stupid blog every week. It’s a total cut and paste template written by a PA.

  • j.mellon

    I *really* hope we don’t have to see that jackass, Bentley, on any future CBS shows, EVER. He’s not just a reality show villain, he’s a complete narcissistic sociopath. He’s dangerous, and a liability.

    • Stella

      He’s a clown and will probably have his own show next season.

      • ghostlight

        Chris probably has a production assistant write this blog for him while he goes out drinking and trolling for trollops with Bentley.

    • sprite

      More likely he will be on the Bachelor Pad…supposedly Michelle Money (who told on him) will be on this season and what better for ratings than the two of them confronting each other…or teaming up…I can see the producers gleefully rubbing their hands together…too bad Chris doesn’t have a mustache that he can twirl.

      • jp_is*it*


    • Sandy

      Ashley’s weekly blog post on’s TV Watch indicates we haven’t seen the last of him. I really don’t even see why she finds him attractive, there are much more attractive guys available to her.

    • jp_is*it*

      ABC that is…

  • Todd
  • Yaelle

    I don’t understand.
    You told Jake when Roslyn was flirting with (or hooking up with) another producer. You told Ali when Justin was calling his girlfriend. Why wouldn’t you tell Ashley what Bentley was saying behind her back? Because it makes for good tv? (Well, duh, I guess). But I think you guys really crossed a line. Good tv would’ve been just as good if she were able to confront him and know the truth. Oh, we already had that scene with Ali and Justin? I don’t care. It’s not right what Bentley did, but it’s just as not right to LET him play her when you knew the real deal. It’s not just speculation like with Jillian and Wes, it’s the real deal. And a very public apology should be made to Ashley.

    I used to really like this show and I’m SO disappointed.
    I thought this wasn’t like the previous shows, with hidden agendas and money. It was supposed to be about love (and good tv). Not good tv at the expense of a person.
    Ashley shouldn’t feel foolish, The producers should feel ASHAMED of themselves! SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you…

    • Homespunner

      Nail on the head. Producers played this one terribly. Can’t imagine being Ashley and watching this play out every Monday night.

    • Me

      exactly, plus this time they are dealing with a a sick person-a very narciscistic person….they put Ashley in potential harms way

    • tennisfan

      Completely agree. I’ve always enjoyed this show — in part because it’s made me laugh with some of the crazy characters and situations that have happened, but also in part because real relationships CAN develop and watching that happen is fun. Now it’s so focused on the crazies and the bad guys, and the stupid dates that give zero opportunity for these people to actually get to know one another, that they’re letting the opportunity for true reality TV to happen slip by.

      As much outrage as it got, I’ve always thought the Jason-Melissa-Molly triangle was one of the most intriguing moments of reality TV — and guess what, that was not fabricated by having some villian or character on the show — that happened because of real people’s feelings. That’s the kind of real stuff they should be hoping for, not this fraud stuff. And there was a marriage out of that one, to boot.

    • susela

      And then you added to the trashing of Ashley by choosing to show us everything Bentley said. You’re no more of a gentleman than he is. Shame on you.

    • Megan

      Ditto, well said. Shame on you ABC, Shame on you Chris Harrison, Shame on you producers. A roast? REALLY?

    • Sharon

      People are saying that this kind of drama makes for “good TV”. But, in reality it doesn’t, as evidenced by the amount of people who are appalled with the Bentley situation. Good TV is something that people enjoy watching. Nobody in their right mind enjoyed watching a girl get misled, hurt and denigrated by someone who made a point to let the production staff know that he was there for all the wrong reasons. By not saying anything to her, they’re complicit in his behavior. They were his enablers, accessories to the crime – and what Bentley did was tantamount to a crime. It might not be against the law, but it certainly goes against the laws of common decency.

      • Sandy

        Very well said, Sharon (and the rest of you)! I am really upset by the way the show is treating Ashley. Her blog post today on says we will be seeing more of Bentley in the future, I guess he will reappear and lead her on some more. This season is a significant low point for this show.

      • Anon

        Oh Blah Blah Blah. If Ashley is too stupid to see through him, then shame on her. She’s like a 10 year old. I know teenage girls with more people-smarts than Ashley.

      • Bonnie

        Sharon, I agree with you. Why would the producers not tell Ashley that Bentley was extremely not interest and lying to her?!? This is a show that they created so the main star can find love. I feel horrible for Ashley to not know the real reasons from him leaving. The producers are obviously privey to the reasons of him leaving and now it is going to be something she hangs on to. Boo to The Bachelorette! I am still dissatisfied over the fact that they took Emily last year to a NASCAR event. These are 2 very bad decisions that the producers have made.

      • Dissapointed

        Yes, but look at us all. Despite all of the comments about “shaming” the producers, look how much conversation it struck up. And how many of you will really stop watching the show? It’s absolutely disgusting and disgraceful… and everyone will keep going back for more.

    • Shawna

      Agree….if you want Ashley to make her own decision about Bentley, and you know what an idiot he is behind the scenes – and that he is completely betraying her – then TELL HER. Causing her this emotional pain intentionally to entertain us, is just cruel. YOU, and the PRODUCERS, should have kicked him off the show when you heard what he was saying about himself and about Ashley. She deserves a FAIR chance at love (even though this isn’t the best way to go about it!) – that’s FAIR.

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