How will Rep. Anthony Weiner's good friend Jon Stewart cover his scandal?


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The news broke late this afternoon that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-New York), admitted that he did, in fact, send inappropriate pictures of himself and engaged in lewd conversations with at least six women he conversed with via the Internet. In a tearful press conference, Weiner confessed that he’d covered up his initial story about his Twitter being hacked when the underwear photo had leaked, and told reporters on Monday, “I then continued with that story — to stick to that story — which was a hugely regrettable mistake.”

The admission, of course, set off a flurry of opinions and criticism from bloggers, website commenters, journalists, and politicians alike. But we’re especially curious what Jon Stewart’s musings on this revelation will be.

While Stewart, like so many other late night television hosts who got a hold of the story, poked fun at the obvious humor in a decidedly unfunny situation, it was a bit more of a tough balancing act for The Daily Show host, who is an old friend of Weiner’s.

Granted, in his coverage of the scandal up until this point, Stewart by no means has let the troubled Congressman off the hook. Early on, he expressed his hopes that the photo that surfaced wasn’t of his friend; during the May 31 broadcast of The Daily Show he also joked that there was no way it could be Weiner’s because, “His d—‘s just not that big. It can’t be!” And he later cracked, “The only thing [the photo and Weiner] have in common is that they both lean to the extreme left.” But as Weiner stuck with his story that he wasn’t sure if the picture was of himself, Stewart clearly grew discouraged and shared his frustrations with Daily Show viewers. During a June 2nd segment in which they showed Weiner telling CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he was launching an investigation to see who the photo was of, Stewart joked, “I’m no big city detective, but why don’t you just check inside your pants?!”

So how will Stewart cover the story during tonight’s broadcast of The Daily Show? How should he? Do you hope he’ll keep in line with what he’s been doing over the past few days by infusing his blend of humor with the latest details, or would it be better if he went off-script and spoke from the heart about his reaction to the news of his friend? Should he stick up for Weiner or scold him for lying?

I personally hope it’s all of the above. Stewart’s honesty about topics that hold personal relevance to him always makes for an interesting window into his mind and often goes places no other newscaster, fake or otherwise, would dare go. Of course, there has to be the signature Daily Show touch (I wonder who will take on the role of Senior Sexting Weiner Picture Correspondent?) but I hope Stewart, like he so often does, provides the insight, opinion, and yes, d— jokes, we tune in for.

What do you think, PopWatchers? How should Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writers handle the Rep. Anthony Weiner bombshell, if at all? Do you think he’s handled the story fairly thus far?

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  • Esox

    He’ll give Weiner as much time as he does Bush.

    he. heh heh. he. bWHAAAAAAA -hahahahahahaha!

    • Scott


    • Buffy Freak

      Ha! Nice…

    • kelsey

      BOOM! (arm thrust)

  • LOL

    If Weiner was GOP, he’d be spinning over on Fox as we speak. Stewart and Colbert will have fun with this.

  • Loch Ness

    If Weiner was a Republican, Rush, Beck, Hannity and O’Reilly would be defending him to no end.

    • Esox

      I honestly don’t see how they could anymore. At this point he’d be used as a sacraficial lamb. Collateral Damage if you will.

      • Buffy Freak

        Well they’ve barely mentioned John Ensign even though what he did was illegal…they also steered clear, for the most part, of the David Vitter and Larry Craig sex scandals.

      • Esox

        As long as Larry Craig claims innocence, I wouldn’t go there either. These other names you mention, I am either not familiar, or you are dragging up older stories than Craig.

      • Buffy Freak

        Well if you’re only watching FOX then you wouldn’t have heard about them…that was my point. If you are watching any other news you certainly would have heard about Ensign…that was within the past year and he only resigned a couple of months ago. And Vitter happened around the same time as Craig.

      • Esox

        I stick to the local news and CNN. I avoid the extremecasts (CNBC/FOX). Have not heard of Ensign or Vetter

    • joblo

      That’s simply not true. Republicans tend to prefer that our disgraced politicians resign and go away.

      • Ruby


      • Matt

        Did Larry Craig go away or admit he was soliciting gay sex? I don’t remember a huge uproar from the right.

        Neither party has the high ground when it comes to sex scandal, morals, or ethics…but both sides think they do. It’s one of the most amusing things to watch in politics, and typically continues the cycle of fuel for the other side to taunt with.

  • angieb09

    If Jon is truely his friend he will make all the jokes that the public wants to hear and still stand by his friend.

  • WTH

    If he were a Republican, he would be forced to resign. “Collateral Damage”? what are you talking about, this guy’s behavior is reprehensible, not only did he take and send these photos…. he lied, lied, lied and has tried to shift the blame. What is it with these guys?!

    • Buffy Freak

      Really? Were David Vitter or Larry Craig forced to resign? Nope. And while what Weiner did is scuzzy, what those two did was illegal.

      • RushL

        google it and you will find your fantasy memory has failed you with google people like you should just not post or find a new topic like knitting

      • Buffy Freak

        Google can probably help you with things like grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. But ore to the point, what exactly is false about my comment? Vitter is still serving and Craig finished his term and didn’t run for reelection.

      • joblo

        But the party WANTED them to resign and go away. They really pushed as hard as they could, especially with Craig.

    • Esox

      If he were a Republican, fellow GOP members would no longer defend him at this point. in other words, he’s Collateral Damage on their way to a what they perceive as a bigger victory.

      • Joe

        Are you implying that Democrats are defending Weiner? Because from what I’m reading, they’re running away from him like one would run away from an ebola patient.

      • jodipo

        Oh yes, because Republicans NEVER stick up for idiots when they are obviously wrong *insert eyeroll here*. Selective reality much

      • Ruby

        @ Joe Pelosi is defending him pretty hard (typical double standard)

  • sweetestbaboon

    I too have been pondering how Mr. Stewart will react & am looking forward to him making me feel a bit better about this. (Anything that makes Bretibart even resemble a real journalist is very disheartening indeed!) Jon has handled this very well thus far, making the best of a bad situation, both personally & politically.
    On another note, not to be pedantic, but I cannot believe you want him to burn Weiner with a hot liquid (end of fifth paragraph; spell-scheck does not an editor make.)…

    • sweetestbaboon

      & look- I misspelled “spell-check”. How delightfully ironic!

  • bah

    hmmm…he lied and then tried to blame someone else for his disgusting actions. i’m SHOCKED…simply SHOCKED at his behavior. (sarcasm off) give me a break, they will rally the wagons and protect him just like they do the rest of them. boo freakin’ hoo. the one i feel sorry for is his wife. i wonder if she knew she was marrying such a skeez?

    • Esox

      Who knows? Maybe she likes that kinda thing.

      Don’t judge.

      • D

        She is a political aide-Bill Clinton officiated at her wedding and Hillary Clinton considers her “a second daughter”. You would think she would know better, even in the unlikely case that you are right.

      • Izzy

        @D: Yeah, because Bill and Hillary are known for their rock-strong marriage ;).

  • Lorena Bobbitt

    Another politician making more dumb moves. The last name just makes it TOO HARD to resist! C’mon, Jon, let him have it.

  • Eric

    andrew breitbart now gets to go on the news and say whatever he wants from now on because his speculation was 100% accurate. Thanks Rep. Weiner. I respected you and you let me down.

    • dee

      True. Breitbart now has credibility (ok..some) and Weiner-the only politician i actually liked, turned out to be a sleeze just like the rest of them…

  • April

    I don’t understand any of these “sex” scandals. What he did was stupid, not illegal

    • joblo

      Perhaps. As he admitted in his presser today, he doesn’t actually know if those girls were underage or not.

  • Kelly

    I have always enjoyed Anthony’s blunt way of pointing out rediculous behavior in others. Too bad he wasn’t a little better at self-filtering his own. Why do these guys sacrafice all the value they have to offer over cheap thrills?

  • Franky

    The only bad thing he did was lie. If he wants to send his junk to chicks who want to see it, who cares. This is America. And his name is Weiner. It’s a perfect campaign photo.

  • Jessup

    they say the coverup is worse than the actions…and like a putz..did all these interviews that made him look such a skeezy liar..insisted he was the ‘victim’….and like a putz-squared he does this on a Monday so people can yap at it for a whole week…karma bit him when the next mayor of the big weiner nyc..tried to get waivers from Obama care for the city- eventhough he was its biggest supporter!…in the end think it should be a free choice..if you want it you can opt for it..if you don’t want it – you can keep what you have – other wise weiner-man is getting his for being the biggest hypocrite in the world

  • becket


    It is “scold” not “scald”. Where do you idiots go to school?

    • DTO

      Scalded Weiners are bad for all involved.

  • BrandonK

    Poor Jon! He so clearly wanted to stand up for his friend, but it became more and more obvious that something was going on.

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