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The MTV Movie Awards air tonight, and to keep track of all the popcorn trophy shenanigans MTV is famous for (see: Bruno-Eminem fiasco of 2009), check in here when the show kicks off at 9 p.m. ET for a recap on all the festivities. Reese! Rob Pattinson! Potter! Kids, we have a big night ahead of us. (This post is written in real time; refresh for updates.)

Host Jason Sudeikis opened the show in typical MTV fashion—with a good ol’ movie spoof. This time around, Jason, and Hollywood hotties like Taylor Lautner and Eva Mendes joined forces for their own spin on The Hangover, weaving in clips from The Social Network, 127 Hours and the girl-on-girl scene from Black Swan. Oh, MTV. Some things never change.

For his opening monologue, Sudeikis broke out with riffs on Arnold Schwarzenegger, MTV programming and Twilight. “My heart says Jacob but my wiener says Edward. My balls are indifferent.” Brownie points for mentioning the weird, wacky and utterly disgusting film Human Centipede. “How did Human Centipede not get nominated for Best Kiss?”

A few awards down the line—and one flawless Ryan Gosling later—Jim Carrey took to the stage in a green screen suit to introduce the Foo Fighters, who rocked the crowd, and in particular, Emma Watson and a super glittery Brooklyn Decker, who both clapped and swayed their way through the set. The new arbiters of rock ‘n’ roll?

And then…Bieber alert! The follicilly gifted pop star surprised presenters Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson along with, ya know, thousands of screaming girls, by appearing on stage to accept an award for best jaw-dropping moment. Seriously, would the Biebs miss an opportunity to wear blazers and high-tops?

In the second Twilight moment of the night (the first being Pattinson’s Best Actor win), Pattinson, Xavier Samuel and Bryce Dallas Howard took home the popcorn trophy for Best Fight and managed to beat the gravity-defying brawl scene in Inception. Adding salt to the wound, Pattinson accepted his trophy, saying “I won!” only to follow by telling the expectant Howard, “I ripped your head off, and now you’re pregnant!” Even Kristen Stewart thought that one was awkward.

But this being the MTV generation, those weren’t the only Twilight moments. Pattinson and Stewart of course won for Best Kiss, making all those Twi-Hards, which apparently includes Selena Gomez, positively giddy with delight hoping the camera-shy real-life couple would seal the deal on stage for millions to see. Shocker! They didn’t. Instead, Pattinson ran off stage to give a (faux?) smooch to category loser Taylor Lautner. Not sure how Team Edward and Team Jacob are going to take that one.

As a side note, I’m totally loving these Google Chrome commercials, and the Lady Gaga one playing during the breaks is no exception. How does ad for a search engine manage to make me well up with tears?

Awkward Pattinson moment #2 came so quickly whilst honoring Witherspoon with this year’s Generation Award.” It’s probably best to just erase the whole mess from your memory, but to recap, Pattinson rehashed playing Witherspoon’s son in Vanity Fair—the scene later got cut—and then said he “f—–” her in Water for Elephants. He actually messed up the punchline, which Witherspoon later corrected with much better timing when she took to the stage, and in more Reese-related awesomeness, she stuck it to MTV with some advice for young girls, who think scandal is the route to success. “It’s also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show.”

To round out Twilight‘s utter (and expected) domination, Stewart picked up a Best Female Performance award, and, to match her beau, gave us an equally awkward acceptance speech, proclaiming to fellow nominee Natalie Portman that the popcorn was hers. I’m sure Nat is just fine with her Oscar, thanks.

And the show’s oddest pairing award goes to the stars of Monte Carlo—Gomez, Katie Cassidy and Leighton Meester—who introduced Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz. I love hearing Gomez talk about a rapper’s “flow.”

Finally, Twilight takes home Best Movie, confirming MTV’s position as the Jersey Shore-pregnant teen-Twilight network. Also, Gary Busey in a bubble!

What did you guys think of the ceremony? Did the winners pan out the way you expected? How about Sudeikis in his first-time hosting gig? And what was with that Fern Gully-themed set?

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  • H.A.

    I’m watching for Jason Sudeikis and to see some of the new clips. I couldn’t care less about the actual awards; they’re a joke.

    • Ghey

      Whoever watched this obviously loves penises.

      • D. Grebe

        Totally disappointed in the MC. Can he think of anything that is not below the belt. You think your jokes are funny but they are so demeaning. Could be good without that crap. Yes, Twilight Rocks!!!

      • goingoingone

        I turned the channel. This was total crap…

      • tom

        i love penis….and i think the show sucked….your point?

    • LOL

      What a waste. They don’t even try to entertain anymore.

      • steph

        idk, the part in the pre show with James McAvoy teaching Sudekis how to interview was pretty dang hilarious.

      • Richard

        To bad a show has to be so raunchy to get attention esp. one aimed toward youger generation. I hope FCC gets it’s act together and stop that kind of filth.

    • Dave

      Remember when the awards used to go to cool movies that maybe weren’t Oscar movies, but good movies nonetheless? Now it’s just the crappy Twilight show. Ugh. I mean, at least the Harry Potter films have some artistic merit.
      What’s the point of watching for the next two years? Breaking Dawn part 1 will win everything next year, and part 2 will win everything the year after.
      MTV Movie Awards, I’ll see you in 2014 when Twilight is over.
      P.S. – Why was Justin Bieber even nominated for jaw dropping moment? What was jaw dropping in his concert movie?

      • Lindsay

        THANK YOU!!

      • Wes

        It was jaw-dropping that people paid good money to watch it.

      • Maegan

        I agree with all of you. I recently watched this movie and I saw nothing jaw dropping at all in it. I can’t wait to see next year’s jaw dropping moment winner: Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato’s Pillow Fight in Sleepover Night(Coming Soon to a Theater Near You).

      • tom

        whats even funnier is…..mtv is now our age (30-40) so who voted for beiber?

      • Boy

        I miss Jimmy Fallon and MTVs a little less raunchy

      • CeCe

        I agree 100%

      • Craig

        I kinda thought that nominating him was a joke that he unknowingly took seriously. I mean every other nominee was something really awful – and so is his singing. Also, the cast of Twilight even looked bored as they collected their trophies.

    • Dustin Ingle

      Didn’t watch and don’t care.
      Only posted to tell you losers….
      GET A F—–G LIFE !

    • tom

      I loved the beginning when i saw the hosts chest hair yum!…..then i turned the channel!

  • deedeedragons

    Exactly H.A. Twilight will win EVERYTHING, there now nobody has to watch.

    • rerun

      Yeah, not very suspenseful when Twilight will win everything even if it’s not nominated.

    • Gazza

      true that- only place a twilight fight wins over Inception, Kick-ass, et al

      • Wynter

        HOW can anyone justify Inception losing Best Fight to Twilight?

  • H.A.

    Oh, and to add, I’ve seen the Breaking Dawn trailer already and it’s hilariously bad. There. Now there’s REALLY no reason to watch.

    • Hermione

      There’s gonna be a new Potter preview introduced by Emma Watson? That’s a good reason.

      • H.A.

        It’ll be on YouTube or Snitchseeker soon. It’s not worth giving MTV the ratings for this crap.

      • Hermione


      • Liz Lemon

        It was a great clip! I had chills the whole time. And speaking of Emma, her reactions throughout the show had me cracking up. I don’t know why the kept putting the camera on her so much.

      • chris

        @liz lemon: Maybe because there wasn’t anything else worth looking at? ;-)

    • Anya

      Omg that Breaking Dawn trailer was so hilariously bad. That music that was way to dramatic for the trailer and the whole sex scene/Edward breaking the bed thing made me laugh out loud. Based on the book and the trailer, there is virtually no way this will not be the most so terrible it’s funny Twilight movie of the series yet.

    • Ashley

      I was laughing throughout the whole trailer! They’re way to desperate for people to take these movies serious, which will never happen. Especially when that alpaca took off his shirt out of no where for no reason, and started running. Wtf?

  • Woot

    Every movie nominated for “Best movie” is actually good… except Twilight… but we all know it’s going to win. Same for “Best Newcomer” (well the guy from Green Hornet was okay) but we all know the dude from Twilight is going to win. I also love how the Academy Award winner for Best Actress has been nominated the past 3 years, but Kristen Stewart always wins (maybe this year will be different?)

    • Maegan

      Don’t worry I have good news. The twilight kid didn’t win Breakout Star. Chloe Grace Moretz won which I was so relived when I found out because out of all the actors and actresses nominated(Moretz, Samuel, Andrew Garfield, Hailee Steinfeld, Jay Chou and Olivia Wilde), he had the weakest performance.

  • Hermione

    Why isn’t it being live-blogged?!?

    • Chris

      Same reason the Billboard Awards were not live blogged. Not enough watching it. Live blogging is for the big awards.

      • Hermione

        Aha. Thanks for the info.

  • Hermione

    The 2011 TWILIGHT Awards!!! Why bother nominating other things; Twilight will win all… makes the show so boring.

    • H.A.

      It’s a vicious cycle. The only people left watching are Twihards, because everyone is sick of Twilight winning everything. So what does MTV do? They cater to the demographic they have left and keep having Twilight win everything. In which case, normal people continue shunning the awards, meaning MTV will keep handing out junk to Twilight to keep its remaining audience happy. Very circular.

      • tom

        not sure they still have a demographic

    • pammie

      god Im so sick of twilight! please let the damn movies be over all ready!

    • Alyssa

      Yeah….and I thought that it was for nominees of movies ALREADY OUT.

      Twilight awards? YEAH, YA THINK. And I cannot stand Bella Swan or KStew. Disney Princesses have more backbones. Yes even little proper Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

  • j

    Ok, the Foo Fighters are an early highlight here!

    • etw

      It’s funny. Dave Grohl basically told Glee and American Idol to screw themselves, then shows up on the Twilight love fest. Way to stick to your guns and not sell out…

      • Tom

        Dave Grohl owes his career to MTV. Remember a little band he was in called Nirvana? MTV played their videos way back when, and they made a ton of money. So when MTV calls, Dave does what he’s told. Not selling out, but returning the favor.

    • Hermione

      Too true, etw.

  • MAK2.0

    Turns out Justin Bieber won Jaw Dropping Moment. Now i’m pissed.

    • Hermione

      Face it Mak– all the tweens (who shouldn’t even be watching MTV) do all the voting. So along with Twilight, the biebs will win too. #FAIL

    • rerun

      His earrings and haircut make him look like a lesbian.

    • Anya

      Holy crap yes does he ever look like a lesbian these days. Maybe eventually he will go so lesbian butch with his look that he will actually start to look like a dude.

    • Alyssa

      He is a little cutie, but I want to pinch him, not swoon over him-GOD gross he is young enough to be my little brother… And he looks like Ellen and Portia’s Son.

    • Liza

      Wasn’t his movie Never say Never an MTV films production? I don’t think their movies should be nominated since it’s a huge conflict of interest. Plus, Justin Bieber is so not cool or interesting enough to win anything…except something about being so lame.

  • julia

    um im confused dont know if it happened anywhere else but the teen wolf cast was on to announce biggest bad ass and then it cut to commericals

    • Tara

      yes…they got cut off…not sure what it was about. And will someone please discuss that bizarre bit with the boulder…what was up with the crotch shot?

  • MWeyer

    Seriously? I mean, seriously, that stupid Twilight fight over the genius of “Inception’s” zero-gravity battle or Chloe Mertz going wild? Screw every idiot voting for this.

    • Woot

      Some of these fans don’t even read the category or the other nominees. They just see Twilight and vote for it. So dumb.

      • Yay

        aha! yeah, that was pretty much the case! guilty!

  • Andrew

    The “Twilight” cult is scary. They even helped Paul McDonald make it to 8th place on “Idol” just beacause he was dating a chick from it.

    • LOL

      Only thing worse is the Teabagger cult.

      • Andrew

        Yes, they made sure that Bristol Palin made it to the finale of “Dancing with the Stars.”

  • James

    Eclipse just won best fight over Kick-Ass and Inception. Not to get melodramatic, but my god, people are stupid.

    • Sandy

      Lol! Take it easy! It’s the MTV Movie Awards. No one takes them that seriously. Not even the winners.

  • raena

    opening montage was actually pretty funny. but as usual, the twilight lovefest has taken over. groan.

    also, why the eff did justin bieber win for best jaw dropping moment? why was he even nominated? all i saw in the clip was him dancing onstage. the nominations should at least make sense! then again, if they made sense, twilight wouldn’t be nominated for anything.

    • stupid

      hahahahah sooo trueeeeee! i was thinking the same thing!!!! how is justin singing on stage surprising?? isnt that what he does for a living?!

  • fbdbpw

    nice to see how predictable the awards are (as usual). im 4-0 so far but at least harry potter won something. Just give that crapfest twilight best movie already(as usual) and b done w/ it

    • Hermione

      No kidding. I can’t wait for Twilight to be over. It’s truly exhausting.

    • Jules

      It’s sad that the only reason Tom Felton won is that Bryce Dallas Howard’s (craptastic) Victoria from Twilight wasn’t nominated also. Twilight fans had no choice but to vote for Tom.

  • Bella

    OMG I WON. thank you guysm is the third time in a row. what a surprise -.-

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